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More FEEDBACK - National Parents Leadership Council

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From: AKidsRight Webmaster (webmaster@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Wed Jun 04 2003 - 20:50:22 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith:

This message contains:
1. National PLC Meeting - will it form?
2. More FEEDBACK - National Parents Leadership Council
3. Your FEEDBACK - take the kids just to be 'safe'?

1. National PLC Meeting - will it form/when?
As you can see from the FEEDBACK, there was mostly a positive response
to the attempt to try to form a National Parents Leadership Council;
we will informally meet on Sunday, June 15th (Father's Day), near the
"Capitol" end of the "mall."  Time app 12 noon for about 1 hour.  Exact
details will be posted at the National PLC web site by Thursday of next

2. More FEEDBACK - National Parents Leadership Council
More messages from you on our original message:

--- Brad Herman <>

> I agree on full family law reform.  I would also like to add the
> extreme that the parent should have a right to recover any legal
> expenses incurred during the investigation (even if for "legal
> advice" so that the parent knows how to handle the investigation)
> and therefore, the parent should have a right to know and sue the
> reporter of suspected child abuse.  I think physicians should be
> held accountable for reporting false cases of abuse BECAUSE of their
> professional standing, not in spite of it.  That is, a physician
> should be the ultimate judge of abuse and therefore, no physician
> should be given protection for filing a false report.

> I regret that I cannot attend the meeting as it is my first father's
> day and after the trauma I endured from the investigation, my family
> really wants me here in NYC to celebrate my first father's day with
> my 7 month old daughter.  Thank you for doing such a great job!!!

--- Dominick Romano <>

> My Name is Dominick Romano I am a member of the Children's Rights
> Council and it's NJ. Chapter New Jersey Council for Children's
> rights I have been an active member for 12 years. Served on NJCCR'S
> BOard of Directors for 8 years 4 years as President and Two years as
> Chairman of the Board of Directors and two years as the Secretary. I
> served 1 year as National Chapter Coordinator for CRC. I have
> wriiten three books the most recient Evolution of the Soul (released
> April 20,2003) The Rooster Raising the Chick about my journey as a
> Custodial father (released January 2001) and My Heart and Mind. I
> would love to serve on your Board of Directors.

Thanks for your message and you are MORE than qualified!  As I think
the site says, the group has no real organization now. I'm trying to
bring some folks together to hopefully form some continuity and then
elect some leadership.  If you wish, go ahead and just add your
personal info the web site so that it appears on the registry.  That
will keep you in the loop.  Don't know if you can make it down to DC,
we could meet in person.

--- David Johnson <>

> I like the idea of the NPLC, an dI hope to some day attend - I'm not
> affiliated with any organization, though I have kept up with your
> situation (somewhat) through your email list.

> Could you tell me, what information do you have regarding "Parenting
> Coordinators"?  My son's mother and I already have a court order
> regarding parenting time and all that encompasses, but he's now 10
> years old and I'm wanting to modify the order for more time
> (alternating weeks pretty much) - the current order states that we
> are to seek out a Parenting Coordinator to help mediate or
> ultimately resolve the dispute if we can't work it out ourselves.
> Do you or anyone you know of, have experiences that you could share?

3. Your FEEDBACK - take the kids just to be 'safe'?
This is some FEEDBACK to a prior FEEDBACK message where an author
was concerned that you have to "take the kids", even if you can't
really prove anything.

--- Linda McPherson   <>

> My response to Ed's scenerio.  Hi Ed, how's this for a scenerio.  It
> really happened.  My son disciplined his niece by swatting her on
> her behind.  This is something both her mother and myself suggested
> and demanded he not do.  Not long after that, and after a family
> dispute not involving immediate family, dcfs was called and a false
> allegation of sexual abuse was given.  My daughter has three little
> girls and at the time they were 7,6,3.  We all lived in the same
> house.  dcfs magnified their allegations by atrocious lies one of
> which I was supposedly an accomplice as of course was their mother.

> The girls were taken from school and we had to surrender the little
> one.  My son is now listed in the dcfs computer as a potential child
> molester, my daughter is listed as failing to protect and oh it
> should be mentioned that the molestation case was thrown out as
> there was no evidence of the girls ever being touched in a sexual
> way, and my son was not arrested.  My daughter was forced to leave
> my residence and had to stay in a motel with the girls. She could
> not come to my house.

> My son had to leave- which was about two weeks after my daughter.
> Still the girls were pulled.  More lies from dcfs prevented a rapid
> return of the girls.  That was 3 years ago.  We are still fighting.

> Oh, I have to have monitored visits. Dcfs have wreaked havoc on my
> family, severely emotionally traumatized the girls which showed in
> their school work.  So you can see, DCFS is in need of reform. It is
> a crime what they do but the worst thing of all is the emotional
> stress of a happy loving family being torn apart.  This really
> happened.  There is alot more but too much to go into right now.  So
> Ed, not just kids that are abused are pulled from their families,
> but kids that are not abused are too.  Any feedback welcome.

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