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[AKidsRight.Org] Events in Syracuse/ Equal Parents Week/ Your FEEDBACK

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From: AKidsRight.Org Webmaster (
Date: Sat Aug 21 2004 - 10:16:10 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:
1. NonViolent Action in Syracuse - Update
2. NonViolent Catalyst - please write officials.
3. Equal Parents Week - Sep 27-Oct 3, Children's Rights Council (CRC)
4. Your FEEDBACK - letter writing and some humor.

1. NonViolent Action in Syracuse - Update
John Murtari returned to the Federal Building for the third time on
Thursday to resume a peaceful effort to petition Senator Hillary
Rodham Clinton to meet with parents regarding reform.  Building
security had blocked his access to the building by not allowing him
through the doors. Today John returned to the building with some other
errands which included visiting the office of the Federal Court Clerk.
He was allowed into the building after a 'scene' at the front door,
but was then forced out.

He plans on returning to the outside of the Building on Monday and
Tuesday morning and making an effort to enter on Wednesday (Aug
23-25).  Your support is welcome.  If you are in the area and want to
stop by both to talk and see what is happening you can contact John at
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org or via phone at 877-635-1968,x-211.

He wrote to both the presiding US Magistrate and Senator Clinton
regarding events (letters at web site).  Please check the site for new
info: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr

2. NonViolent Catalyst - please write officials.
A 'catalyst' is something that helps a 'reaction' take place by just
being there.  Many of you are cynical about writing government
officials. Some have written in the past about the pain you went
through due to divorce, separation, or child abuse allegations -- but
just got a 'polite' reply back but no real action.

We encourage you to send those letters to Senator Clinton and also
mention your concern about John Murtari and the arrests at the
Syracuse Federal Building.  You can be sure her staff is growing
sensitive to the issue because of the NonViolent Action.

If confronted by a reported it would be easy for the Senator to
dismiss meeting with rabid protesters, right-wing father's rights
nuts, or angry accused child abusers!  BUT, very hard to answer a
reporter who asks, "Senator, these Moms & Dads seem peaceful and all
they talk about is the love they have for their kids, the pain they
went through when a Court separated them -- and their desire for
protection of their Civil right to be a parent -- why won't you meet
with them?"

Please send a fax or make a phone call to the Senator's offices both
in Washington and Syracuse.  They are paying attention to what is
going on here. The Senator is a member of the Senate Subcommittee on
Children and Families.

You don't have to be a resident of New York to contact her offices.

Syracuse Local rep, Cathy Calhoun,
tel: 315-448-0470, fax: 315-448-0476

Washington Scheduling Office, Lona Valmoro (Senior Advisor to the Senator),
tel: 202-224-4451, fax: 202-228-0121 

Most of all, you don't have to express anger. Just let her staff know
that you care about Civil Rights protection for families and the
Senator should meet with different Parent's Groups regarding the need for
National reform...  Let them know being a parent is one of our
GREATEST rights. It needs official recognition and protection.

If you write, please email us a copy of your letter so we can share it
with others. If you call, please let us know how it went.  If you take
the time to send a fax, try to send copies to the Judge and US
Attorney.  Let them know people are interested.

Honorable Gustav J. DiBianco 
US Magistrate Judge 
RE: United States v. Murtari 
P.O. Box 7396 
Syracuse, NY 13261-7396 

US Attorney Glenn T. Suddaby 
RE: United States v. Murtari 
Hanley Federal Building, Room 900
100 S. Clinton Street
Syracuse, NY  13261

3. Equal Parents Week - Sep 27-Oct 3, Children's Rights Council
--- submitted by: Patti Diroff <>

> September 27, 2003 - October 3, 2004


> As International Sponsor, the Children's Rights Council ("CRC")
> invites people around the world to join in Equal Parents' Week
> ("EPW") and unite our voices in making the message "The Best Parent
> Is Both Parents" an international mandate...


> EPW is a movement which sends the message that parental rights and
> responsibilities must be shared equally by both parents. The purple
> ribbon is the symbol which sends this message.

> EPW advocates that the right of both parents to function equally as
> a parent, the right of children to be raised and nurtured by both
> parents, and the right of familes to exist and function as a family,
> are civil and human rights inherent and inalienable to all
> families. The EPW mandate for equal parent status is a mandate for
> the time it takes to love, nurture, and teach our children our
> values the only way we can...a mandate for the ability to be a
> parent...and a mandate for justice.  EPW advocates that a 2-parent
> focus be established as an international priority, maximizing the
> involvement that both parents are willing and able to contribute in
> raising their children, and promoting the ability of both parents to
> meet all their children's needs without compromising or imposing
> financial impediments to nonfinancial forms of child support.

> This year, EPW takes place September 27, 2004 through October 4.
> The CRC is soliciting participation in EPW to create an
> international movement that will unite the voices of people all over
> the world to raise public awareness and achieve legislative reform
> to promote joint custody and shared parenting, and address
> injustices that affect parents, children and family members
> everywhere.  Although the simple act of tying a purple ribbon may
> seem insignificant, the power of our message and the power of this
> message being sent by purple ribbons all over the world will reach
> people everywhere. If every family member throughout the world who
> cherishes their love for their family unites their voices in sending
> this message, we will send a message so powerful it cannot be
> ignored.


> Please contact the International Coordinator as soon as possible to
> notify us of participation in EPW, and by September 15, 2004 for
> inclusion in the international press release.  Please use the link
> in the EPW website entitled "Sign Up: Candlelight Vigils, Purple
> Ribbon Activities, etc." 
> to notify us of
> participation.  Please provide ALL the information requested in the
> Sign Up Link (this includes identifying for each activity the
> complete address/location of the activity; the date and time it will
> be held; your organization's contact and media contact; and the
> names, addresses and phone numbers of persons holding Home Vigils).

