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[AKidsRight.Org] Canadian Rally for 'Plywood Man' / State Reform - Minn./NY/Delaware/Florida/Missouri / Federal Support Challenge in NY

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Date: Mon Aug 09 2004 - 11:27:23 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:

1. Rally for 'Plywood Man' - Aug 10, Yellowknife, NT, Canada
2. Web Site on Move Aways - slowing down relocations.
3. National Columnist/Radio - Glenn Sacks Web Site.
4. On-Line Petition - joint physical custody in Minnesota.
5. Child Abuse Laws - Reform in Florida 
6. Family Law Reform - Organizing in Delaware.
7. Running for Governor - Family law reform in Missouri!
8. New Bill on reform - New York State Assembly
9. Federal Challenge - New York Support Guidelines
10. Child Abuse reform hearings in Congress

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1. Help - Rally for 'Plywood Man' in Canada!
Submitted by:

Date-Time::	Aug 10, 9.00 am
Location::	Yellowknife Court House, NT, Canada
Group-Name::	fathers-4-justice

> History: Plywood Man is a new Canadian Super Hero stemming from
> Fathers-4-Justice UK.  These brave fathers dress-up as super-heroes
> and stage civil disobedience protests in the UK.

> Reason: The status of fathers has reached an all time low.
> Fathers-4-Justice plans to change this.  If you are a father who is
> dissatisfied by how you have been treated by the civil courts, if
> you are a parent paying child-support, if you are a non-custodial
> grand-parent, if you are a family member or a friend of a father who
> has committed suicide, if you have lost contact with your children,
> then come to PLYWOOD MAN/S rally.

> Take an hour off work bring your acoustic instruments, stuffed toys
> for your kids, protest signs, and invite the Grand-Parents of your
> children. This will be a peace-full demonstration!!!!  See you
> there!!!

2. Web Site on Move Aways - slowing down relocations.
The "Alliance for Children Concerned About Move-Aways"

3. National Columnist/Radio - Glenn Sacks Web Site

If you are concerned with reform and the many abuses in Family Law you
may want to check out Glen's web site and radio show (especially in
California).  He has been involved in some nationally recognized
campaigns and is a columnist for some major papers.

4. On-Line Petition for presumption of joint physical custody in Minnesota

Submitted by: Paul Hassinger <>

> Please take a look at this petition for a presumption of joint
> physical custody in family law legislation in Minnesota. If you
> agree, please sign it and then pass it on to your friends.
> Also, coming soon, here is a web site I am creating for a committee I am
> on in the cities... The site is:

5. Child Abuse Laws - Reform in Florida
Submitted by: Debbie Behrens <>

> I am in the process of uniting parents together based upon their DCF
> District they reside.  This way parents that have been victimized by
> the system can choose to meet regularly, compare stories through
> e-mail to determine the shortcomings of the system and advocate as a
> united front for reform.  Then individuals from each group can
> exchange ideas and keep the groups working together to form a united
> front whether it is discussing needed changes with legislators,
> attending congressional hearings, etc.  In order to connect you with
> others that live in your district please let me know what city,
> county or even DCF district you reside in.  It is up to you on what
> part you wish to take in the group, such as be a main contact for
> the area, be a parent advocate for newcomers, just interact for
> morale support for your own situation, etc.  Please let me know area
> you reside and whether you are interested in uniting to make a
> difference.  I apologize in advance if you get this message more
> than once which you may if you are listed on multiple yahoo groups.
> Any questions please e-mail me.  Thank you.  Debbie Behrens

> If you are interested in what started my own plight my website is
> and my story is listed under the
> heading "Our Story".  As you will see my husband and I are both
> police officers and have been in law enforcement for over 16 years
> and know if this could have happened to us, how many other families
> are wrongly being victimized.

6. Family Law Reform - Organizing in Delaware.
Submitted by: "Barbara Goodchild" <>

> Can I have permission to post these messages on my site "Suit Up!"? 
> -- I have opened a thread that addresses this issue and really want
> to stress the Christian perspective.  I have also volunteered to be
> the Coordinator for the State of Delaware for the national law suit
> that the Indiana Civil Rights Council with Torm Howse has
> initiated. I have a site for those affected by this injustice in the
> Delaware and am looking for Delaware input. If you can help in any
> way, please let me know. Hanging in as a concerned citizen, my kids
> are grown...but I know that our Father is the Father of the
> fatherless, even those made fatherless through no fault of their
> own.  I also approached AFR (American Family Radio), was interviewed
> by them as well as published in Agape Press concerning this
> issue. Getting the word out...  Thanks!

7. Running for Governor - family law reform in Missouri!
Submitted by: Karen Lee Dee Skelton-Memhardt <>

> I am on the ballot for Governor in Missouri.  I stand for all of
> your issues.  I lost my child and she suffered needlessly. Please,
> help me to take action.  I spent my own money, which I have very
> little of to get on the ballot and drive over Missouri and campaign.
> Please step up the the plate with me and help me start to make the
> necessary changes in the state of Missouri.  I can not do you can
> not do it.  We need to help each other.  I have not heard any of the
> other candidates mention any of these issues as for a reason you
> should vote for them.  I mean for and promise change to the systems
> in the state of Missouri.  Please help me do it.  Sincerely,

