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[AKidsRight.Org] Events in Syracuse, Court Aug 31, your FEEDBACK

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From: AKidsRight.Org Webmaster (
Date: Sun Aug 29 2004 - 19:30:46 EDT

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Good People & People of Faith,

1. Syracuse Update - Door locked & Meeting Tuesday (Aug 31).
2. Appearance in Syracuse Federal Court - Aug 31, 4pm
3. Your Letters - why we take action for reform!
4. Your FEEDBACK - on Senator Clinton
5. Your Letters & Calls - to Senator Clinton

1. Syracuse Update - Door locked & Meeting Tuesday (Aug 31).
Details: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr

John Murtari returned to the Syracuse Federal Building again on
Wednesday and Thursday.  He stayed close to one of two doors into the
building (effectively blocking the door since the officer was blocking
his way).  It was a bit surprising to see how much they do NOT want an
arrest to occur now. They are willing to lock one of the two doors to
the building and post a private guard to watch him as he stands right
outside the door holding 'our' petition to the Senator.

John expresses his GREAT thanks to all of you who have called and
written the Senator's offices (more messages below).

He would like to meet with people willing to help setup a meeting with
Senator Clinton. He will be standing outside the building on Monday
and Tuesday from 2pm-4pm (prior to the Court appearance).  It presents
a good opportunity for people to get together and meet each other in
person to discuss goals and plans.  If you plan on coming you can call
John at his office: 877-635-1968,x-211 between 8am-noon on

2. Appearance in Syracuse Federal Court - Aug 31, 4pm
John Murtari has an appearance scheduled at 4pm on Tuesday, Aug 31, in
front of US Federal Magistrate Judge DiBianco at 4 PM.  The Court is
open to the public and you are welcome to attend! The appearance is to
finalize a 'stipulation' regarding the 4 arrests that occured this
Spring. It will allow the Judge to more quickly deliver a decision and
probable jail sentence.

After some full trials and pending appeals (with counsel) on earlier
arrests John proposed to proceed 'pro se' and to stipulate to the
facts to 'expedite' the process and keep costs down since the facts in
the arrests are all identical.  It was to also help reduce the number
of 'consecutive' sentences by allowing rapid sentencing.

One important item John hopes to address with the Court is the current
action of Building officials to basically 'push' him out of the
building.  John does not resist this physical handling, but plans on
objecting to the Judge regarding that type of conduct and his concern
of what might happen in future events... (Letter to Judge)

3. Your Letters - why we take action for reform!

--- Anne Hernandez <>

> two years ago in feb 2002 i made a bad mistake and ended up spending
> two years in prison i wont go into detail because that is behind me
> now. i did everything i could to change my life taking courses and
> classes and came home to find my rights termination and my children
> adopted by my aunt and uncle.

> i love my children dearly and tried to be in their lives through
> phone calls and visits one horrible mistake and my life and the
> lives of my children were shattered forever.  dhs said they were for
> family reunification but now my children and i face a lifetime apart
> as my aunt and uncle will not allow me to see them. please let my
> story be heard. thank you respectfully yours annie...

---  "Tom" <>

> Tell em about the lying falsyifying Colluders at CPS
> .................whose job is to undermine National Security and
> break up families.

4. Your FEEDBACK - on Senator Clinton
No matter how you may feel about her. Let us all remember Senator
Clinton is a VERY good politician and wants to be President.  If we
can't get enough public support to convince her Family Reform is
important -- what does that say about the reform effort?  We need to
'move' people in this country to rethink Family rights and I'm sure
she'll want to be on the right side of the issue.  Do we expect her to
take 'action' before we do?

--- Juli Alexander <>

> We at Redress, Inc. are rooting for you!

---  Aaron Burr <>

> Good job.  We are behind your resolute efforts.

--- "Jim Pleace" <>

> Godspeed John...

--- Gail <>

> I am so sorry to hear about your problems with the Federal
> Building. Those jerks! I think that you should avoid arrest for your
> son's sake---at all costs in the future. Yes they are violating your
> right to free speech and communication with Clinton, but you and
> your son need to be safe from the issues that result from your being
> arrested. Am I right!

