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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Tue Aug 15 2006 - 13:14:42 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:
1. Many Thanks - Message from John in Jail
2. Contact John in Jail
3. How you can help - Contact the media and public officials.

1. Many Thanks - Message from John in Jail
My sincere appreciation for what so many have done on my behalf.  I am
very, very grateful!  It's no exaggeration to say you made a huge
difference in my future quality of life.  Now that I feel a bit better
let me share some thoughts.  (Full history at

Our Goal
We are mothers and fathers that want our human right to raise and
nurture our own kids to be recognized and protected.  We decide what
is in our "child's best interest."  We are good, average, and poor
parents -- but always growing with our kids.  We are FIT & EQUAL until
a criminal court finds us guility of being a demonstrated threat to
our kids.  A unanimous verdict from a jury of our peers -- parents.

Don't try this at home
Let's consider this a unique event in response to gross and repeated
injustice.  Some have called it a foolish act.  There can be a fine
line between bravery and stupidity.  I get very close to that border
and hope to avoid future visits!

I went into this a very healthy person, 5'8" and 155 pounds.  Last
week I was down to 127 pounds and have had vital signs that varied
from almost normal, to very low blood pressure, to a weak and
irregular pulse, to a resting heart rate of over 120 as the
dehydration became severe.  My blood sugar dropped to as low as 43,
but then actually climbed back to the 80s.  The Doctors told me the
body was tapping reserves of muscle.  I was blessed with a good set of
internal organs and they were degrading in text book order!

Where things are now
They started feeding me with a Nasal/Gastric tube on the 10th day
(last Thursday).  Today is Sunday (Aug. 13th) and I'm on a regular
feeding routine.  Three times a day with 2 cans of Carnation Instant
Breakfast (250 ml/each).

You can still eat with a NG tube and the Doc recommended I take some
juice/milk via mouth also.  They still bring me a full tray of regular
food, but I do not eat any of that.  The tube is annoying, sleeping is
difficult, and it hurts with every swallow.

NonViolent Action
For a while it seemed to be a game of 'chicken' with jail staff.
Doctors told me there would be no intervention unless there was a
medical emergency.  All I could think of was kidney failure, heart
failure, or loss of consciousness.  I was scared, but how could I back

NonViolent Action (http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil.htm), Faith, Love,
and Personal Sacrifice.  I was confronted by everything I had said to
many of you, to myself, my friends, and most of all to my son,

All I could do was pray and hope for good things and place more trust
in the loving God I say I believe in.

Your actions turned the tide.  The rally on Wednesday, the newspaper
stories on Thursday morning and a schedulled in-jail press interview
-- made good things happen.  Again, I am so grateful!

Out of Sync
Most people were so great and positive in their messages.  They talked
about "Our Goal" and the great love they have for their kids.

But some people still preferred to send a nasty message and gripe
about the Judge, or show their disgust for lawyers, or the anger they
have towards women or men.

Can we leave that behind?  It is not needed and only hurts us more.

What's Next
There may be a court date next week.  A chance for freedom or more of
the same.  Again, please accept my thanks!

Our long range goal is still to arrange a meeting with Senator Clinton
and with mothers and fathers hurt by the Nation's different Family Law
systems.  See http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr/.

2. Contact John in Jail
John's current mailing address is:

John Murtari
POD 5A-9
555 South State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

Please check http://www.AKidsRight.Org/john_jail_address.htm 
for any changes to this address.

3. How you can help - contact the media and public officials.
We have contact information for various public officials below.
Please write them and let them know you care about this. John can also
use financial help with his Legal Defense, that info also follows.

The MESSAGE should not be one of anger, but merely to say to them, We
love our children.  We have been denied our rights. We need
Congressional hearings into reform.

Please ask the Federal and County Prosecutors to examine what is
happening here.

If you have ideas for publicity or other actions in support, please
contact both:
Terri Stoddard (PR Person):  teri@AKidsRight.Org
Kevin Purdy (Webmaster):  webmaster@AKidsRight.Org

To ask Judge Hedges to reduce Murtari's sentence, call or write:

Judge Bryan Hedges
Onondaga County Family Court
401 Montgomery Street
Syracuse, NY 13202
(315) 671-2040

To make monetary donations:
Donations to Murtari's legal fund:
Mr. Charles Keller Esq.
Att: Murtari Legal Defense
9416 Carousel Center Drive
Syracuse, New York 13290

Donations of $100 for press releases:
Call Teri Stoddard at 877-635-1968 ex. 212.

Other donations:
Kids-Right Support c/o Software Workshop Inc.
Att: Media Fund
55 E. Genesee Street
Baldwinsville, NY  13027

To contact public officials on Murtari's behalf:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton (up for election this year)
James M. Hanley Federal Building 100 South Clinton Street P.O. Box 7378
Syracuse, NY 13261-7378
Phone: 315-448-0470, Fax: 315-448-0476

Congressman James Walsh (up for election this year)
James M. Hanley Federal Building 100 South Clinton Street P.O. Box 7306
Syracuse, NY 13261-7306
Phone: 315-423-5657, Fax: 315-423-5669

US Attorney Glenn Suddaby 
P.O. Box 7198 100 South Clinton Street Syracuse, NY 13261-7198
Phone: 315-448-0672, Fax: 315-448-0689

Onondaga County DA Bill Fitzpatrick 
(John already sent Mr. Fitzpatrick a sworn complaint about 
attorney misconduct and perjury -- check 
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/support_jm.htm, for details on April 26, 2006.)
505 S. Salina Street Syracuse, NY 13202
Phone: 315-435-2470

To contact the media:

Main Number:  585-546-5670
News Hot Line: 585-232-1010,

Newsroom: 585-222-1313
Newsroom Hotline: 585-334-8743,
News Fax: 585-334-8719 yourstories@13wham.com

WROC TV (CBS) - News Tip Line: 585-224-8888,
http://www.wroctv.com/  Newsroom@wroctv.com

WUHF (FOX) - News Hotline: (585) 262-FOX1
News Fax: (585) 232-3005  http://www.foxrochester.co

WIXT/WSYR (ABC 9) - Your stories: yourstories@9wsyr.com

WSTM (NBC 3/UPN 6) -
Newsroom: 315-477-9446
News Tips Line: 315-426-TIPS  news@wstm.com

WTVH (CBS 5) - http://www.wtvh.com/contactus/default.aspx
Main number: 315-425-5555

NEWS 10 NOW (24 Hour Local News) -
News Tips Line 1-866-4NEWS10
News Fax Line 1-866-634-4270

WCNY (PBS 24) - http://www.wcny.org/contact
Main number: 315-453-2424

Post Standard - City Paper  315-470-0011
Local News: citynews@syracuse.com ,
Court news:   Jim O'Hara, 315-470-2260, johara@syracuse.com

Times of Wayne County - Local Paper (weekly)

Finger Lakes Times - Local Paper (daily)
Lyons Reporter: Jim Miller jmiller@fltimes.com

NY Law Journal (Newspaper)  212-779-9200

Newsletter mailing list
Newsletter@kids-right.org  subscribe/unsubscribe info below:

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