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[AKidsRight.Org] Prisoner Abuse Complaint / Senator Clinton / Your FEEDBACK

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Thu Nov 04 2004 - 09:27:01 EST

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Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains information on:
1. Complaint about jail conditions - the Gerbil Cage!
2. Letter to Senator Clinton - the issue is Civil Rights.
3. Your FEEDBACK - Is reform worth a visit to the Gerbil Cage?

1.  Complaint about jail conditions - the Gerbil Cage!
In our last message about Family Law Reform and the Gerbil Cage,
we talked about prisoner mistreatment and abuse at the jail where John
Murtari is located.  With help from his office, John helped the
prisoners prepare a formal complaint.  It was sent to Local, State,
and Federal officials.  To see a pdf version of the complaint, go to

As a prisoner, John wrote a letter to the Editor of the local paper in
Auburn, New York, "The Citizen."  It ran on October 20th.  Check here
for a copy of the article:

Prison reform is not a primary purpose of our group; however, since
our group coordinator, John Murtari, is involved it may help bring
some publicity to our effort.  The prisoners are looking for
an attorney who could represent them in legal action for these
abuses.  Please feel free to share the pdf file with anyone who 
might be of interest.

2. Letter to Senator Clinton - the issue is Civil Rights.
Our special thanks to Cynthia Meyrick, of Bridport, Vermont, for the
following brief and succinct letter to Senator Clinton.  This issue is
Civil Rights for families!!!  Please note, our goal is a meeting 
between the Senator and a small group of mothers and fathers.  Not 
just a meeting with John alone.

Remember, if the issue is Civil Rights it should enjoy broad based
support.  Many of you are skeptical about Senator Clinton, but her
support is crucial.  If we cannot convince a very good politician that
wants to be a President -- what does it say about us and our cause?

We try to print all letters sent to the Senator in our list messages.
If you have sent a letter, please send us a copy.  For info on how to
contact the Senator, see 

--- Cynthia Meyrick <>

Hillary Clinton
New York State Senator

Dear Hillary Clinton,

I understand that as senator, a public servant, you refused to meet
with one of your constituents, Mr. John Murtari.  Mr. Murtari has a
concern regarding his court-ordered relationship with his son and you
could learn from meeting with him.  You may be able to influence
change to the way parental rights are [not] protected in regard to
divorce and child custody.  As a direct result of your refusal to meet
with Mr. Murtari, he sits in a cell, locked away from his family.  How
can I help but become vocal over this?

As a member of the Senate Subcommittee on Children and Families you
would gain valuable insight and information from meeting with John
Murtari.  I implore you, who is also a parent, like me, to hear this
man out.  After all, every child has two parents-listen to this man
because if statistics show us anything, the courts preclude one parent
(generally the fathers) from having a proper standing in their
children's lives.  Help put a stop to this wrong.

I care deeply about Civil Rights protection for families and implore
you to meet with parents' groups regarding the need for National
reform.  Being a parent is one of our greatest rights and deserves
official recognition and protection.  Do you agree with this?

John Murtari should not have spent one moment in jail as a consequence
of your refusal to meet him.  I understand there have been multiple
chances for you to meet with him, all refused.  That's called being
out of touch.  I'm watching this and expect a change of heart, your
heart.  Have mercy and see to it he is set free, please, and go ahead
and schedule a meeting with him.  You would look a whole lot better in
the eyes of the People, perhaps even principled.

Thank you for your consideration of this important matter.


Cynthia Meyrick
PO Box 84
Bridport, Vermont 05734

Honorable Gustav J. DiBianco
US Attorney Glenn T. Suddaby

Dated this 21st day of October in the year of our Lord Two-thousand
and four.  

3. Your FEEDBACK - Is reform worth a visit to the Gerbil Cage?
Our last message, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/archive/archive2004/0044.html, 
generated a lot of feedback.  Thanks to those who wrote in.  Your comments 
are below:

--- Paul Robbins <>

> Hi John:

> I want to send my regards for the sacrifice you are making to reform
> of family law.

> The law is in bad need of reform.

> And do keep the faith--your actions will make a difference.

