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[AKidsRight.Org] After Sacrifice: Joy, Renewal, and Resurrection.

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From: AKidsRight.Org Webmaster (
Date: Sun Apr 11 2004 - 12:11:56 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

We haven't sent out an Easter Greeting in the past few years, but this
year it seems appropriate.  Especially after one of our feedback
messages called us "Merchants of Despair" for the recent series of
thoughts on the importance of Personal Sacrifice in bringing about
reform.  Could that be farther from the truth?

But FIRST, our special greetings to all of you weren't able to go to a
church service with your child.  Who didn't have the opportunity to
participiate in an Easter Egg hunt!  Who didn't have the chance to sit
down and eat a load of chocolate with your little one.  Why?  Because
a court order decided that was not in "your child's best interest."
Imagine that!

Our most heartfelt greetings to those of you who didn't talk to your
children today and didn't even get a card.  Not because your child
wasn't allowed to do it -- but because they DIDN'T WANT TO.  THEY HATE
YOU.  More than anything, this should help us all understand the
obscenity of a system that turns children away from loving parents!

Part of the message of Easter is that through your willingness
to sacrifice you have the POWER to bring about great change. No
other resources are required, but Faith.  The result is not certain
and sacrifice is always painful, but when we sacrifice with love
there is personal renewal, joy, and Resurrection!  We could all
use a little of that.

Sometimes we miss seeing the forest for the trees.
You know we try to be kind as a group.  Many of you have seen the
messages from John Murtari and are aware of his activities, over a
hundred nights spent voluntarily in jail.  Most of you feel the great
passion he has for the love of his child. You may not know the details,
but you understand that whatever system separated him from his child is
unjust.  This parent loves their child -- the actions speak louder than
any words.

But now -- pay attention to what is missing from this great passion?
Anger. You don't hear him calling his former spouse a jerk, a bad
parent. Part of the argument is not about the divorce industry, an
insane child support collection system, or an insensitive Judge, or
incompetent social workers, lawyers, or psychologists. ALL THAT STUFF
DOES NOT MATTER -- it is just noise that weakens our message.

We can win that meeting with Senator Clinton and put protection of
family rights on the National agenda.  We just need one more mother and
father willing to join him and show that same passion. Ready to make the
leap that Faith always requires. 

Happy Easter!

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