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Events in NY & Michigan, a view on reform.

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Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 16:39:25 EST

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Good People & People of Faith:

This message contains some notes on:
1. Meeting with staff of Senator Schumer (NY) - you are welcome.
2. Thanks to Tom Golisano - candidate for NY Governor.
3. "Child Abuse" reform - meet Suzanne Shell in Michigan.
4. A columnist views on Divorce - maybe common sense?

1. Meeting with staff of Senator Schumer (NY) - you are welcome.
The following from Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorn, our PR person,

I have set the apt. time to November 20th at 1:30pm to talk to
Senator Schumer's legislative representative Joe Hamm at their
Rochester, NY, office.


Take Rt 490 West into Rochester, get off at Clinton Ave exit, Take a
left onto Court St. and then a right onto Exchange St.which becomes
State St after  passing Main St./ third building on Right is 100 State
St, which is the address of the Senator Keating Federal Building.

I would like to meet earlier at a central location so that we may
concur on what our message is to be. I would like to meet at about noon.

Anyone interested please contact me.  I just would like to have an
idea how many are going to attend.  Thanks.

Mary Jo Marceau-Hawthorne
phone: 585-453-4416

2. Thanks to Tom Golisano - candidate for NY Governor.
>From Randall Dickinson (

Send thank you letters and e-mail to candiate Tom Golisano at the
address below.  He registered about 15% of the vote across the entire
state of New York, and in some rural counties upstate he outpolled the
Democratic candidate.  He took a public position on Family Law reform
in response to contacts from parent's groups.  Even if you are not
from New York, let his staff know his stand was important.

Ms. Laura Saxby Lynch
Public Relations Manager
Paychex, Inc.
911 Panorama Trail, South
Rochester, New York 14625
585-383-3074 <A HREF="">

3. "Child Abuse" reform - meet Suzanne Shell in Michigan.
If you are concerned about reform we heartily encourage you to contact
Suzanne.  She is a very kind person working very hard to reform the

Suzanne Shell <>,

Suzanne is planning to be in the Detroit area the week after
Thanksgiving and will be avaible to present her 12 hour seminar for
families and groups who are fighting Child Protective Services
agencies. This seminar is offered without charge. Any family rights
advocacy organization who wishes to sponsor this seminar should
contact Ms. Shell to make arrangements for the presentation via return
email or by calling 719-749-2971 as soon as possible.

4. A columnist views on Divorce - maybe common sense?
Submitted by:  "Ed Devine" <>

Dennis Prager
November 12, 2002
Being more compassionate on divorce

Most Americans believe that for the past generation, America has been
in a moral decline. And whenever conservatives describe this decline,
they include the high divorce rate, along with crime and
out-of-wedlock births, as a prime example. I believe conservatives are
wrong here. By way of illustration, allow me a story:

Before having a daily radio show, I moderated for 10 years a very
popular show in Southern California called "Religion on the Line."
Each week for two hours my guests were a Protestant minister, Roman
Catholic priest and rabbi (different ones each week), as well as
representatives of virtually every other faith. One night, the topic I
chose was divorce -- what is your and your religion's view of divorce?

The Protestant minister spoke against divorce and noted that "people
get divorced too quickly." The priest then said virtually the same
thing, and the rabbi did, too (on virtually no issue was there ever
such uniformity of views and rhetoric).

After each spoke, I asked the minister if he knew anyone well who had
divorced. "Well," he said, "as it happens, my brother is getting a
divorce right now." "And do you feel that he is getting divorced too
quickly?" I asked. "No," the pastor responded. He explained that his
brother and sister-in-law had tried counseling for many years to no
avail, and that their home was a deeply troubled one. I then asked the
priest if he knew anyone well who had divorced. He responded that his
mother had divorced many years ago. "Do you feel that she divorced too
quickly?" I asked. "Not at all," he said, adding that for all intents
and purposes, the divorce liberated her from a toxic man and
relationship. I then asked the rabbi if he knew anyone well who had
divorced. And, sure enough, his parents had divorced many years
earlier, and he was convinced that it enabled him and his mother to
become happier people because the home was so depressed.

This scenario is typical. Whenever people say, "People get divorced
too easily," I ask them about people they know well who divorced, and
I usually get the same response. Now, of course, many divorced people
should have stayed together (just as there are couples who stay
together who should get divorced). But conservatives look foolish when
they say that except for spousal beating no one should get divorced
and that the divorce rates necessarily exemplify a society in moral
decline. ...

By far, the worst consequence of divorce is the large number of
fathers who voluntarily or involuntarily (because of selfish ex-wives
or feminized laws) leave the lives of their children. When both
parents stay thoroughly involved in their children's lives, sharing
physical as well as legal custody, the adverse effects of divorce can
be minimized, and depending on how bad things were prior to the
divorce, a child's life can actually improve.

Let me be as clear as language allows. I believe that most marriages
should never come apart; that every good marriage has periods of
alienation and anger; that people must ride these tough waves and try
to improve their marriage...

If conservatives want to enter the divorce arena, we should change
divorce laws to ensure joint physical custody whenever feasible and
that people first seek counseling with professionals committed to the
welfare of children rather than attorneys devoted to ruining the other
spouse's life. Divorce is a good example of where conservatives can
show their compassion. Let's vigorously promote marriage but have no
more knee-jerk condemnations of divorce. It is these condemnations,
more than divorces, that are made too easily.

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