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[AKidsRight.Org] Senator Clinton / NonViolent Action Jan 18th / Senate Ethics Committee

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sun Jan 09 2005 - 19:56:21 EST

Good People & People of Faith,

Next Tuesday, Jan 18th (the day after Martin Luther King Day), I'll
return to the Syracuse Federal Building to continue our efforts for
reform.  Many of you have been on the list for a while and this is
nothing new.  For those of you who are new, I'd encourage you to check
the BLOG at the web site, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr.  Are
any of you getting a little bored of all this? I've been arrested 50
times and spent 147 nights in jail -- has anything changed?  Isn't it
time to give it a rest, try something new?  HELLO -- this approach
isn't working!

Do I look forwared to going back to the Gerbil Cage? I sure don't! 
Don't know what that is, please check:

Last Friday I had an editor from the Syracuse University student
magazine in my office for a story.  He plans on being at the Federal
Building on the 18th to cover the event. I had to say I was
impressed. He had done his homework first and reviewed the site -- he
asked similar questions.  Heck, I ask myself the same things!

It never gets easy. I like to make plans, but my calendar after next
Tuesday is 'open'. I'm worried about what could happen to my family -
I've been very lucky so far, but how long can that go on?  One person
can't do it alone, and the power of government is formidable.  I am so
appreciative to those of you who have taken the time to write or call
Senator Clinton.  Many thanks to those who have shown up in person.
You have all added a little 'teflon' to protect me.

I had a great Christmas with my 11 year old son, Domenic.  Twelve days
together and we were going all the time!  Trying to catch up on all
the things we wanted to do -- it was almost funny.  Then the clock ran
out and it was done.  I still remember all his tears.  What a crazy
system we have, what a disgrace, what an indiginity to any family!

My Senator may not think this issue is very important, but I sure do.
I'll let my actions and sacrifice be the exclamation point to our
thoughts. I think she will soon get the message.

Before I go too far, I want to say any of you are welcome to come and
just watch what happens.  You can't believe how good it feels when I
see a few friendly faces waiting outside the building.  If you come,
bring a written story about what happened to you.  You can drop it off
personally at the offices of Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Charles
Schumer, and Congressman James Walsh -- they will be paying attention
that day to what you say.  If you think you might be coming check the
schedule at the site above (make sure to send me an email or give me a
call -- my info below).

What does it take for us to meet Senator Clinton?
We have asked this same question many times before.  When will
another Mother and Father join in this effort and risk a night in jail
to demonstrate their love for their kids and the need for reform?
They might come forward at any time, but if I stop believing, it might
take even longer to happen.  Wouldn't that be a shame?  Some of you
reading this message might be the ones -- ready to take the leap of
Faith?  Superman and Wonder Woman, where are you?

I have to say I really like the Fathers-4-Justice campaign in the UK
(England).  Their web site is  Many
of you have heard of them, they have made World Wide news several
times -- Batman at Buckingham Palace.  They have gone to jail for the
sake of their cause and you know what?  I give them a LOT of credit
for reformmaking National News in Europe.  It is actually becoming a
political issue.

How far do we have to go in the United States?  Other than small
sixth-party candidates -- family law reform was not an issue in our
last election.  My only real wish was that they might also become
Parents-4-Justice.  Maybe they will soon have a Wonder Woman in their
ranks?  Could it be you Mom?  I need a couple of superheroes to stand
with me next week.

Honestly, I hope I have to turn people away who want to volunteer. I
can GUARANTEE what a night in jail will do for you.  So many of you
have been alienated from your kids.  You have been pushed away and
nothing you seem to say or do matters -- the trust is gone.  This type
of selfless act will send a message to them (and to you).  If you
really think you might be interested see

I'm also trying some other avenues to bring some attention to what is
happening.  Sometimes people confuse NonViolent Action with pacifism,
or saying 'anything people do is okay'.  Hardly.  The spouse that
tried to separate your kids from you is wrong.  The Judge that didn't
even have time to read your motions or be objective about the facts --
is wrong.  The Lawyer that hardly spent any time on your case is
wrong.  But does that make them devils?  No.  Are they still worthy of
being treated with respect, dignity, and compassion? Yes.  We need to
change the 'system' that allows simple human nature to defeat what is
best for our kids -- we need a presumption of EQUAL parenting unless
you are a demonstrated threat to your kids AND have the protection of a
unanimous jury verdict. (http://www.AKidsRight.Org/act.htm)

What about a Member of Congress that refuses to enter into a dialog
with constituents?  Whose staff tells visiting parents to "Go! And
don't come back!".  Who calls on the Secret Service to investigate a
peaceful parent.  Who cooperates in getting armed guards to block
access to a Federal Building.  Well, I feel that is wrong.