8. New Bill on reform - New York State Assembly
Submitted by:

> Assemblyman Robert G. Prentiss is sponsor of Assembly Bill A6269,
> the most comprehensive family law reform proposal yet introduced in
> either chamber of the New York State Legislature.  He represents the
> 109th Assembly District, comprised of portions of Albany and
> Saratoga Counties.
> Advocates for family law reform have strongly supported Bob in past
> elections and have assisted him with his political campaigns.
> Elected representatives will be competing for office again this
> November, and Bob is once again asking for our assistance.
> We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to show well
> deserved appreciation to Bob for the support he has shown us in the
> past.  Any investment of time and effort will be minimal, and has
> already produced substantial dividends.
> Those wishing to participate and who can make themselves available
> to campaign door-to-door with Bob are asked to contact Ms. Jane
> Brown at (518) 459-5920, cell: 527-1972, or e-mail
>; or Mr. Chris O'Brien at e-mail:

9. Federal Challenge - New York Support Guidelines
Submitted by:  Harold L. Rosenberger <>

> Federal Judge Orders Oral Arguments in Constitutional Challenge to
> NY's Income-Base Child Support Statutes
> A federal judge has ordered oral arguments in a case that challenges
> the constitutionality of New York State's income-based child support
> statutes. Highland resident Harold L. Rosenberger filed the action
> on April 29th, 2004. The Defendants are the New York State Office of
> Temporary and Disability Assistance (OTDA), Robert Doar,
> commissioner of OTDA, and Ulster County Family Court.
> Mr. Rosenberger's suit asserts that the Right to Privacy guarantees
> parents - married, single or divorced - the right to determine how
> much they spend for the benefit of their minor children. The State
> of New York does not require that married parents living in an
> intact household with their minor children spend a certain
> percentage of their income on their children and thus, according to
> the lawsuit, the State cannot hold divorced parents to a different
> standard.
> The lawsuit claims the State cannot substitute its judgment for the
> parents, but can only intrude into the Privacy protected Zone of
> Parenting to prevent harm to a child. Currently, when a parent
> divorces the State automatically takes a percentage of the
> non-custodial parent's income and mandates the parent pay that
> amount or face contempt proceedings and imprisonment for
> noncompliance. The State is improperly invading the parent's right
> to care for and to make decisions relating to his or her child as
> guaranteed by the 14th Amendment and United States Supreme Court
> rulings.
> The Defendants, represented by the Office of the Attorney General,
> failed to respond to a federal court order demanding that they file
> a formal reply in a timely manner to Mr. Rosenberger's
> complaint. Accordingly, Mr. Rosenberger notified the court of the
> Defendant's non-compliance and the clerk of the court made Entry of
> Default. Only after the Entry of Default did the Defendants appear
> in the action.
> As a result of the Entry of Default, the Defendant's filed two
> motions - one to vacate the Entry of Default and one to dismiss the
> Mr. Rosenberger's complaint altogether. Mr. Rosenberger in turn
> filed two cross-motions - one for Default Judgment and one to Strike
> the Defendant's Motion to Dismiss the complaint. The court as a
> result of these motions and cross motions required the oral
> arguments.
> Mr. Rosenberger had made a good-faith effort to resolve all the
> motions before the court. He was willing to stipulate that he would
> withdrawal his Motion for Default Judgment provided that the
> Defendants withdrawal their Motion to Dismiss and agree to allow the
> case to be decided on the merits. The Defendants and the Attorney
> General rejected this offer. Now, ironically, the Office of the
> Attorney General argues that Default Judgment should not be granted
> because, "Clearly, the statutory scheme at issue is of such great
> importance that the equities require that defendants be given the
> opportunity to defend the instant litigation." Mr. Rosenberger
> agrees. "Let the case be decided on the merits - that's all I've
> asked for from the beginning. If the Attorney General of New York
> feels that the income-based child support statutes are fair and
> constitutional, they should have no problem defending them and
> allowing the case be decided on the merits."  Both sides agree that
> parents should provide support for their minor children. But
> Rosenberger, representing all New York parents, points out that the
> federal constitution sets the standard for support as being that
> which is needed to prevent harm to the child. The State, on the
> other hand, automatically takes a percentage of a non-married
> parent's income for child support. Part of the reason the State does
> this is that it increases the matching funds that the State receives
> from the federal government, according to Rosenberger.

> Rosenberger's lawsuit is about the State overreaching its
> constitutionally delegated authority, especially in light of the
> fact that it benefits financially at the expense of New York
> parents.
> The oral arguments are set for October 16th, 2004 at 9:00 AM in
> front of Judge Gary L. Sharpe at the U.S. District Court in Albany.

To see copies of the Court documents: check under Federal Filings.

10. Child Abuse reform hearings in Congress
Submitted by: "J. Holderbaum" <>

Forwarding from Dennis Hinger -- California American Family Rights
Association (CAFRA) -- Proud Member of AFRA

I Just Received Official Verification That, All 128 San Bernardino
Case Files Are Now In The Hands Of The HHS Subcommittee. A New

This is not all our doing, we had unknown help from an organization we
have been bumping heads with at the local San Bernardino Level.  But
The National Grandparents For Children's Rights was very helpful in
getting us to this point!!!!  They were hitting one side while we hit
the other and as a result both sides caved and got together and we now
have our investigation. 

I also would like to see a fax and e-mail campaign to Congressman Joe
Baca    for all his help and efforts in getting us to this
point. Congressman Baca is up for Re-Election This Year and I Feel
AFRA Needs To Publicly Endorse His Re-Election Campaign...Dennis''

Folks, it is time for all of you to begin preparing your affidavits
and evidence books for participation in this nationwide


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