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JAMA study on custody released & Retreat invitation.

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Date: Fri Aug 03 2001 - 11:57:36 EDT

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Good People,

This message contains:
1) Retreat Invitation - spend a few days with yourself.
2) Recent Scientific Study on Custody - you've been waiting for this?

1) Retreat Invitation - spend a few days with yourself.

We'd like to extend an invitation to join one of our coordinators,
John Murtari, on a brief retreat during the last weekend in
September, the 28-30th, at the Mt. Saviour Monastery near Elmira,
NY. ( The cost is $40/night, and this
includes all meals and lodging.  If you can't afford the expense
please let us know and we may be able to find others who can
contribute to the cost of your stay.

This is open to people, both individuals and couples, of any (and no)
faith.  John will be spending the time in preparation for a
NonViolent Action scheduled for mid October,

For those of you active in the movement and dealing with the
tremendous pain of separation, the quiet environment of the Monastery
can be a refreshing experience.  There are NO mandatory religous
events, but the Monks do gather several times during the day to chant
the Psalms, and guests are welcome to both listen and participate.
Primarily a sheep farm, there are many miles of private trails
available for private reflection or conversation.

We will have details soon at the web site, but wanted to make this
quick announcement since space is limited and we must have a firm
count by September first.  For more details you can contact John
directly at: jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org

2) Recent Scientific Study on Custody - you been waiting for this?
Boston, 3 August, Journal of the American Medical Association,

Researchers were pleased to announce the completion of a twenty year
study on child custody. Code named the "Better Parent," the purpose
of this double-blind study was to provide scientific guidance to the
on going custody debate.  To provide an authoritative end to the
hodge podge of half-baked statistics presently quoted.

Dr. Samuel Stone, Director of Pediatric Medicine at the Mt. Sinai
research hospital gave a brief overview of the results to a standing
room only crowd of reporters:

"This was good science.  There have been so many biased statistics
reported in this area.  We took special care to choose a large
demographic sample of children from single parent homes and to follow
them into adulthood.  What sets this study apart was it's double
blind nature.

In this effort the researchers had no direct contact with the
children who had grown up in sole custody environments with limited
contact with the other parent. All their information was carefully
filtered for any parental gender information.  To quantify the
child's 'success' in life we only looked at objectively measureable
items: any criminal record, highest level of education received, job
position, and income.

We then correlated back to information we had on the parents and
received some rather amazing results which we wanted to announce today.
Parental gender was not a statistically significant predictor of
child 'success' in life. It appears the most significant predictor
was hair and eye color -- the children of blond haired and blue eyed
parents did the best, with the next most significant item being level
of parental education."

When Dr. Stone was asked about the strength of the correlation, he
replied, "Well, obviously not 100% and there were quite a few
exceptions, but to probably the 70% level the results held true.  I
have to say we were all amazed by the blond hair, blue eye match --
but that is the purpose of science." 

IMPORTANT NOTE -- the story above represents a study which never
happened.  There is nothing real there, although such a study may be
currently underway.

Are you looking for statistics to support your claim to be an equal
parent in your child's life?  If science some day says you are a
statistical risk -- are you just going to say goodbye to your child
and walk away?

Think about the Declaration of Independence, "that all men are
created equal..." -- is that crazy or what?  Any hard science would
quantify for you in a thousand different ways that we are NOT equal,
in our intelligence, our emotional nature, our resistance to disease,
and on and on....

What made this a "right" -- the starting words of the Declaration,
"We find these thruths to be self evident..."  We just all felt that
is the way it SHOULD be.  That when we reach deep enough into our
physical nature and reach our spirits -- we are created "equal."

You think you have a "right" to be an equal parent (even if you are
not blond haired and blue eyed) -- you DO.  But first you need to
believe it yourself.

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