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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Wed Mar 07 2007 - 14:27:19 EST

Good People & People of Faith,

I hope many folks recognized the subject of this message as an
adaptation of the old Clinton campaign focus, "It's the economy
stupid!".  Are we heading in the right direction? Your FEEDBACK is
welcome.  This message has been posted at the group BLOG,
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/wordpress - you may comment there also.

The Presidential Candidates
How about focusing on them, making public efforts to engage them on
Family Rights.  Do you have a candidate from your state, or a key
primary in your state -- we should make our presence felt.

If you feel you have a Civil Right to be presumed both a Fit & Equal
parent in the lives of your children, that anyone challenging your
right has to win a criminal conviction against you for being a
demonstrated serious threat to the safety of your kids, and that you
get the standard protection of a unanimous jury verdict -- perhaps you
should look for help from Federal Legislators?

One strange thing about Family Law: many of our families got hurt in a
Court Room, by Judges, Lawyers, Psychologists, and Social Workers.
Naturally enough, we think that reform should come there.  They were
the problem, fixing 'them' should be the solution!

It's a good thing many peaceful Blacks did not feel the same way
about 'Whites' during the struggle against segregation.  They knew
their issue was "Civil Rights", there quest for equality.  They did
not need to harass or denigrate others to win their goal -- neither do
we.  Their focus was a Federal Civil Rights Act -- don't we need a
Federal Family Rights Act?

We have a draft at our site: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/act.htm
Contacting Fed. Legislators: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/legislative.htm

Being a Non-Profit - 501(c)(3) & Tying your hands!
Does this make any sense?  I meet so many people who are skeptical of
the 'system' and politicians and the corruption of money -- but yet
they rush for 501(c)(3) status -- which basically says you can't do
political things...

I found a nice summary at http://nonprofitlaw.com/EOCOMP.shtml -- do
you know what the purpose of a 501(c)(3) is?  Primarily charitable and
educational?  Isn't our primary goal advocacy?  That would be a
501(c)(4) -- what about that?

Why does everyone go for 501(c)(3) -- they want the money!  Easier to
get contributions, money from United Way -- but just don't criticize
any politicians.  I wonder why the tax law was written that way?

Here are some other good links on the topic:


No Foaming at the Mouth


How many variations of that do most of see every day. Never mind if it
makes any sense, does any of that ever help? Earlier I mentioned
making our presence felt to the Presidential Candidates, what kind of
public demonstration will work?

A few weeks ago I was talking via phone to an advocate from another
state who kept insisting that Sen. Hillary Clinton should be impeached
for not responding to my petitions for reform.  That 'clearly' she was
against the family -- after all READ HER BOOK !!!!

I told her the Senator must be very busy with requests from many
advocacy groups, that I had been unable to get more than a handful of
people to lobby her, that she had never had a Judge separate her from
her child and that HONESTLY, I was never really concerned about family
law until I got "burned", and that yes, I had READ HER BOOK, and
before my Family Court disaster, I would have probably agreed with
most of what she said -- somewhere in all that they hung up on me!  


How do we make make a compelling political statement to Sen. Clinton
and the other candidates?  How about a peaceful group of loving
parents, carrying pictures of their children.  A group whose common
sound 'bite' is:

    "I love my kids. Being separated from them was the most painful
    experience I have ever been through. I really believe our nation
    needs to recognize the rights of parents to be considered fit &
    equal in the lives of their children.... We hope to encourage
    Sen. Clinton to meet with parents hurt by the system.  To hear
    their stories first hand... and to call for Congressional Hearings
    into the need for reform....and potentially a Family Rights Act."

How is that going to look on the TV News.  How would a candidates
staff advice them regarding the wisdom of meeting with these parents?

Worth Considering    http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil_back.htm

    Gandhi disliked the words and idea of "passive resistance".
    NonViolent Action is the "the vindication of truth not by
    infliction of suffering on the opponent but on one's self ." 

    NonViolent Action is peaceful, opponents must be converted by a
    demonstration of purity, humility, and honesty. They are to be
    converted -- not annihilated. Violence and anger create bitterness
    in the victim, and brutality in the attacker.

    Appealing to the common sense and morality of his adversary was
    key. "It has always been a mystery to me how men can feel
    themselves honored by humiliation of their fellow human beings." 

    NonViolentAction assumes there is a constant dialogue between the
    opponents with a view to ultimate reconciliation. Insults,
    threats, and propaganda only serve to obstruct the goal.

                                       John Murtari
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