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[AKidsRight.Org] NonViolent Action Tue, Feb 18th, Syracuse / Shell Trial Colorado / Your FEEDBACK

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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Sun Jan 16 2005 - 21:02:00 EST

Good People and People of Faith:

1. Suzanne Shell on Trial in Colorado - please help
2. Action in Syracuse to reach Senator Clinton - Your FEEDBACK
3. Perserverance & Reunion - child finds parent!
4. Our mailbag - your messages.

It was a busy weekend as I prepare for next Tuesday and my return to
the Federal Building and our petition of Senator Clinton.  I did
finish uploading a few Christmas snapshots of Dom and I that I
thought were worth sharing, check them out at:

Like I said, a busy weekend and a lot of stress getting ready
for next week and not knowing when I will be home again.  Will
it be jail Tuesday night?  For a day? week? month? or more?  The
stakes are getting higher with every trip.

A lawyer I know called me on Friday and told me he heard I'd lost an
appeal to the Second Circuit regarding my conviction on 'disorderly
conduct' (boy, I still can't get over that, I'm one of the most
'orderly' people I know!). The Second Circuit also upheld the broad
stay away order that had been issued.  My lawyer friend told me I
ought to stay away.  He didn't think Senator Clinton would every meet
with us. "Go back and start forming a larger coalition," he said. He
told me that I had my due process and it was time to stop before the
consequences became severe.

Over the weekend I thought about the last part 'before the
consequences became severe'?  Here I am, a loving parent who finds
themselves stripped of the GREAT right to nurture their own child --
is anything else more severe than that?  Through the years I have
watched my son shed so many tears (and cried many myself) over this
silly system of ours.  Is a few weeks or months in jail more severe
than that?

When I started this campaign of NonViolent Action years ago, did I
expect it to be easy or to yield quick results?  When I go back to
the Federal Building on Tuesday afternoon to peacefully petition
Senator Clinton for reform and demonstrate MY belief in that GREAT
right by my willingness to sacrifice -- and Federal Police & Judges
start quoting laws and orders and why I should stay away .... Is that
suppose to matter?

Don't get me wrong, if I thought things were going the wrong way I
would stop.  But in the past years I've seen some great things happen
in response to what I am doing (some great blessings).  Oh yes, there
may be some painful times ahead -- but that happens in life
sometimes.  It does NOT mean you are on the wrong track -- and as
long as I try to act with Love and Faith -- I'm not worred about a
happy ending. You?

What am I waiting for?  Just another mother and father to join me who
also aren't worried about 'consequences'.  Who want to demonstrate
the GREAT love they have for their kids -- then we get that meeting
because we have demonstrated what an important issue it is...

SORRY for the length of this message, a lot of you have written me
and I wanted to get caught up. When you have time, I hope you will
review the FEEDBACK -- some very thoughtful comments.  A nice message
from a mother of Islamic Faith willing to help.

ALSO a very happy story below of a child finding a parent who
persevered (please read #3 below).  ALSO -- if you live in the
Colorado area please try to attend the trial of Suzanne Shell on
Tuesday in Denver (details below).  I had the chance to meet Suzanne
and she is a very sweet grandmother working hard for reform,
especially in the area of protecting families from "child protective
services".  She has helped a LOT of people and now she needs OUR help
-- you may not be able to change the outcome of the trial, but your
being there will let Suzanne know people care and that matters a LOT!
Details below.

1. Suzanne Shell on Trial in Colorado - please help
Submitted by:

Suzanne spent all day Friday in trial for Contempt of the Colorado
Supreme Court. The gallery was packed with observers in the morning,
with reduced attendance in the afternoon. Christine Korn of COFRA
mustered a respectable show of support on behalf of Ms. Shell. There
was also a reporter from Westword in attendance.

Ms. Shell's attorney, Paul Grant, argued brilliantly on behalf of Ms.
Shell's request to the court for expanded media coverage. Prosecutor
Coyle objected strenuously against Ms. Shell's camera being in the
courtroom, arguing that she was not an impartial
journalist. Mr. Grant pointed out several historical incidents where
media representatives were on trial AND documented the trials for
publication, including the Zenger case. The court allowed Ms. Shell
to set up her camera in the courtroom and film the proceedings.
There was concern over the potential disclosure of confidential
information and the possibility of Ms. Shell disseminating it, so the
court has retained custody of the video tapes for the time being.

