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NonViolent Action regarding "support."

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri Mar 24 2000 - 09:52:42 EST

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Good People,

Many of you are aware of my "walk" at a local Federal
Building to encourage Congressional Hearings into
nationwide Family Law Reform (and my sincere thanks
to those of you who have stopped by to visit!) -- next week I may again
be jailed as part of a NonViolent Action, but this time it is
about "support". I have never considered "money" worth
going to jail over -- but the events in my case are now
assaulting my dignity and ability to fulfill family obligations.
Many, many of you have experienced the same!
The site has background details,

The letter to the Judge follows belows. I HOPE he will restore
my drivers license next Wednesday, but if he is not convinced,
or too busy, or wants to come back another day -- I simply plan
to not leave the Courtroom and remain in custody.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that day. It was really
not a difficult decision on my part. I have learned one other thing
about "NonViolent Action", when you understand you must show
courtesy and respect to those who have hurt you -- it also frees you
to act with dignity and confidence in support of your convictions,
with the Faith that things will come out for the best.

Thank you -- John Murtari
Judge Klim,

I am in receipt of a Show Cause Order (F-540-98), with a return date of
March 29 at 9:30 AM. It was given to me by Mr. Stern, but he will not be
representing me in this manner (I cannot afford to retain him) and I will be
appearing by myself next Wednesday.

PLEASE, at that appearance I am asking for a temporary order to restore my
driver's license while this matter is considered. I presently live in the
town of Lyons with my mother. She is 83 years old and does not own a car or
drive. I have no brothers or sisters. When I can I work in Baldwinsville.
I hope to see my son Domenic for 6 weeks this summer - that will not be
possible without a license. I have to pick him up/drop him off in Denver,
California and will need to make plane reservations fairly soon. Not having
driving "privileges" makes it simply impossible for me to fulfill my most
basic family obligations. To leave your Courtroom on Wednesday without
relief would be forcing me to drive and to risk jail at any moment.

PLEASE, understand I am simply in an untenable situation. On March 16th I
had already filed a Show Cause Order in Family Court for a support
modification which is still in processing. I have attached the order to
this letter including Affidavit and complete financial information. I am
struggling against support based on an imputed income amount of $40,000,
when actual gross income was about $12,500 - I spent over $4000 last year in
expenses associated with seeing Domenic and giving him parental "support".

PLEASE, understand I certainly bear you no ill will, nor any of the other
Judges, Lawyers, and other professionals that have created a disaster for
both me and my child. Ms. Walsh and my former spouse have been "vigorous" in
their efforts and I'm sure they were well intentioned. But I must extend
that same respect to my own efforts. I have sought to have an equal
relationship with my child and to be free to work in an area I enjoy and
which gives me the flexibility I need. These appears to be goals
unachievable in the present system

John Murtari

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