---  Sunil Rajan <>

> You are an amazing human being!  The lengths you go through in order
> to support your/our rights is unparalleled!  I am constantly
> frustrated when all I have to do is go to the SCU office in lower
> Manhattan and wait for 2 hours, in order to have someone see me for
> 15 minutes and reduce my problem to a few computer clicks and a
> printout!

> I cannot believe what you have gone through, and what you do in
> order to stand up and speak out for fathers who actually LOVE their
> children!  Thank you for everything!

--- Carol Skalsky <>

> Ms. Clinton has always been out for Ms. Clinton, no on else.  She
> has never represented anyone else.  Why cast pearls before swine?
> She is a murderer(say some) and a most evil woman.  It is more
> likely that she will launch a vendetta against families because that
> is how her mind works...vindictiveness all the way.
> I suggest you take all this documentation of your attempts to
> contact her now and start rallying public support to oust her.
> Start working with her opponent.  Otherwise, she will just try to
> silence you.

--- "Gregory Romeo" <>

> My question to John has been, why doesn't he issue a letter of
> demand on Senator Clinton for "willful failure of her statutory
> duties as per her oath of office" and move this situation to grand
> jury investigation for indictment and ouster from public office for
> the direct violation and negligence in her performance of duty to
> first protect the United States Constitution?

--- David Houser <>
> Hillary may not want anything to do with your petition but thousands
> of fathers across the United States are aware of the injustice
> masquerading as "the best interest of the children". You are not
> alone. The more visible you make this evil the better our chances.

--- Walter Burien <>  

> Well, when traveling in one direction and approaching a wall, one
> must stop or walk around it. Based on what you have said, here is my
> suggestion: Go to the front door and be stopped. Have someone else
> they don't know come at the same time and walk in and go directly to
> the 14th floor. There they can say they are your liaison and that
> you are waiting for them at the front door for a meeting. If they
> are escorted out then have the next walk in that they do not know,
> then the next, then the next.
> Will they start screening everyone as to knowing you? Will they ask
> all if they are going to the 14th floor and if they say yes threaten
> them with arrest if they are doing it for you?  Could get very
> interesting?
> Hey, after they change there routine and stop everyone for
> questioning, then you can have a Senator or congressman from outside
> the state come in and say they are going to the 14th floor to speak
> for you and they can get arrested and escorted out. My would that
> make a good front page article.

Yes, you have some good ideas.  But the problem is just getting people
involved enough to actually come to the building.  It is pretty rare
that even one person shows up.  I can see that they have decided NOT
to arrest me even if it means locking one of the doors and posting a
private guard to watch me...

--- "Robin" <>

> Hang in there, John. Its rough sometimes, but you are definitely
> doing the right thing.  Its the squeaky wheel that gets noticed.
> Its the persistence that causes a change. Bigger things or smaller,
> quieter ways, its a brave decision of integrity to stand & say "not
> right". Its harder to bring change. People don't look deeper when an
> issue doesn't affect them; they even feel superior and don't want to
> rock the boat & their position on it.
> Look at it in the perspective of recent history: People hid Jews &
> formed an underground railroad, (facing death if caught); women
> campaigned for the right to vote; I remember marches to end Vietnam
> to stop sending our boys to die; (not against the men who went!)
> racial equality(try being a "whitey" in a small redneck town who
> befriends Negroes, & speaks against the Klan); Greenpeace to save
> whales & the gal who camped in the redwood tree to save it. The high
> priests felt Jesus was a threat to their version of religion that
> disallowed the common man; we face smaller challenges, routinely,
> when we decide not to join into gossip; or bring attention to some
> public event (i.e., at school) that excludes, unfairly or because it
> needs updating to today's reality, a certain group of people. Our
> society allows a taking advantage of the homeless, mentally ill,
> poor, elderly. The easiest thing to do is nothing. Conformity,
> annomititty. And its the hardest for those who are blessed with easy
> circumstances and money to do anything they think will threaten
> those circumstances.  They think it won't happen to them and become
> too afraid & selfish to stand up. They don't know, "there but for
> the grace of God..."  They haven't walked in your moccasin, let
> alone consider going the extra mileage.
> So you take a stand & are unpopular for many reasons. You might not
> even see the change.  But I bet you are planting the seed for it,
> and our system in family law is way, desperately, overdue. Do it
> graciously, blessing those you come into contact with, it will make
> it harder for them to see and treat you like a lunatic & criminal.
> I find when I personalize, that is, compliment, ask how they are or
> something about them, the blessing comes back to me many times.
> Turn each day over to Jesus and He walks with you. You will look
> back on this time proudly. Your kid may understand that you did this
> for him .
> You have my gratitude, appreciation, and thanks. I wish I could
> figure out how to join you, I'd be there. Take care, Robin
> (