The People are seeking jail time of 30 days and a fine of
$10,000. Mr.  Grant objected and argued against the hearing
continuing without a jury, raising state and Federal constitutional
protections for serious offenses. These punitive sanctions fall into
the category whereby Ms.  Shell is guaranteed a right to a jury
trial. The court overruled the objection and the trial
proceeded. Mr. Grant continued to enter his objections to various
violations of Ms. Shell's rights and procedural errors throughout the
trial, preserving the record for appeal.

During Opening Arguments and the testimony of the first witness, Mr.
Coyle would repeatedly glare at Ms. Shell and direct his comments to
Ms.  Shell. Ms. Shell refused to buckle under this overt intimidation
and stared him down. Mr. Grant was advised of this outrageous and
unprofessional conduct during the first break by an astute observer
in the gallery, and he stated that that would stop immediately. Upon
return from the break, Mr. Coyle never again attempted to intimidate
Ms. Shell in that manner again.

The People have the burden to prove that Ms. Shell willfully intended
to violate the Supreme Court injunction against the unauthorized
practice of law (UPL). The Prosecution finished his presentation of
his case around 3:15 pm. By the end of prosecution witnesses,
testimony revealed that the complaining witness, Rocco Meconi (county
attorney), and the other Fremont County players, Anna Hall Owen (GAL)
and Dan Kender (respondent parents attorney) had no knowledge whether
or not Ms. Shell drafted the subject legal documents or gave legal
advice to anyone. All prosecution witnesses testified that they had
never even spoken with Ms.  Shell. They all admitted to knowing
Ms. Shell operated a website where the subject documents were
available for download. The entire prosecution presentation was very
tedious, and many aspects of it were quite irrelevant. Many of
Mr. Grant's objections were sustained and the court repeatedly had to
urge Mr. Coyle to stay on point and refrain from submitting
repetitive testimony.

Two witnesses appeared for Ms. Shell, both of whom testified that Ms.
Shell had no participation in their preparation of legal documents
nor tendered any legal advice to them. Ms. Shell also submitted a
brief video showing some of the filming she had done to prove she was
engaged in 1st Amendment protected news gathering activities. The
high note of the testimony was at the conclusion of the telephone
testimony by the first witness who was asked by the judge if he had
anything else important to add. The witness responded, "Well, just
one thing. I think the people who should on trial in this courtroom
are the county attorney and the GAL in this case."

The trial is continued to Tuesday, Jan 17, 2005 at 9 am.  We would
appreciate any supporters to be present in the Gallery for the
concusion of the trial.  600 17th St. Ste 510, Denver, CO

We will release a full report after the conclusion of the trial.

(Note from Suzanne - I want to express my sincere gratitude to those
who attended for your show of support. It is very important for these
people to see that this is an issue of interest and concern to the
public.  There were many diverse groups represented in the gallery,
who recognize the importance of this case to their advocacy
efforts. I know how difficult it is to make the effort to appear, and
I know listening to the prosecution's case was quite tedious. Thank
you for coming and sticking it out. I hope to see you again on
Tuesday. We should be finished by noon.)

2. Action in Syracuse to reach Senator Clinton
For background: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr

--- David Hyatt <>

 > Your efforts are admirable but do consider that Senator Clinton is
 > accustomed to working with and viewing life in "sound bites."
 > Deliver your message with emphasis.  If they understand you have no
 > need to explain; if you have to explain they do not understand.

 > I wish you well on the 18th.  Keep the fight alive and above all,
 > keep the faith.

Yes, very sound advice.  A lot of words are not necessary --
especially when accompanied by action.

--- Bill <>

 > Comments:: I want to know core issue John Murtari has with Senator
 > Clinton, put concisely if possible.  I am a New Mexico NCP, and
 > there are some here that think that Senator Clinton is actually
 > pro-NCP.  Could you clarify this for me?

Thanks for the message -- we'd like the Senator to meet with parents
hurt by the system (first), and then call for Congressional Hearings
into Family Law Reform and the passage of a Federal Family Rights Act
to protect parent's rights.  (how is that for concise?).

--- Miriam Callaghan  <>

 > I admire your fervor and understand your frustration.  However,
 > save symbolically you are approaching the wrong person. There is
 > little that a senator can do about state domestic relations law.
 > In fact, federal law offers what little protection parents in NY
 > have.  Please direct your attention to those who can help, our
 > state officials.  Respectfully, Miriam

If you have time, please check our web site
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/ -- what our message is that we have failed
to recognize and protect the 'civil right' of parents to raise and
nurture their own children.  At that level it is not a 'state' issue.

The analogy we draw is the each state has it's own penal code and
procedures, but, whatever state you are in you have a RIGHT to a
presumption of innocence, legal counsel, and protection of a jury --
as a citizen of the US.