--- Clarence Maloney <>

> We are with you, John I was put in jail in Germany for 6 weeks and
> again for 4 weeks, trying to see my children there. The mother made
> false accusations against me, and I refused to pay child support
> because I was denied parenthood there.  I can't come to NY state and
> I don't have an active parenting case in USA now, but had one in NJ
> earlier. I am doing what I can to write and contact state and
> federal officials.  Clarence Maloney, Rockville MD,

--- Debra Root <>

> God bless you and your mother. I hope she gets to see your son again
> soon. Hang in there, won't be long...we are all with you
> in spirit.

> What kind of world do we live in that will jail a dedicated father
> and release a rabid child molester?  Go figure.

> My own mother, age 81, will not be able to see her 10 year old
> grandson again. She is not healthy enough to make the trip again
> from NJ to Texas. Unfortunately, my ex-husband, his new wife and the
> justice system that they bought made sure of that.

> Someday, our prayers for justice may be answered.  But from where I
> stand, someday is a long time away. But what choice do we have but
> to cling to a sliver of hope...  

--- Jim Carmine <>

> When Max Baer was running for Supreme Court of Pennsylvania last
> year he was reminded of a statement he made when on the Allegheny
> Family Court.  "The only good father is a dead father since they at
> least pay child support."  He denied ever saying that of course and
> even admitted his anti-father policies were mistaken.  He is now on
> the PA Supreme court.... might I add, FOREVER.  So yes, law reform
> is a must.  But regarding sacrifice, if you are a father that is
> unavoidable, so it only seems reasonable to sacrifice publicly.  As
> for judges they are clearly the enemy of fathers, whereas policy
> makers are our allies.  Judge-made law is rarely good law.

--- Jsglee <>

> I read your letter.  I'm in tears.  It breaks my heart.  I have done
> everything I could do to help you.  I have written to Senator
> Clinton and to others in support of your efforts.  I just can't
> imagine someone going through what you are going through.  As I was
> reading your letter, I said to myself, "I wish there was something
> else I can do". Suddenly I thought of what you said about your 88
> year old Mom visiting Domenic.  You see, I work for a major airline
> and perhaps I can help you and your Mom make trips to see Domenic.
> Please write back to me and provide me with a phone number that I
> can call so we can discuss this further.  The tickets are not free
> but they will cost you a lot less than what you are paying now.  I
> will be happy to help you.  Helping a stranger will be my service to
> the Lord.  I am praying for your so faithfully.  God bless you
> brother.

--- Miriam Callaghan <>

> I am very sorry for your difficulties, but you are barking up the
> wrong tree.  Neither Senator Clinton nor any other federal official
> has power over NYS Family Law. Indeed what little relief NY parents
> have received from the overreaching of the state has come in the
> federal courts.  I admire your dedication. As a lawyer who
> represents fathers (the family court constituency that has no access
> to subsidized representation), I understand and share your
> frustration. I merely suggest that you redirect your efforts to
> state officials who have the capacity to solve the problem. (They
> might start with the law guardian scheme or the legislature might
> want to remove the discretion of family court judges.) 

--- Daniel Lee <CB!>

> Hello John, please save this e-mail and read it about once a month,
> so I don't have to keep sending it to you.

> Sen. Clinton will be an enemy of citizens until she has passed away.
> There is nothing you or anyone else can do to change that.  To the
> extent you are trying to force her to meet with you, even if that
> happens it will accomplish nothing.

> Effective campaigns are done in public, not inside a private
> building.  Not to mention in front of a courthouse or state capitol,
> is legal and won't get you into any trouble.

> For leaving your vulnerable mother alone, and risking contact with
> your son be ceased (because your behavoir could be inter- preted as
> mental instability), when much more effective options have been
> presented to you, I'm sorry to say shows you are a fool.

> Your energy and intelligence is very much needed in the shared
> parenting movement.  Frittering it away in a jail cell under the
> circumstances you have set up, is a sad waste.  Daniel Lee

--- Marie Atkins <>

> You are a very socialistic and communistic organization.  This is
> America, not communist Russia.  I have read all your so called
> liberal views and You must realize that Senator Clintin is married
> to a man who escaped the draft of the USA and went to communist
> Russia where he spent a great deal of time, then he became the
> President and spewed his anti American ideals on all of the world,
> He destroyed morality in America, He tried hard to destroy our
> military and take it right down to the bare bones of protection for
> this country, and you and your organization are following Hilary
> Clintin down the rosy path to total distraction of this country as
> we know it today, do some real homework on your subjects before you
> put them out for all the world to read ...

