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[AKidsRight.Org] Murtari climbs again - NO arrest! / Your FEEDBACK and contacting Sen. Clinton

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From: John Murtari (
Date: Mon Aug 22 2005 - 13:25:43 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains some recent news on the efforts in Syracuse
and also a collection of your FEEDBACK.

1. Syracuse - Murtari climbs again - NO arrest!
2. Your FEEDBACK - messages to Senator Clinton.
3. Senator Clinton - office contact info.
4. Your FEEDBACK - climbing the sculpture & the effort with Senator Clinton.

1. Syracuse - Murtari climbs again - NO arrest!
I thought someone else would be writing this part of the message
today. I returned to the Federal Building at about 10 AM to attempt
another climb of the sculpture.  I tried a different time of day to
avoid having them waiting for me.

When I approached the building, no security was outside.  I climbed up
again and unrolled our banner with the message "Senator Clinton - Help
Us!".  I also carried our petition with pictures of parents and
children.  A few minutes later a Federal Police officer approached me
and asked, "John, when do you plan on coming down?"  I told him 11
O'clock.  He walked away and for the next 50 minutes they just
monitored me.  We have pictures at the web site, check:

At about 10:50 the security staff walked inside the building.  At 11 I
came down. No one approached me.  I waited around for a while and then
left.  It was a bit unexpected.  The more people that call the
Senator's offices the better, contact info is below, and please let us

Aug 25th - PLEASE MAKE an effort to come to Syracuse
We are planning a peaceful public gathering starting at about 2PM on
Thursday, August 25, at the Federal Building. If you plan on making
the trip, please write a two page summary of your 'story' and include
a color photographs of you and your kids.  Make three copies and you
can drop it off not only with the staff of Senator Clinton, but also
with Senator Schumer, and Congressman James Walsh (all have offices in
the building and are aware of our issues).

I would love to have the opportunity to meet with people in
person. Discuss goals and what our strategy should be as this efforts
continues.  I also welcome people to visit me at my offices in
Baldwinsville, just north of Syracuse, that morning (or any time as
long as you give me a call in advance).  Please make sure to check
the web site for details or any last minute changes!  My number:
877-635-1968, x-211

PLEASE, if we want the Senator to respond, we also have to make an
effort.  Just YOU can make a big difference!  Just taking some time
off and making the trip could save me from having to make some
difficult decisions about other future activity.  Write your story,
personally deliver it.  They are paying attention now -- it will make
you feel good!

2. Your FEEDBACK - messages to Senator Clinton

--- Janet Davies, aka WonderWomanUSA <> 

> DONE!  I just got off the phone with Senator Clinton's assistant and
> I told her to invite John Murtari up for coffee and ask him what its
> all about!  I told them he is not a terrorist, he won't hurt you,
> he's just am American and that Senator Clinton at least owes him a
> hearing!  God bless America, God Bless Our Families and God bless
> John Murtari for standing up for what he believes is right!  GO JOHN!

--- Shelly Barreras <>

> I called yesterday afternoon, it was after hours so I left a very
> nice respectful message. Thank you for being the man you are, I'm
> proud of you!

--- Tammy Bowman <>

> Yes, I was at LEAD day, in the brown suit.  And just so that you
> know, I did call Sen. Clinton's office, left a message re:Equal
> Shared Parenting.  Not surprisingly they didn't respond.

--- bif <>

> any man crazy enough to take a chance getting arrested, I will be
> more then happy to call sen Clinton's office Monday Hes got guts

--- Glenn <>

> Follows is the email I sent to Sen Clinton.

> Thank you for your efforts to save our nation's children!  A 22 year
> Air Force veteran who separated from service in-lieu of retirement
> to eliminate "military affiliation" as grounds for denied custody -
> they took my kids anyway!

--- Tom Miller <>

> This is great, along with all your other efforts at non-violent
> protest and POSITIVE attention getting.  You're a true hero, and an
> up and coming Gandhi or MLK.  Keep it up!

> I called and left a message with Sen. Clinton's office Friday
> afternoon when I got home and read your e-mail after reading the
> same "marked URGENT" message on the Mich Dads group.  I let them
> know who I was and that I'm in Utah and that I was calling in
> regards to your current situation on the artwork and that I wanted
> to increase the senator's sensitivity to our issues and that I
> hopped the senator would meet with you and a group of concerned
> parents, and that I hoped senator Clinton would come to be
> recognized as being on the right side of these parents' and
> children's rights issues, just like she would have wanted to be on
> the right side of slavery and black rights issues of the mid 20th
> century, since this is just as big of a top priority basic human
> rights issue.

