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Letter to Senator Clinton / Efforts in California and New York / Your Messages

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Date: Thu Aug 22 2002 - 11:51:26 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:

1. A Nice Letter & Contribution - good example.
2. California - trying to visit your US Senators.
3. New York - efforts continue in Syracuse.
4. Messages - a worldwide collection.

1. A Nice Letter & Contribution  
We hope you will all take the time to read the letter (below) from a
Dr. Sinkhorn of California to Senator Clinton.  It reminds all of us
of the proper tone to use as we try to contact our Federal officials.

In the past few weeks we have received a lot of email on Senator
Clinton, her biases, her temper, her financial dealings, etc...  But
what does that really go to prove -- that she is not that different
than most of us are.  How many of us appreciate a conversation where
the other persons starts by saying, "I know you'll never change, but
let me bring this up anyway..."

The purpose of NonViolent Action is to bring out the good in other
people, not by insulting them -- but by showing them by your sacrifice
that your concerns are real.  That you are real, a person just like
they are.

We don't want to "embarrass" the doctor, but we also appreciate his
$200 contribution to our NonViolent Action fund,
as a "model" of how our movement can grow.  There will be those who
can make a sacrifice of freedom for what we all believe in.  There
will also be those who can financially help those who may find
themselves in jail.

http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr/sinkhorn_let.jpg (letter image)
-----------------------------------------  7 Aug 2002
Dear Mrs. Clinton:

I am a divorced father who experienced first-hand the cavalier
treatment of fathers by the family court system. I fought for years to
gain the simple pleasure of being with my children half time. I won't
bore you with details, but suffice it to say that I am a respected
physician in my community, responsible for delivering thousands of
babies, even my own two. Yet the courts persisted in following an
antiquated formula that presumes mothers are better parents. My point
has now been shown, despite the court's misguided attempts, since my
children now reside with me virtually full time. But I shouldn't have
had to go through a ridiculous charade before a judge whose only prior
experience was in traffic court.

Children need fathers and mothers. I know that you believe and
understand this; your speeches and writings prove it. I urge you to
meet with Mr. John Murtari of AkidsRight at your earliest convenience
and join with all of us parents who believe that children should never
be separated from a responsible, caring father or mother.

Thank you, Mrs. Clinton, for your fine work in our Congress. I hope
you will continue to keep the Bush supporters honest.

And thank you for your consideration of this most important
subject. Our children are grateful, too.

Warmest regards, 
C. Paul Sinkhorn, MD

2. California - trying to visit your US Senators.
We have someone who is willing to help coordinate an effort to visit
Federal Legislators in California, please contact Mike Mates:

With Senators Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, we should certainly
see a productive effort.  For general info on contacting legislators
and past activity see: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/legislative.htm

3. New York - efforts continue in Syracuse
John Murtari will be returning to the Federal Building in Syracuse
today where an arrest is likely again for Trespass.  Many people are
surprised to discover John has NO criminal record, but in the past few
years has been arrested and jailed over TWENTY times. In proceedings
in both Syracuse City Court and US District Court, charges have always
been dismissed.

We certainly hope the trend will continue...  Your participation and
support is needed, welcome, and much appreciated!


4. Your messages - coming across the world
We hope some of you may be able to contact these people and give them
a share of your experience and help.

--- Ned McCarthy -  (Ireland)

I am forbidden under Irish law to speak openly about my experiences in
the family law courts (men have been jailed for doing so). I believe
that Irish family law is in violation of articles
1,2,7,9,10,11,(section 1) article 16(sections 1 and 3)and article19 of
the United Nations Declaration of Human rights.I have evidence to back
up my claims.Can anyone help me?

--- Kathleen Ostic - (United States)

I am very interested in public, court, AND legislative action.  I have
had my parental rights terminated to my 5 children here in Michigan;
even though, there were NO accusations of physical abuse, drug use,
alcohol abuse, or anything of the sort.  I completed all requirements
I was given by F.I.A., and ordered to complete by the courts (no
problem!!  It was suppose to get my children back home - where they
belonged - right? (or so I thought)).

I currently am awaiting my appeal to be heard; however, in researching
this topic, I have discovered 2 or 3 more arguments which I feel I
rightfully should have added to my brief; however, my attorney has
left the country at the beginning of Aug., & is not expected to return
until Aug. 28.  No one in her firm is covering my case while she is
gone!  I'm afraid of court deadlines.  Anyway, I have been looking for
a group like you!!!  Thanks!!!  Since this is very personal to me, I'm
ready to help in any way I can, & am hoping to get whatever help & as
much help as I can!!!!

Thank-you again, & PLEASE do not hesitate to contact.

--- D. Rofe' - (Israel)

About 6 years ago I contacted some organization like yours, asking for
help in reunite with my children. I left USA after 21 years and moved
to Israel when my ex wife brutally managed to get me out of my
house. Furthermore during this time she did all that she could not to
let me have any contact with my three children. I did not go back to
USA. I am fearful for my life as I have no idea what she and her boy
friend may have plan for me. 

I now have a criminal attorney taking care of money she stole from me
and the children. I guess I will never get to see my children as long
as my ex wife is around. My only hope is that one of these days she
will be in prism on fraud and cheating the IRS. During the 6 years I
am in Israel I contacted many organizations asking for
help. Unfortunately all I learned is that the justice system favored
woman on one hand but it makes it impossible when the woman happened
to be habitual lie and know how to work the system in her favor.

The reason I am writing to you is that I am now writing a book
dedicating for my children and will use all the marketing tools to get
my book in front of organization like yours and these that deals with
fair justice. I am doing so hoping for some change in the way fathers
like myself get treated.  I would appreciate if you would be willing
to get my story and possibly give me your endorsement which may help
other fathers in a similar situation. I know of many cases similar to
mine from the time I was on mailing list and read the awful stories
about husband that end up committing suicide or get in trouble with
the law for not able to cooperate with the emotion that involved.  I
am looking forward for your feed back and hope together to make a

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