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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Wed Nov 29 2006 - 12:54:35 EST

Good People & People of Faith,

This message contains info on:
1. Current News - Murtari to be released Dec. 1st
2. Letter to Senator Clinton - from a jail cell

1. Current News - Murtari to be released Dec. 1st
John Murtari will be released on Friday, Dec. 1st.  On Thursday his
feeding tube will be removed in preparation for his release Friday
morning.  After the tube is removed John will no longer drink the cup
of juice and broth he has normally had at meals.  The purpose of these
liquids was to help sooth his throat and keep the outside of the tube
clean.  No water will be taken either.  This brief period without
fluids should not be a problem.  John understands and agrees with
their desire not to delay his release waiting for a physician to be
available.  A nasal-gastric tube can normally be removed by a nurse,
but because of the duration this tube has been inserted, having a
physician do the procedure was considered safer.  For complete
details, see http://www.AKidsRight.Org/support_jm.htm.

On Tuesday, Nov. 28th, John had a news interview with Syracuse Channel
3 (http://www.wstm.com), an NBC affiliate.  The segment aired during
their evening news hour.  We are working on making clips of the video

2.  Letter to Senator Clinton - from a jail cell
One of John's last actions in jail was to send a letter to the local
and Washington offices of Senator Hillary Clinton. Its full text is
below.  We hope it will encourage her to have a local meeting with
parents.  This would certainly help all our efforts to get reform on
the national political agenda.  We are convinced that her willingness
to personally meet with parents would open doors to other members of
Congress across the nation.  Below we include the mailing address and
fax numbers of her Syracuse and Washington offices.  We encourage you
to write and tell her how much you love your children, the pain of
separation, and how your Civil Right to be a parent was violated.

Washington Fax Number: (202) 228-0121
Syracuse Fax Number: Fax: (315) 448-0476 

November 29, 2006 

The Honorable Hillary Rodham Clinton
United States Senate
476 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510                 SCHEDULING/HELP REQUEST

Dear Senator Clinton, 

I'm a coordinator for a growing group of loving mothers and fathers
who were unjustly separated from their children through divorce,
separation, or the action of child protective services. Our group's
name is AKidsRight.Org (http://www.AKidsRight.Org). We need your help.

I'm writing this letter from a jail cell in Syracuse. With the help of
many other parents I'm non-cooperating with an unjust sentence and
have been tube fed for almost 4 months. I love my son, Domenic, very
much and do everything I can for him. Being sent to jail for contempt
of a support order was a degrading experience. As I consider all the
public money and court time spent on me -- it makes no sense. I am not
unique; it happens to many other loving parents every day.

How can any legal proceeding "make sense" when it fails to recognize
basic human rights? What would we say today to past court actions that

	* an escaped slave trying to gain their freedom? 
	* a woman for attempting to cast a vote? 
	* a black for sitting in the front of the bus? 

We are not protecting the rights of parents & children. In the last 40
years a patchwork of family law legislation has been passed, but it
never recognized that these rights exist.

Our immediate goal is a local meeting between you and a small group of
mothers and fathers associated with our group. We have a proposed
agenda at our web site:
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr/agenda.htm. We hope that after
you have a chance to hear our stories and also from other groups you
will endorse a call for Congressional Hearings and eventually the
creation of a Family Rights Act.

An Act to recognize and protect the Civil Right of our children to
have BOTH parents (whether they be good, average, or poor parents)
equally involved in their lives AND the right of parents to raise and
nurture their own children. That will require parents be found guilty
in a criminal court, with jury protection, of being a demonstrated
serious threat to their children before government can interfere in
family life.

Our method and strength is NonViolent Action and we are attempting to
follow the recent historical examples of Gandhi and Martin Luther
King. That positive social reform can be triggered, not by hatred,
revenge, or violence - but by parents motivated by Faith in a Loving
God. Parents willing to demonstrate to the public the love they have
for their children by voluntary personal sacrifice.

In the past several years many of our members have written or called
your offices regarding reform. Some of us have even visited your
Washington office. I hope someone will contact me soon so we can
further discuss the agenda for a meeting.  We are planning a rally for
parents at the Syracuse Federal Building for mid-February.  It would
be great to have your representative address the group and hopefully
announce a date for a local meeting between you and parents.