--- Dr. Malcolm Hatfield, MD <> 

> I faxed the attached to both fax numbers....
----------------------- fax message

If you are a successful business person considering moving your
business to Wisconsin you need to realize how Wisconsin's "Family
Courts" work.  I have personally witnessed all of the following after
moving my medical practice and family to Wisconsin from Illinois in
1989.  The following items are not only legal, but are strongly

1.  Your spouse can file for divorce at any time through "no fault" of

2.  Your spouse can file allegations of abuse at any time.  No
physical proof is required.  No criminal conviction is necessary.
Wisconsin's "Family Courts" will choose the easy way out and "err on
the side of the safety of the child".  Polygraph tests that you pass
with flying colors are not admissible in court.

3.  You and your parents may have no contact with your kids for months
through "no fault" of your own.

4.  Your spouse can alienate your kids against you.  Wisconsin's
"Family Courts" will do nothing.

5.  If your income is over $50,000.00 per year, your child support
obligation will far exceed your half of the actual cost of raising
your kids.  Your child support will be used to subsidize your spouse's
lifestyle and allow your spouse to forego their financial obligation
to the kids.  You will have no knowledge or consent over how the money
is spent.

6.  You can and will be jailed if you fail to pay your child support.

7.  You can and will be assessed other costs incurred by the court,
such as legal fees, expert fees, supervisor fees, social worker fees.
This is true whether or not you had knowledge of or agreed to any of
these costs.

8.  If you don't or can't pay these fees, you will be sentenced to
jail.  This is considered the "criminalization of parenthood".

9.  Your spouse can be allowed by Wisconsin's "Family Court" to move
out of State with your kids despite your objections.

10.  You will learn the hard way that Wisconsin's "Family Court" and
its agents have total control of your kids.  They can and will force
you to adopt their values and attitudes.  Otherwise you will not see
your kids.  All of this happens without public knowledge under a
strict closed court seal.

11.  If you make any attempt whatsoever to see your kids outside of
the narrow guidelines ordered by the court or if you violate the
closed court seal by publicizing your plight, you will be thrown in
jail with no work release.  You will then by default be unable to pay
court ordered costs.  You can lose your business, your job, your

12.  You can and will be ordered to appear in court during working
hours or lose your kids.  Time will be spent away from your source of
income.  Your business will suffer as a result.

13.  Your kids will suffer as a result of being raised in an
environment void of one parent.  My daughter, now 16 years old lives
in Illinois with her mother.  She has been diagnosed with inflammatory
bowel disease and is committed to a ten year, two prescription drug
regimen.  She has recently taken her third round of steroids.
------------- end fax message

3. Senator Clinton's Contact Information
You don't have to be from New York -- this is a National issue and she
wants to be the next President of the United States of America.  You
do not have to mad or angry, just a two minute phone call that says:

"Please let the Senator know I'm a parent and I love my kids.  We were
separated in a process that never recognized or tried to protect a
basic Civil Right we have to 'family'.  To be together.  We need to
think about protecting Family Rights across our country.  Until it
happened to me, I never realized what an important right it is.  I
hope she will take the time to meet with parents..."

No anger, no revenge, no name calling.  I love my kids.  The
separation is the most God awful thing I have ever experienced. A
basic Human right was violated.  We need to do something. Like the
rights we have that protect accused criminals in every State of the
Union.  We need to establish similar rights protecting the family.

Syracuse Local rep, Cathy Calhoun,
tel: 315-448-0470, fax: 315-448-0476

Washington Scheduling Office, Lona Valmoro (Senior Advisor to the Senator),
tel: 202-224-4451, fax: 202-228-0121 

4. Your FEEDBACK - climbing the sculpture & the effort with Senator

--- "C. Lanzisera" <>

>  Keep up the good work!

--- David Millar <>

> Well done! -dwm-

--- "Liam's Dad" <>

> Way to go John! :-)

--- Shelly Barreras <>

> What an amazing thing you did! May Hillary now speak. What a
> blessing you are to all of us. In costume or not, go superhero go! 
> Thank you!

--- Annette <>

> Your News Release is up on
> Thanks for keeping me informed.

---  Mike  <>

> God Bless you, John. Although I think asking Hillary is a mis-guided
> effort, you have my full support.  Be careful and stay safe.

