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[AKidsRight.Org] Events in New York, California, Penn. & Maryland / Write to Lowell Jaks in Jail!

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From: AKidsRight.Org Webmaster (webmaster@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Thu Apr 01 2004 - 21:16:23 EST

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains information on:

1. Legislative Lobbying in New York - A Big Event!
2. Petition for Pennsylvania - Presumption of Joint Custody
3. Golf Tournament for Reform - Children's Rights Council
4. Interested in Washington Rally - from Florida.
5. Congressman Listens - testimony in California.
6. Write to Lowell Jaks - in jail.
7. NonViolent Action continues - Syracuse.

We have a lot of events.  Again, to get something announced, please
complete our submission form at: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/events.htm

1. Legislative Lobbying in New York - 
Submitted by: Randall Dickinson <>

> The Coalition of Fathers and Families New York, Inc., is again
> sponsoring "lobby day", sometimes referred to as Legislative Education
> and Awareness Day (L.E.A.D.), in Albany this year.  This event is the
> "BIG" annual opportunity for fathers and families, and this year may
> be a pivotal year, as we are beginning to get through to legislators,
> who seem to be taking our issues more seriously.  You are cordially
> invited and encouraged to attend, and we hope you are getting the word
> out to those with whom you are in contact to attempt to do so, as
> well.

> Date:  Tue., 4 May
> Time:  9:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m.
> Place:  Legislative Office Building, Albany, New York

2. Petition for Pennsylvania - Presumption of Joint Custody
Submitted by: Anne Marie Tucker <>

> Please post this.  Thanks so much

3. Golf Tournament for Reform - Children's Rights Council
Submitted by: Alaina Dietryx, Lisa Intelicato <>

> Summary:: 1st Annual Golf Tournament to Benefit Children of Separated, 
                Divorced and Never-Married Parents
> Date-Time:: May 4, 11:30am 
> Location:: Cross Creek Golf Club, 12800 Bay Hill Drive, Beltsville, MD 
> Group-Name:: Children's Rights Council
> Web-Site::

> Description:: 1st Annual Golf Tournament and Press Conference

Featured Celebrities include former Washington Post columnist, Bob
Levey!  Wendy Sledd, Mrs. Washington, DC!  Also invited, PGA Pro and
Humanitarian, Lee Elder!
This tournament will help the Children's Rights Council to raise $30,000
which is CRC's shortfall in state funding!  Since 1996, CRC has assisted
several thousand children and parents reunite through its thirteen
neutral child drop off and pick up sites, supervised access and
visitation and mediation services.  Golfers!  Contribute $125 and play
18 holes on brand new championship course!  Catered lunch and dinner!
Entertainment!  Auction!

Don't golf?  Then please sponsor CRC family services!  It costs us $60 a
month to help a family!  Become a family sponsor!  Six months, $275!
One year, just $500!  Business sponsors also available!  Call us for
Thank you for sharing with others you know!

> PHONE: 1-800-787-KIDS

4. Interested in Washington Rally - from Florida.
Submitted by: Caren <>

> Our group joined with a Florida's Dad's group is doing a protest and
> courtwatch day this coming Tuesday March 16, between 8:30 and 12:30 at
> the Delray Courthouse off Atlantice Ave. We are targeting the three
> courthouses in Broward and Palm Beach county and intend to do a
> protest and courtwatch once a month at one of the above
> courthouses. If you have any fathers in our area who would like to
> join us, we would welcome their participation.

> Yes I would love to hold a rally in Washington. It amazes me how each day 
> in the media there is always something about GAY rights, certainly there must 
> be far more children who have suffered at the hands of an ill equipped court 
> system and yet all of the injustices of Family court are being ignored. It 
> just goes to show where are values are as a country.

> I would have to say that the only time I feel that putting together a
> really for Washington, might be in September. This would give us
> enough time to really get the word out and try and gather up as much
> support as possible....

5. Congressman Listens - testimony in California.
Submitted by: Myrna Fernandez <>

> I wanted to let you know that yesterday Congressman Joe Baca heard
> many parents testimony regarding Child Protective Services and how
> they violate both parents and children' s rights and the tragedies
> that occur when a child is placed in a foster home.
> Here is article published the San Bernardino Daily News today.
> ===================================================================

> Speakers line up to report abuses by kids' agencies
> Baca-led panel records claims at SB hearing -- JOE NELSON, Staff Writer
> Sunday, March 14, 2004 - SAN BERNARDINO - 

> They are stories people sometimes read about in newspapers or see on
> television: children savagely beaten, burned with cigarettes, or
> sexually molested by their foster parents. Sometimes it's all of the
> above.Rep. Joe Baca, D-Rialto, and state legislators Saturday heard
> such stories during an all-day forum at City Hall. But the focus of
> the forum was to address another kind of abuse, that allegedly
> inflicted upon parents, relatives and others by child protective
> agencies nationwide.