I recently submitted a complaint to the Senate Select Committee on
Ethics regarding Senator Clinton (the letter is below my signature).
A PDF copy can be downloaded from:

The letter is also a (hopefully) good summary of our group and
its methods.  Your FEEDBACK is welcome.  Also, if you have time
I encourage you to FAX a letter to Mr. Walker (Committee Counsel)
and encourage them to make an inquiry.  The committees FAX number is:
(202) 224-7416.   Here is their membership list.  If you live in
one of these States, please contact your representative:   

   George V. Voinovich, Ohio, Chairman
   Harry Reid, Nevada, Vice Chairman
   Pat Roberts, Kansas
   Craig Thomas, Wyoming
   Daniel Akaka, Hawaii
   Blanche Lincoln, Arkansas

Hope to see some of you next Tuesday.
Best regards!
                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org                "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
Toll Free (877) 635-1968(x-211)        http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

=============== Letter to Senate Select Committee on Ethics =====

                                                  January 7, 2005
Mr. Robert Walker, Esq.
Senate Select Committee on Ethics
220 Hart Building, United States Senate, 
Washington, DC 20510 

Dear Mr. Walker:

I am the President of a small Internet company and also a Coordinator
for a group of loving mothers and fathers concerned with Family Law
reform.  Specifically, the recognition and protection of the Civil
Right of parents and children to be together as family.  Our goal is a
National Family Rights Act and our web site is
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/. We have about a thousand registered
members nationwide.  Our primary message is love for our kids and our
method is NonViolent Action as practiced by Gandhi and Martin Luther

We have visited the offices of many Members of Congress.  We have met
with the Syracuse and Washington staffs of Senator Schumer and
Congressman Walsh and were treated with courtesy and respect - even
though we did not have their complete support for our goals.  My
letter to you today arises from far different treatment from the
office of Senator Clinton. Which I feel is not only a discredit to the
Senate but also a misuse of power. Before I go into details, let me
give you just a bit of background into events.  Our website also has a
complete 'BLOG' of events.

To emphasize our political concerns I would take a petition consisting
of pictures of mothers and fathers unjustly separated from their kids
and quietly walk outside the offices of Senator Schumer and
Congressman Walsh (inside the Syracuse Federal Building).  Initially
there were arrests for simple trespass.  The charges were dismissed
and I was allowed to proceed without incident.  Although we disagreed
on the issues, their staffs never asked for prosecution, and a
courteous relationship was maintained.

I feel they saw our efforts as part of the political process.  At
times members of our group would come to the building to watch me and
also drop off petitions for reform at their offices without incident.
I would ask people how they were treated by the staffs of Senator
Schumer and Congressman Walsh and never received negative feedback.
They certainly conducted themselves in a manner which is a credit to
proper political discourse in a free nation.

Let me make clear that my efforts were never that of an angry
'protest' or a 'picket'. Animosity is directed toward no one.  In
recent times it appears that anyone who feels 'wronged' should have
recourse to revenge and show their anger toward those who have hurt
them.  I hope our group of parents will remind people there is another
way as demonstrated by Gandhi and King.  People willing to accept more
personal pain and sacrifice as a way of converting the hearts of
others toward their plight.

The situation was entirely different with the office of Senator
Clinton.  While I have some experience in politics as a Democratic
chairperson for a local town and have also done some 'lobbying' in
Albany - most of our parents have never visited a political
representative.  They hurt deeply because of loss of contact with
their kids and want to see change.  Some of our parents when dropping
off letters to Senator Clinton's office were told to "Go! And don't
come back!"  -- Constituents are treated rudely.

Attached to this cover letter are over fourteen different letters I
have personally sent to the Senator - we have never received a reply.
Every school children learns "How a Bill becomes a Law" - we have a
draft Family Rights Act and are looking for feedback and help from
Senator Clinton.  We have had none.  -- Won't participate in the
legislative process.

In my efforts to quietly walk and petition outside her offices they
have actively sought prosecution from building officials and there
have been many arrests.  I was quite surprised one day to find that a
Secret Service Agent wanted to interview me after a request from the
Senator's Washington office (I declined the interview).  I was very
disturbed to hear from a parent who later called the Senator's office
regarding the possibility of a meeting, they were told "the Secret
Service was involved and it would not be possible.' -- Misuse of power.

Presently, when entering the foyer area I have been pushed out of the
building by Federal Police officers.  Two officers are then assigned
to watch me outside the building and block my access to any door  but
I am not charged with any crime?  Last year Federal Police had
arrested me on two occasions in the foyer of the building based on
'intent.'  At an earlier trial US Magistrate DiBianco found me 'not
guilty' for these incidents.

I find this new strategy very disturbing and a serious indignity to
any citizen of our country.  I am a former Officer and Pilot in our
Air Force and stand amazed at these actions.  How could a peaceful
parent be pushed away from a Federal Building by armed security staff
when trying to petition their Member of Congress?  I feel this is
being done in coordination with the Senator's staff.

PLEASE, I submit this complaint because I think something wrong has
happened that needs to be addressed by the committee.  I have a great
deal of respect for the Senator and know she is concerned about Family
issues.  I hope after a thoughtful review of events she can take some
positive actions and we can make a fresh start.

Sincerely yours,
John Murtari

Complete complaint in PDF form (30 pages):

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