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July 29th - Efforts continue for meeting with Senator Clinton

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Date: Thu Aug 01 2002 - 12:00:24 EDT

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This message contains information on:

1. July 29th - Plan & First Impressions
2. Reform - is it a hobby, job, or duty?
3. July 29th - What happened.

1. July 29th - Plan & First Impressions
John Murtari will be returning to the Syracuse Federal Building today
(Aug 1) and plans on continuing to return to the building every
Monday/Thursday while he is able.  Your participation is welcome and
you can review what has happened at: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

Below we have some first hand reports from a mother and a father who
visited Senator Clinton's local office on Monday (while John was
"walking" in the hallway outside).  There was also a news story on
what happened.

2. Reform - is it a hobby, job, or duty?
The Syracuse Post Standard article (July 30) said:

"Trespass arrest made at federal building"

"A Lyons man was charged with criminal trespass [this was in error, the
actual charge was simple trespass, a violation - Ed.] after he refused
to leave the James T. Hanley Federal Building Monday afternoon, police

John Murtari, 45, occasionally protests at the building because he
feels divorce laws are unfair, said Lt. Joseph Cecile, a Syracuse police
spokesman. Murtari was being held in lieu of $505 bail pending an appearance
in City Court, Cecile said."

----   John Murtari comments (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org) 

When I was released on Tuesday I went back to my office and one of the
guys told me he had seen a story in the paper.  On the way home I
picked up the paper and read it.  The front of the Local section, but
not very much, not nearly what we had sent them in the press release.

I actually started to laugh as I read the words, "occasionally
protests at the building..."  It made it sound like it was just
another "hobby" I had.  I wondered why the police officer didn't
report on the other three parents who were also there, or that the
goal of the "protest" was not "divorce reform", but a meeting with
Senator Clinton?  But.... I guess that was not his "job."  Today, I
will be going back to the building, and more in the future.  I guess I
will try to turn this "hobby" into even more than just a "job."  While
we all have different personal situations, for me it has become a
"duty" to my son.

You will see some comments from Rich & Mary Jo below (and thanks also
to Chris).  We all went together that day and I told them they provide
valuable "Teflon" from my efforts.  There efforts to call the
newspaper to also report a story may have resulted in it getting
printed.  The news story is also "Teflon."

I am so dependent right now on your actions.  Any help you can give,
even a quick call to Clinton's office, can make the difference.  If
there is enough activity, the Senator will respond, will meet with us.
If not, it could become very easy for them to terminate a "hobby" with
a stiff jail sentence -- ouch!   If you would like to see what goes on
at the building, or just to talk me in person -- send me an email.

3. July 29th - What happened.

---  Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne - MMARCEAU@OCDUS.JNJ.COM

A small group of fathers and one mother, myself entered the federal
building yesterday, July 29th, to obtain a meeting with Senator
Hillary Clinton or her staff. Our purpose was to ask the Senator's
help in correcting the injustices imposed on our families.  

Simply, we are asking that our constitutional rights be upheld,
respected, and protected in family court.  We knocked on Senator
Clinton's door and were asked to step into the office by the
secretary.  We were dressed in suits, and one man was wearing a tee
shirt that said "I LOVE BEING A DAD".  Cathy Calhoon the Senator's aid
then came out from a side room and instructed the secretary to go into
the room now.  The secretary left us closing the door behind her.

Ms. Calhoon asked us what we wanted and I said we would like to set up
an appointment to speak to the Senator about family court and our
constitutional rights.  Ms.  Calhoon said that the Senator does not
meet with anyone in this office.  I then asked if we could meet with
her, Ms. Calhoon.  Ms. Calhoon became very agitated and asked us if we
were with John Murtari who was standing in the hall holding a card
with pictures of our children and his son.  Mr.  Eichinger said that
we were.  

Ms. Calhoon then became even more agitated and said in a
loud voice "That man (meaning Mr. Murtari) claims that women get more
orders of protection than men".  I then asked her if just I could get
an appointment to talk to her and she said "NO" in a raised voice.
She then told us to leave and called to another man who was in the
hall possibly a security person.  I smiled; we all thanked her and
left.  Not one person in our group raised their voice or acted in an
unprofessional manner.  

Out in the hall John Murtari was being arrested for standing in the
hall with a picture of his and our families (5x7 size pictures on a
small card 10 by 14).  I asked the building manager if there was a
written procedure for the building to give guidelines of how to
petition your representative without being arrested.  He didn't have
any information on that but showed me a sign on the wall that I
couldn't read with out my reading glasses.  We continued to Senator
Schumer's office where we were treated very nicely by a secretary
named Barbara.  Barbara explained that Senator Schumer does not
address the issue of our concern.  She said we would have to seek
another group who may address these issues.  She was confused about
who as she admitted this process is very confusing even to her.  

My conclusion from yesterday is that I and the other NY State
residents that were with me yesterday do not have any representation
in the senate.

--- Richard Eichinger (

  A woman answered the door after several knocks.  She greeted us and
was pleasant.  Cathy entered the room and escorted the woman out into
an adjoining room.  She obviously did not want the woman to hear what
she was about to tell us.  Cathy said "No, there would not be a
meeting."  She said "No, she won't take our letters."  She basically
told us to leave and NEVER return again.

All three of us attempted to explain our situations.  She was rude
and confrontational.  She interrupted us as we spoke.  She told me,
"there was a reason why my kids were taken away from me."  My kids and
I have never heard that reason.  I really should have told her that
there were 8 US citizens represented by the 3 of us, standing there in
front of her.  And that, each one of those people had their civil
rights ripped away and their lives wrecked by other close-minded
tyrants just like her.  There were 2 more represented in the hallway
outside her office.  Six children, asking for help from the Senator,
who has championed children's issues.

Cathy also told us (once she realized that you were outside in the
hall) that you said "women get protective orders too easily".  I'm
sorry, but I didn't think to defend you, but I'm sure she's making a
false allegation here.

We also talked to Barb at Senator Schumer's office.

Outside the building, Chris spoke to an elderly lady who knew
something about your actions at the Federal Building.  Chris came back
from his discussion with her (and it was a long one).  He said the
woman told him that "John was mean and nasty to Clinton's staff and
maybe that's why he's getting arrested".  Of course, that's only what
I recall.  Chris could give us a more accurate report.

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