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[AKidsRight.Org] Action - Adventures of Spiderman / Rally in Wisconsin & Lobby in Washington

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From: Webmaster (webmaster@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Thu May 27 2004 - 10:08:48 EDT

This is a message from the AKidsRight.Org mailing list.  Unsubscribe instructions at bottom of message.
Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:

1. Marketing Family Law Reform - Are we Mothers or Fathers or Parents?
2. Reform Actions - non violence, civil disobedience, NonViolent Action?
3. Amazing Adventures of Spiderman - National news in England!
4. Attack on Prime Minister Blair for reform - what do you think?
5. Events - Reform Petition, Rally in Wisconsin & Lobby in Washington.

If you are serious about reform, maybe it is useful to think in terms
of your GOALS, your METHODS, and your ACTIONS.  We discussed those
items for the AKidsRight.Org group in the last list message:

The common theme of this message is along those same lines and your
FEEDBACK is welcome!  Reform is a three-pronged advance (Legislative,
Legal, and Public Action).  Many of you have focused on Legislative
and Legal avenues (and that is a good thing), we have seen little
Public Action in the US -- but we want to share some events from
England where actions for Family Law Reform are actually front page
News nationwide.  Imagine that!

But who are WE?  As you read some of the items in this message -- should
WE define ourselves as parents first?  What do you think of the ACTIONS
taken below?

1. Marketing Family Law Reform - Are we Mothers or Fathers or Parents?
Are you for Father's rights, Mother's rights, Parent's right!, or Kids
Rights?  So many flavors -- so little time!  In this message you'll
read a lot on activity by F4J (http://www.Fathers-4-Justice.Org/) . A
group based in England.  About half our group members (AKidsRight.Org)
are mothers.  Ladies, what do you think about that name?  Gentlemen,
would you flock to a rally for Mother's rights?  There is a lot in a

We are trying to fix our system of Family Law and gain equality
between parents, but also a system that gives a single Judge or even a
social worker at CPS the power to act arbitrarily for the "best
interest of the child" (another reform fallacy).  Obviously, most of
us accept that any new law will be "gender neutral" -- the problem is
not one of father or mother, but for parents and children.  Not only
those going through a separation, but also those parents who lose
their kids to Social/Child Protective Services.

Common sense.  Parent's rights obviously is inclusive of Moms and
Dads.  If you tell me you are for Father's rights -- then you must
want some rights that are in addition to/or different from those you
feel belong to Parents?  Frankly, other parents may not be interested
in that?

Perhaps you just want equality -- but think Fathers need "top billing"
in any reform effort!  Sure mothers have been hurt by the system also
-- but it happens to men MORE!?  You don't want to call your group
"Parents for Justice" or "Moms and Dads for Justice", .. just DADS FOR

Lastly, you may want to read the stories on our Hall of Shame page
submitted by both mom's and dad's, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/shame.htm
-- there are some parents who just want revenge and to get their kid
back.  Who cares if the other parent goes through that same pain --
after all, they really deserve it!  Many aren't really concerned about
Human Rights or Civil Rights or Parents Rights, just THEIR rights!

2. Reform Actions - non violence, civil disobedience, NonViolent Action?
Most people don't want to be 'violent', although a few do.  A lot of
people think being nonviolent is okay, or practicing civil disobedience
is a good thing.  In these PC "politically correct" times, it is OKAY
to ridicule/humiliate someone who has been insensitive!  How dare they!
They should lose their jobs!

We seem to accept that ridiculing an opponent is just part of
"protesting".  If a "riot" happens -- some folks think that is okay.
It is so hard to get media attention...  They think it is okay to
break windows; especially if you go back and repair them after your
event is over!  What do you think?

What do you think about the News items below?  A good effort?  An
effort you would be ready to participate in?  Why?

We talk about NonViolent Action (http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil_back.htm).
What about this idea?

