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Visiting Washington for Mother's Day / USAF Survival School - don't quit

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Date: Fri Apr 19 2002 - 10:58:11 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

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1. Visiting Members of Congress for Mother's Day - can you attend?
2. A True Story from AF Survival School - only you can quit.

1. Visiting Members of Congress for Mother's Day - can you attend?
So far we have three people who have plans to make the trip to
Washington on May 9th (the Thursday before Mother's day).  Since we
plan on visiting member's offices, a Saturday date was not possible
since most staff will be gone. For complete detail see:

We have also had some people respond to our request for folks willing
to "work" for a personal meeting with Senator Clinton:

No experience required! We will just be doing one of the most 'basic'
things regarding government.  Visiting the offices of our legislators
and asking them to make Family Law Reform an urgent priority.  To give
us a chance to tell our stories....

Our first step will be a call for Congressional Hearings into reform
and development of a Family Rights Act.  Specifically:

* Presumption of equal physical/legal custody in separation/divorce.
* Protection of a Jury when the parent/child relationship is threatened
by a spouse or child "protective" services.  
* Right to representation by Counsel.  
* Right to speedy trial and cross examination of all witnesses.  

Our answer to the question, "Why are you doing this?"  We are parents
who LOVE our children and want to be restored to an equal
relationship.  We need Federal protection of our Civil Rights and want
Congressional hearings into reform.

We won't be there in anger, or to "barbecue" our legislators. We will
be there to:

* Show the strong love we have for our children.  
* Plead for their sponsorship of Family Rights legislation.  
* Demonstrate our willingness to take time off to visit their offices 
regarding this issue. 

To get a real Family Rights Act started in Congress, we need a House
and Senate Sponsor to introduce the bill.

If you are interested send email to: jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org, or
call (toll free), 877-635-1968,x-211

2. A True Story from AF Survival School - only you can quit.
They tell a story (below) of a "survival incident" that happened in the
early 60's in the woods of northern Canada. Its been retold a few
times and the facts may not be exact. It's not meant to describe
"technique" as much as attitude.  It bears repeating now to so many
mothers and fathers, who after being so "beat up" by the system --
just want to give up. It also bears repeating to those of us who are
mystified by parents who suddenly seem to walk away from their kids:

A pilot took off from his base in the United States for a training
mission in his F-106 Interceptor.  A complete weather briefing had
been given and it called for good weather during most of the day, but
a large cold front was approaching which would bring blizzard
conditions toward evening.  This was of little concern since it was
about noon and he would be back long before then.

The mission area was one where both radar and radio communications
would be intermittent at best.  He'd also been notified that one of
the primary radars for the region would be down for most of the day.

Flying at the northern edge of his area his bird began to have
problems. Engine thrust began to fluctuate and electrical power began
to switch between battery and generator.  Things went from bad to
worse very quickly and within a minute the engine had flamed out.

This was no "rookie", but an experienced airman.  He "maintained
aircraft control" and established an optimal glide.  He made a call on
his radio to report the flame out, his current position, and his
intent to either eject or forced land as conditions permitted.  He
didn't get a reply (but radio operators had heard him loud and clear).
He next switched his radar transponder to squawk "emergency", but he
knew the chances were slim that radar would pick him up (a radar did
and got an exact fix).

It was strangely quiet in the cockpit as the supersonic jet joined the
ranks of gliders and began its descent.  The pilot completed his
checklist items and attempted several air starts of the engine, but no
luck.  He saw what appeared to be a large area, covered with snow, and
committed himself to attempt a forced landing (as he setup for his
"high key" crews were preparing rescue helicopters for take off).

The sun was low on the horizon as the choppers approached the scene.
Heavy clouds could be seen approaching from the west. They scanned the
area for the plume of smoke that normally marks a crash, but saw
nothing.  A spotter called out that he had the aircraft in site!  The
large 106, with its delta wing, was easily visible in the middle of a
clear area.  It looked like a perfect landing, the only thing missing
was a runway.  The crew was excited, everything had gone textbook and
they would soon have one very happy pilot on board!

They landed the chopper a hundred yards away and approached the
aircraft.  They had expected to see the pilot running towards them,
but no one was in sight. The canopy looked open as they approached and
they saw footsteps leading toward the woods.  They followed, but then
noticed another set of tracks returning from the woods to the
aircraft.  They could see prints around the aircraft as the pilot had
obviously examined her for damage after landing (the aircraft would
later be recovered and with minor repair returned to service).

Someone yelled from the area of the cockpit. One of the rescue crew
had climbed in to see if the pilot had left any notes or other clues.
He found the pilot slumped over in the seat, dead.  

After getting their attention, survival instructors would tell
students the cause of death was, "an intentional self inflicted
gunshot wound using the survival pistol. Suicide. Up to that point
this guy had done everything by the book."

It looks like he climbed back into the cockpit after he returned from
his walk to the woods. Who knows, maybe he heard a wolf howl or saw
the approaching storm clouds?  Maybe his feet were starting to get
cold, and even though he had matches and an axe in his survival gear
-- he just didn't want to try and start a fire or build a shelter. The
"adrenalin rush" of an amazing landing was over.  Was it really "fair"
that he was about to be hit by a major blizzard and no one even knew
where he was?  "God fuck'n dammit -- gimme a break!"

One thing about this pilot, who also happened to be a Son, Husband,
and Father -- was in those final moments he was ONLY thinking about
himself.  He no longer saw there were not only other people out there
that needed him, but also equally skilled and concerned people who
would be doing everything in their power to find him. But he just
didn't want to wait to find out. The risk and uncertainty finally got
the better of him and he gave up. The fear of uncertainty killed him.

The funny thing was, if this guy had heard a cry for help from someone
in the woods -- he would have taken off running to save the person,
chopped the down the whole forest, and built a huge bonfire.

We have a terrible Family Law system. It strips you of your dignity
and comes between you and your children.  Have compassion for your own
failures and also those of others you may know.  The "environment" can
do everything in its power to defeat you, but only you can give
up. Keep the Faith.

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