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July 29th - Final Planning, Your FEEDBACK & maybe TV coverage.

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Date: Fri Jul 26 2002 - 12:45:18 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains information on:

1. July 29th - Final Planning & Maybe TV Coverage.
2. July 29th - New York City & Manhattan
3. Your FEEDBACK - Your "Sun" & getting Senator Clinton's attention.

1. July 29th - Final Planning & Maybe TV Coverage
We are in final preparation for the start of this effort.  The site
has been revised, it includes a detailed schedule and also news
release information.  You can even VOTE on what you think the results
will be.  http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

There was also some confusion about the "duration" of this effort.
This will be an on-going effort on the part of those willing to keep
participating.  Some have made a commitment, even if temporarily
arrested, to continue to return to the building until a meeting can be
arranged between parents and the Senator. Personal Sacrifice.

Your assistance by making a trip to Syracuse in person, or just making
a phone call to Clinton's office staff (numbers at the web site) -- is
very valuable in demonstrating public attention to what is happening
and the sacrifices being made.  It is also VERY important to those
participating and gives them the "warm fuzzy" that other folks care
and are helping.

A news release was sent out this morning and we did have contact from
Channel 3 (a local NBC affiliate), they said they would try to have
someone there on Monday.  That is certainly no guarantee, but it is
encouraging news.

If you wish to participate, please just fill out the registration form
at the site.

2. July 29th - New York City & Manhattan
Chris ( from Manhattan is interested in getting a
group of parents together to visit the local office of Senator Clinton
on the 29th.  This is LATE notice, but please contact him as soon as
possible at the email address above.

3. Your FEEDBACK - Your "Sun" & getting Senator Clinton's attention.
There was a LOT of good feedback to a recent message concerning
efforts to arrange a meeting with Senator Clinton, original message
at: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/archive/archive2002/0033.html


> We would be glad to do what needs to be done to get Our Sun back in our 
> lives.  But we do live in Illinois but we are behind you a 110% do what you 
> can.  God be with you

Thanks a lot for the kind words of support!  Our webmaster, Rich Eichinger,, is from Indiana and will be driving out this way
Sunday (you are welcome to contact him about sharing a ride).

------ Bob (

>  Methinks you give the Senator far too much credit for good
> intentions.  Remember, this is someone who has stated many times
> that she prefers "the village" (i.e., the state) to raise your
> children, not you., I

 I read her book a while back and I don't know if it is quite
that strong.  Actually, 10 years ago I would have probably agreed with
most of what she said till experiencing our system first hand.

> A mother is barely tolerated under such a system, convenient only as
> a mere caretaker, but a father is less than dogmeat, suitable only
> to provide the cash to fund the bureaucracy that decides for you
> what values your kids shall be taught.  It's little wonder she won't
> talk to you.  I would have expected little else.

 Yes, I do sense that trend among some people and it seems part of
some ideological goal.

>  Sorry for the cynicism, and I wish you well in your efforts.  But
> if Hillary ever actually responds at all positively to your pleas,
> it will only be because she perceives a political advantage in doing
> so, not because she has any sympathy whatsoever for your situation,
> or for that of your kids.

 Well, I would be very impressed if she could begin to see "the
other side" of the coin and recognize the issue of "rights."  But I
think we need to demonstrate the political pressure and make it in her
best interest.  She is such a "brand name" for children's issues, just
getting her to well define her stand (which has been difficult) -- on
what is the threshold before the "state" can interfere in your family
life and control your access to your own children?

 If that will start a national debate, it will be a big step

----  Chris (

> I wrote Sen. HillaryClinton to discuss the current state of Domestic
> Relations Law in this state, the imbalance it has and how it truly
> is not in the best interest of the Children of NY.  I also asked why
> Shared Parenting, a legal framework already in 31 other states
> continually gets barred/blocked and never gets out of the state
> legislature's Children and Families Committee.  All I got back was a
> boilerplate letter from her and Domestic Relations Law reform is not
> on her boilerplate list.

 Yes, I know what you mean.  That is what we saw.
> Do not forget, Sen. Clinton is a lawyer and lawyers are big
> advocates of the status quo, because lawyers in this state (NY) are
> making a mint of the imbalance and chaos. Look at Giulani and his
> x-wife, those fools spent (according to the NY Times) $610,000 to
> fight in public and prepare for trial, then settle in the 11th hour.
> Did you know that only 8-9% of all divorce actions end in a
> is the biggest scam going...get a couple in crisis to
> spend a mint, then have the couples settle - after they have
> exhausted big money on biolerplate motions, forensic accounting,
> law guardians, etc...did you know judges get to pick the law
> guardians - usually their friends...other states have gotten hip to
> this game and have done something - like institute Shared Parenting
> (go to , but we have some huge obstacles in
> NY - lawyers with deep pockets who lobby. At first, lawyers were
> making a mint of custody and visitation issues and now, they have
> created a

 Yes, it is quite an industry and there is a lot of "insider"
trading.  In may many arrests I have gotten to see a LOT of the
criminal justice system -- and it actually seems to work.  I never
felt worried when "bogus" charges were made by arresting officers
because I knew they would never be able to convince a jury (and the DA
knew that to).  In Family Court, I just felt helpless.  The quality
control of a "jury" (people outside the system), is a valuable item.