    Appealing to the common sense and morality of the adversary is
    key: "It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel
    themselves honored by the humiliation of their fellow human
    beings."  (Gandhi)

3. Amazing Adventures of Spiderman - Reform action national news in England.

[ NOTE: As much as we have talked about methods and names above. Also
please understand that we have a LOT OF RESPECT for David Chick and
the others folks below in Fathers 4 Justice.  Why?  Because they have
taken ACTION and demonstrated a willingness to accept the sacrifice of
loss of personal freedom in jail for what they believe in -- their
children!  They have generated more "buzz" in England on the issue of
reform than we have EVER seen in the United States.

Being a back seat driver or Monday morning quarterback is easy. The
action of David Chick was ONE person with other supporters. We welcome
your feedback, but also tell us what action you are willing to take as just
ONE person.

ALSO - Note the importance of the Jury in what happened to Mr. Chick
A "Jury" should be an integral part of any family law reform effort.  Note
the "tone" of the press coverage.  WE CAN ALL LEARN FROM THIS.

THE SEQUEL: Do you want to just see Spiderman or Batman in action
again? Would their effort be more powerful if they were joined by Bat
Girl or Wonder Woman!  Ladies, get out your costumes and contact them
below! - Editor]

--- Submitted by: Wilbur Streett <>

   "Fathers 4 Justice (F4J) is a new civil rights movement campaigning
   for a child's right to see both parents and grandparents. The group
   comprises Fathers, Mothers, Grandparents, Teachers, Doctors,
   Company Directors, Policemen, Barristers - a complete cross section
   of society - all whom believe that Britain is needlessly creating a
   nation of children without parents and parents without children.

   Fathers 4 Justice have adopted a twin track strategy based around
   publicity and press. Raising awareness through publicity 'making
   the injustice visible' and mobilizing a 'dads army' - applying
   pressure to the system and MP's to bring around meaningful change &
   enforce the will of Parliament.

   All children, their parents and grandparents have inalienable
   rights to enjoy a meaningful, loving relationship with each other
   woven into our social fabric for over 6,000 years."

--- From: Matthew O'Connor <> Date: Wed, 28 Apr 2004 12:48:49

4 fathers dressed as superhero's scaled the front of Worcester Court this
morning in protest at their treatment by the family courts.

The court was closed for an hour this morning as a result and
protestors (Batman, Robin, Superman and Spiderman) are saying they
will remain on the roof for as along as possible. The protest comes
just days before the Dave Chick's 'Spiderman' trial which starts in
Southwark Court on May 4th.

The team were led by Operations Co-ordinator for the UK Jason Hatch
(Batman) with Graham Manson (Spiderman), Martyn Blackwell (Superman),
and Dave Pike (Robin).

The move by the group comes as they plan to escalate action across the
country this summer to start shutting courts down.

--- <>

A man was fully aware he would cause chaos by climbing a 150ft crane
in central London and staying there for six days, a court has been

David Chick, from West Sussex, took charge of the crane in a protest
at Tower Bridge over rights for fathers.

At Southwark Crown Court Mr Chick, 37, has denied a charge of causing
a public nuisance in November 2003.

But prosecutor Anthony Wilcken said Mr Chick knew exactly what he was
doing because he had climbed another crane five months earlier and had
to be talked down.

Nobody knew anything other than somebody in a Spiderman uniform had
climbed the crane and posed an unknown threat

Anthony Wilcken, prosecuting.

The jury was told that no-one knew whether Mr Chick, of The Ridgeway,
Burgess Hill, might be mentally ill and likely to throw himself, or
other items, off the crane.

> It was made quite clear that he did not intend to throw himself off
> and he also offered to allow a crane driver access to the crane in
> order to position it in a safe manner! I believe this was mentioned
> in the media at the time.

"Nobody knew anything other than somebody in a Spiderman uniform had climbed
the crane, put up some banners and posed an unknown threat," said Mr

There was also a danger he might slip off the crane's arm and hit
someone else on the way down, the court heard.  A specialist police
climbing team was called in to speak to him and assess his physical
and mental condition.