> Patti Diroff
> International Coordinator, Equal Parents' Week
> Children's Rights Council

> The message each purple ribbon sends is a message of equality,
> responsibility, and values. The message behind the message is one of
> civil rights, conscience and love.

4. Your FEEDBACK - letter writing.

--- JAHLUL <>

> Get a Judge that is sympathetic to your cause to sign injunction, for you to 
> enter.

--- Leo <>

> Dear Senator Clinton,
> I am a single dad who is fighting for my right to see my daughter. I
> care about Civil Rights protection for families and I want to ask
> you to meet with parent's groups regarding the need for National
> reform. Being a parent is one of our GREATEST rights, we shouldn't
> have to struggle to see our own children. I ask that men should
> receive as much protection as do women. This needs official
> recognition and protection. Please take all of this into
> consideration. Please help.
> Sincerely,
> Leo

--- "Lynda Allen" <>

> Hold up a sign, "at ease hillary, I am not like slick willy!

>  Or seriously, try scheduling a apointment with her office, if she
>  declines, get a internet petition rolling and collect sigs on the
>  importance of the meeting. Keep it brief and to the point.  Once
>  she see's it's a matter that's not to complicated, and numerous
>  people support the meeting, she may give it a go?

Thanks for the message and the humor! We did try the serious stuff
first and for quite a while -- you can check the history on our
Legislative Action page, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/legislative.htm

I'm sure she simply feels this is not an important issue. Something
which might increase the priority is media attention to loving and
peaceful parents being arrested outside her offices because they want
to demonstrate how important it really is?

--- V Smith <>

> i'm trying to email the below letter to all on the subcommittee in
> response to your posting, but i'm having trouble extracting each
> senator's email address. do you have each of their email address in
> a handy form.

> also, please review my letter and let me know of any
> changes/additions t= hat are needed, before i send it.

> Senators:

> The atrocities that are being conducted by Childrenís Protection
> Services, otherwise known as (CPS) or DSS in some states, the agency
> originally designed to protect children and which has been in
> existence for the last twenty plus years has gone wrong, very
> wrong. The atrocities that this agency has committed against
> children and their families is much worse than the atrocities at Abu
> Ghraib.

> These atrocities are being committed against AMERICAN CHILDREN!

> You might ask how can this be, and if it is wrong, why isnít anyone
> speaking out? Well, this rogue agency places a gag order on the
> parents when they are being attacked with the stipulation that the
> case will be over, and their children removed if they speak of the
> proceedings to anyone. Because of fear and intimidation, the parents
> remain quiet. Children are quietly snatched from schools, homes, and
> elsewhere, while the parents are left stunned and appearing guilty
> to the general public. The swiftness at which this agency can move
> and keep things quiet is amazing because the rules that we the
> people have allowed authorities to enact and enforce regarding
> family law are much different than criminal laws rules.

> How has this large, destructive, and anomalous or unpredictable
> agency gone so wayward? Because it is vicious and
> solitary. Operating outside normal or desirable controls, it has
> gone by the wayside for one reason, because of its secrecy! If what
> they are doing is right, than let the light shine on it. CPS hides
> behind supposedly protecting the childrenís identity, but they are
> only trying to protect themselves. American children are being
> tortured and killed by the thousands on a daily basis, and no one is
> speaking out.  The scandals are going to become public knowledge,
> because not ALL parents are scared! Some parents, when being
> attacked fight back, and we are saying enough is enough, donít touch
> my baby. As our Senators and especially those on the Subcommittee on
> Children and Families, you should know what is happening....

Yes, the letter sounds fine.  Sorry, we do not have email addresses
and I would not recommend email (it has little impact).  Please
mail/fax these words in a signed letter.  Most of the Senators will
have a FAX number on their individual web sites.  Also you may wish to
mention the NonViolent Action outside the office of Senator Clinton,
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr -- to let them know this is a
serious issue.

--- Bruce Bayer <>

> Hello my name is Bruce Bayer, Chairman of Heads Held High. We are a
> Families and Childrens rights group in PA. We believe the system is
> corrupt beyond repair. Unforunatly we do not believe getting locked
> up proves any point. We focus on the ballot box to make our
> stand. We have had very good success in the less than one year we
> have been together. We forced a pedofile Judge off the bench. While
> his punishment was not as severe as we would have liked, he is off
> the bench. He received 10 years probation and 10 years under Megans
> Law besides removal from the bench.  Jail time would have been nice
> but as the song says "you can't always get what you want".

> We are in the process of having the law in PA. for molesting a child
> changed to a felony from a misdemeanor. We have got our County
> commisioners to agree to a civilian complaint review board which we
> are setting up not with their people but ours. We did this by being
> in the politicians face with demostrations at the court house and
> walking streets and getting petitions signed. We always stay just
> within the law but everyone knows we are there. If at all possible
> we would like to help you. I can be reached at (570) 424-3549. Our
> new web site will be up by 9-10-04. Its address will be
> Thanks for listening good luck let us know if we
> can help.

--- Brandy McCann <>

> We must come together and save our kids! If we don't who will?

I agree with you 100%.  Thanks for registering with
where we believe our kids are worth saving.

--- "Scott" <>

> You wanna hear something?  My 2 boys have been in foster care for a year
> as of this sept and never been adjudicated dependant from me.  Every
> court hearing has been continued.  This September will be like the 6th
> court hearing.  I will finally be able to get to present my evidence.  

--- "Twig" <>  'Keep a sense of humor'

> How about "letting it slip" that you've been sleeping with her
> husband....maybe that would catch her attention....

> On second thought...maybe not.... LOL

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