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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Wed May 02 2007 - 20:28:25 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:

0. Mother's Day - any events?
1. Activity in Canada - Superheroes in action!
2. Rally in Washington - August 18th
3. Klein for President - video.
4. LEAD Day in Albany, NY - May 29
5. Our Rally in Syracuse - under construction/in July.
6. Indiana parent in prison - 2.5 years for support!
7. Quote worth re-quoting - on equality.

0. Mother's Day - any events?
Haven't seen any email regarding events planned for Mother's Day in
support of our right to be presumed FIT & EQUAL parents?  If there are
events planed, please let us know the details by completing the event
form at http://www.AKidsRight.Org/events.htm

We'll try to get a message out with any announcements by Thursday of
next week.

1. Activity in Canada - Superheroes in action!
Submitted by: "Kris Titus" bigwonderwoman@gmail.com

Batman and WonderWoman showed up at 393 University Avenue just about
the time Batman and Robin made their great escape from the OPP atop
the 404.

There were many 'spectators' and many who willingly accepted our
literature.  Security came out to poke around, but that was it.

At 9:30 the superheros changed back into their real identities to
bring the message to Queen's Park where Kris Titus participated in a
joint press conference about Parental Alienation Awareness that had
Sarvy Emo ( Co-Founder of Parental Alienation Awareness Organization )
Dr. Marty McKay ( Psychiatrist ) Chaplain Bruce Smith ( who works with
troubled youths ) David Osterman ( President, Fathers Are Capable Too
) and myself.

We will be getting a video I will try to make available.

Kris Titus
National Coordinator
Fathers 4 Justice Canada

--- Submitted by:  Robert Robinson, "Burnaby Batman" <bc_courts_suck@hotmail.com>

Greetings Liberators from Fathers4Justice Canada and the Burnaby Bat.

First off I would like to thank all F4J team members coast to coast
for your dedication and commitment to our cause. You Rock...........

Today Fathers4Justice superheroes were out in force across Canada in
support of Parental Alienation Day Internationally. Today another
unknown Superhero "The Saskatoon Dad" was in court attempting to
regain access to his son.  Need I say more? The same unknown Dad who
will be rocking with the rest of his comrades coast to coast, with F4J
banner sent to him and personally signed by the F4J superhero team in
Vancouver BC.

Vancouver BC superheroes, The BC Hulk(Kevin Chrisiaens), Metropolis
Superman (Murray Williams) and Canada's First Batman (Robert Robinson)
ascended upon the pedestrian overpass in Stanley Park Vancouver,only
minutes from the Lions Gate bridge. Our superheroes remained perched
upon the over pass for over an hour in the pouring rain and
cold. Traffic quickly came to a slow crawl with people literally
stopping there vehicles to take pictures of the spectacle before
them. Agent Susi Q, only 5 minutes after having dropped off our team
at the strike zone, heard radio news reports that traffic was being
obstructed by Fathers4Justice superheroes in Stanley park. This
continued for the duration of our stay on several different radio
stations. Apparently several media sources also turned out but were
out of position when it came to approaching us, due to excessive
traffic back log. One radio station announced that police were already
on their way to the scene. It was only upon leaving did we see two
police cruisers with lights on, heading to our location,lol.

Nonetheless today's actions were a complete success, with 6 F4J Canada
teams across the country participating. I have included some pictures
of today's action in Vancouver BC, enjoy.

Another positive today was meeting a gentlemen who turned out to our
event who had spent 5 days protesting outside of a court in Calgary
Alberta, who like many of us has an equally shocking story to tell and
who like some of us is prepared to take his quest for equality to new
heights. Welcome aboard Chris.

In general the public was overwhelmingly supportive with more people
than I can possibly count giving US the thumbs up, taking
pictures,cheering us on, and encouraging our continued commitment to
equality for all families.

Way to go Vancouver - You Rock.

Again thanks to all those who participated.

Together We Will Change The World.

Best Wishes: Robert Robinson -(Burnaby Batman) - National Action
Director - Fathers4Justice Canada - 1-877-345-8784-Ext.915

---  Submitted by: Stephen Hodges "Spiderman"

"It's now 6:55, & I just got back from a damp 3 hours of successful
work. I hung my banners across the Island Highway at about 3:40, got
interviewed by a newsie, and never once saw a policeman. Once I'd lost
feeling in my fingertips, I quit, then I realized I'd been out there
for 3 full hours ! I got a lot of good response from the drivers, &
*feel good about what I did* ."

2. Rally in Washington - August 18th
This is probably one of the largest parent's rallies to be held
this year.  The 18th is a Saturday so it should be easy for people
to get there, they also plan on helping with transportation.
The main web site for the rally is:


It is being coordinated by Minister Ron Smith
<ChildrenNeedBothParents@msn.com> who is from Chicago.  It is easy to
register at the web site and I'm sure he would welcome your help.  He
is a powerful speaker, you can see one of his presentations on


Some brief background on Rev. Smith:

The founder and CEO of Children Need Both Parents, Inc., a non-profit
501(c)(3) based in Chicago but headquartering in Grand Rapids,
Mi. since 1993.  He is the father of two adult sons. Minister Smith
has spent the past 14 years working with parents who are divorcing or
separating to help bring them to an amicable situation in regards to
maintenance of the relationships between children and both parents.

Children Need Both Parents, Inc. provides food for families in need
and work out agreements with child support and shared parenting
between couples .  Minister Smith serves as a Community Representative
with DHS in the Family to Family program which is a panel that assists
in the adoption process. He was chosen as one of 23 people nationwide
who makes a difference in the community by Dr. Pepper in 2006.