But he made it clear he was staying put and would only come down when
he thought it "fit to do so", the court was told.  Mr Chick remained
"indifferent" to the effect his protest was having, the court heard.

"All he was interested in was to be provided with batteries for his phone,
coffees, cigarettes and the like," said Mr Wilcken.

Dave Ellison
Fathers for Justice:

--- <>

A ³maverick² dad deliberately caused chaos during a six-day crane-top
protest over fathersı access rights to their children, a court heard
today ...

The 37-year-old, who had carried out a similar protest before, not only
³knew what he was doing² but repeatedly ignored police requests to come down
and end the disruption, said Anthony Wilcken, prosecuting.

³To some it may seem amusing, to some it may raise feelings of
sympathy for the defendant,² he told Londonıs Southwark Crown Court.
To others it may equally raise sympathy to members of the public who
were seriously inconvenienced ... by this manıs activities.²

But, said counsel, sympathy had no part to play in deciding whether
the defendant caused a ³public nuisance² between October 31 and
November 5 last year ­ a charge Chick denies.

³Let there be no doubt this man knew what he was doing and was
deliberately doing it,² the barrister maintained. . . .

Mr Wilcken told the court that Chick, of The Ridgeway, Burgess Hill,
West Sussex, began his ³Fathers for Families² protest about 5am one
Friday after somehow gaining access to a large Taylor Woodrow
construction site next to St Katharine Docks.

He then scaled the ³very high crane² and unfurled a number of banners
³protesting against various organizations for not giving fathers of
families, who had been separated for one reason or another, sufficient
access to their children².

Said Mr Wilcken: ³Indeed, in itself, you may think, or some of us may,
that was not an unlaudable exercise or belief.  ³But we say ... he
went way beyond any means of legitimate and lawful activity in support
of his cause.²

---  From: graham manson
Date: Tue, 11 May 2004 17:43:36 -0000

Dave Chick's charismatic QC (whom isn't being paid) tore the police
apart and made it clear to everyone that closing Tower Bridge was a
huge overreaction...

At the very end Dave took the stand and was questioned on his personal
battle to see his daughter. The jury heard how Dave has not seen his
daughter since March 2003; how prior to then he had a court order
stating that he could see her only four times a month. And how when
that court order was ignored by his ex-partner he went back to court
only to have it reduced to twice a month - as the judge felt there was
more possibility of her adhering to this ( no suggestion of him maybe
trying to enforce it - after all it's only a court order).

"And did this make any difference, Mr.Chick.?"

"No, none whatsoever."

The jury heard how Dave Chick had been to court more than 25 times in
two years and had spent approximately £20,000.00 in solicitor's fees
in an attempt to see his daughter.

By the end those jurors who knew little or nothing of family law were
shocked by what they heard and some were even moved to tears....

From: "grahammansonpooh"
Date: Wed, 12 May 2004 19:28:34 -0000

First of all thanks to all those people who turned up today from all
parts of the country to support Dave Chick.

Today was the most dramatic so far with comments from the judge on
family law being greeted by a huge coughing epidemic and shouts of
"RUBBISH!"' from the gallery.

Dave did himself and father's rights campaigners everywhere proud by
repeatedly emphasising the reason for his protest was the child abuse
being inflicted on his daughter and thousands of children in this
country by the family courts.

"Isn't it true, Mr. Chick that if you hadn't been arrested on this
occasion as in June, you would have done this sort of thing again?"

"Yes, and I'll continue to fight for my daughter with every last
breath in my body"

A huge round of applause from the gallery prompted the judge to
threaten: "Another outburst like that and I'll throw you all out."

...  Tomorrow it's the turn of the defense team. The powerful and
charismatic Nadine Radford will go to work.



A father who dressed as Spiderman during a six-day crane-top protest
today blamed police for the widespread chaos he is accused of causing
across central London.

David Chick, who was trying to draw attention to his battle for access
rights to his daughter, said officers closed roads to "turn the public
against me".  He told London's Southwark Crown Court it was clear the
authorities were playing a "psychological game" in a bid to paint him
a "reckless idiot".