We have a draft Family RIght Acts that says you should be an EQUAL
parent to your kids, with similar protections.  A Member of Congress
is the exact focal point for us.

--- Robert Lisk <>

 > If you don't try to contact Senator Clinton "properly", I will no
 > longer subscribe to this newsletter.... I've had enough.

You can check the history at the web site.  We have certainly
attempted all the 'proper' contacts, but what we have not gotten is a
real answer or dialog about the issues we have raised -- obviously,
these are not seen to be important issues.  We hope to change that.

--- Deborah Linde <>

 > Your newsletter, also, gave me hope at a very low time, with the
 > knowledge that other people care enough about the current
 > situations, to demonstrate in your respect. With this knowledge, I
 > continued to be strong, preparing and hoping for the day when I
 > could again be with my children. You helped me and my child in this
 > way.

 > You are doing some good somewhere, with your sacrifices and
 > efforts. I just wish I had the patience to know child support laws
 > someday might truly benefit the children they are supposed to help,
 > and will change someday accordingly, and had the answer required
 > for the change.

 > Please continue (being careful to protect yourself), and let us be
 > confident in the fact that there is strength in numbers, knowledge
 > and common sense.

--- Anisah <>

 > Bismillah irRahman irRaheem
 > In the Name of God, The Most Gracious, The Most Kind
 > Salaam alaikum  & Greetings of Peace,

 > John, I realize you aren't Muslim but I wanted to make a "strange"
 > suggestion, just the same. You are in New York state, right?  Are
 > you in NYC? If so, can I suggest that you contact Imam Sirwaj
 > Wahajj at masjid At-Taqwa 718 622-0800

 > <> The prayer leader
 > there is a very "motivated" man who if at all possible can bring
 > out quite a few additional "bodies" to also push the issue of Kids
 > Rights. He has long worked in Brooklyn, New York and around the
 > country to fight for those who are suffering injustice.

I want to thank you very much and help from a Faith community would
be very welcome!  I wanted to call the Imam, but hesitated to do it
out of the blue without introduction.  If you have the time to
mention my name to him and what the cause is -- I'd then be happy to
call him in person.

 > Though you are not a Muslim, Islam commands upon all Muslims to
 > fight for those being oppressed, without regard to their religion,
 > if they ask for the Muslim community's protection. So what I am
 > saying to you is "build an army" of advocates willing to stand
 > beside you in your battle with the bureacrats! If anyone in New
 > York city can mobilize such a group, I believe you will find it
 > will be Imam Sirwaj Wahajj and his assistant imam (prayer leader).

Yes, I welcome any help and try to contact people as best as possible
-- but it all takes time!  It would be a great help if parents in New
York City also visited Senator Clinton's local offices.

 > In the meantime, I will hold you in my prayers, since I am so far
 > away geographically (south dakota), but I will be with you in
 > spirit. May the angels fight beside you in this battle.

Okay, thank you.  You must be having a great winter up there!

 > May God forgive us for our shortcomings and grant us all success in
 > this life and the hearafter.

Yes, that is a very sound sentiment!  So many parents are angry at
former spouses or at the people in the system -- yet they themselves
fail to act with the courage of their convictions and realize their
own shortcomings.  It is easier to make personal sacrifice when you
are humbled first.

 > Salaam alaikum, Sincerely
 > Your Sister in the Struggle for Peace & Justice,
 > Anisah of South Dakota, USA
 > visit my personal webpage at:

--- Lowell Jaks <>

 > I wish you luck.  But I'd make this observation: without press
 > coverage, and radio and television, it's a waste of effort.  Some
 > time spent figuring out ways to juice up the campaign is called
 > for.  For example, look at the British guys.  They are closing
 > bridges (The London Bridge no less).  They are closing down
 > Parliament (the condoms filled with pink flour).  Batman, Father
 > Christmas, etc., all have visual impact.  That's why they get the
 > press.

Yes, they do a great job and are better organized. They have had some
big stories, but there have also been little incidents.  Right now
I'm just a little incident with some local press coverage, but maybe
it is still a big story?  I don't see it at all as a waste of effort.
I have done what I have felt called and obliged to do for my son and
tried to act with Faith and Love (NonViolent Action).  If it turns
into a BIG story, I'll be quite satisfied.  If it always stays a
little story, I'll be quite satisfied.

I welcome thoughts on 'juicing up' the campaign -- I'm just one
parent silently carrying a picture of my child (and some others), but
if there were a few others with me -- it is a powerful message.

