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[AKidsRight.Org] The Power of Goodness - Actions April 13, 14, 15 for reform.

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Sun Apr 10 2005 - 21:09:00 EDT

Good People & People of Faith:

I'll be returning to the Syracuse Federal on Wednesday, the 13th,
and then on the 14th, 15th, 18th....  Each day at 2pm you will find
me there and I'll wait till 2:15 to start activities, in case you
decide to make the trip.  I usually take the Bus downtown and if you
get there early you can find me at the Cathedral off Columbus Circle
a little after 1pm.  If you can come even earlier you are welcome to
drop by my office in the morning.

It's always nice to meet someone in person and associate a face with
an email address!  The web site has details and directions:

Why the change in pace?  This could turn into a lot of arrests, a
lot of charges, and more jail time than I've ever had before. But I
think it's time we get done with all this don't you?  Have our
meeting with Senator Clinton and start to put reform on the National
agenda.  Move from her to other Members of Congress.  Get a call for
Congressional hearings -- start framing a Family Rights Act.

The web site has been there for almost ten years. Some of you have
been on the mailing list that long.  There has been a LOT of talk
about NonViolent Action and Faith and the critical part that
personal sacrifice can play in getting GREAT RIGHTS recognized.
Aren't you starting to get a little bored at all this?  Heard it all
before?  Does this NonViolent Action stuff work?

The Power of Goodness
Last Thursday I was standing in front of the Federal Building and it
was a little after two.  Looking at the huge flag pole they have out
front.  At half mast in respect for Pope John Paul II.  I was
thinking about that when I had a "Joan of Arcadia" moment. A city
bus went by the building (and no, God wasn't driving it).  The side
of the bus was painted black and with big white letters, the message
(for a local school), "The Power of Goodness" -- imagine that!

That thought has stayed with me and ripened.  Have you spent much
time thinking about the Power of Goodness and Family Law Reform?
Have you used yours much?  I think we all know that when we bitch
and moan about how bad the system is and the people are -- we aren't
using the Power of Goodness.  When we know we ought to act, but we
don't, because we are afraid -- we aren't using the Power of

What is the Power of Goodness? The Power of Love. The Power of God.
The greatest Love -- personal sacrifice.

I appreciate the messages many of you have written and that have
appeared as FEEDBACK.  But perhaps you have been too easy?  The most
'biting' criticisms accept someone else's tenets -- and draws a
different result.  What about what we have at the website about
NonViolent Action & Reform: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/approach.htm

We have held up the ideal that people willing to demonstrate: Faith,
Love, and Personal Sacrifice can be the means of effective social
change. More specifically, that Parents can promote Family Law
reform by demonstrating:

1) Faith in a loving God, 

2) Love for their children, former spouses, and other "brothers and sisters", and 

3) Willingness to make Personal Sacrifice, 

NonViolent Action allows you to demonstrate through "unambiguous
physical action" the depth of your Faith and belief in your "cause."
It is a positive demonstration of love given at sometimes tremendous
personal cost.

* John, you talk about a 'Leap of Faith' -- your leaps haven't been
very big or very often. You just haven't had any luck getting a big
crowd of people in the effort.  You've waited years to give things a
chance to mature -- now what?  Its either give it up as a bad idea
or take it to the next level -- the scary level. Where is the Faith?

* John, you were planning on only two more visits to the Federal
Building.  Trying to keep it 'safe', a manageable set of charges and
hopefully time to complete any jail sentence by the first week in
June. Why?  So you can see your son Domenic and have your summer
together.  Don't you care?  Every month reform waits, thousands and
thousands of parents and children get ground up by the system. Where
is the Love?

* John, you compare this effort to the sacrifices made by people in
India to achieve independence -- or of Black Americans to destroy
segregation. But you act like a few occasional trips to jail is
comparable to people who lost everything?  Where is the Sacrifice?

It Feels Good
I've thought about this for a few days and it feels right.  It may
be a very painful path, but I have no doubt good things will
happen. The help of all you as things progress will certainly be
important.  PLEASE, certainly don't see this as some last ditch
effort or a last gasp -- hardly.  It is just time, the right time
to act and with greater confidence than before.

Hope to see some of you in person later this week.  Please just stop
by to say hello and watch what happens.  It will mean a lot!

Best regards!
                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org                "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
Toll Free (877) 635-1968(x-211)        http://www.AKidsRight.Org/
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