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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2006 - 17:27:33 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:
1. Update & Recent News Coverage on John Murtari

1. Update & Recent news coverage on John Murtari
>From Teri Stoddard, Group PR person:

News10Now sent a reporter to interview John in jail.  The news story
that aired was wonderful.  John was able to talk about civil rights
and the video included footage they'd taken of the rally in Syracuse
on the 9th.  Here's the link:
http://www.news10now.com/content/story_links/?SecID=345&ArID=77342 I
called to thank them and the woman who answered the phone sounded
delighted.  Feel free to thank them yourselves!  (1-866-4NEWS10)

Here's a link to the audio version of the interview.  I'm not sure how
long the video will be on News10Now.  You can listen to the audio and
even download it with this link:

Doctors removed John's feeding tube Monday so his throat could heal
and he could get some sleep.  Wednesday the plan to reinsert it was
changed because he was no longer dehydrated.  They wanted him to eat
on his own, or at least to just be on a liquid diet.  John declined,
saying he's starting over, no food or water at all, except a small
amount of water to keep his mouth moist.  His health is expected to
decline more rapidly than the first time since he's starting out in
poor health, and it is.

When John called me this morning it was obvious he's already feeling
the effects of dehydration.  He lost his train-of-thought a couple of
times.  At least this time he remembered after a moment.  A few days
ago John weighed around 145 lbs.  Today he weighs 136.  His blood
sugar is 60, which is borderline.  He plans on conserving his energy
over the weekend.  I don't expect to hear from him again until Monday,
which concerns me considering how quickly his health is declining.

First and foremost he wants me to thank all of you for your support.
It means so much to him.  John is praying at least 3 times a day and
says it's his faith that gives him the courage to follow his
convictions.  He says he appreciates your prayers and letters very
much.  (Please keep the letters coming.)  He also wants me to remind
everyone to be kind when acting on his behalf.  He wants us to
criticize the system, not individuals.

John's mailing address is below.  Check
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/john_jail_address.htm for any address

John Murtari
POD 5A-9
555 South State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202

John's attorney, Charles Keller, visited him in jail today.  He told
John that Judge Hedges made it clear he would not allow John to appear
in front of him again, that John's only choices were to accept
probation or do the time.  Mr. Keller expects to appear in front of an
appellate judge early next week.  He's going to ask for a stay which
would get John out of jail.  John would appreciate donations to cover
the paperwork.  Mr. Keller has received over $300, but we need $400.
Thank you to those who've donated!

Mr. Charles Keller Esq.
Att: Murtari Legal Defense
9416 Carousel Center Drive
Syracuse, New York 13290

John is happy about the coverage we've gotten.  He'd like you to thank the
reporters, editors and/or producers:

Teri Stoddard on Krights Internet Radio, 8/3/06

Glenn Sacks Enewsletter, 8/8/06 

Jailed Activist Refusing Food - Syracuse Post Standard, 8/10/06

Lyons Man Refuses Food, Water - Finger Lakes Times, 8/10/06

Inmate: I don't recommend ... this. - Syracuse Post Standard, 8/12/06

Inmate from Lyons gets feeding tube - Finger Lakes Times, 8/15/06

Teri Stoddard on 101 Uses For Baby Wipes Podcast (33 mins in), 8/17/06

Michael McManus Syndicated Column - 8/19/06

Letters in Support printed in Syracuse Post Standard, 8/22/06

Glenn Sacks Enewsletter, 8/22/06 

A Question of Mack or Murtari - Mens News Daily, 8/23/06

Syracuse inmate on hunger strike - News10Now, 8/23/06

Numerous Blogs

John would also like you to call the news outlets that haven't run a
story yet, especially the television stations.

Main Number: 585-546-5670
News Hot Line: 585-232-1010,

Newsroom: 585-222-1313
Newsroom Hotline: 585-334-8743,

News Tip Line: 585-224-8888,

News Hotline: (585) 262-FOX1
News Fax: (585) 232-3005


WSTM (NBC 3/UPN 6) -
Newsroom: 315-477-9446
News Tips Line: 315-426-TIPS

WTVH (CBS 5) -
Main number: 315-425-5555

WCNY (PBS 24) -  
Main number: 315-453-2424

Times of Wayne County - They did a story on John previously.
Phone: (315) 986-4300

Calling is the best, but if you can only afford to email, the links
are here: http://www.AKidsright.Org/support_jm_contact.htm.

