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Date: Fri Feb 22 2002 - 13:04:32 EST

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Good People:

This message contains some brief updates on upcoming events, but
primarily your feedback and letters. It does include links to several
other sites that share similar concerns.

1. Upcoming Events - time to stop talking and start doing?
2. NonViolent Action Update - Canada and the United States.
3. Letters - to Senator Clinton and others in Washington.
4. Your FEEDBACK - always welcome, ouch!

1. Upcoming Events
We have a series of meetings coming up.  If you can, please make the
effort to attend and meet others with similar concerns.  We can make
a difference!  Sign up info at the site: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

March 2 - Fort Wayne, Indiana 
March 9 - Syracuse, New York 
April 6 - Plymouth, Massachusetts 

ALSO, we have only ONE person presently signed-up to visit Members of
Congress during the week before Mother's Day. Please consider joining
us (see link above).

2. NonViolent Action Update - Canada and the United States
We have some updates from both Canada and the U.S.

=========  Steve Osborne - 

Good evening to one and all, Sorry it took so long, but here's what the paper
reported about my latest hearing.  Enjoy.

I would like to thank everyone for all the support I've been reading
here, and other places, for all the web sites adding pages about my
lynching, the pictures I've been seeing (!) and for passing the info
far and wide.

Saint John Telegraph Journal (CANADA)
February 19, 2002, page A4

Man charged with libel elects trial by judge, jury 
by MIA URQUHART Telegraph-Journal

A 40-year-old man who picketed outside the Family Court building in
Saint John has elected to be tried by a judge and jury. Stephen
Charles Osborne was charged with defamatory libel because of the words
written on his placards. The police believe the words libeled Family
Court Judge Raymond Guerette.

Mr. Osborne was upset with Judge Guerette's decision to give custody
of his two children to his ex-wife.  Off and on since 1999,
Mr. Osborne protested outside the Provincial Building on Charlotte
Street, his placards critical of the Family Court system and Judge
Guerette.  The three libel charges against Mr. Osborne refer to
incidents between August and December of 2001.

Defense lawyer Brian Munro told the court he intended to file a plea
of justification. Under Section 611 of the Criminal Code of Canada, a
defendant can argue that "the defamatory libel published by him was
true, and that it was for the public benefit the matter should have
been published in the manner in which and at the time when it was
published." Since it deals with a plea, the trial judge will deal with
the matter.

Mr. Munro also took issue with the conditions of Mr.  Osborne's
release. In particular, Mr. Munro wants to have the court remove the
condition that prohibits Mr.  Osborne, who has traveled the country
speaking about fathers' rights, from demonstrating publicly about his
case. That hearing will be held on March 4.

A preliminary inquiry will be held on April 18.

===== John Murtari - jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org

Please check the site for complete info,

John finally had his preliminary hearing in front of Syracuse City
Judge Rosenthal last week (Feb 13).  The charges against him were
dismissed as having no factual basis.  He was due to appear for
arraignment in U.S. District Court on Feb 20, but that was adjourned
by the Court till March 20th.

John has "suspended" his walk efforts while waiting for a promised
response from the office of Senator Clinton.  However, he is ready to
resume at any time if more people wish to get involved. There are
other Members of Congress in the same building...

3. Letters to Senator Clinton and Others.

====== From Joanne -  (Civil Rights)

For what it is worth, I sent a note today to Hillary.  It is about
time she hears from people all around this country who will tell her
that we are very aware of what she is doing (or actually NOT doing)to
protect the constitutional rights of the citizens of her state.)  This
is what happens when someone is in office who is not really from the
area and doesn't really have the best interests of the people at

John, do you have a large enough group of interested parents who are
willing to do something for the rights of their kids?  Why is it that
you must always take a stand alone?  I am from Pennsylvania
(Pittsburgh) where we have a very active chapter of the National
Congress for Fathers and Children.  Many of the fathers we have helped
never come back after they win their case.  But, there are those who
remain loyal to the "cause" of equal access to children after divorce,
and they stay with us and help give support and advice to others.  I'm
sure that you have read our site: 

Cooperative Parenting for Divided Families

===== From Mary Jo -  (Civil Rights)

The following letter was sent to Chuck Shumer's web site comments
welcome section and I urge others to flood his site with letters about
these issues.  His site is the following:

The issue of my concern is the overdue need for Family Court reform,
the need for reforms in Child Protection and Family Placement Agencies
in the DSS and the repeal of the Mondale Act/CAPTA.