The 37-year-old, who had earlier staged three similar protests, said he had
repeatedly made it clear to specialist negotiating teams scaling his 150ft
high perch that Tower Bridge could safely be reopened because "he was not a

"Basically the police were trying to turn people against me and
inconvenience the public and have them stuck in traffic jams for one
to two hours," he said.

"I worked out they were playing a psychological game. I was told the
public may turn against me and my cause.  I was listening to the
radio. It was all about the road closures, nothing about the
protest... trying to turn people against me and make me look like a
reckless idiot basically," said Chick.

The former window cleaner of the Ridgeway, Burgess Hill, West Sussex,
denies one count of causing a public nuisance between October 31 and
November 5 last year.

The Crown has branded him a "maverick" and claimed he was solely
responsible for the road closures, and the extensive traffic jams they
caused, as well as the "very grave" knock-on effects to local

Anthony Wilcken, prosecuting, insisted the police had no option but
respond in the way they did because of the "potential threat" to
passing traffic and pedestrians.

It was an "unacceptable risk" that could not be ignored.  "Anything
could have happened," he said.

From: "graham manson"
Date: Thu, 13 May 2004 16:27:03 -0000

Tomorrow is the final day of the trial of Dave `Spiderman' Chick, a man whom
spent six days up a crane in a desperate attempt to see his daughter and
highlight the plight of thousands of fathers throughout this country. His
actions brought unprecedented publicity to the issue of father's rights and
catapulted it to the top of the political agenda.

The man who stands in the dock tomorrow will, recognize it or not, someday
be labeled as a hero of the father's rights movement, instrumental in
changing the law and helping to bring about the downfall of the family
`justice' system.  Dave Chick has put his liberty on the line not only for
himself but for every father who has ever seen the inside of a family court.
Now is the time to show your gratitude. If you cannot do it for Dave then do
it for your children. It is not only Dave Chick on trial here but the right
to peaceful protest itself, in a society where all our hard-won civil rights
are slowly and steadily being eroded by the day.

Friday 14th May is JUDGEMENT DAY.  You must make a stand! This is our most
high profile trial to date and requires maximum attendance from
Fathers4Justice members countrywide.  The press and media will be in
attendance and whatever the outcome of this historic trial we must show them
that we are behind this man en masse! We must show them that F4J is here to

The attendance at the beginning of this trial was at best abysmal. Since
Monday it has steadily grown.  Those who have had the privilege to attend
have heard how the police steadfastly refused to re-open Tower Bridge
despite Dave pleading with them to do so. They have heard how police logs
made at the time recorded that they didn't open the bridge as they didn't
want to `weaken the prosecution case against him', hoping to put an end to
`this type of protest'.

The jury have heard in detail of all F4J protests and their peaceful
non-violent nature. They have heard us compared to the Suffragettes and
civil rights movements throughout history.  Their eyes have been opened to
the injustice of family law in this country as Dave recounted how he had
spent twenty thousand pound in solicitor's fees prior to his protest and had
been back to court over 25 times in 2 years to have his original court order
enforced -  only to have it reduced! They have been shocked and even moved
to tears in learning of the lengths this man went to too see his daughter,
exhausting every legal avenue open to him before finally dressing up as
Spiderman and climbing a crane.  They have heard how judges themselves have
begun to speak out against the injustice in family law.

For family law is not only FAILING  -  it is FALLING.  Thanks to Dave Chick
and men like him who will risk life and liberty to change this evil system
so that you can see your children.  But it has not fallen yet. There can be
no room for complacency, nor can we afford apathy among our ranks. Without
men and women like YOU to hammer on the doors this issue can find itself on
the back-burner far faster than it took to ignite.

