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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Sat Mar 24 2007 - 17:12:47 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:

1. New Movie Trailer - It's about the kids!
2. Simple Video - powerful message.
3. Clinton 1984 Video - our rally, May 17th.
4. The story of a real HERO - but still not a parent.
5. Keep HERO in Superhero - your FEEDBACK

1. New Movie Trailer - It's about the kids!
Angelo Lobo, President of Aginelo Productions, http://www.aginelo.com/
has released a new trailer for the movie 'Support? System Down'. You
can view the trailers at http://www.supportthemovie.com/trailers.

I met Angelo when he came out to interview me during my jail sentence
last year (http://www.AKidsRight.Org/support_jm.htm). The new trailer
includes two clips of me taken inside of my jail cell with a feeding
tube up my nose (boy, that brings back memories!).  So many of us
write via email and never now what the other person looks like --
well, here is your chance to seem me in 'action' in a high quality
video.  There are many other parents/group representatives in the
trailers also (sorry, with just a face even I don't know their names!)

Angelo has really dedicated a lot of personal effort and expense in
trying to make this film a success.  The website allows you to make
contributions and I hope many of us can do so.

2. Simple Video - powerful message.
At perhaps the other range of the spectrum from Hollywood is a very
successful video starred in by Richard Farr of KRightsRadio.Com

It recently reached the #1 position at the Current.TV web site,
you can see the clip at: http://www.current.tv/watch/21422926

Many of you know Richard as the voice of KRightsRadio, here is your
chance to see him.  Also, as you watch the video it is something
almost any one of us could have made.  The simple emotions of love and
anticipation in seeing your child -- make it very powerful.  You can
see more videos at the main site, http://www.KRightsRadio.Com/

3. Clinton 1984 Video - our rally, May 17th.
If you haven't seen it yet, please take a moment to see the Big Sister
You Tube video at http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=6h3G-lMZxjo

Take the time to register, and post a text comment asking her to
dialog with loving parents about the need for reform. Many other
people will see OUR comments as parents.

She is actually saying the 'right things' and as many of you who have
been members of the group know, we are trying to convince her to meet
with parents. To hear their stories of love & pain and how the
'system' came between them and their kids.  It has been my personal
focus for many of the NonViolent Actions I have been involved in,

Please, let's not get angry at her or other politicans who don't seem
to care -- they haven't been through it!  Let's face it, most of us
only got involved when the system hurt us......we need to help
them feel what we are living ....

We may be seeing a 'perfect storm' in our opportunity to get a
Presidential Candidate to meet with parents on our issue.  As I think
you know I'm planning a quiet rally outside the Federal Building in
Syracuse in an attempt to get Senator Clinton to meet locally with
parents hurt by the system.  This is not a 'protest'.  My goal is to
get at least 20 Moms and Dads carrying just ONE thing, a nice picture
of them/their children with the words I LOVE YOU & on reverse SENATOR

That is a big 'crowd' for Syracuse and I don't have any doubt the
Newspaper and all three TV Network affiliates would cover it.  While
we are gathered people will be going into the Federal building 1 by 1
to personally deliver their 'petitions' for reform to the Senator's
local office, and also to personally ask she meet with parents about
abuses in the system, the need for a Congressional Investigation, and
the potential need for a Family Rights Act.

Given my prior experience there and recent media coverage I think it
could have a real impact on the Senator and provide the encouragement
she needs to take the issues & us, seriously.

I don't want 'rabble rousers' or 'anti clinton' or 'father's rights'
or 'mother's rights' to even come up.  Just parents who love their
kids entreating the Sen. to look the issue.  It might make some good
video and give her a chance to 'join a dialog' on family law -- as
good as her campaign folks are, to ignore pleading parents could turn
into the 'swift boat' of her campaign.

Interested, please let me know.  The date is still tentative, we will
soon be getting a permit for the rally.  More news to follow.