5. Your Letters - to Senator Clinton

--- joseph walsh <>

> I did call the Office and expressed that you should be heard. But I
> wanted to let you know my story in brief.
> My childrens lawyer , whom had not even had contact with them for
> over two years was showing her bias towards me in court over time
> . when confronted in court she admitted to not knowing what her
> clinets wanted and still was allowed to be their law guardian ,
> againt the wishes of the children. after being moved to state court
> and then being admonished by the Judge and threatend with jail i
> informed him that I would rather go to jail then give up my rights
> and try to explain to my children that I had not fought to have them
> in my life. I also stated that the second amendment was designed to
> prevent the goverment from infringment of our basic rights as
> citizens and in this case a parent.  Of course my gun permits were
> revoked on the spot but I did not go to jail. All parents must
> understand that our basic rights are ment to be fought for. maybe
> not by arms but at least with the steel of conviction and aim of
> purpose.

> The Lord had interceeded in our lives and we are working on our
> whole family everyday. It was the conviction toward my children and
> lack of attacks towards my wife in court that opened up dialog
> again. For over 4 years I fought the system and not my wife, that
> proved to be the only option that was open to me. Lawyers only
> muddle the situation and the court only hears what it wants
> to. Faith was the only thing that worked outside of NY's cesspool of
> litagation.

--- Tom Miller <>

> John, I just left phone messasges on both numbers for senator
> Clinton along the lines of the concerns you and I have for fathers,
> mothers and children and a system in deep need of reform and
> listening to parents groups who express a deep love and concern for
> their children.  I don't always come across this peaceful,
> especially when addressing our local county attorney and women's
> shelter (and the rest of the birds of a feather), "victim advocates"
> who abuse, rape and pillage - then get caught red handed and fail to
> appologize or make ammends to the real victims - victims of victim
> advocates.  The worst abuse is the abuse of an abusive government.
> And of course this makes the deeds of horible parents seem
> mild. Many of these horrible parents steal their children from the
> other parent and tell lies about them to officials and to the
> children.

> Most of these type of people have have been shown to have advanced
> personality dissorders and are the real abusers posing as the abused
> to get sympathy and to vent spite via legal abuse in addition.
> Ironically, this is the parent our current twisted system sticks the
> kids with - the compulsive liar who is emotional, smooth and
> convincing - the real abuser.

---  "Its Kim n Jeff" <>

> I hope this helps, faxed to Syracuse, Albany, Washington, also
> sending to my local reps.

August 20, 2004
Senator Hillary Rodham-Clinton
United States Senate
New York
Subcommittee on Children and Families

Dear Senator Clinton:

> I watched your husband yesterday on the Oprah show, the last half
> hour. He is a remarkable man, standing behind his woman. However,
> the remark that gave me goose bumps was when he stated, “She forgave
> me, before I forgave myself!” I truly am more inspired and look
> forward to seeing you become our first Women President mentoring our
> nation to become better families. I am writing to you on behalf of
> Family Rights Reform.

> Forgiveness is a very strong emotion, and not many Americans today
> can forgive. It took me 10 years to forgive my ex-husband. Can you
> find it in your heart to forgive over 90 million parents, who did
> not have the guts to forgive the other parent and resulted in
> divorce like myself?