--- Peter Burns <>

> Great stuff John - in solidarity brother - 4 the Children .

--- Burnaby Batman <>

>  Greetings John from Vancouver BC Canada and the > Burnaby
>  Batman.....................

>  I have been following with great interest your on > going actions
>  on behalf of us all and I salute you sir > for your
>  efforts........................

>  You are an inspiration to many...........

>  Best Wishes: Rob Robinson - Canada's First Batman - 

--- mona_lena1 <>

> and it goes on and on 
> no one seems to connect, we are all burned out and we end up,
giving up! 
> John thank you for doing this!!! Am glad you did not fall off!
> For the week of Equal Parenting I decided to have my car be my
driving bulletin board                   

--- "Jeremy Swanson" <>

> John every scrap of admiration I can muster in these difficult times
> goes out to you Bud. You are another personal hero of mine. Well
> done. I am sure a lot of other Canadian Dads admire your courage and
> sheer guts. You can't do anything in terms of Canadian Law of course
> but I would love to see you succeed in your mission nevertheless. I
> wish we could find a Canadian Version of you to do something right
> here in Ottawa. We have Superheroes in the F4J movement and they do
> sterling work when they do it but so far nothing has happened here
> even closely related to the action you have taken.  In the US
> context I hope your action makes a difference bud. All power to ya!

--- Anon <>

> I think this is really admirable. You go!!! Just a few suggestions:
> I am also working on outlining a plan for reform in the courts with
> regard to these issues. We need to change the laws across the
> board. This means working on federal legislation not just local
> senators.  Good luck. I pray your lobbying is successful. Perhaps
> you could be more brief in your requests. If you are succinct you
> will get more positive responses. Remember to keep it simple.

--- Jeff Golden <>

> Is there a sign on the alleged "sculpture" in front of the Syracuse
> Federal Building that says "No Trespassing.  This sculpture is a
> work of art.  Keep off!" or anything like that?  From what I can see
> in the photos, it doesn't look like sculpture to me; it looks like
> the "jungle-gym" that was in my grade-school playground in Newark,
> New Jersey in the 1950s.  It looks to me like something that was
> MEANT to be climbed on.
> (For those of you who grew up in the recent years of overprotected
> children playing only on soft plastic and rubber playground
> equipment with soft mulch under it to catch them if they fall,
> jungle-gyms were made of steel pipes, and stood in hard dirt,
> asphalt or concrete playgrounds.  Kids actually played on them --
> and occasionally fell off.  When my kids were little, they loved to
> go to the "old-fashioned" playground near our home.  It actually had
> a 12 foot high steel slide.  They had to climb up the ladder by
> themselves to slide down it.)

--- "MichaelB" <>

> Bless you for ALL of us and ALL of our children. I have thought of
> getting myself up to Albany to camp out in front of the legislature
> but I have not yet been in the position do take that kind of action.

> But I applaud your courage, your fortitude, and your wisdom. 

> I fully agree with your position and strategy. I have skimmed some
> of the correspondence between you and others. Speaking of Senator
> Clinton or other officials as "enemies" is a MAJOR error. If we
> think of her as an enemy, she will be one.

> She is not our enemy, but she is a politician and will often be
> responsive to the largest or most vocal or best positioned
> constituencies. That's the way the system is designed to work.

                Yes, you are very right there!
> And Mrs. Clinton has actually voiced relatively moderate and
> open-minded positions on several subjects in the past year against
> anyone's prediction. Abortion rights is one such subject. I cannot
> see any great political rationale for this other than her own moral
> sensibility. It happens once in a while and we should give her the
> benefit of the doubt.

> I believe Mrs. Clinton can and will ultimately be one of our most
> important allies, because whether "we" (whomever "we" are) agree
> with her on every issue or not, when it comes to the issues where
> people's welfare is at stake, I believe she has good intentions. We
> must do nothing to alienate her or to make it easier for others to
> be dismissive of us in her name.

             Yes, she is in a powerful position to talk and lead
on Family issues.

> ... Another significant problem in my opinion, is when the members
> amongst us invoke religious justifications to support our
> cause. Individually and privately we may feel there is a religious
> rationale to our cause, but we should not need this
> component. Atheists and agnostics should have the same rights to be
> with their children as religious folks. Jews and Muslims should have
> the same rights as Christians. In other words, the moral and legal
> arguments should trump any religious one; ought to be more than
> sufficient; AND send the message that this right is universal,
> transcending any one's specific religion.

