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Quiet on the List / Father's Day Visits

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From: Webmaster (kids-right) (
Date: Wed Jun 26 2002 - 09:34:18 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains notes on the following:
1. List Activity - Why the quiet?
2. Legislative Action - Father's Day Visits to US Senators

1. List Activity - Why the quiet?
Many of you may have noticed that the list has quieted down over
recent months.  The reason -- there is not that much more to say --
but a lot more to DO. The list is "moderated", but we are happy to
publish any feedback on NonViolent Action,

We do plan on repeating some articles used in the past, they
will be marked by REPEAT in the message contents.

Many of you have been on the list for quite a while.  The next
phase of the "experiment" will be to see if NonViolent Action can
get us a face-to-face meeting with Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
from New York (certainly an important focus for family issues).
We would like Congressional hearings into the need for reform to
begin this September.

A significant action is planned for Syracuse, New York, at the
end of July.  More details will be coming, see the message
below for details also:

Your feedback and opinions are welcome.  Can the use of NonViolent
Action make change happen?

2. Legislative Action - Father's Day Visits to US Senators
We have updated the Legislative Action area of the site with
information on recent visits to the offices of Senator Kerry,
Massachusetts, Senator Rockefeller, West Virginia, and Senator
Sarbanes, Maryland.  Sophia Worden(Maryland) and John Murtari(New
York) talked with their aids about the need for Civil Rights
protection for the parent child bond.  For details see
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/legislative.htm Cindy Thomas (West Virginia)
had to cancel at the last minute, but was able to talk with an aid by
phone that day.

Two strong impressions were: 

1). Again, we met some very nice people on the staffs.  People who
could relate to what we are talking about and many who knew people who
had been through the same thing.  But before they can really press
this issue for their Senator they need to see some type of public
action/outcry (especially from people in their states).

There are good people up there ready to help, but we need to make
that first step to help "focus their attention" on the issue.  We hope
parents willing to use NonViolent Action as a means to demonstrate
their readiness to sacrifice for their children will help.

2). The message of a basic Civil Right to be with your own children is
a strong one.  When discussed as the need to provide protections
before government can interfere -- it is very hard to disagree with.
It is very hard to say NO to, "I have a right to participate in the
lives of my very own children..."

We did NOT need to argue statistics or science or whether there is
a sick divorce industry or corrupt Judges or bad lawyers or social
workers (those turn into long arguments).

We have detailed info at the site. Contact the specific aids we
have listed, ask to meet with someone in a local office to discuss
similar concerns.

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