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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Fri Oct 06 2006 - 16:53:35 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:
1. National Family Law Reform Conference
2. Michigan's Equal Parents Week Rally
3. Dads On The Air

1. National Family Law Reform Conference
>From Teri, Group PR Person:

A National Family Law Reform Conference was held in Arlington,
Virginia on September 15 and 16.  Glenn Sacks wrote:

The American Coalition for Fathers & Children's,
http://www.acfc.org/site/PageServer, National Family Law Reform
Conference last weekend was well attended, well organized and full of
fighting spirit. Speakers included: Longtime conservative leader
Phyllis Schlafly; Dr. Warren Farrell, a former leader of NOW whose
ideas helped shape our movement; Michael McManus, the founder of
Marriage Savers; Constitutional Law Scholar Herb Titus; Child
Protective Services critic David Wagner, Esq.; Judith Brumbaugh,
Founder and President of Americans For Divorce Reform; Stephen
Baskerville, president of the American Coalition for Fathers and
Children; David Levy, Esq., Executive Director of the Children's
Rights Council; Comedian Carl LaBove; ACFC leaders David A. Roberts
and Mike McCormick; family law attorney Jeffrey Leving, Esq.; child
support expert R. Mark Rogers; and myself.

Some of the panel discussions included: "Moving Society Toward Shared
Parenting" with David Levy, Ned Holstein, Gordon Finley, Mike
McCormick and myself; "Divorce Reform Initiatives" with Michael
McManus, Judy Brumbaugh, John Crouch and Stephen Baskerville; "VAWA
and DV Issues in Shared Parenting" with David Heleniak, Edward
Bartlett, Stephen Baskerville and myself; "Moving Legislation &
Electoral Processes" with Jim Semerad, Jeffrey Leving, Jim Hays, Tim
Fittro and Mike McCormick; "Child Support Reform" with Jim Semerad,
R. Mark Rogers and myself; "Parental Rights" with David Wagener, Herb
Titus, Stanley Charles Thorne and Stephen Baskerville; and
"Communicating with the Media" with Stephen Walker, John Maguire, Mike
McCormick and myself.  The ACFC filmed the entire conference and will
be releasing these and more details about the conference later.

Audio of Professor Stephen Baskerville's opening remarks:

More from Glenn:


2. Michigan's Equal Parents Week Rally
Approximately 300 people attended the Equal Parents Week Rally on
September 27 in Lansing, Michigan.  Fathers4Justice superheroes were
there, but stayed on the ground.  Speakers included:

Stephen Baskerville, Ph.D, President of the American Coalition for
Fathers and Children

Rev. Ruben T. Ellis, Ordained Minister, Community Leader and Social

Richard Farr, Radio Anchor and Founder of www.KRightsRadio.com

Bill Hall, Attorney and Candidate for Michigan Attorney General

Sen. Bill Hardiman, Michigan Senator for Senate District 29 and Chair
of Senate Families & Human Services Committee

Rep. Jacob Hoogendyk, Michigan Representative for House District 61,
Member of House Family and Children Services Committee and Co-Sponsor
of HB5267

Jamil Jabr, National Coordinator Fathers-4-Justice United States

Mark Klein, M.D., Physician and United States Presidential Candidate

Phil Holman, Attorney and Former President and Board of Director
National Congress for Fathers and Children

David L. Levy, Attorney and Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Children's Rights Council

Rep. Leslie Mortimer, Michigan Representative for House District 65,
Member of House Family and Children Services Committee, and Primary
Sponsor of HB5267

Michael T. Ross, M.D., Physician and President of the Family Rights

Jim Semerad, Chairman of the Dads and Moms of Michigan PAC

Kimberly Streett daughter of deceased advocate Wilbur Streett

Tim Wahlberg, Candidate for United States Congress Seventh District

Jerry Zandstra, Ph.D, Former United States Senate Candidate


Video collage:

3. Dads On The Air
Teri Stoddard visited Dads On The Air, a NZ radio show, on September
18 to discuss John Murtari and child support collection in America.



> A letter to Judge Hedges:

> Judge Bryan Hedges
> Onondaga County Family Court
> 401 Montgomery St.
> Syracuse, NY 13202

> Dear Judge Hedges,

> Like most divorced fathers, I have been raked over the coals in 
> custody courts. When I lost my job, the court refused to lower my
> child support. When my former wife denied time with my son, the
> courts raised my child support. When my ex moved our son 350 miles
> away, the courts refused to modify my support to accommodate
> travel expenses.

> John Murtari has been through the mill of custody courts as well. He
> just wants to maintain a relationship with his son. You can
> help.

> Please free John Murtari (John Murtari, POD 5A-7, Inmate 
> Correspondence, 555 S. State Street, Syracuse, NY 13202-2104).

> Thank you for your time, interest, and response.

> Don Mathis, The 14%er
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