One idea to get people talking about this is for each of you to call
in to your local talk radio stations and start the discussion.
Remember, controversy is good, just remember to stay positive.  John
doesn't want blame put on any human being; it's the system we're

Please feel free to repost Teri's blog
(http://mensnewsdaily.com/category/blogettes/teri-stoddard/) with
updates about John (with a link) on other sites, especially those on
spirituality, religion and civil rights.  Does your church have a
newsletter you can send them to?


--- Edward Kruk

> Dear John,

> You are an inspiration to all of us going through the hell of
> witnessing a loving parent being forcefully removed from the lives
> of our children via sole custody orders.  I have not seen my own son
> Liam for three and a half years.

> During this time I have barely managed to keep my job as a
> university professor.  I am attacked from all sides who have a
> vested interest in maintaining the legal status quo, supported by my
> ex-wife, whose own university career has seen a huge boost as a
> result of her actions against me, and her willingness to sacrifice
> the well-being of our son.  There is complete indifference among all
> those around me.  I have had no help, as I fall prey to those who
> lie in wait to take advantage of the afflicted.

> My own faith keeps me going, but I often succumb to despair.

> Please know that you are in my thoughts and that you are making a
> huge difference to those so ground down by the system that they can
> no longer speak.

--- Jeff Tennis

> My name is Jeff Tennis, and for three years I've struggled to regain
> a relationship with my three kids, a great time, energy, but
> kissing and legal expense.  I appreciate your efforts and the
> efforts of all to maintain parent-child relations when ties have
> been severed for unjustifiable reasons.

> My wife accused me of domestic abuse, and despite over 50
> advidavits, witness testimony and direct evidence of areas in which
> my ex falsified testimony, the court granted wide acceptance of her
> allegations and made quick work of me.  In a matter of days I was
> taken from a church going husband and father of three, with an
> eighteen year employment history at a major private research
> university, to Charley Manson's right hand man.  $80,000 later I'm
> now seeing the kids a bit more -- three weekends a month and summer
> vacations.  It's likely I'll never own a home again.  Totally
> disgraceful situation.  Honestly, though, I do have one concern and
> I'm wondering if you've ever thought of this yourself.  I know me,
> but I don't know all of the other stories out there.  My fear is by
> jumping on board with a father's rights group, I might inadvertently
> support a truly "dangerous" guy and thereby support the placing a
> child in a bad situation.  I'm one of the good guys and I only
> support "good guys".  Have you ever given this thought.

> Anyhow, best of luck reaching Senator Clinton.  A friend of mine is
> Sen.  John Thune's brother.

--- Sheryle Hutter <Rockymtnmom2@aol.com> 

> I am willing to do anything to help this cause, my son is totally
> disabled and through lies and deception of the court and the courts
> denial of disability he was ordered to child support of over $700
> per month, we finally got a reduction to $50 (which still is wrong
> because he has no income...receiving only SSI which is a benefit and
> not to be considered as income) but he is still charged with over
> $30,000 in arrearages that have not been modified and should never
> have been imposed to begin with and on Aug 14 in will be 6 years
> since he has seen his child.

> He has been jailed numerous times (over 125 days) since this whole
> divorce mess started and would be in jail today if we didn't have an
> active complaint against Colorado and Arapahoe County Child Support
> Enforcement with Health and Human Services - Office of Civil
> Rights...

> It is imperative that the Bradley Amendment be revised or rescinded
> to account for the abuse of calculation of child support and the
> modification of arrearages when support is imposed wrongly...John's
> experience is but one of thousands that are a direct result of state
> court arguments are that they can't modify arrearages because they
> are under federal mandate of the Bradley Amendment...

> Maybe a campaign to "Fix the Family Court" and "Fix the Bradley
> Amendment" would be a good effort during the month of August...

> Seems like the State Supreme Chief Justice should be able to over
> ride the decision of a lower court judge...I am sure that John has
> already tried that? Would it help to send letters to this judge
> asking for intervention?

