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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Thu Sep 07 2006 - 13:19:11 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

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1. Loving Sacrifice and Jail - Makes Sense?
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1. Loving Sacrifice and Jail - Makes Sense?
I've asked myself that more than a few times.  Why jail instead of
probation?  Why a feeding tube and make it a more painful experience?
Will it bring recognition of Family Rights any closer?  Very serious
and valid questions.  Here are some thoughts and your FEEDBACK is

Obviously voluntary sacrifice is a key part of NonViolent Action as
most recently practiced by Gandhi and King
(http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil_back.htm).  Why?  Didn't they believe
in letter writing, legislative coalitions, mass rallies, vigils, and
court action?  I'm sure they did and all those methods are very useful
tools for change -- but which tool for which job?

Many of us are frustrated by the wording of most reform legislation -
too weak, too much compromise!  I had some frank talk with a state
legislator about Family Rights.  He told me "John, there would have to
be a 'sea change' in public opinion before significant reform could

What's the tool to create a 'sea change?'  The same way public opinion
about segregation began to change in the 50s.  It was not a scientific
study that proved Blacks shouldn't have to sit in the back of the bus.
There was no legal decision that convinced people that making a Black
pee in a different bathroom was an indignity.  No spontaneous call for
change from millions of conscientious, church going Blacks and Whites.

The 'sea change' was caused by images of peaceful Blacks being dragged
off to jail from the front of the bus.  Blacks who weren't motivated
by anger at Whites, but actions from deep Faith.  Blacks who were in
love with their goal of equality and dignity for all people.

What about us as parents?  Whether we've been split from our kids
because of divorce/separation or the actions of child protective
services -- how do we create a 'sea change?'

Creating a 'sea change' for reform
By not paying child support?  By demonstrations of anger?  By name
calling of Judges, lawyers, and other parents?  No to all of these
actions -- they just confirm a bad stereotype.

How about the loving sacrifice of your freedom?  Want to put an
exclamation point on your call for reform?  Many times it is a yell of
anger -- how about the quiet click of a hand-cuff?  We have some
documented examples on our events page

Is this for everyone?  No.  In the struggle against segregation only a
very small percentage of Blacks participated in such actions and were
jailed -- but they had the support of the rest of the community.
Hopefully our struggle for Family Rights will follow a similar model.

The Importance of Faith
In the year 2006 can parents match the Faith of southern Blacks in the
50s?  Do we believe in a loving God who cares for us as much as we
love our own children?  Who wants to see the sanctity of the
parent/child relationship recognized and protected as much as we do.
Who understands the values of sacrifice made for those whom we love.

I'm sure that as the Civil Rights movements grew there were many
'Freedom Riders' who did not have a deep faith -- it had become trendy.
But we are in the early stages now.  Certainly Faith has been
essential for me as this effort continues.

Does all the sacrifice make sense?  Is it of value?  Yes.

2. Rollye James Radio Show
>From Teri Stoddard, Group PR Person:

Tuesday night, September 5, Rollye James (http://www.rollye.net/)
dedicated her entire radio show to the subject of child support
collection in America.  I really appreciated her saying, "Child
support is not the same as supporting your child" and "the entire
system needs to be demolished."

I was able to call in and talk about John's efforts, which was great.
But she had a point: One man isn't going to make a huge impact.  She
kept repeating, "It's going to take millions of you" hammering at your

After receiving information from Jane Spies of the National Family
Justice Association (http://www.nfja.org) she stated, "I could spend
the entire 3 hours" [telling you horror stories.]  She was shocked
that there wasn't already a nationwide uprising.

I'd love to see Rollye do a show on equal custody.  Maybe if we all
thank her, and ask her... (rollye@rollye.net)
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