--- Phillip Mann <>

 > John -what about getting your story told in the media - instead of
 > in prison? Have you tried the 20/20 types of shows? Seems you'd
 > have more luck with that than trying to get in to Hillary - which
 > by the way is going to escalate somehow into felony stalking - 3 or
 > 5 years in jail won't help you get your kid back - telling your
 > story on national tv might. I wish you well John, and keep in mind
 > this proverb "If you keep walking into a wall, and the wall doesn't
 > move, change direction" Philip Mann

You are right about the media and I do work hard to get attention.
We've had a good amount of local stories, but they won't cover it
again unless there is something 'new'.  The 'new' thing would be
getting some more parents involved and a mother or father could show
up at any time.

--- Edward Kruk <>

 >>1. Right to be a parent - how important and why?

 > NOT IMPORTANT in my opinion.  Obligations precede rights.  It is
 > the obligation of the court to support parents (fathers) in the
 > fulfillment of their parental obligations; instead they relieve
 > parents of their obligations, thereby harming the child.  Rights
 > are worth nothing unless another recognizes their obligation to
 > respect them.

 >>2. I'm just one - how do I help?

 > Engage in dialogue about meaningful non-violent civil disobedience.
 > And don't pussyfoot around.

 >>3. Not seeing your kids - does it get any worse & giving up?

 > It doesn't get any worse, but things can and do get worse. Be
 > prepared for much suffering.

 >>4. Why Jail & what to do about hate, anger, revenge?

 > Put hatred from you. Be prepared to forgiove, for your own

 >>5. Child Support - it is NOT about the money.

 > Child support is an anachronism. Your kids need YOU, not your money.

 >>6. A criminal - still a parent?

 > YES, still a parent. Always a parent.

 >> Some good points were raised about reform: what it will be, and
 >> how it will be achieved?  Many people wonder why parents haven't
 >> 'joined forces' -- perhaps we still don't share common goals?
 >> This is a BIG message, but if you read only one message -- please
 >> read the comments of Jahlul (below).  He truly captures what we
 >> are fighting for and why!

 > The only goal in my opinion is equal shared parenting. CAN WE AGREE
 > ON THAT? Noncustodial mothers need to be engaged in the cause.

Thanks for the input.  Never thought of things the way you mentioned
above about "obligations" verus "rights" -- if you have time, could
you put a little more details in those ideas and I can share them on
the list.

--- Ms. P.J. Stewart <


--- Ron <>

 > I am very impressed with your efforts. I am faxing your 29 page of
 > letters, resume etc to Mr. Walker Senate Ethics committee and
 > asking to speak with him for a response on civil rights of parents
 > and children that are being outrageously and systematically
 > violated by our state courts.

 > I will continue to fax it to him every day until he responds about
 > your efforts and what he intends to do about the Civil rights
 > violations of parents and children.

 > Do you have Mr. Walker's Ph number? I can also find that out from
 > here. I live in VA and work in Washington D.C at the Pentagon. It
 > would be a pleasure to help you in your ( our) efforts in any way
 > possible.

Thanks for the help!  I would encourage you to try to reach the
elected committee members also.  You can get all their contact
information at the Senate web site, -- I
should have included it in our message.

 > If you or your team shows up in D.C for any reason, I can be a
 > host, provide transportation, accommodation etc.

Thank you!

 > Sincerely,
 > Ron Jagannathan
 > I enjoy reading your emails from

 > PS: I staged my own civil disobedience protest in Fairfax VA and
 > went to jail for 90 days. I refused work release and organized a
 > boycott of fatherhood classes at the jail because it brainwashes
 > fathers into submission rather than empowers them into equal
 > participation of parenting children.

Yes, I find the 'fatherhood' initiatives VERY disturbing.  They seem
to focus on just 'paying' for your kids, not on being an EQUAL parent
and getting back involved in their lives.

 > I am prepared to do it again. The only problem with me is I am not
 > a U.S citizen so I should be more careful.

Yes, in these days that could be a problem!  But it seems you are a
good leader and can help other 'citizens' to act!

--- Jim Pleace <>

 > I often wonder who will notice with you in the Gerbil cage....we
 > know and we care but we are the aware. Sen. Clinton as the poster
 > child for feminazis doesn't care either. I wish I knew a better
 > solution....I have been asked to write editorials but my enthusiasm
 > for that is about nil. I don't think it will make a bit of
 > difference. I have my kids tonight and ignoring them to write an
 > op-ed would be ludicrous.