It is unacceptable and intolerable that the constitution of the United
States of America is not upheld in Family and Juvenile Courts.
Especially the fourteenth amendment which guarantees the rights of
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  One of those being the
right to raise our children with out government interference.  The
supreme court also states that the state should not interfere with the
right of a fit parent to raise their child in the supreme court case
of Troxel vs Granville.  Child protective workers go beyond their
power and override the constitutional rights of their victims.
Victims of the system, a bad system that doesn't even protect those
that it was designed to protect.  Government abuse to children is
rampant and performed with the perverse notion that it is 'in the best
interests of the child'.  

We need reform now to save our families.  Judges who rely solely on the
testimony of DSS and who never hear the parents even when they are
allowed to speak are committing the worse atrocities in our society
and denying the very freedom and justice that they are sworn to
uphold.  And all for what you may ask?  For the money that is provided
to the counties by the state and federal government under the Mondale
Act/CAPTA for the numbers of children that are stolen from their
families.  This is a black stain on our country and our advanced
society.  For how can we call ourselves a world leader and point to
human rights abuses in other countries when this happens in our own
country.  We need to clean up the corruption in our own system of
Child Protection and make this agency accountable for their actions
before we can hope to protect the children of the world.

I am asking for congressional hearings into these matters.  I for one
am ready to be heard.  Many others are willing and ready as well.  We
implore you for a hearing.  This is an opportunity for your office to
perform a great service to the people of this country.
 Please don't turn your back on the children of this
country.  Thank you,

Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne

"They trust in you who cherish your name, for you forsake not those
who seek you, Lord." Psalm 9:11


Thanks for the feedback.  It certainly helps everyone who reads it to
better understand...

===== Leonard -  (We need union)

Ok folks, I am serious now.  I have observed for quite some time now
the need to figure out how to bring EVERYBODY involved in Family
Rights TOGETHER into a National organization. Being a web guy myself,
and along with thousands of others just like me, when I got in
trouble, the first thing I did was build a webpage to tell the world
how bad it was. Recognizing that many of these people want to maintain
their own autonomy, it has been impossible to get everybody together
(just like the idea of a farmer union). So, my idea is to allow
everybody to keep their own autonomy while identifying with a National
Association. So, how about everybody here tell everybody they know,
who tells everybody they know aboutthe American Family Rights
Association (AFRA) All I have done here
is to throw out a **SAMPLE** for people to think about.  Everything
about it is UP FOR DISCUSSION.  We need to talk about a National
Chairman, board of directors, experts available for interviews,
etc. Please note the "Corkboard" at the bottom of the page where ideas
can be popped around. Let's DO SOMETHING about forming a NATIONAL

Leonard Henderson American Family Law Advocacy Group ~and~ 

Family Rights National Register >

====== Linda -  (More common efforts)

I have a suggestion for your next walk.  Please invite and include any
single moms, who have had their children ripped away from them for
asinine reasons.  Look for women's organizations who are willing to go
the limit.  I have been trying to reach our congress woman out here in
California, Grace Napatalano, who is running for reelection.  I am
also working on a letter to Governor Gray Davis.  I can't be there
where you are but I can do all I can to get you hooked up to the right
people here.  When you walk, make known your mission is for single
moms, moms who are battling DCFS for their children, and single
fathers as well.

Good Luck on your next walk.

======= Don -  (More common efforts)

Thank you for all your wonderful and inspiring letters and
demonstrations regarding your son, and illustrating the power of
non-violent action.

I just wish to encourage you, and let you know you're not alone.  Many
NCP's are at a loss for what to do, with their children and livelihood
taken from them via a State determined 'best interest.'  You've
demonstrated real life, practical love for your son that accepts the
risks associated with bucking a beauracracy that profits from family

I suggest Kid's Rights and other groups begin contacting other groups
with similar concerns, both about the intrusion of government into
private lives, and the breakdown of the traditional family.  Alliance
building can only help.

======= Ben -  (Appreciate the effort)

Thank you so much for what you are doing.  May God bless you.  I wish
I didn't have to work, so I could stand by your side and support your
actions better.  Hang in there.  My attorney says the Judge (in my
case) admitted his judgment was in error after reading the attached
letter I sent to my attorney's father.