Sincerely yours, 

John Murtari 
315-635-1968, x-211 

CC: Syracuse Office, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton
James M. Hanley Federal Building
100 South Clinton Street
P.O. Box 7378
Syracuse, NY 13261-7378


--- DC Father <decriminalizefatherhood@yahoo.com>

> New comment on your post #46904 "Parent Activist Murtari On WSTM Tonight"
> We shall overcome, someday.

> You can see all comments on this post here:
> http://mensnewsdaily.com/2006/11/28/parent-activist-murtari-on-wstm-tonight/#comments

--- Tom Tessaro <ttessaro@comcast.net>

> This thanksgiving, I am thankful for guys like John who are willing
> to challenge the system, at great personal cost.  Tell John I'm
> praying for him.

> I find an incarceration, when someone is not "given the keys" to
> their release absolutely untenable; it could only happen in Family
> Court.  Thanks for your efforts to publicize this outrage.

--- Lootenant <simon.wilmot-coverdale@ntlworld.com>

> Keep going John all our hearts here in England go out to you...  No
> one can stand in the way of a parent's love for his or her chid..  We
> will open their eyes, but hopefully very soon...



> Simon Wilmot-Coverdale. `aka` "lootenant" co`ordinator of the
> Manchester,England group of the REAL FATHERS FOR JUSTICE

--- mtbitara <mtbitara@hotmail.com>

> This family court injustice is so pervasive (paternity fraud, child
> support level that is not based on economically sound guideline,
> sole custody to almost always to the mother even though the father
> is equally fit and willing to be a parent, etc), it makes me wonder
> why there are not more of us doing this kind of protest. Surely
> there are more Shelley Barreras' and John Murtaris in our midst. I
> am doing my own here in Walker County, Texas:
> http://www.kbtx.com/news/headlines/1608982.html

> TO ALL OF YOU (VICTIMS, FAMILY, FRIENDS): If we don't act now, when? 
> If not us, who?

> You can see all comments on this post here:
> http://mensnewsdaily.com/2006/11/25/woman-spends-thanksgiving-on-billboard/#comments

--- Thurston861 <thurstonbell@yahoo.com>

> When they come to get me I will most likely do the same thing.

> (I just get letters and I stop eating for 2 days.)

> The unaccountability of the combined effect of the Support and
> Custody systems really need to be addressed as an overall scheme to
> keep parents from their children.

> For instance, I have joint custody of my children.  Except I only
> see them 4 days a month.

> I have full rights over their education, but I have not heard from
> the school in 3 years on my daughters IEP meetings that I can attend
> by telephone, and I was not even allowed to look through a door
> window at them at their school and was told by the principal and
> superintendent of the school that I had no right to see them because
> of the Custody Order.

> And beyond all of that I was placed under $2000 a month is support
> even though I am an unskilled laborer.

> This made me choose between being near my children or jail.

> The Civil Rights act states that we do not have to choose which
> right we will exercise.  Rights are not Rights at all if one must be
> given up in exchange for another.

> The ignoring of my pleadings and evidence in my appeals is a denial
> of due process of law.  It makes the jurisdiction of the court void
> under the doctrine of void judgments.

> There is no body of lawyers who is addressing this, and the fact
> that this is all done in the name of the enforcement of a private
> debt in violation of the Peonage Act.

> The corruption of the court cannot withstand one thing, and John has
> proved it; Dead Fathers.

> They do not care that we are dead in the lives and hearts of our
> babies, but they will not be able to handle it when we are dead and
> cannot be oppressed to justify their illegitimacy anymore.

> I say illegitimacy because all of this is done in the name of the
> best interest of the children, when scientific research now shows
> that children without fathers are more likely to fall into
> anti-social behavior, teen pregnancy, STDs, rebellion against
> authority (gee I wonder why), criminal behavior, drug use, and drop
> out of school.

> (At 11 years old My child has already figured out the hypocrites
> above him.  He has already questioned why he should respect them
> when they will not let him see his father.)

> In light of the above, any system of justice that directly,
> constructivly, or indirectly keeps a child from the parent, and aids
> and abets a parent in doing the same by means of opressive orders,
> is illegitimate, because they are damaging the child.

> Thank you John. I will never forget what you ahve done for all of us
> who weep for our children.

> You can see all comments on this post here:
> http://mensnewsdaily.com/2006/11/28/parent-activist-murtari-on-wstm-tonight/#comments

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