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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Fri Nov 17 2006 - 16:08:58 EST

Good People & People of Faith,

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1. Current News

1. Current News
>From Teri Stoddard:

109 days without eating...

John was interviewed yesterday by film producer Angelo Lobo for
'Support? System Down,' a full-length documentary.  You can find
trailers here: http://www.supportthemovie.com.  Both John and Angelo
report the interview went very well.  Before Angelo left the jail, a
crew showed up from News10Now.  They interviewed John and Angelo, and
also got some film of Angelo interviewing John.  A reporter from the
Post Standard interviewed John by phone and plans on running one or
two more articles on John's situation.  All-in-all, John says it looks
like his last 30 days in jail have paid off.

I'd like to thank Dan Yates for funding the press release that went
out over USNewsWire yesterday.  Thanks Dan!

I hope those on the Eastern coast will have some free time in mid
December, between the 12th and 20th.  I've been contacted by an
activist who is putting together another rally in Syracuse for John.
Hearing the words "from several states," "buses" and "super heroes"
has me excited in anticipation.  I'll share more details as I get

Anyone wanting to donate to John's (our) cause can call me at
877-635-1968 ex 212 or can send checks to:

Kids-Right Support c/o Software Workshop Inc.
Att: Media Fund
55 E. Genesee Street
Baldwinsville, NY  13027

Anyone wanting to donate to John's legal fund can send a check to:

Mr. Charles Keller Esq.
Att: Murtari Legal Defense
9416 Carousel Center Drive
Syracuse, New York 13290

John will be incarcerated on Thanksgiving.  This might be a nice time
to write to him:

John Murtari, POD 5A-8
Inmate Correspondence
555 S. State Street
Syracuse, NY 13202-2104

Press Release
This is a copy of the USNewsWire press release that went out yesterday:


Contact: Teri Stoddard
Email: teri@akidsright.org


Documentary "Support? System Down" To Include AKidsRight.Org Founder
John Murtari

Syracuse, New York-- Angelo Lobo, Producer of 'Support? System Down'
will be arriving in Syracuse today, November 16, 2006 to film John
Murtari, founder of AKidsRight.Org, in the Onondaga County Justice
Center, on his 108th day with no solid food.

"John's story is special in that he has taken a stand against a system
that desperately needs reform, on a national level," said Lobo, "He is
a voice for thousands who are being incarcerated against their
constitutional rights."

Murtari, 50, an Air Force Academy graduate, was sentenced to 6 months
incarceration for willful failure to pay child support, a charge he
disputes.  Inspired by Gandhi, Murtari started the parents'
organization AKidsRight.Org and has been advocating for a Family
Rights Act.

"The child support system is broken; their information is not accurate
or complete," said Jane Spies of the National Family Justice
Association.  "If an honorable man like John can get locked up, anyone
can," she continued, "How does this help his son?  Why does his son
have to suffer the loss of a loving father?"

Murtari urges parents who want change in family law to demonstrate
faith, love and personal sacrifice, and to participate in peaceful
protest. He once climbed the art structure in front of the Federal
Building and displayed a large banner in his quest to get a meeting
with Senator Clinton. Murtari stopped eating July 31, the day he
reported to jail.  "John is a hero to parents around the world," said

Lobo has interviewed parents across the country who have said it's
time for change in family law.  "This is the new civil rights
movement," said Teri Stoddard, "Parents are demanding truth, justice
and equality.  They want their constitutional rights upheld."

Everyone is encouraged to join the AKidsRight.Org mailing list
http://www.AKidsRight.org/register/sign-up.php4. Murtari will be
released on December 1st, and his first priority is visiting his son.

For more information visit www.AKidsRight.Org

For more information on AGINELO Productions visit www.aginelo.com.

--- Ronald E. Smith <http://www.cnbp.org/>

> John it was nice to get a chance to talk with you briefly on
> Richard's show.  Hang in there!!!! What is happening right now is
> the awareness of the population as a whole is beginning to take
> place.  Political involvement is increasing and the voices of the
> non custodial parents are being recognized and soon to be heard.
> This is the very first election that I can recall that our groups
> have actually sponsored candidates.  Our candidates in large part
> did not do as well as we would like however, we are moving barriers
> on a daily basis.  

--- Jeremy Swanson <swanson@storm.ca>

> John you will always be one of the movement/networks true
> heroes. Never before have I met anyone like you with so much guts
> and determination (except of course for the WW2 veterans I count as
> my friends.) I remain angry that I could not secure your release or
> even see you in Syracuse when my colleagues and I were there. I did
> try. Perhaps if I had as much determination and guts as you I would
> have done better. But being a foreign national in a distinctly
> hostile environment didn't do much for my chances. You will emerge
> from this with more than dignity. You will emerge with much deserved
> respect as one of the bravest men around. Your son will always
> remember what you have done for him. If I ever see my son again I
> will relate to him your exploits and your raw determined courage. I
> will tell him of the lengths that men will go to for love of their
> children. You are a legend.

--- Richard Eichinger <hmh1497@yahoo.com>

> I'm so glad you were able to continue asserting Dom's right to be
> raised by you John.  I was told directly (by the Appeals Court of
> Indiana, and then by the IN Supremes and again by SCOTUS) that the
> interests of the people of Indiana are placed ahead of my 3
> children's natural rights to be raised by BOTH of their own
> parents.  They told me, not only that  interests trump rights, but
> also told me that one parent was sufficient to raise children.
> John Adams and Thomas Jefferson raised an entire Army to defend
> less, much less.

> This situation we face is pure evil, and the only way to defeat the
> evils of our time is to be very, very strong.

> Thanks for your strength, John.  Your story is right out of Sampson
> and Goliath.

--- Debra Root <dusty6873@yahoo.com>

> John:

> Only 23 more days!  God bless you.  You ask: What have I
> accomplished?  This I can tell you- there are so many of us out here
> that support you.  You will have so much to tell Dom when he is
> older.

> It is hard to say what will be accomplished-in terms of real change.
> Our "issue" is a tough sell and very misunderstood.

> I believe that a good start is- and are these your words?  I
> paraphrase: Children should not be separated from their parents
> unless they are proven "unfit" by a jury of their peers.

> My son turned 13 a few days ago.  So it is 5 years and counting
> until we will see each other again.  I last saw him-in supervised
> visitation-when he was 10 years old.

> John, I enjoy your writings.  Some of the guys who send out emails
> are either misogynists or go on and on about God-knows-what.

> I know you may disagree with this-and that's ok- but I did not vote
> on Nov. 7th.  This "silent protest" comes from my sense of
> powerlessness and rage about living in a country where you can lose
> your child for the flimiest of reasons-and without recourse-unless,
> of course, you have deep pockets.

> Well, now I am ranting. John, you are an admirable man who stood up
> to the status quo.  I salute you.

                                       John Murtari
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