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Future Planning & Organization for Reform - Your input welcome.

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Date: Wed Jan 30 2002 - 10:42:38 EST

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Good People,

This message contains information on some upcoming events. The first
three items are still in planning, we welcome your feedback. You can
also now VOTE your preferences at the site with new polling software
we have installed:

1. Planning for Mothers/Fathers Day Lobbying 2002.
2. AKidsRight.Org organizational meeting(s).
3. What is YOUR message to Congress.
4. Contact Clinton Legislative Aid - let them know how you feel!
5. Thanks for the donations - two people contribute $100.00

1. Planning for Mothers/Fathers Day Lobbying 2002.
- Goals would be a get together, so people can meet each other, and
then visit the offices of some of our members of Congress and drop off
more petitions for reform. This will also help in organization.

- We are trying to find people in the DC area who would be willing to
coordinate a meeting/event. Need a planning date, maybe Thursday
before Mothers/Fathers day?  Can't be on weekend if we want to go by
the offices. (If you can help with coordinating - send email to

- It would be nice to have mother's and father's at both events and
make personal committments to attend both events. The Goal is
protection of our rights to be an equal parent in our children's
lives.  Please visit our poll at:
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/legislat.htm (Legislative Action Page)

- We expect to have a "sign-up" form at the web site in the next few
weeks for folks wanting to participate.

2. AKidsRight.Org organizational meeting(s).
- Although membership is not large now, all we need is one real news
story and we could get a LOT of folks and money.  We need to have the
structure in place to absorb that properly and would like to get more
people in face-to-face meetings.

- It is time to formalize this a bit more.  It is important to keep
the primary goal/methods of the group clear, especially the
concept/use of NonViolent Action. We don't think there will be a
shortage of groups practicing other more traditional methods.

- Want to do these at the end of Feb, beginning of March.  Tentative
locations are Ft. Wayne, Indiana; Syracuse, NY, and Boston, Mass. The
plan is to schedule them a few weeks apart. Please visit our poll at:
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/events.htm (Events Page)

3. What is YOUR Message to Congress?
- So many people write in to us with what they don't want, or what
they don't like.  You know we have the registered members page
(http://www.AKidsRight.Org/member.php3). It would be fairly easy to
add a "My Message" link. It would allow registered members to type in
a few paragraphs about how they feel.  For those people that have
messages the page would show the first few lines, and then a link to
the rest. What do you think?

4. Contact Clinton Legislative Aid
After John Murtari's effort at the Syracuse Federal Building
(http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionb_syr) -- a legislative aid for Senator
Clinton (Ms. Aprill Springfield), was assigned to be our point of contact
regarding the need for a Family Rights Act.

Please take the time to phone or write and ask for the Senator to take
a serious look at the need for reform in our Family Law System. You
don't have to write an "essay" or include "legal arguments", just a
simple message that this issue is very important to you and your
family. [Please remember that ONE message is very important. As
political aids have told us before, one personal letter on an issue is
assumed to reflect the attitudes of hundreds/thousands of others that
just don't take the time to write.]

Take credit and share your message by then posting to the following
forum page (you can be the FIRST one):

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
c/o Aprill Springfield, Legislative Aid
476 Russell Office Building
Washington, DC  20510
Phone:    202-224-4451
Fax:      202-228-0282

5. Thanks for the donations - two people contribute $100.00
Many thanks to Yvonne Cook and Greg Langstrand who are supporting the
effort by "putting their money where their mouth is" [sorry, we
couldn't resist saying that!].  We have a page where you can make
contributions and also track where the money goes,

As you can imagine, NonViolent Action can involve personal financial
sacrifice by those partipating.  We all may not be able to get that
involved, but hopefully many of us will be able to reduce the
financial burden for those who do.  It enriches both the giver and

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