Tomorrow is judgment day not only for Dave Chick but for all of us. For if
he doesn't have the support in court that he deserves then no activist can
ever expect it.  So do not leave it to someone else. DO NOT think this is
not aimed at YOU. It is aimed at each and every one of you, whoever you are,
wherever you are and whatever you have done in the past. Take a day off work
if you have to. Call in sick if necessary. Wear an F4J t-shirt if you have
one. Bring pictures of your children with you. By hook or by crook get
yourself down to Southwark Crown Court by 10.00a.m.


FRI 14 MAY 2004 (UK)

By Melvyn Howe, PA News

A desperate dad, whose six day crane top vigil dressed as Spiderman
triggered traffic chaos and cost business an estimated £50 million, was
cleared today of causing a public nuisance.

David Chick, who blamed the police for the ³unnecessary² disruption,
launched his 150ft high building site demo near Londonıs Tower Bridge to
protest at being refused access to his four-year-old daughter.

Officers, who said he could fall on pedestrians or cars, promptly halted
work on a £45 million office block development and sealed off surrounding

But Chick, a veteran of three similar crane top protests staged to publicize
his grievances, insisted police had been responsible for the disruption
during his latest stunt.

The five men and seven women trying the case also heard excerpts from police
logs making it clear senior officers not only treated the road closures as a
³bargaining tool² to get him to come down, but felt the prosecution case
could be ³weakened² if they were lifted.

As the not guilty verdict was announced, the father of one grinned broadly
while some 20 supporters ­ mostly men wearing Fathers4Justice t-shirts ­
cheered and applauded.

Outside court the clearly delighted 37-year-old, who lives with his mother
in Burgess Hill, west Sussex, pulled on a Spiderman mask and indulged in
several changes of top.

One t-shirt read: ³Police spin version exposed², while another declared:
³Family law fails children and dads.²

Asked for his reaction he said: ³Common-sense verdict.²

When someone asked whether he intended to stage another protest his response
was equally brief: ³Watch this space.²

4. Attack on Prime Minister Blair for reform - what do you think?
From:: "Zorro" <>§ion=news



LONDON (Reuters) - Protesters have penetrated the heart of democracy
to throw condoms filled with purple flour at Prime Minister Tony Blair
as he spoke in a packed House of Commons.

In the second security lapse this week, shocked lawmakers brushed the
flour off Blair's left shoulder and hurried him out of the chamber
amid fears the substance may have been noxious....

The protest renewed concerns about security in parliament, just weeks
after a screen was erected in the public gallery in response to a
specific intelligence warning that attackers could release anthrax or
ricin into the chamber.

"This was a serious incident. I have asked for an immediate report on the
circumstances and what additional security provisions may be necessary,"
said government minister Peter Hain.

The Conservatives called the protest "profoundly disturbing" and said in a
statement that the chamber should have been sealed until the thrown
substance had been identified.

Blair was unruffled by the protest, according to a senior aide, and
parliament resumed after a break of about 70 minutes.

A fathers' rights pressure group claimed responsibility for the incident,
which happened around 12:20 p.m. as the chamber was full for the weekly
prime minister's questions session. Two men were arrested.


"Fathers 4 Justice", which campaigns for equal rights of access to children
for divorced fathers, said the stunt was one of a series of protests it
planned in the run-up to Father's Day on June 20. Purple powder is the
international colour for equality, a spokesman said.

"Tony Blair should appreciate what it would be like without children
because he himself is a father," he added.

The two men, dressed in suits, gained access to the historic debating
chamber from the VIP area of the gallery, which is not protected by
the security screen. MPs or members of the House of Lords must sign
visitors in to the privileged gallery.

Martin ordered the immediate suspension of the rights of Lords to sign
people into the House of Commons. Baroness Golding, a peer from the
Labour party, said she had signed the men in and apologized.

Droves of tourists who flock to the Houses of Parliament are subject
to airport-like screening before going in to the chamber but metal
detectors would not pick up a powder ball.

"All the committees will now have to reconsider how detailed the
searches are on distinguished guests," said MP Derek Conway....