4. The story of a real HERO - but still not a parent.

--- Anthony Gallo <Nychero11105@aol.com>

> First of all you may look me up here
> (anthonygallo.exploretalent.com) to learn more about my
> personality. What you will not read here or read about in the
> newspapers is that for the last six years I have been fighting to be
> part of my daughters life, through the family court system. The
> discrimination, incompetence, and ignorance is just unacceptable. I
> have fought with every aspect of the courts. Yet, at the same time I
> did everything asked of me.  Children Services did six
> investigations, "all unfounded", yet my daughter was still kept from
> me. I am on my sixth Judge. I have attended Parenting Classes,
> Single Fathers Classes, Drug Tests, Therapists, Forensic
> investigations, and so much more. I waited in a room downtown
> Manhattan every week, for months, hoping to see my daughter, and did
> not, even with a court order.
> In the summer of 2003 I was riding the subway home from installing
> an alarm system (I do this for a living in Manhattan) riding the Q
> train at Atlantic Ave I witnessed a woman being slashed. This guy
> walked up to this woman that was dressed as a nurse and just slashed
> her across her face as she sat there, and ran off the train. I
> immediately reacted just making it off the train myself before the
> doors closed. I chased him and was able to restrained him, and held
> him until the police arrived, getting cut on my wrist, he had a
> knife in each hand.

> I was awarded by Police Commissioner Ray Kelly and was awarded the
> N. Y. Post Liberty Medal for "Courage" 2003, was even a guest on the
> John Walsh Show. But all this really meant nothing to me, it was my
> daughter that I held most important. I have tried to contact many
> people about my case and all its faults. I like to call them "Red
> Flags" that make people aware of abuse, against the system.  The
> courts have been doing this for a long time yet, they still cant get
> it right, because most of them are "Pay Check Workers" and are not
> there for the "Best Interest Of The Children".
> So with all this attention I received for my "Heroism" I just
> thought someone would look into the false allegations that were
> keeping my daughter and I apart.  But no one seemed to care for me
> once my story broke out. Not the Mayor, who once shook my hand and
> said "Good Job Mr. Gallo", not even my own city councilman. One
> morning I decided to return the awards, back to the city that I love
> so much. I guess the discrimination was just to much for me to look
> at the awards. "I do not need an award to know the kind of person
> that I am". I went to One Police Plaza and told the officers in the
> front that I found this bag filled with awards and medals on the
> subway and thought I should bring them here. When the officers
> looked into the bag they were shocked that someone could forget
> this. They asked me for I. D. and of course I could not show them
> because the awards had my name on them, I just did not want to
> explain to them why I was returning my awards. I have not heard from
> anyone about this action that I took.

> I see my daughter weekly now for one hour, if I am lucky and must
> pay for this, or I cannot see her, along with child support. I do
> not know where she lives or how she is doing in school. We play
> monopoly in hopes to build a relationship again, but dealing with
> "Pay Check Workers" can be very frustrating. I had asked to show my
> daughter a tape of myself getting awarded on the John Walsh Show, I
> even allowed them to view the tape before hand so they could see
> that it would be rewarding for my daughter, people stood and cheered
> for me (what a feeling). I thought it would build some trust, after
> not seeing me for years, she was hesitant (my own child).  I was
> told no!
> I feel the media is so quick to do that story on the "Dead Beat Dad"
> or "Amber Alert" a dad just ran off with his child...........but you
> never hear about the Father that has been struggling just to see his
> child, paying with "Blood, Sweat and Tears" just so that his
> daughter would know her father. I miss her so much and I cry
> everyday. She will know that her Dad was a fighter, and I hope that
> it will help her cope with life.....

> Lately I find myself writing a lot, and each time there is a puddle
> of tears beneath me, and I must mop up this puddle quickly before I
> slip, because I feel there is no one around to help me back up.

I know we have written before and I remember your story. It is just
unbelievable and you are a HERO.  But you are also being treated with
disrespect and indignity -- what you are living with your daughter is
MY WORST NIGHTMARE of what I was able to escape from happening with
Dom and I.  But I also want you to know, that your story also kept me
motivated during my recent jail sentence.  This kind of stuff needs to
STOP happening and I really do think maybe more people are willing to
be really active.

I understand the tears, even as good as I have it, it is still gut
wrenching.  So many people 'forget' and 'rationalize' because they
just can't live with the pain. I'm glad you have not 'healed' in that
way.  Hope to meet you some day!

5. Keep HERO in Superhero - your FEEDBACK
In response to our last message:

--- "Kris Titus" <bigwonderwoman@gmail.com>

> I am very happy you are stirring the pot on this one. It deserves real and
> frank discussion and 'education' and 'understanding'.

> Most people have no idea the power of civil disobedience holds, if merely
> for you to let everyone know YOU are now in charge of your life again and
> the decisions that will be made about you and your child. It is taking back
> control.

