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July 29th - First Events

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Date: Mon Jul 29 2002 - 16:27:19 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains information on:

1. July 29th - First Events
2. July 29th - Why we participated?
3. People of Faith - what is that?

1. July 29th - First Events
John Murtari was arrested at the Federal Building in Syracuse, NY.

2. July 29th - Why we participated?
Here are some brief messages from two of the people that participated
in today's event.

---------- From - Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne (MMARCEAU@OCDUS.JNJ.COM)

I have come today to assist in creating awareness of the struggles and
efforts of many families who could not be here today.  Anyone can do
this!  I would encourage anyone who feels as strongly or stronger
about their rights as a parent and the importance of our families to
be that anyone.  Our government can ignore one of us or two but they
can't ignore all.  If we truly hold these truths, let us stand up for
them.  Please help us help all of us by writing, attending town
meetings, going to see local representatives and federal
representative if possible to show your support of our families.  This
is our process of government.  It is only as good as all who
participate in it.  Please participate and help reaffirm our freedom
to raise our families to our government who has gone astray.  We need
many.  You will never do anything more important or more needed.

--------- From - Richard Eichinger (contact@AKidsRight.Org)

I'm here in New York to talk to one of our Federal Legislators because
somebody's got to do something.  My kids lost their Dad in a judge's
decision last year.  Everyone knows, especially the US Supreme Court
that parents have a fundamental constitutional right to rear their
children, including the right to determine who shall educate and
socialize them.  My kids were harmed by a state judge's ruling..  This
harm cannot be repaired.  They were victimized and irreparable damage
has been inflicted on them.  

Many Mom's and Dad's lose there kids every day to decisions in Family
Court like the one that affected my family. My oldest daughter, Heidi,
was so upset after the ruling that she was unable to talk about it.
All of her friends in Middle School, her teammates on the basketball
team and the girls at cheerleading would all hafta be replaced.  My
daughter, Mysti, sobbed uncontrollably.  She knew that her Dad
wouldn't be there for her when she needed him.  How could the judge do
this?  He must have made a mistake.  My son, Hans, reacted like most 4
year old sons; he misbehaved.  Surely if his Dad was going away he
knew that his behavior would generate the attention from his Dad that
he was certain he would get.  I love all 3 with such intensity that
this pen can't write the words for you to read.  We all, especially
the village, should act.  

In fact, our constitution says that we have a duty, an obligation, a
moral responsibility to make sure our most precious right to parent is
ensured by every family court judge and government official.  I am
here to ask the US Legislators to apply strict scrutiny to
infringements of fundamental rights.  In other words, I want the US
Congress to uphold the Constitution by enforcing the law that the US
Supreme Court has made clear in Troxel v Granville (June 2000).  Kids
Need Both Parents

3. People of Faith - what is that? 
We start our messages with the phrase "People of Faith."
What about that?  Here is a definition of Faith we'd like
to share with you:

"Faith is not any conviction at all - true or false, good,
bad, or indifferent. It is a particular kind of conviction and it
receives its power from the kind of conviction that it is.

Faith is a good and true conviction.  It is the conviction that
something can and will happen because it is good and because it
is true that Goodness can and will triumph over all evil.

The power of Faith is the power of goodness and truth, which
is the power of God."

From: "Jesus before Christianity" by Nolan

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