"If an al Qaeda group managed to throw a phial of anthrax or ricin
into the chamber, or maybe even worse a suicide agent released it
without anybody noticing, which we're advised is quite feasible, the
particles would immediately begin spreading throughout the chamber,"
Hain told parliament in April....

5. Events - Reform Petition, Wisconsin Rally & Washington Lobbying
To submit an event from your group, please use our submission form at

--- Reform Petition

Submitted by: "marilyn trevino" <>


Everyone is doing great! We now have 350 signatures as of 11:30 am=20
(eastern) today so far!

Petition for All Victims to Request Congressional Inquiries of HHS
Child Protective Services in ALL STATES

This will be sent to our Congressmen. I'd very much like to see how
many signatures we can get in the next two weeks to get it onto the
National Congressional Record of HHS Child Protective Services

Please remember, all members of your family/extended family that are
registered voters or those eligible to register to vote - can sign the
petition, they just need their own email addresses (can get a free
email address on yahoo or hotmail).

Please forward and cross post widely.

This is very encouraging, if we keep this up we will have a good
number of signatures to present to our congressmen. Remember, we are
trying to get as many signatures as possible within the next two

Group website:

--- Wisconsin

Submitted by: Steve Blake

Summary:: Rally for Fathers' Rights in Madison Wisconsin
Date-Time:: June 12, 2004-11:00AM
Location:: State Capitol bldg. State Street side Madison Wisconsin
Group-Name:: Wisconsin Families for Children and Families

Description:: Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families and
Wisconsin Women for Equal Family Law will be sponsoring a rally for
equal parenting rights and responsibilities. The rally will begin at
11:00AM on June 12, 2004 on the steps of the Capitol Building in
Madison .We will be protesting the unequal treatment of fathers in the
Family Court System and demanding our constitutionally protected
rights to equal parenting of our children. We will have speakers who
are knowledgeable in the field of father's rights. Scheduled to appear

- Jeffrey Leving, attorney and author of "Father's Rights"
- James Novak, Co-founder and past president of WFCF, author of
             "The Wisconsin Father's Guide to Divorce and Custody"
- Jeffrey Wood, State Representative
- Mike Ellis, American Parents, Elmwood, WI
- Warren Higgins, Advocates for the Justice System and Legal Reform, MN
- Robert Lorge, attorney, candidate for US Senate

Wisconsin law requires maximum placement with each parent yet the
family courts routinely ignore fathers in favor of mothers when
awarding custody. This denies the rights of fathers to be with their
children, in violation of the Constitution.

We will be demanding that the Wisconsin Courts comply with the intent
of the legislature and grant equal placement to each parent unless
there is a finding, by full due process, that a parent is unfit. The
right to be a parent is a constitutionally protected fundamental
liberty right and cannot be denied simply because parents are
divorced. The United States Supreme Court noted that a parent's right
to "the companionship, care, custody and management of his or her
children" is an interest "far more precious" than any property right.

For additional information contact Wisconsin Fathers for Families and
Children <> 608-255-3237.

Wisconsin Fathers for Families and Children is a state-wide non-profit
501(c) (3) organization composed of fathers, second wives and
grandparents dedicated to the idea that the best parent is both
parents. Wisconsin Women for Equal Family Law is dedicated to the
creation of family law that promotes equal rights for all parties
affected by divorce or establishment of paternity.

Stephen Blake, WFCF Rally Committee Chair
608-584-6508   <>

---  First National Men's Congress

Submitted by: Daniel Lee <>

June 18-19 Childs Best Interest is supporting a family law reform
lobby day/conference in Washington DC.  Glenn Sacks and Steve
Baskerville, and other notable family law reform advocates will be
present.  You are invited to come out and visit your congressman's
office, and support the federal legislation we'll be pursuing.

See the front page of our website for more info on this, as well as
the best family law resources you can use if in litigation.  Also
please forward this to any other family law advocates and lists you

Daniel Lee
President, Childs Best Interest
ACFC State Affiliate

webmaster@AKidsRight.Org               "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
Toll Free (877) 635-1968(x-211)        http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

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