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Moving toward Congressional Hearings!

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Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 11:55:01 EDT

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Good People,

This message contains info on:
1. New Developments in Congressional Hearings
2. Contacting Congress as part of Mother's Day 2000.

1. New Developments in Congressional Hearings
On Thursday, 4/6, John Murtari returned to the Syracuse Federal Building
to resume his "walk." He was approached by security staff who gave him
a revised Order which no longer contained references to contacting
Congressman James Walsh. He was asked to leave the building (they were
all very nice about it).

An earlier message had mentioned that Mary Chancellor, Public Relations
for the Group, had spoken with Mr. Art Jutton, a member of the
Congressman's Washington staff, and had been told that face-to-face
meetings could be held when the order was lifted.

With that in mind John did cooperate and left the building. John spoke
with Art this morning and was told that right now the House Judiciary
Committee sees this as a "state issue." John acknowledged that but also
told him more and more people are beginning to see it as one of basic
Civil Rights, which can only be addressed in Washington.

Art suggested the group might want to contact the members of the
Judiciary Committee directly. John responded by saying that could be a
"complicated process." Group members could more easily make their
feelings known to their local Congressional Representative -- who could
then make a public statement in support of hearings and whos Washington
Staff could better interact with other committees.

Art gave John the name of Virginia Carmady, the manager of the Syracuse
office, and told John to call her Monday to setup a meeting. Our first
goal is to encourage him to make a public statement calling for
investigative hearings into the need for National Family Law Reform. We
hope to make him feel a sense of "urgency" in addressing this issue.

John is trying to get a list of people together who might be available
to share their stories with the local staff. Most importantly, it is
important they see our "attitude" (as we have said so many times before,
we're not here to condemn people -- but to reform a "system" which has
made it too easy for other "good people" to hurt us and our children).
Make sure you review our goals at

Interested? Contact John at, please give him a
phone number, good times to call, and a rough idea of when you could be
available during the day! For more details on the Federal Building
effort see,

2. Contacting Congress as part of Mother's Day 2000
Every single member of the House of Representatives is up for election
this November. We are sure there is not ONE of them who wants to be
insensitive to the needs of children and families. Remember, they are
there to work for YOU and to represent YOUR interests. But you have to
take the time to walk into their local office and let them know how you
feel and what is happening.

The site has been updated to include some simple advice on how to
contact your Representative. With help on what to say and what to do. We
will help find someone locally to go with you. Remember, it doesn't have
to be another parent who experienced separation. You could go with a
friend or family member who is also concerned about reform. If you are
interested please go to the site and fill out the contact form -- we
will post your info at the site by State, making it easier for people to
find each other. We encourage both Mothers and Fathers to participate!

Our goal is to focus on May 12th, the Friday before Mother's day. We
will be trying a similar effort in June for Father's day.

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