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What is your goal for reform? / NY Candidate for Governor supports "shared parenting"

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Date: Fri Nov 01 2002 - 09:48:29 EST

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:
1. Tom Golisano - NY State Candidate for Governor supports "shared parenting".
2. Goals - What will satisfy you as a goal for reform?

1. Tom Golisano - NY State Candidate for Governor supports "shared parenting".
Parts of a News release below from the Campaign. Golisano is running
as an independent, but has a significant amount of support in the
state, app 17% by some polls. He will be involved in a moderated
debate with the other candidates on Saturday Morning in New York City
(WNBC-TV). Parents are welcome to attend and also to submit questions
they would like asked via E-mail (details below).

Following collection of news from Randall Dickinson
( and David Friedman (

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE       Campaign Contact: Ernest Baynard (585) 419-9101
October 31, 2002          
Golisano Calls for Family Court Reform to Allow Children the Benefit of Both Parents

Rochester Candidate for Governor, Tom Golisano today called for the
reform of family court laws so that both parents will have the
opportunity to participate fully in their children's lives when
couples separate....

"As governor, I will do everything in my power to see that children
have the right to have both parents involved in their lives," said
Golisano.  "This important issue should be addressed immediately and
remain above the realm of partisan politics."

The current inequity in our legal system, in many cases, has allowed
the entire side of one spouse's family to be removed from a child's
life upon the naked assertion by one party that joint custody would be
difficult.  This invariably works to the detriment of the child.

Golisano supports legal reform which will strongly presume shared
parenting over a system which, because of outdated case law, favors
sole custody of children when a mother and father separate.  The new
presumption in favor of shared parenting would have to be rebutted by
substantial evidence for sole custody to be considered....

Saturday is a chance to meet Mr. Golisano, his staff and reporters from
around the state and even the country. Oh, yeah, free T shirts, hats &
signs too.

--- Email Questions for the Debate to the WNBC moderator at:

>From the Golisano Campaign:

Hi, it's another Debate Rally!  This time it's at the NBC studios at
Rockefeller Center.  The debate is from 9:15am - 10am (early!)  Let's
get as many people we can so we can show our support.  Bring the kids!

Saturday morning, November 2, 8:15 AM
NBC studios
W. 49th & 50th
(Rockefeller Center)

Look for the Big Red Double Decker bus

We will have:

* Hot Coffee
* Bagels and Donuts
* Music
* T-shirts & Hats
* Warm Place to watch the

2. Goals - What will satisfy you as a goal for reform?
We are happy about a major political candidate endorsing Family Law
reform, and Mr. Golisano has our vote, but as we read the news release
above, a few questions came to mind:

"The new presumption in favor of shared parenting would have to be
rebutted by substantial evidence for sole custody to be considered..."

1. Does shared parenting mean essentially equal time with the kids?
Is every other weekend and one night a week enough to qualify you
as having "shared parenting."

2. Who decides when "substantial evidence for sole custody" exists?
Is that the Judge alone?  Many of you know how decisions were written
in your cases.  Do you think your Judge would have been able to
find "substantial evidence?"

3. An even more basic question, "What is the substantial evidence
about?"  Is it enough that one parent is well educated, have a great
job, and a beautiful home -- while the other does not?  Do we have
to prove that one parent is an actual threat to the kids?  Or is it substantial
evidence about the child's best interest?

4. What about the families hurt by our system of Child Abuse laws?
Should the "solution" to Family Law Reform also include these
families?  Or do we need to take it slow?

What we have on our site as our Goal is:

"The right of parents & children to associate is an inalienable
right. Equal access and participation is assumed. Anyone finding this
right challenged has the protection of a jury, and required proof
beyond a reasonable doubt."

We realized we don't answer all the questions above. What do you
think?  How should it read?  We welcome your responses!  Please keep
them brief. We will try to take the top responses and turn them into
an on-line poll at the site.


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