> I believe if there was more forgiveness in this world, maybe our
> nation would be a strong nation through our Families; in your
> worldly travels, did you see how families stuck together through
> good and bad, war and peace, through hunger and prosperity. Is this
> how Americans do it? NO, WE DIVORCE and take the money, take the
> house, take the pension, take the children.

> Take away the incentive for divorce; the money, the house, the
> children, etc. there would be less of them.  Divorce, common sense
> wise, what you bring in is what you take out, everything liquidated,
> and each 50/50.  What I find inspiring is for the children to stay
> in the marital home and the parents provide for them week to week –
> do you think this would result in fewer disputes over the money, the
> home, the children? YES!  No more move aways, the children have the
> house; both parents provide child support, and the children have
> BOTH PARENTS. What an insane idea putting the children first, the
> children have the house and one parent lives there part time, and
> then the other parent lives there part time.  Can you tell me your
> view on if a parent can not financially support a child on top of
> establishing there own home, why not give that parent more time with
> the child – giving the other parent financial relief if the child is
> not there full time – Shared Parenting. New shoes $50, new clothes
> $100, school supplies $150, TIME with your Dad or Mom; TIME WITH
> YOUR CHILDREN – PRICELESS.  Presumed Shared (Joint) Parenting would
> be a very powerful message to our fellow New Yorkers and stronger to
> our fellow Americans that being a Parent is our number one
> priority. I know you know the statistics of how children with two
> parents in their lives that they too become better children, better
> adults, and result in better parents.

> If you can find time watch a movie: "Evelyn" (2002) The inspiring
> story of real-life hero Desmond Doyle and his young
> children. Struggling to raise his kids alone in Ireland, Doyle is
> devastated when the power of the Church and the Irish courts take
> his children away. Vowing to reunite his family, he enlists the help
> of his friends and together they attempt to do what has never been
> done before–challenge a law before the Irish Supreme Court.  Please,
> Senator, be our leader for children, showing NY and the nation
> Children Need Both Parents-Equally.  Yes, there are a few bad apples
> in the bunch, but have you ever really look at the bad apple- there
> is still a few good sides.

> What happen to the common sense in the world – children have two
> parents – now we see children have four parents – now two half
> siblings over here and two half siblings over there plus step
> siblings over there – its just a mess – and who dictates that half
> siblings are more important than step siblings? They are a sibling
> that’s all that should matter– there just has to be a better way –
> Shared Parenting is a step in the right direction.

> Please meet with parents like:

> John Murtari, John is OUR HERO like Desmond Doyle) Coordinator
> AKidsRight.Org "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents" Toll Free
> 877-635-1968 x211

> Jim Hayes, President Fathers and Families NY (FaFNY) at 518-
> 383-8202 Others like me, Kim Totten, MOM at 607-336-2107 Help New
> York Families forgive and parents to be treated equal – equal
> rights.  There has to be a better way for us New Yorkers, as
> parents, than what is happening in Family Courts now, there just has
> to be, I trust you to help lead the way.

> NY Legislation is trying--they need your leadership: 51 bills
> matched your search criteria ("child custody"):

* A01123 Establishes the presumption in matrimonial proceedings of
* awarding shared parenting of minor children

* A06269 Makes numerous modifications to provisions of various laws
* relating to the family court act and child custody matters; repealer

* A01143 Eliminates reference to "visitation" of a child and replaces
* such reference with "parenting time"

* A05312 Relates to procedures for the awarding of visitation and
* parenting time

* A01087 Makes provisions relating to mediation and arbitration in the
* child custody decision-making process

* S03220 Establishes the presumption in matrimonial proceedings of
* awarding shared parenting of minor children

* S01916 Eliminates reference to "visitation" of a child and replaces
* such reference with "parenting time"

* S01969 Enacts the child custody reform act

*  S02185 Creates the parent-mediation program for child custody
*  disputes

Please meet with us. Thank you.
Kim Totten
247 County Road 34
Norwich, NY 13815

Webmaster                              AKidsRight.Org
webmaster@AKidsRight.Org               "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"

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