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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Sun Jun 18 2006 - 15:49:26 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

Our Best Wishes to all you Dads -- especially those who won't be
seeing their children this weekend.  And MOST especially to you who
have "grown" children who don't even want to see you ... as a result
of our present "system" of Family Law.  What a tragedy!

What's unique about not seeing your kids on Father's Day.  Most
'other' people don't think it's a big deal.  It happens, get over it!
After all, men don't miss their kids?!  They aren't that emotional
about it!?  It's no big deal?!  Can you imagine that kind of thinking?
Telling me I don't love my kids the same as mom because I don't 'act'
the same way?  Can you imagine that?

There was also a time when good people thought segregation was the way
it was suppose to be -- that Blacks and Whites were different.  That
changed, and now the time has come for all parents to be recognized as
fit & equal.

We all join in prayer for a resolution to the pain we have felt, and
most of all for our kids.  And perhaps, one special item to keep in
mind: that we always anticipate a "change of heart" within our former
partner and ourselves that will allow us both to participate in the
lives of our children.

To get rid of the crutch, "they'll never change."
To remove the excuse, "it was ALL there fault."
To stop nursing on, "I was the victim."

No, we don't expect you to fall madly in love again, but:

To remember, "they are a good person."
To acknowledge, "they are my child's ONLY other parent."
To hope, "they will forgive me for what I did."
To forgive.

Yes, it sounds like pretty crazy, pie-in-the-sky stuff, but we also
know, "nothing is impossible with God."

Sen. Clinton, Aug 15th and a Personal Note
I do plan on resuming our NonViolent Action Campaign to get
Sen. Clinton to meet with parents hurt by the system.  The target date
is August 15th.  For some background, see

What will make it easier:

* Mothers and Fathers willing to show love by peaceful personal
sacrifice (and not afraid of handcuffs or a little time in jail).

* Mothers and Fathers willing to be present that day in Syracuse in a
show of support for the others.

* Mothers and Fathers willing to contribute to a legal defense fund
for the first group.

* Mothers and Fathers willing to spread the word to media contacts and

More on this later, but note that date in your calendar and think
about what role you might play?  Go to the web site. Read about what
has already happened and read about NonViolent Action in history,

Right now I have my son with me and we're enjoying just the first week
of a six week summer vacation. Right now we are raising a baby bunny,
6 newborn chickens (very cute!), and feeding a stray cat who has a
litter of kittens. Anyone can make reform happen, only I am the Father
of my child.  This afternoon we plan on going swimming down at the
creek and tonight he and I will be cooking some steaks on the grill.
We are fortunate.

My son is 13 years old now.  For over half his live he has lived about
1500 miles away with a spouse that sought to alienate us. Do you know
how lucky I feel?  How fortunate we are?  In the last week I have
talked to two parents, one in person, one over the phone.  A father
that hasn't seen his children in ONE YEAR.  Another a mom who hasn't
seen her teenage daughter in TWO YEARS!  No special reason -- it just
wasn't in their child's "best interest."  That's what Goliath said!

Preparing to give back.
I've often thought of the things I could have done better.  Hardly a
day goes by that I'm not rude or impatient or unthoughtful or lacking
in Faith and confidence in the future.  That's okay. I'm only
human. I'm really sorry, I haven't met any "Evil" people in the system
-- just more folks like myself.  This doesn't excuse what they (or I)
have done in the past, some of it is just plain wrong.  But I do not
make things better by demeaning myself or others -- we all learn.

It made me think about those old lessons of "humility" and awareness
of our own "sins."  Boy, there is a word that you don't here a lot --
sin.  What does it all mean for me? An awareness of the things that
"I" could have done better. Of the pain to others that "I" caused or
failed to relieve.  The awareness of the "plank in my eye" has helped
make me more understanding of the "speck in my brother's and sister's
eyes."  How about you?

August 15th is a chance for me to positively demonstrate my Faith in
what I believe in. To 'give back' to many of you who won't see your kids.
To show my great appreciation for what I have.

That I love my child more than anything else in the world and that the
system that separated us is profoundly wrong and needs to be changed
immediately.  Believe me, I know the "powerlessness" many of you have
felt in facing the system and watching your children's lives
destroyed.  On the 15th you have a chance to demonstrate your Faith in
the power of a loving God.

I have to be quite honest, I'm amazed it has taken so long to get more
people involved in this effort. I'm only looking for about 2 or 3 more
mothers and fathers -- you'd think we would be pushing people away!
Perhaps someday soon we will.

                                       John Murtari
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