You should see how many files I now have in my Custody folder on my

 [Ed - These cases get so "big" that no one if every going to
read all the stuff.  It's just amazing!]

==== John -  (It won't work!)
> 1. Stole some jeans -- here are YOUR RIGHTS!

This person had committed a crime.  Her's was a criminal case; yours
is a civil one.  Mighty uncivil if you ask me, but presently that's
the way it is.
> 2. Current Status with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The Senator really couldn't care less about your injustices.  She has
far bigger fish to fry on behalf of her own self aggrandizement.

> 4. Bill for Jury in Family Law introduced in Colorado - more info?

If today's families courts are expensive, wait until you see what
happens if juries are involved.

> 5. Underwhelming response for Mother's Day/ Father's Day.
Just how long will it take for you to understand that the afflicted
families are have not reached critical mass in numbers, nor are they
in sufficient pain over these issues to get together to do ANYTHING
about these issues.

Until the 2 issues above are met, any and all voices are crying in the
wind, and in the middle of a vast desert.Nothing more and nothing
less.  Anything else is so much chaff amongst the wheat.

Do you NOW understand how the deck is stacked against you ?  Do YOU
have any idea what misery the Black people had for over a CENTURY
under Jim Crow laws ?  You are ONE voice crying in the wind, and even
if 100,000 men were crying, you would not only NOT be noticed by
society, but YOU WOULD BE NOTICED by the authorities, who would do
anything to maintain the status-quo ?  WHY !!!  BECAUSE THE JUDGES SAY
SO, THAT'S WHY !!!  Get THEM to change their minds, and you then will
have it made.  But NOT before.

===== Chuck -  (Civil Rights)

As always, thank you for your efforts. You are in my prayers.

I struggled deeply last week just being in church. Have expressed my
desire to work with my ministers to help disperse some of the
mythology behind so many of the laws that are not good for
families. Its a good congregation and I have faith things will work

As for the family issues "belonging to the state", so were laws
regarding race and gender prior to 1964.

PS: You are welcome to tell the building security that your messages
are going out all over the world. The whole world is watching. If they
don't believe you, just ask them to give you their email addresses to
distribute, and to be sure to up their disc space quota before they

====== Linda -   (Who's rights are at stake?)

I must say only one thing to respond. I'm raising my granddaughter the
best way I know how by loving her. Not that both her parents don't
love her but her father is unable as he is a recovering alcoholic and
her mother doesn't have the ability to be a mother 24/7. She's pushing
now that the child doesn't need after care anymore to get her to come
and live with her at her boyfriends house( he has thrown her out twice
already)Right now I have a happy healthy child who will be a teen soon
and doesn't want her life to change, so I may be in for a court battle
myself. Can you tell me why either of these two parents have the right
to screw up all my 6yrs of loving and caring? Why put a child who
loves both her parents(thanks to me) in a position where her life
could really get screwed up without supervision.
She doesn't want her mother mad at her or me and her grandfather. We
have let her claim her on her taxes, for three years she collected
child support before dropping it and now she feels that this child can
raise herself the rest of the way and get 40$ a week to boot.

I have a loving caring 12 yearold with a straight A average for five
years,we go to church as a family and I know what ever happens it
probably won't be pleasant. But I will fight for custody now so this
gift god has placed in my care will have a chance to go to college
instead of a bar.

I don't know where I fit into your program but I do know every child
has the right to be loved and cared for,anyone can get pregnant but it
takes a real commitment to be a parent.

This is my part I'm sorry if you  don't think it's enough to suit
to you.

===== J -  (The problems with the system)

You have been through a lot over the time that I have been observing
this site. I empathize with you, and what you are going through. I
tried for years to get them to listen to me with no avail. I am not at
the level that you are with the system, but the experience with this
un-fare system is the same. At some point I will share my story with
you, and believe me it is well documented. After I graduate and get my
degree in social work I plan on advocating for the children's rights
to have both parents involved in their lives as equal parents.

I believe that this is how it should be. No one parent has the right
to keep the other from taking an active part in their child's life if
in fact that parent wants to be there for that child. This system, and
I believe it to be nation wide, has come between the "FAMILY" for to
long now, and it is about time for the system to think about what "is"
in the best interest of our children. This has been a thorn in my side
since 1989. I for one am glad that you are doing what you are, keep it
up. I am in California, and you are in New York, it seems that the
problems are the same.  

Thank you once again.

& Thanks to all!

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