> Numerous complaints from people across the country about
> extensive abuses they say they have suffered by child protective
> agencies, primarily parents and relatives alleging they were stripped
> of their custodial rights, were snagged in a mess of bureaucratic red
> tape, and even falsely accused of crimes by inept social workers,
> prompted Baca to call the forum.Representatives of Government Watch,
> the National Committee of Grandparents for Children's Rights and
> groups claiming to represent victims of child protective agencies also
> attended and served on a panel with Baca to hear and record the
> complaints. 

> The presentations were audio and video recorded and transcribed. Baca
> promised they would be sent to the appropriate state, county, federal
> agencies and legislatures for further action.A resounding allegation
> Saturday was how child protective agencies push to adopt children out
> for profit instead of trying to place them in the custody of
> relatives. Child protective agencies receive state funds for every
> child they adopt out. Critics told of children burned hundreds of
> times with cigarettes, being forced to swallow baking soda for
> punishment and being sexually molested by their foster parents. When
> they complained to social workers, the complaints fell on deaf ears,
> they said. Some alleged they were even accused of lying and had
> frivolous complaints filed against them by social workers to cover up
> their own blunders and avert an investigation.

> ``It's really been an eye-opener right out,'' Baca said Saturday
> during the forum in a maxed capacity City Council Chambers. ``It tells
> us we need some form of a uniform standard nationwide. Apparently
> there's been a lot of abuse.''Baca said a critical element to fixing
> the system would be to ensure that social workers receive proper
> training, that stricter requirements be implemented for the
> certification of social workers, and that social workers and the whole
> child protective services system be held accountable for wrongdoing
> and subject to criminal penalties and fines.

> Out-of-state speakers and those from outside Southern California were
> allowed to speak first. But some didn't seem to mind.``There are so
> many stories that need to be heard,'' said Raymond Matney, 53, of
> Redlands, who alleges he has never seen his son, now 7, who was
> adopted by a family out of state at birth. He continues his efforts to
> connect with his son and said he was never given parental rights
> because he wasn't married to the boy's mother.``The baby was bought
> and sold before he was even born,'' Matney said.

6. Write to Lowell Jaks - in jail.
For more background on Lowell, please see earlier list messages at:
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/archive/archive2004 -- Lowell had been made an
NCP by the Court.  He decided to take his child and leave the country;
the other parent out of the child's life.  He was arrested.

We don't endorse what he did.  It is a crime.  He should be punished.
But all of us know the anguish of being separated from our children, and
perhaps similar thoughts we've had to "make things better."  We don't
need to agree with what he did, but certainly let's show him our
compassion.  Jail can be a lonely place.  One of the greatest things to
get is a letter!

If you wish to be inspired by this tragedy -- then SACRIFICE to change
the system that drives good people to perform such hopeless acts.

Following Submitted by: "Aaron Burr" <> 

> Legends Legal Aid Society is attempting to assist Mr. Lowell Jaks, who now
> sits in a jail in Kern County California.
> We need "someone" in the area to act as a legal runner for Lowell.  We,
> unfortunately, are 500 miles away--so we will develop the legal paperwork
> for him, but we need 'some volunteer' to do things like serve the Kern
> County California DA, the Court, etc.

> Specifically, we need someone to go to the court clerk and get the:
> 1.)  Complaint.
> 2.)  The Police or DA report
> 3.)  Look over his documentation and court minutes and get them to us.
> I called the Kern County Courts and Jail. Currently, Lowell is at:
> LOWELL JAKS 1608237

> I am certain that any letters from "you" would be of great
> encouragement to Lowell, as he has no family.  Also, you may send him
> books, which also would be of assistance (order them through the
> bookstore, as the 'publisher' has to mail them to him).

7. NonViolent Action continues - Syracuse.
John Murtari returned to the Syracuse Federal Building in our continuing
attempt to petition Senator Hillary R. Clinton for a meeting with parents.  He
was arrested, arraigned and release by Federal Magistrate DiBianco. John
plans on returning to the building on Monday, April 5th.  Your support
and participation is welcome and needed!

Details at: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr


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