> Honestly, most lawyers, judges, and police officers, right up to the
> head RCMP detachment for the Prime Minister, have shrunk in the face of that
> kind of resolve.

> I would love to write more or speak more on this topic.,

I quite agree with what you say.  I have certainly seen the power of
it and been very surprised myself.  Very good things can happen.  If
we can just show folks a few more success stories maybe more people
will 'come out of the Bat Cave!'.  Best regards and you are welcome to
give me some thoughts on this that I can put out in a list message.

--- Steve McDonough <daddyozz@verizon.net>

> Superheros are here in Mass!  Please go to F4J.US and click on F4J
> in your state then click on MASS. There you will see what us
> SUPERHEROS have been up to for the past 6 months or so. PHOTOS AND
> Thank you,
> superhero!)

You have a nice group there.  I may have missed it, but what was the
"Superhero" part in what they did besides just wearing the costume.  I
don't think anyone was in risk of arrest at any of the events?  Did
someone climb something?

--- "sam Sears" <searsmall@gmail.com>

> I read with interest your recent newsletter on Civil Disobedience.  My son
> Bill (of billsarena.com) recently held a rally at the Georgia State Capitol
> in Atlanta.  I was very nervous about the rally as several F4J members had
> said they would be attending and I didn't want my son to be caught up in the
> types of things that they have done oversea's.  I was extremely pleased with
> the members that showed up, they were respectful and very highly organized
> in thier methodology of peaceful demonstration.  The purple Camo Pants and
> F4J T-shirts showed distinct solidarity on the issue of Shared Parenting and
> they seemed to have a good grasp on what it takes.  A couple of the members
> told me that they had dressed up in "SuperHero" costumes at other rally's
> and the best part of it was the notice that kid's seemed to really enjoy
> seeing them.  It does have the potential to raise public awareness, that
> being said I am very opposed to anything "illegal" regardless of the
> intentions.  It is very unfortunate that  in this country it seems that
> groups such as PETA, Greenpeace and others feel that Civil Disobedience is
> the way to change legislation.  The ENDS are not justified by the MEANS.

I appreciate your perspective, but I think Gandhi and Martin Luther
King would disagree with you.  They were both involved in VERY illegal
acts (at the time) and encouraged their followers to do the same -- but
is was the 'how' and 'why' that really made the difference.  If you
haven't had a chance, please read the NonViolent Action stuff at our
web site, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil.htm

--- rc woody <hawkman_019@yahoo.com>

> I wear my costume because in the eyes of my children I am a hero.
> I've endured almost every day for the past 6 years not being a part
> of their lives.  I've been knocked down repeatedly by the custodial
> parent and our court system, but I refuse to stay down.  Heroes
> don't always win, but they never give up just because the odds are
> stacked against them.  When my kids see pictures of me on the
> internet in costume, they know that dad is fighting for them and
> kids just like them.  I'm not interested in doing illegal stunts
> because that only hurts our cause.  Peaceful protests have managed
> to garner a lot of POSITIVE attention to our cause.  Why would I
> want to ruin the years of work of many individuals, by doing acts
> that would have us discounted as nothing more than bitter,
> disgruntled, and dangerous men & women?  Everyone has a breaking
> point though, and I can understand that you can get to a point where
> you feel so hopeless, that you would entertain taking more extreme
> actions.

--- Simon Dorey <simondorey@shaw.ca>

> You might have more success in the US dressing up as the founders of the
> constitution since that was what started the process of equality wasn't it?

> As to civil disobedience - perhaps the best approach is the go-slow approach
> as opposed to a strike: if everyone in the country paid one month's child
> support to an organization such as F4J, the individual would not suffer
> since it would be easy to argue that the money will be made up and we would
> have an enormous fund to fight this inequality.

... it is always hard to say where something 'starts'.  Obviously, the
idea is always the first, the mental concept, and then usually
discussion/writing/talking -- but I think if we look at history -- it
is only the 'ideas' that get converted into ACTION by people
(including their promoters), that really matter.

So, and I think many would agree, events like the Boston Tea Party
(where people risked real consequences for what they believed in) is
where 'equality' really began.  Foundationally, as we approach the
Easter Holiday, the words of Jesus of Nazareth would not have had a
lot of impact until he was willing to mount the cross.

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