Thanks for the message, but PLEASE read our web site first.  We are
hardly a Clinton "fan club."  I don't think you ever read any of our
web site.

--- menrright <>

> I wanted to tell you how much thousands of us fathers are praying
> for God to comfort you in your times of trouble.
> God said to us all...when you can't walk..I will carry you.
> Jesus Christ was also thrown into jail and his twelve..they also
> did nothing wrong, but that did not stop the judical from getting
> together and doing evil to jail and kill the lord, John, you are
> not alone in that jail cell...just remember..God said just when a
> man thinks that I'm no where in sight and thinks that I'm no where
> to be found..that is when I'm the most close to him,
> John, the courts..judges..lawyers...are from the same unjust system
> as in the Lords days...they are evil men and women...destroying our
> familys and stealing our children as well as forcing us to live in
> proverty, Fathers day is just ahead...I am 53 years old and
> disabled...I draw just 518.00 per month and will have to go to court
> on nov,,4 as I am told they will take up to 65 % of that amount,
> John, I'm only sorry that just a few of you are brave enough to
> stand up to the evil of child support, when all fathers have had
> enough they will stand and fight the fight for their rights,
> I have a son I haven't seen in many why can't I...because
> the judge won't do any thing about the broken court order of my x on
> the contemp charge against her.
> Yes I'm singing the story we all have in rights at all,
> God bless and be with you, Jr

--- Julian Fitzgerald  <>

> This is an impressive letter - obviously time in jail does help you
> think.  I think you have the Great Right right. Equal parental
> rights in every sense of the word, parents are the one's who are
> empowered to determine the interests of their children. And it is
> actually about the most fundamental human right you can get -
> because without it - no humanity - in every sense of the word.

> And another funny thing about it - it's a relational right -
> although it's an individual right, and although children don't even
> get to exercise it for themselves, it's all about human beings as
> people who relate to each other and care about each other. It's not
> self-centred like all the others - I think you are proving that
> right now.

> I am not so sure non-violent action is always the answer - and I
> come from a Quaker background, so I don't like violence. Surely the
> point about Gandhi's actions was that he was able to tap into a
> large body of people already primed for political action? The route
> he took was good, I agree, but remember that when India was freed,
> there was an enormous threat of a war of rebellion, from a huge
> Indian army in situ, as the Second World War finished - and he may
> have seemed the better option to the British Empire - carrot and
> stick, not just carrot?

> I don't believe in God, I don't believe in anything - but I fight
> for common humanity and human dignity - it's very important to me
> and my family. I will try to speak to Hilary Clinton's office, from
> England, and see what they say.

> I haven't been allowed to see my daughter for seven years, by the
> British courts, for no good reason, even her school is breaking the
> existent law, it is all happening with complete impunity and
> contempt. But I have never given up on her. The British system is
> pretty insidious - I would prefer jail to my present situation of
> living death in solitary confinement - but any small crumb of
> happiness I do have comes from knowing that I am staying strong
> enough and true enough not to not abandon my daughter after all
> these years, and to continue fighting for what is right and good for
> her and me.

> In fact the longer I have gone on doing this, the more I have
> realised that it isn't so much about what works, it is about the
> truth of the matter. The world is full of wily people who wish to
> tell their children untruths to make them happy, and follow people
> who sell them down the river. But if families count for anything, it
> is true feelings and trust, on a personal level, and that is
> probably the most important political message we can give to
> everybody out there.

> These powerful people have tried to make the personal political,
> using our private lives to their own ends. We have to make the
> political personal, and build our civil society back from the bottom
> up - throughout the Western world. Only then can we have any moral
> authority or strength to make a worthwhile contribution to the whole
> world we live in.

                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org                "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
Toll Free (877) 635-1968(x-211)        http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

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