 > You summed it up best; Our Christmas experience must have been very
 > similar then "BANG" they're gone. Dead silence. It is a travesty.
 > "I had a great Christmas with my 11 year old son, Domenic.  Twelve
 > days together and we were going all the time!  Trying to catch up
 > on all the things we wanted to do -- it was almost funny.  Then the
 > clock ran out and it was done.  I still remember all his tears.
 > What a crazy system we have, what a disgrace, what an indiginity to
 > any family!"  Eloquently put my friend. It is indeed crazy,
 > disgraceful and not really funny. Take care of yourself.

3. Perserverance & Reunion - child finds parent!

--- James Quirk <>

 > Reunited!  My name is James Quirk and I am the proprietor of the
 > I set this
 > site up in hope that my son Andrew would find it and know I loved
 > and missed him, but most importantly never forgot him. IT WORKED!
 > Below is the text from my son's email message to me, an e-mail I
 > can't read without totally breaking down with tears of joy!
 > get_message&mview=1&ID_Message=102&LastModified=4675492976807504201

 >> hello this is andrew... I'm not sure if you will get this
 >> message.. the post seems old... i keep trying to e-mail you but it
 >> wont seem to work... i have an AIM screenname.. it is
 >> GuitarRomantics... or HeartofOak7 ... if you ever read this dad
 >> ... please IM me or try to send an E-mail i cant seem to find a way
 >> to contact you.

 > You can read the actual message on this sites board, its titled
 > Andrew Quirk. Within the same week he traveled from California to my
 > home in Ohio to be with me, but unfortunately his mother and
 > grandparents who conspired against him threatened to have me jailed
 > for kidnapping due to his efforts of reunifcation. This was relayed
 > to both my son and myself by the Alameda County Sheriff's
 > Department, so I agreed to his return to California so not to
 > subject him to further *&^%%&^*&*%$#@@! !!

 > Now the success story!

 > Andrew returned two weeks later and now is enrolled in high school
 > here, and has convinced his mother and grandparents to transfer
 > physical custody to me (his father)!

 > My son was told that I was dead and now is willing to tell his story
 > to help others, kids, parents, courts!

 > Is there anyone out there can help us tell this story?

4. Our mailbag - your messages.

--- Beverly <>

 > I am new so I know that what I say might not have an impact as much
as other members who have been fighting the cause. I for one have
loved seeing the actions of "Father's 4 Justice" and how they get
attention and if they are arrested the world knows about it. They
manage to grab attention of the world with things they do and it
doesn't seem to be just getting arrested.


--- Karen Burnham <>

 > Comments:: My children need a voice as they have been hurt by the
 > Texas government which invaded our family. In 2002 the Texas AG
 > sued my husband for paternity establishment on a 17-year-old he had
 > no knowledge of. The mother purposely concealed paternal knowledge
 > until it was convenient for her. My husband was blindsided and our
 > family suffered as his wages were garnished at $500 a month for
 > over two years under the guise of "child support" for a grown
 > stranger, an invisible "child".

 > The mother says she purposely denied knowledge becaus eshe set
 > another nman up as father. The Texas AG and their IV-D court went
 > along with this scheme to harrass us and steal our money. This
 > disruption of our family has damaged us emotionally and
 > financially. This government harrassment of our family started when
 > our children were 6 and 9 years old.  They are now ages 11 and
 > 8. It's unfair that they had been tossed aside by the government
 > and robbed of their financial support.

 > Please give my precious children a voice in your action
 > efforts. I've been trying to deal with the Texas legislature and
 > get nowhere. It's all so corrupt. Laws allowing women to conceal
 > paternity for 17 years and still be able to establish paternity and
 > collect money called "child support" are not created with good
 > intent, it's all about the money.

--- Cindy <>

 > Comments:: Concerning the Parental Rights being so easily
 > Terminated with out real Physical Evidence ever being introduced
 > into any Court Hearings.Also the Laws need to be more defined in
 > the areas of Child Neglect and Endangerment and Abuse. I am not
 > alone with the way these Family and Criminal Courts are handling
 > each type of case.The Goverment Agencies can break the Laws and
 > their own Policies and these Laws and Policies are the same ones
 > they are able to Prosecute us under.We need to get this Reform in
 > action.

We all quite agree with you.  We have a draft Family Rights Act at
the web site, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/act.htm -- in summary,
government can't interfere in your relationship with your children
unless you are conviced in a criminal court of being a demonstrated
harm to the kids and a jury give a unanimous verdict.

                                        John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org                "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
Toll Free (877) 635-1968(x-211)        http://www.AKidsRight.Org/

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