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NonViolent Action, UK Prime Minister, & Your FEEDBACK

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From: AKidsRight.Org Webmaster (
Date: Sun Jul 25 2004 - 20:06:08 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:

1. Continuing NonViolent Action(Syracuse,NY) - Aug 17, Jail or Action?
2. Prime Minister of the UK, Tony Blair -- looking for FEEDBACK!
3. Your FEEDBACK - a bit delayed, but always worthwhile!

After a break for some summer vacation we are trying to catch up with
your messages.  We have a lot of FEEDBACK to share and we ask you to
hold your comments until later in the week.  There will be another
message containing your thought on EQUAL parenting and Father's Day.

1. Continuing NonViolent Action(Syracuse,NY) - Aug 17, Jail or Action? 
After a six week vacation with his son, Domenic, John Murtari will
be continuing our efforts to get a meeting between Senator Hillary
Clinton (D-NY) and parent's hurt by our many family law systems...


A series of arrests occurred earlier on Feb 12th, and April 1st, 5th,
and 7th (described above).  John expects a decision from Federal
Magistrate DiBianco in the next few weeks and the start of a jail
sentence.  It is difficult to predict schedule and John agreed to
suspend his activity until mid-August for an opportunity to spend a
summer vacation with his son.  If there are delays in legal
processing, John will return to continue our efforts on August 17th -
your support and participation is welcome!

2. Prime Minister of the UK, Tony Blair -- looking for FEEDBACK on reform

--- <>

Tony Blair is asking members of the public to e-mail him with their
views on child contact agreements for the UK and the European Union. 

Follow link below for more info on activity in the UK

3. Your FEEDBACK - many folks need help, your email to them is welcome!

==== Published Letter to the Editor (June 2nd, Racine Journal Times,WI)

--- Dr. Hatfield <>  

Once again, our legislators have gone on summer break and have failed
to address and important issues in Wisconsin today.

The issue is shared parenting and the concomitant child support.
There are many parents out there who would love to have the
opportunity to parent their child(ren) without government

Unfortunately,government officals believe they know better what is in
the "best interest of the children."

I say that government officials know what's in the best interest of
the government's pocketbooks.  They have figured out a way to collect
over $700,000 to date in federally matching funds, by removing my
child from the only father she will ever have and allowing her to move
to Illinois for no good reason whatsoever with her mother.

Congratulations, Wisconsin and Racine County Family Court and
specificall Judge Richard Kreul.  You have made Racine County a rich
county and have harmed my daughter as a direct result of your actions.

Children deserve, want, and need BOTH parents, despite what family
court says.  My daughter has been harmed as direct result of
government interference.

Malcolm Hatfield, M.D.
Franksville, WI

[ You can read the Dr. Hatfield's full story on our Hall of Shame Page,

See a picture of his family at: ]

==== Mother's Day message
==== See our message at http://www.AKidsRight.Org/archives/archives2004/0017.html

--- mark bogan <>

> Ignorance is one tenth of the law.  This mothers day message could
> and should be the other nine tenth of the law.  Thank you ever so
> much for the validation.  Mark Bogan Yellowknife, NT Canada

--- "Robert Brothers" <>

> I found your Mothers' Day message . . . and feedback . . . a
> revelatory blessing of tender beauty (and I'm an alienated father).
> Thanks for sharing it with me.  Hang in there, Moms.  It ain't your
> fault . . . and remember that one day will very likely bring you a
> miracle of reunion with the children you love. It will end.  Hang
> in.

==== Parents who could use a little Help!

--- "Kim Benson" <>

> We are caught up in the 'system' in Rochester NY. We need help. Our
> son was taken on false allegations. Until we get him home I don't
> see what we can do to help anyone else.

---  Georgia DiGiacomo <>

> Do you know of any pubic forums on child custody or child support in
> Illinois?

I don't have any personal info -- but if you go to our Member Support
page, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/member.php3 there are quite a few
people signed up and you may be able to contact one of them.


> I haven't been able to see or even communicate with my three
> children for over three years!!  They live in NJ and I live in PA.
> Is there any way that your organization can help me to at least talk
> to my children?  

If you wish you are welcome to post your story at  our Hall of Shame
page, http:///www.AKidsRight.Org/shame.htm

--- Carole Paczas <>

> I live in the state of Michigan and saw your article regarding
> Family Law and the problems that you faced.  I tried to find the
> entire article but could not.  I am very interested in what had
> happened to you.  I have a ex-husband who had me put into county
> jail because, he was supposed to take our son to a doctors
> appointment and refused so I left - he did not see him and he filed
> a contempt of court against me.

> Just so you know there is a lot more to this case, like a referee
who has serious issues with me, and family counselor who should not be
in a position that she is in.  Honestly this is just the tip of the

> I am just curious do you have any organizations like the one you
have in New York in Michigan - specifically the Metro Detroit area.  

