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[AKidsRight.Org] Senator Clinton Help Us (May 6th - Syracuse) / Your FEEDBACK

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 15:34:13 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

I wanted to share some of your FEEDBACK to recent messages
below. Most importantly I wanted to share some 'good' news on
planned attendance for our Mother's Day event at the Syracuse
Federal Building scheduled for this Friday (May 6th).

Our goal was to help convince Senator Clinton of the need to meet
with parents regarding reform.  We wanted mothers & fathers to
bring their stories and drop them off at the Senator's local
offices.  After that, those who wished could take some chalk and
write "I LOVE YOU" to their kids in the Federal Plaza.

The 'good' news is that planned attendance can only increase!  Right
now we have ZERO people who have registered at the site or contacted
me directly about being there.  I would like to send out a News
Release and try to get some TV coverage there (you know they will be
looking for stories with a Mother's Day theme).  But first I need to
know some people are coming...

If you have been on the list for a while you know the number of
FEEDBACK messages that have 'skewered' Senator Clinton for not
caring about reform -- but what can we seriously expect when we
don't show ourselves?

Please, this really isn't meant to criticize.  There are a lot of
valid excuses out there (I have used many of them in the past
myself)....  This is not something new in the history of Civil
Rights.  But it should give us something to think about. It is hard
to get started.

Hopefully more of us will soon think this type of thing 'matters'
enough to drive 300 miles, take a day off from work, etc... because
it matters to us.  Because we believe that even if no one else cares
or shows, that our being there will matter. Our action will matter.

I will be there on Friday.  Hope to see you to!  For a detailed
schedule and plans, see http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr

Your FEEDBACK regarding Senator Clinton 
You can see the original of recent message regarding Mother's Day
events and a meeting Agenda for Senator Clinton on our list archive
at http://www.AKidsRight.Org/archive/archive2005


> You're going about it the exact right way. Very impressive.

--- "bif" <>

> the scary thing is john, this is the woman that wants to be
> president bif

Well, you may have a point.  But what may be scarier than that is
the Ms. Clinton, a very good politician, doesn't feel that Family
Law reform is even a minor blip on the political radar? In our past
history Civil Right's action have eventually had broad political
support -- we have a way to go!


> I would be out there every time you went in full Wonder Woman gear
> HELP US!  I have called her office and told them to invite you up.
> Our government doesn't care about its people. WW

Thanks for the message and especially for contacting her offices.
Every call makes a BIG difference.

--- "Mike Kosak" <>

> how about getting a day where 20 or 30 people get together and
> write "sen Clinton help" all at the same time?

Yes, that is what I say in the message in the What is Next section.
We are trying to get a bigger group of people together.

--- Fran <>

> Keep up the good work in your efforts to meet with Hillary.
> Hillary only raised one daughter.  What does she know about men,
> sons, fathers, and kids need for a father??  Help her to
> understand.  Did she ever love her father, and was he ever
> important to her.  Does she care about her husband, or does she
> just want to use him for her own benefit??

Yes, we do need to show her our experiences.

--- "Roger Knight" <>

> Keep it up, Johnny!  You're doing it exactly right!  Wonder if the
> federal government will set up a program where they will give away
> surplus chalk to the poor.  Imagine the cost to the taxpayers of
> storing all those pieces of chalk in warehouses!

That is a great one!  Thanks for bringing a smile to my face!

--- Ann Borba <>

> God bless you and keep you safe!!! Do you want letters from other
> states?  I would be happy to write about what has happened to me
> here in CA although I still share children are still
> victims of custody or some custody--any child
> brainwashed to hate a parent needs to have the torture
> stopped.......I admire your courage and love....Ann

You are certainly welcome to write the Senator.  She is a national
figure and it will let her know the extent of the problem.  This is
not just a 'New York' issue.

--- "Kim Berry" <>

> Not sure you'd be willing to travel to Sacramento for this - I
> believe you are somewhere in central valley. In any event it would
> be great to meet up and rally our forces.
> I'm part of <> and
> support Newdow's constitutional fight within family court as well.

--- David Johnson <>

> I wonder - would it be possible to "buy" some ad space on a
> building across from the Federal Building, particularly in front
> of Senator Clinton's office window, and install a large banner
> with the same message, "Senator Clinton - Please Help Us", signed
> by parents?  I'm certain you could get donations to cover the
> costs, either by raising funds somehow or other - selling t-shirts
> and buttons may be a good idea. Sometimes the "bigger" the
> message, the stronger the impression...
> Just a suggestion, let me know if you're interested.

Yes, that is a very good idea and would certainly make an impact!
It would just take someones time to collect the bucks and set it all
up.  I will share it with the list to see if anyone is interested.

- Followup from David

> I will donate what I can to the cause, I wish I were local so that
> I could take on some of the responsibilities to try to set it up,
> but perhaps there are others in your area - kids perhaps, who
> could make the banner at a nominal charge?  Then someone would
> need to look for good market space to hang the banner and
> negotiate with the businesses in the office, asking only for a
> couple of hours for the banner.  I know there's a time constraint,
> have you received any feedback from any volunteers?

--- Donna <>

> ... remember US Senator Clinton may make a run for the
> President. She has to look like she really cares about the people.
> She doesn't want any bad publicity.  We also have media bias, so
> the media that should do your story will not because it would not
> look good for the Democrats as Clinton is a Democrat and the
> Democrats want her to become the next President.  Most of your
> large media is controlled by Democrats.  Try asking one of the US
> Senators who is a Republican within the Family and Children
> Committee for assist and let them know that you cannot get your
> own US Senator Clinton to assist.  Remember its all about
> Politics.

--- "Cecile" <>

> Loved it. This is great and a good example to fallow.
> I would like to post this on our Vermont group and see where and how
> far it will get me to hold these meetings here.
> Thanks for all the work you are doing. There are leaders and there
> are followers and you are surely a leader.

--- "Help-4-Kids" <>

> My heart is with you John having gone thru considerable anguish with
> the Family Law System in Australia in protecting and defending my
> children Danielle and Andrew's rights and safety.

> I never lost them in my heart, as is the case with you no doubt with
> your child. This gave me purpose, strength and determination to get
> my children back home, which i did.

> We all have to do what is right in our own hearts - Keep being true
> to yourself.

> Most people are either fearful, complacent or ignorant of the issues
> surrounding Family Law injustice, hence refuse to stand by your
> side. We've had the same problem in OZ. If I was in Syracuse America
> I would be out the front supporting you.

> Take care - god is by your side!

--- Casse Forczek <>

> According to Karen DeCrow, former president of the National
> Organization for Women:

> "If there is a divorce in the family, I urge a presumption of joint
> custody of the children. Shared parenting is not only fair to men
> and children, it is the best option for women. After observing
> women's rights and responsibilities for more than a quarter of a
> century of feminist activism, I conclude that shared parenting is
> great for women, giving time and opportunity for female parents to
> pursue education, training, jobs, careers, profession and
> leisure. There is nothing scientific, logical or rational in
> excluding men or forever holding women and children as if in
> swaddling clothes in an eternally loving bondage. Most of us have
> acknowledged that women can do everything that men can do. It is
> time now for us to acknowledge that men can do everything women can
> do."

                                       John Murtari
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