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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Wed Feb 28 2007 - 10:01:51 EST

Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:

1. "Equal means Equal" - BLOG from Teri Stoddard
2. "Family Law reform helps children" - Tim Fittro and Stephen Baskerville
3. State Activity - Iowa, Nevada, Michigan, & New Hampshire

1. "Equal means Equal" - BLOG from Teri Stoddard
Pretty self-explanatory.  Read her latest BLOG entry
at: http://MensNewsDaily.com/author/teri/


2. "Family Law reform helps children" - Tim Fittro and Stephen Baskerville
Submitted by: Stephen Baskerville   <sbaskerville@cox.net>

The following article was published Feb 26th, in the Charleston
Gazette located in West Virginia.  It discusses the status of the
"Joint Parenting Act", legislation introduced in the West Virgina
House and Senate as HB 2943 and SB 504.

Read the article for full details:

3. State Activity - Iowa, Nevada, Michigan, & New Hampshire
Collected by: Terri Stoddard <teri@AKidsRight.Org>

A) IOWA:    http://www.IowaFathers.com/  support@IowaFathers.com

Please send an email to the following Senate Education Committee
members and ask them to support Senate File 127.  With the funnel date
quickly approaching, it is imperative you do this ASAP!  In the
subject line, please type "Please Support SF 127".  The more email the
legislators receive from different parents, the greater the chance of
passing this legislation.

Any questions or concerns, please advise!

           Bryan Iehl support@IowaFathers.com


B) NEVADA:   http://www.NevadansForEqualParenting.Org/

Nevadans for Equal Parenting (NEP) and our sister organizations have
been meeting with our State Legislators regarding the sorry situation
with Family Courts in this State. We have submitted a request to form
an advisory committee to study the problems in the Court. We need your
help to show our lawmakers that there is support for this proposal.
Please contact the senators listed below and tell them you support the
INTERIM STUDY PROPOSAL --  Creation of Advisory Committee Concerning
Alimony, Child Custody and Support Enforcement requested to Senate
Committee on Legislative Operations February 15th, 2007.

Here is a list of the Senators to contact:

Mark Amodei

Mike McGinness

Dennis Nolan

William Raggio

Randolph Townsend

Maurice Washington

C)  MICHIGAN:  http://www.DadsOfMichigan.org/  jimsemerad@cs.com

Legislative Forum, Lansing,  MI

Thursday, March 1, Lansing, Michigan, 8:00 -10:00am, House  Office
Building, 5th Floor Mackinac Room

Come and meet your Legislators  on this day of remembrance of our core
values to our family. We will meet and  greet Legislators and provide
inspiration to help them turn the legislative tide  against building,
strengthening and nurturing family. Too much of the emphasis  is about
finding fault with Dads, Moms, Grandparents, Stepparents, and children
 that have been ostracized from their family ties.


For  more information please contact Jim Semerad:

James Semerad
Dads and Moms of  Michigan, An ACFC Affiliate
215 Nakomis Trail
Lake Orion, MI   48362
(248) 693-0558

6632 Telegraph Road,  Suite 110
Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301
(248) 559-DADS (3237) phone

D) NEW HAMPSHIRE:  david1@worldpath.net

About 8 people showed up to testify last Tues. and it went  great.
Between all of us I think we covered all the bases why college  costs
should not become incorporated into a divorce however they intend to
have  a subcommittee look at it further.  We'll have to keep an eye on

Here's the lineup of bills that need attention this  coming week.  HB
470 is the shared  parenting bill that passed the House unanimously
last session as HB 529 but the  Senate said they weren't ready for it
yet.  They want to hear from people  that feel the system is still not
working since RSA 461-A went into effect  Oct.1, 2005.

David A. Bickford
183 Brackett Road
New Durham, NH  03855
(603) 859-7899

HB  410, establishing a commission on child support issues.
Keeps the review  of child support in the hands of a commission as
opposed to  H&HS.

HB  463, relative to the awarding parental rights and responsibilities
to a  stepparent or grandparent. Requires  stepparents and
grandparents to get custody of children through the guardianship
process rather than interfering with the parents case between each

HB 470, determination of parental rights and responsibilities.
Shared parenting bill that requires evidence to be used in order to
deny comparable parenting and then putting in writing why, which
improves chances of being able to successfully appeal the finding.

HB 704-FN-A, relative to the commission on the status of men and
making an appropriation therefor.
Reinstates the Men's Commission and appropriates funds for staff.  The
Commission on the Status of Women promotes legislation, has been
around for about 35 years and is funded with $118,000 per year.  Men
need equal opportunity and an equal voice before the legislature.

SB 170-FN, establishing an office of mediation and arbitration within
the judicial branch.
This bill raises the question of whether the courts are taking
control of mediation and arbitration which has always been an
independent alternate to the judicial system.

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