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Martin Luther King Day event / Murtari update - no arrest.

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Date: Tue Jan 15 2002 - 14:05:05 EST

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Good People

This message contains information on:
1. Murtari Update - No Arrest!
2. King Day After - Senator Clinton has accessible office.
3. Hall of Shame - new updates.

1. Murtari Update - No Arrest!  
In what has become a very hard to predict event. John Murtari returned
to the Federal Building on Monday, to the same place he was arrested
last week -- and was allowed to walk for two hours without incident!
Many of you sent in helpful responses to his message yesterday, and he
will be replying to each of you.

[Many of you are aware of how a lot of people lost money when the
energy company Enron, went bankrupt.  Many Members of Congress have
called for Congressional hearings into what happened and they will be
starting soon.  We need to make it clear to our representatives that
as parents we have been denied something much more valuable -- and we
need hearings into reform.]

The group sent out a News Release prior to the event on Monday
(http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionb_syr). We hope the words in the
release will become ones we can be proud of and more common as more of
us get involved:

-------  Excerpts from Release -- full text above
Syracuse, NY (Hanley Federal Building) - Last Monday, Jan 7th,
Syracuse City Judge Higgins dismissed three pending charges against
John Murtari, a member of a National Parent's group seeking Family Law
reform. Murtari had been arrested while quietly walking outside the
offices of Senators Schumer and Clinton in the Syracuse Federal
Building. On Tuesday, he again returned to the building and was again
arrested and arraigned by City Judge Rosenthal - this time for
disorderly conduct. He plans on returning again on Monday, Jan 14th at
2pm, to continue efforts to "petition the government." The Group is
attempting to call attention to the failure of the Senators to respond
to their previous petitions for Congressional Hearings into the need
for National Family Law reform and potentially a Family Rights Act

This was described as the use of NonViolent Action to demonstrate
their willingness to make sacrifice our of their love for family. A
spokesperson for the group expressed frustration that even after
several letters and meetings earlier this year with Senate staff
members, there has been little progress to acknowledge their plight
and the need for Federal protection of parents and families. They have
not even received one written reply. In contrast to the bitterness and
anger which is normally associated with protest efforts and family
issues -- these people plan a positive attitude. The spokesperson was
careful to note they were NOT going there to condemn the Legislators
as a "bad people" or as someone who doesn't care about family or
children's issues; however, as a natural part of the political process
they plan to show their concern over the issue and to increase their
sensitivity to their cause.

2. Martin Luther King Day After - Senator Clinton has accessible office.
Next Monday, Jan 21st, is Martin Luther King day.  The Federal
Building is closed on that day.  We hope to encourage as many people
as possible to make a trip to Syracuse on the day after, Tuesday, Jan
22nd.  Hopefully our actions will show some important US Senators that
Family Law reform is a serious issue.  Personally present your "story"
and the pain you and your family has been through to their staff
members and also watch NonViolent Action in action.  Contact John
Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org), if you might come that
day. (details: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionb_syr)

We are also happy to announce that Senator Clinton has moved from her
temporary offices on the first floor of the building (where 'walking'
would have been difficult due to traffic) -- to the fourteenth floor
(right above Congressman Walsh).  John plans on quiety walking there
next Tuesday.

3. Hall of Shame - new updates.
We encourage you to check some new stories on our Hall of Shame
page, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/shame.htm -- and you are welcome to
add your own.

Below, we have a story that is every parents worst nightmare, from
Lisa (

"Look I am sorry.  I was supposed to march this year with Kids-Right
at Syracuse, I got cold feet. But since then I have moved to NC to see
my kids more. I thought things were going to be different.  I guessed
wrong, anyway, he said, 'If you move here you will see them more',
actually that wasn't the case.  I am still going through a really hard
time. I can't see them. Their dad won't talk to me on the phone
.... how immature! Anyway, he has remarried and has my children
calling her mom, kills me to no end...  How can you see your children
if the father lies and won't talk to the mother. I have had it and no
one will help. Sometimes I think I should have just gone to jail to
prove a darn point, my heart cannot take much more

 ... lonely without my kids in NC."

If you are willing to write, demonstrate, or even peacefully risk jail
to "prove a darn point."  Let that point simply be that you love your
children very much and you have a right to an equal relationship with

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