> new market, Domestic Violence.  Do not get me wrong Domestic
> Violence is a BIG issue and both MALE & FEMALES who offend need to
> get treatment/counseling and punishment where required, but did you
> know 68 % of all Domestic Violence allegations are simply used to
> gain leverage in a divorce/custody/visitation matter !  Hang in
> there, it will change.  People by the thousands, from the Massena to
> Manhattan County are banding together like never before and things
> will change !  Work smart !

 I think everyone knows the system doesn't work, but the
"monster" is so big, folks don't know what to do. Hopefully, some
public action & sacrifice will help get things rolling.

----   Del Parker (

>  You are right John.  It is going to take sacrifice.  I was talking
> with an airline pilot last night.  He has spent $500,000 fighting a
> battle for his kids here in King County.  NOW rated King County,
> Washington the best place for a woman to get a divorce back in 1980.
> And the local newspapers here publish front page color photos of
> "deadbeat" dads.  The number one criminal was a sheetrocker behind
> $225,000 in "child support", from fraudulent litigation.

 It is truly an amazing system.  They don't care about me
seeing my son at all since they moved him to the other side of the
country -- just send the money (even if you are not making it!).

>  This has continued for 20 something years, and the time has come to
> change it.  I haven't seen my youngest son, since he was five.  He
> is now 12.  The middle son I have not seen since he was eight.  He
> is now 20.  The oldest daughter, who grew up only with here mom, is
> now stung out on drugs, suicidal attempts, and prostitution.

 VERY, sorry to hear about that.  What has happened to you
is my worst nightmare.  The kids are the ones that get hurt by all
this.  What an awful thing to happen to you...

>  So, it will take some sacrifice.  Read in Psalms where it says
> "...the Lord laughs when your little ones are dashed against the
> stones."  Maybe be you will somehow find some peace there to direct
> your path, as I know you are searching for your path.  It is
> important to remain focused on seeking the Lord's path.  If that
> happens to be a path that you see as fulfilling your life's mission,
> so be it, and God Speed.  But check it out.  If sacrifice is
> required, it will be confirmed to you again and again and again.
> And the burden is not yours, but the Lord's.

 Yes, you are right there and this seems like the right path.
Especially when I get encouragement from the very deputies who have
arrested me.  Getting rid of the hate/revenge makes me more confident
in what I am doing.

---- Deborah Planet  (

 Very interesting article and sounds very true.  Especially
without any change of an independent jury -- the only thing a lawyer
can do is stay friends with the Judge.

---- Bob Hackely (

> I am happy for you!  But what can be said for the millions of
> families that haven't seen or heard from their children,
> grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc., for years and years because
> Physical, Legal, and Financial Joint Custody was not given to both
> parents.  Total isolation and Parental and Relatives Alienation
> Syndrome results!  When is Justice going to be served!!!  I end the
> Pledge of Allegiance to People by adding, "God I Pray!"

 I count my "lucky stars" every day.  I don't know how people
deal with it when their own kids hate them -- what a nightmare.  But
as much as I am in this because of the way my family was treated --
knowing about the others makes it a bit easier.


> Why weren't you a participant at the FRA NYS LEAD this or previous
> our group efforts at reform?

 Not sure if we have met in the past, several years ago I was
pretty active with the local Chapter in Syracuse, went to about 3
lobby days in Albany.  The group seemed fine as a support group and
for educating people, but it really didn't seem like a "protest" group
at all.  I seem to remember some of the leadership be very hesitant to
have any type of "marches."

 More recently I talked to one of the local leaders and I
wasn't even sure what the group's goals were regarding equal/shared
physical custody?  In some messages I had encouraged some of he FRANYS
folks (I think I am still on part of one mailing list), to shift some
focus to National leaders like Clinton and Schumer.

 I can understand the desire to focus at the state level, and
that is useful -- but that is basically why you see an independent
effort with a focus more on Civil Rights.

> Going it alone  and nitpicking a large organization is counter productive to 
> the change process which must be mutually supportive this is what large 
> social transformations throughout history have been about, regards G3

 Sorry for the confusion.  Not really nitpicking FRANYS, they are
a good group -- but our goals are pretty different: 

 State vs Federal Reform
 Support group vs "protest" group

> And you see no gain from crossing the false boundary and realizing
> that reform is reform and that helping vs. protesting are not
> mutually exclusive, how about all of the groups who are on the same
> page allying with one another to send forth a message..and numbers
> do count as they send a clear message..Regards G3

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