==== NonViolent Action & Faith
==== http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr

--- Fran <>    

> Why have you been arrested 40 times?  Was it for protesting?  Do you
> feel like you have made any headway so far?

Thanks for the message.  I was there to "petition" my Member of
Congress, not really a protest effort.  There is more history than I
can write here, please check http://www.AKidsRight.Org/events.htm for

I think we are making headway slowly.  It does catch attention and get
people involved.  The biggest problem right now is numbers.  Obviously
just one person is easy to dismiss as a 'crank.'  When we have another
mother and father participating we'll really have a news story.


> hell is for the children of divorce

Yes, I think you said it quite well.  At times I am VERY afraid to do
what I do and go to jail, but then I think of my son, Domenic, and all
the unnecessary pain he has experienced.  So pointless and the most
innocent ones of all suffer.

--- John <>

> You should stick to one issue. Keep your religion out of your desire
> to see justice in the "family court". Believe me, you can focus
> better and you will not let other people deal with your very
> personal beliefs about your religion. Kids need both parents,
> remember me? Not two parents, "both".
> John, Santa Barbara

Yes, I remember you on the BOTH and I think it was a good change. I
thought I had addressed the Faith item in other FEEDBACK messages?
The group is about NonViolent Action as recently practiced by Gandhi
and King. Faith was an essential part of those movements.  It does NOT
mean that everyone involved in those movements shared the same Faith,
or had any Faith at all.  The movements were not an attempt to convert
people, nor are we now.  Regarding 'focus', I think you are quite
wrong -- but time will tell.  Will we get a meeting with Senator

> Dear John , thanks for getting back to me. By the way I was
> escorted, pushed along by on officer, out of the Santa Barbara city
> college track field last week when I disobeyed a court order by
> trying to see my fourth grade daughter compete at her schools , 4th
> -6th, track and field meet. The whole school saw the police take
> daddy away. As proof of their mind-set, the one cop saidto me, "you
> need to leave, or we will handcuff you and arrest you ( I had
> planned to have them carry me away rather than cooperate), and YOU
> dont want to upset your daughter like that do YOU?"

> The next time I am sure they will arrest me. No one will help me
> though, as in being there to post bail or to speak words of courage
> out loud for my daughter to hear, at her dance performance. She used
> to call me on the phone all the time to make sure I came to see her
> at everything, the last call being her suicidal thoughts and begging
> me to come and see her at school every day that week. They made her
> "better' by makeing her forget about me.

> Is there anyone around the Santa Barbara area that can help us? I
> have not been with ny daughter for over a year , after being her
> daddy all of her first ten years. Her room sits emty with all her
> personal things, books , gifts, her room for 10 years and they just
> tricked me and took her away, and her daddy away. They are afraid
> for her to speak to a person of authority and wisdom untill she is
> old enough to have forgotten all.

--- "BB" <>

> Just been intro'd to your, and it looks like you and
> many of us are on the same page.  However, I don't know if even
> contacting government personnel anymore, like Sen. Clinton, will
> ever do any good for our rights.  They are not truly
> "representative" of us, but more subservient to "Esquires" and the
> London BAR and Crown (most of them being "Esquires," like Hillary
> herself.)

> Again, you refer to "faith in a loving God."  I'm 66, was ordained
> among the fundamentalist Baptists in 1963, but left that field in
> 1967!  Reason: I had doubts early on about what I read in the KJV,
> was taught in the Khazar C.I. Scofield "Notes," kept getting more
> doubtful all through college and seminary, and finally experiencing
> much frustration in trying to teach the sheeple in my 4 year
> pulpiteering course.  Even tried being principal and teacher in one
> of their private K-8th grade "schools."  There's so much
> contradiction between what the "divine word" says and what actually
> exists in the world, particularly the world I've called
> "churchianity."  

> Beginning and ending discussion based on "divine writ" seems
> fruitless. To see where I finally found some sense about my doubts,
> read The Bible Fraud by Tony Bushby, found at
> (He quotes a Roman Catholic priest about making much money over "the
> Jesus story.")  Also intelligent writings at and
> (Paine, etc.). Until we have a bloodless, or bloody,
> if need be, revolution in America, I doubt we will exist much longer
> as a nation.  We seem on the verge of genocide on the part of the
> Clinton-Bush crime families, and there seems to be no full move to
> oust this unelected Black Ops outfit, again directed and owned by
> the London BAR and Crown (center of the Khazar international power
> structure). So, John, we know what we want.  But I don't believe we
> have the way- or where- or howwithall to do it as America now exits.
> What think you? Sincerely, Bob Brooks, MDiv, DC Shiloh, Georgia

Thanks for the message.  Yes, I've had many similar thoughts and read
some similar ideas.  I would highly recommend the bio on King, "Let
the Trumpet Sound" -- it really talks about his struggle with Faith.
We have a complete reference on our Bio page,

I will share one "angle".  People TALK a lot about a LOT of things.  I
imagine at your school you have thousands of books about Jesus
Christ. THere are thousands of other things people said about the
nature of God -- but I guess action is what separates the talkers from
the believers?