> In effect, invoking religion and religious language in our arguments
> only undermines the broader and more fundamental basis of our
> arguments in the LAW and, fairly or not, makes many people
> uncomfortable. That's reality these days in these-here United
> States.

> Our goal in this movement is to be in our children's lives, not to
> proselytize our religious beliefs -- important as they may be to
> each or any of us as individuals -- to society at-large.  My two
> cents.

> Again, keep up the great work. You are carrying the cause of
> thousands or millions on your back.

--- Tammy Bowman <>

> I'm around the corner from you, in the Utica area.  I too have
> written to Hillary with no response, several times.  I've also
> called, and written Sherwood Boehlert again with no response.

Yes, that is very common.  If it is an issues they don't want to take
a position on -- they just don't answer.  What are you going to do
about it?

> The Senators in our area, Raymond Meier, those at the local level
> (state) seem receptive to the concept of Equal Shared Parenting.  We
> met with David Valesky (he's yours...Syracuse) and he said that
> there isn't anything he can do unless we can get bills out of
> Assembly.

> Assembly's the problem, John.  Our Family and Children's committee
> met with many of us and we continue to push Bill A330 for Equal
> Shared Parenting.  We could really really use your focus here, on
> the Assembly.  Please meet with them, tell them your situation, your
> desire for 50/50 Equal Shared Parenting.

Yes, I've been to some of the Albany efforts. I don't anything to
happen.  As a group we are focusing at the Federal Level to get the
basic issue of Civil Rights for Families defined and protected first.
I may have met you at the lobby day in Albany this spring?  Don't know
if you were there?

> Senator Clinton is really a lost cause, she is completely
> unconcerned about the events that destroy the lives of children of
> NY...does Arkansas have Equal Shared Parenting...guess that's all
> that matters to her.

> I helped vote her in, thought she'd do a good job, now I'll help
> vote her out...

> I've posted on Eliot Spitzers blog.  Spitzer is endorsed by Sam Hoyt
> of Buffalo...we need to let THEM know that we are here & get in
> their face until they do what is expected of them...WORK FOR US!

> Tam
> Oneida County Coordinator, FaFNY, 
> Father's & Family's NY

--- "Franny" <>

> John, I would have love to have gone with you however I just got
> involved with this. You are a blessing and I will do intersessary
> prayer as would expect those who can no go if we all stand in
> agreement at the same time you go it would be of great strength. The
> question I would like to have put forth is "How many of these
> children are now at the age of majority to vote"? God Bless you and
> yours! Thank you for all your efforts.Remember that we have the
> Authority! I don't mean to get up on the soap box so I am stepping
> up to the plate with one hell of a big bat. Bring it home. If I had
> a nickel right now I'd be beside you.I have dealt with the US
> Federal Gov all my life as I am over 1/2 Native American. I don't
> show all that so I have had the opportunity to hear the
> puns. However it is all about the children. Blessings!

--- Al <>

> Good luck and don't give up.  My best trait is that I don't go away.
> I may not take the time to argue with others, or tell them their
> limitations.  What do I know?  I've had the experience of being at
> the right time and the right place and said the right thing and
> guess.  Things changed for the better.  This has encouraged me to
> keep at it. Anyone who is working for helping kids maintain contact
> with their parents has my support.  I don't know how many times I've
> been told I need to organize all the different groups together as a
> way to create some change. These people have no clue to how much
> energy is in getting and keeping a group of people together. 

> It became clear to me that changing my approach would be helpful in
> being more successful.  It became clear that another name for
> organization is dysfunctional family. The only reason I'm President
> of COPS is that I'm the only one willing to show up the most number
> of times.  One of my latest campaigns is to do away with the term,
> "Visitation" How ethnocentric and degrading.  You don't have the
> right to visit your children, they have the right to be visited by
> you.  Any other position seems to put us in the position of being
> gr--dy d-rty r-t b-st-rds, excuse my language.  All I'm asking is
> that if you ever hear the term Visitation, Ask the question, "Don't
> parents Parent their children, not visit them?"  "And what do you
> mean when you say Visitation?"  There are kids that I get together
> with that are not my children, but I don't visit them, I mentor
> them.  Mentors are important, visitors you can forget.  Feel free to
> give some constructive feed back. Al Schafer President of COPS,
> Inc. California.

                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org                "A Kid's Right to BOTH parents"
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