--- Rich Bourdon <Rich.Bourdon@degussa.com> 

> I saw the info regarding John Murtari.  I can appreciate his plight,
> as I have almost exactly the same situation.  I fly 8 times / year
> from NJ to AL to visit my kids, only to have them not show up.  The
> judge doesn't hear instanter motions on visition interference, so it
> goes on for 6 - 8 months.  Then it starts all over again within two
> months of the hearing.  It is an embarassment to America when the
> judicial system allows children to be used as pawns.

> The system is broken.  But, there may be some hope as more states
> criminalize interference with visitation.  What is most amazing is
> that judges would take a totally different perspective if it was
> their child, yet simply don't see that side, as long as it is
> someone else's child.

> It takes a very strong conviction to walk the path that Mr. Murtari
> has started, and I will keep him in my prayers, with fingers crossed
> for his success.  If there is anything I can do, please let me know,
> and I will be happy to support you.

--- Troy White <gulfcoast10@sbcglobal.net>

> I want to thank Mr. Murtari for his efforts in changing the corrupt
> system.  I too was jailed on trumped up charges of harrassment.  I
> won't go into the details so suffice it to say I've lost everything;
> my home, car, business, friends and family, but these things mean
> nothing to the empty feeling inside without my sons.  I still cannot
> believe this country is in such a state that this sort of thing can
> happen.  Like Mr. Murtari I am a vet (service connected disability)
> and was a good businessman.  I am not sure who I am anymore; I am
> waiting for the court to tell me who they want me to be.  I am
> inspired by his efforts and will pray for him and pray for the
> mothers who choose one sided battles instead of peaceful resolution.
> Hopefully things will get better soon. 

--- Jon Morisey <jmorisey8@yahoo.com>

> I have begun a support strike on Monday, refusing to go to work so
> long as they pay my ex-wife in ontario county.  My most important
> issue when I appeared before Judge Reed was that she is criminally
> violent.  She assaulted her new husband in front of my children
> leading to a severed tendon in his hand requiring 2 surgeries.
> Judge Reed refused to consider this as a problem bearing on custody
> in spite of being the judge who granted the restraining order.  my
> case was completely dismissed within 5 minutes.

> In '04 I sued Judge Reed in federal court for his mis-conduct.  in
> '06, he refused to excuse himself from hearing the case and took the
> opportunity to get his revenge by dismissing valid claims.  I feel I
> have no choice but to join Mr John Murtari in his endeaver.

--- Keith Mochida <keith.mochida@gmail.com>

> I am a father at the beginning of this same nightmare. Please tell
> me John Murtari is doing well? If there is anything I can do to
> assist his efforts please contact me.

> Wish him my best and tell him I am there with him in his efforts.

--- Raymond A. Henigner <Fubar123004@aol.com>

> I live in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  I have been reading with
> interest your involvement with the Family Law Court situation.  My
> story is that after retiring from the Department of Corrections, my
> now ex-wife of 38 years arbitrarily decided to abandon me.  After
> approximately 8 months of absenteeism I elected to divorce her.  We
> were residents of California.  I applied for divorce with the Rancho
> Cucamonga California Family Law Courts.  They forced me to endure 6
> years to get divorced.  I went through 25 "continuances" at great
> financial cost without my approval.  I was stripped of my home of 16
> years without being told I could have bought my ex-wife's interest
> out.  

> I was robbed of approximately $111,000.00 in legal fees by the
> attorneys.  My ex-wife had worked for 32 years for Sav-On Drug
> Stores and had put her money aside in an "annuity".  This money was
> never considered by the courts.  They refused to look at thus
> violating the 1993 law of disclosure.  I have a tax free Disability
> Pension.  Existing law states a Disability Pension is the
> receipient's separate property.  The Court treated it as Community
> Property and confiscated 50% of my State Disability Pension.  I
> agree that the Family Courts need a total overhaul.  If you are
> interested in my story, I have written and published a book exposing
> the corruption within the Rancho Cucamonga Family Law Courts and
> their judges and attornes.  The name of the book is WITHOUT HONOR,
> the author is myself, Raymond A. Heninger.  The publisher is
> Authorhouse.  They can be contacted at 1-800-839-8640.  Every word
> is the truth and actually happened.  You might find it interesting.

--- Stephen Patrick <stephendpatrick@yahoo.com 

> Please express my concern for John. Please let him know that I
> completely understand his situation with his son, arrearages and
> monies needed to be used to complete/secure his loving bond with his
> son Domenic.

> Leave him with my prayers.
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