I go to some conferences and here people talk about their personal
oneness with the Universe, or Mother Earth, or whatever.  I always
wonder if I held a knife to their throats and said, "I want you to
deny what you believe, just for this minute, or your dead?"  What
about the mini-philosophers you know?

I only know one person who drew a picture of God as a loving papa,
Jesus of Nazareth, and was willing to quietly die for what he believed
in.  A man who loved life, laying it all done.

I guess I believe, because he believed and demonstrated his belief.
Is it TOO late for reform -- ask St. Francis of Asissi?

--- "John" <>

> i read the following and find some of it hard to swallow. i hope
> that parents that are a little loud and rude, because the system has
> pushed them so far, are also entitled to a fair deal. saints aren't
> the only people entitled to fair treatment, are they. especially
> when i didnt do the first injustice. now, i'm all for taking the
> high road, and if someone is taking up my defense and sticking up
> for me, i have no problem being quiet and polite. when i am the only
> when defending myself and being personally involved, sometimes i can
> bite my lip and sometimes i have to speak the truth, bullies need to
> be reminded of what and who they are sometimes. being quiet and
> doing or saying nothing or taking no action, i believe is a big part
> of the reason men are in the bad position they are in. 

> ... i am in the same/similar situation as you. i hope you are not a
> person that judges a person solely by the experiences you have
> had. in other words there are people that have had it tougher than
> you and i, easier than you and i, and they are also different
> people. i am not attempting to lecture you, i am just afraid.  i
> need help with my situation, and also in forming a group that
> actively marches and demonstrates-absolutely non-violently is
> imperitive-on family court in morris county, gets the media
> involved, petitions our legal system for reforms, as you have
> stated, and whatever else is necessary.

> i am afraid because i have run into people that for example find
> god, and from this point, everyone that hasn't found god in the same
> time and with the same passion is condemned or cut loose from the
> group, and denied any help because they haven't had the same
> epiphany at the same time. . .  maybe due to your own innate
> intelligence and it sounds like maybe also your faith in God. a
> place of quiet resolve and determination and the knowledge that the
> truth will prevail, maybe not all of us have that luxury at this
> moment, . . .

> as you were recounting your story on your arrest, i thought i was
> reading what happened to me a couple of weeks ago. a situation,
> where i was assulted several times by the officer, while in
> handcuffs, including twisting my handcuffs in a painful position,
> shoving me out the front door so i fell face first on the hood of my
> car, and putting a choke hold on me, most of this in front of my
> son. he also said several times in front of my son, "its a good
> thing your son is here or else i would mace you and beat the shit
> out of you". he also pointed a can of mace at my son. interesting
> enough, he also said very similar things to me, calling me selfish,
> and twisting it around, asking me why was i making him do "this" in
> front of my son. . . .  

> from the beginning of my separation, thru my divorce, my son-brian-
> being ripped away from me, and bogus domestic violence charges, i
> have not really had any legal counsel. you are probably aware of two
> aspects of the law that prohibit mostly men from getting legal
> counsel. 1-if you dont have joint custody you are not entitled to a
> court appointed lawyer, 2- if you have a restraining order against
> you, you are not entitled to legal aid. isn't that interesting being
> who usually has custody and restraining orders.
> if you would like to correspond, or you think you can help me with
> either my own problem or with how to start a group, or if i can
> participate in/or help with anything regarding your group, here is
> my contact info.

I can relate to your experiences and I have had some really rought
arrests similar to yours. Also, no Faith in God is required to
participate or be involved in our group.  Actually, your feelings are
probably shared by MOST of the people in the group. They make a lot of

"sometimes i can bite my lip and ometimes i have to speak the truth,
bullies need to be reminded of what and who they are sometimes..."

If you read some of the history of NonViolent Action,
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil_back.htm -- you will find that those
people agree with you!  "Bullies" need to be reminded of who they are
and who you are. The officers that were mistreating me knew what they
were doing and why.  I could have "corrected them" (use your words,
not your fists!) -- but that would not have "reminded them".  By just
taking it and always treating them politely, they were reminded of who
they are, and who I was -- a real conversion took place!

Very sorry to your story, and being arrested in front of your son --
what an indignity!  Sorry we can't help with money or legal help, just
no resources. I do know some folks active in New Jersey, try  If you want publicity, you are welcome to post
your story at our Hall of Shame, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/shame.htm

The Love you have for your son really comes through in your message.
Keep it up!

Webmaster                              AKidsRight.Org
webmaster@AKidsRight.Org               "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"

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