Minister Ronald E. Smith is a graduate of the University of
Michigan-Dearborn and attended Illinois Institute of Technology

He has spent 13 years as Mental Health Professional with the Community
Mental Health Council in Chicago as well as 5 years as a Psychiatric
Rehabilitation Therapist with Human Resource Developmental Institute

Minister Smith has been Assistant to the First Deputy Commissioner in
the Department of Aviation City of Chicago and has served as a
Substitute Teacher in the Chicago Public School System.

---  Submitted by: "Bill Tower" <wm.tower@sbcglobal.net>

All right everybody the RALLY is on and the Date to set your plans on
is August 18th 2007. This rally will start at 9:00 a.m. est. and be on
going all day.  So pack a lunch bring water to drink and join us to
get the word to Congress that we are not satisfied with the way that
the Health and Human services Department and the Family Courts are
running the system that was supposed to protect children and Families
"all involved in the family". The Courts were supposed to be the
safety net and they have failed the PEOPLE.

Bring your story done in 20 (twenty) pages or less and take it to one
of the tents to register in and get it on the Official Record with

Also review the http://www.dcrally2007.com/ web site for
updates. There will also be a format for your story to be put into
posted on that website.

We have many Great organizations from all across the United States
getting together for this event. And also have planned to have
Officials there to talk to the People (us). We need a great show of
support on this event and I am sure that all that can attend will be
there. This is the next big CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT so get on board and
help out, show your support and do your part after all it is really
for the children (yours and your grandchildren) so as Larry the cable
guy says "GIT IT DONE" we will see you all there.

3. Klein for President - video
Dr. Mark Klein is considering a run for President, you can check his
website out at: http://klein4change.in2006.us/ One of his goals is
federal EQUAL PHYSICAL CUSTODY ACT that would mandate states to enact
a rebuttal presumption of joint physical custody in divorce.

He also has a BLOG at: http://www.drmarkklein.blogspot.com/
For a video of Dr. Klein during a news interview at the Republican
National Leadership Conference see:


4. LEAD Day in Albany, NY - May 29
Submitted by: "Greg Fischer Children's Lobbyist" <perfect100@hotmail.com>


When: Tuesday, May 29, 9:00 AM
Where: http://www.fafny.org/ or check link below

There will be chartered buses at low cost.  This is the chance to
actually talk to and influence the decision makers.  Please SIGN UP

For the children, Greg Fischer "The Children's Lobbyist"

Learn more here:

5. Our Rally in Syracuse - under construction/in July.
We had planned to rally a group of moms and dad outside the offices of
Sen. Clinton in Syracuse, New York.  There is quite a bit of
construction going on in front of the building and it looks like we
won't be able to get a permit date until early July.  More details
once we get the date finalized.

6. Indiana parent in prison - 2.5 years for support!
Please review the info below and write to Chris if you can.  I talked
to his mother on the phone, it is a sad situation.  To avoid an
earlier support problem he accepted probation, ended up he could not
comply with the terms and the Judge threw the book at him with a huge

You can write Chris at the following address (to send him a little
spending money it must be a Postal Money Order made out to his name):

Christopher Hertsel 
LaGrange County Jail 
0875 S SR 9
LaGrange, IN  46761

--- Richard & Dianne Hertsel <rdhertsel@yahoo.com>

> ... I would appreciate it if you could give me some advice.

> My son is 26 years old & the father of 2 boys ages 5 & 6 with
> different mothers. He has never had the privilege of living with
> them or being a father to them yet has been ordered through the
> courts to pay close to $200.00 weekly. Chris, my son suffers from
> chronic depression, anxiety attacks & possibly bipolar. He has never
> been on medication. He has not seen either son since 2004. Both
> mothers refuse to let him see the boys. 

> The mother of the 5 year old had him arrested & put in jail March
> 12, 2007. On March 14 the judge sentenced him to 2.5 years in a
> Indiana Prison. They say he owes over $11000.00. Chris has a hard
> time getting & keeping a job because of his condition. He lacks self
> confidence & has alot of phobias about being around people. 

> Today he received a letter from an attorney about the 6 Year old boy
> re: the stepfather adopting him. They also want to change his name
> from Jacob Christopher to Jacob Michael the stepfathers middle
> name. I called several attorneys today & if we get any legal help
> with this situation it will take quite a bit of money which we don't
> have. 

> I can't work because of health reasons & my husband works 2 jobs. A
> 3rd shift road driver for Fed Ex and a minister of a church. We have
> to drive 120 miles round trip to see Chris in jail for a half hour
> on Sunday evening. Our son has been deprived of his freedom without
> a fair trial. We don't even have any rights as grandparents. Is
> there any possible hope or solution for our problem. They say even
> if he signs over his rights he still owes over $20000.00 in back
> support. How can this be.? The legal system in Indiana & Michigan is
> horrible. Can you please advise us as to what we can do to help our
> son? He is not a criminal & he doesn't deserved to be locked
> up.Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. We're
> desperate & we want our son back home with us.

> Sincerely,
> Richard & Dianne Hertsel
> Centre Avenue Church of God  http://dmin.org/fs/index.php?id=cacog
> Portage, MI

7. Quote worth re-quoting - on equality. 
Submitted by: Teri Stoddard <shared.parenting.works@gmail.com>

     "The ideas on the equality of rights between men and women have
     been marked by an antagonistic approach which exalts opposition
     between them...Success in the quest for equality and the
     empowerment of women can best be achieved when such antagonism
     gives way to mutual respect and recognition of the identity and
     the role of one towards the other." 

     - Archbishop Celestino Migliore, 03.08.07

Best regards!
                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
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