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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Fri May 18 2007 - 14:48:37 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:

1. Join activity in Canada - May 21st parade.
2. Alec Baldwin and Parens Patriae - Stephen Baskerville
3. Syracuse Clinton Rally - July 31st?
4. 14% and you - your time as a parent?
5. Georgia Teenager for reform - in People magazine!
6. Join the Awareness Quilt - Parental Alienation.
7. New group - the Family Justice League!

1. Join activity in Canada - May 21st parade.
Submitted by: Burnaby Batman <bc_courts_suck@yahoo.ca>

Greetings liberators from Vancouver BC and the Bat.
I am sending this out as a reminder to everyone that once more
Fathers4Justice Canada will be participating in one of Canada's most
popular parades.
 "Island Farms Victoria Day Parade (May 21)" Location(s): Downtown
 Victoria along Douglas Street Victoria largest parade event, with
 over 150 entries, marching bands, floats, clowns etc. Over 120,000
 spectators watch this popular annual event in person and on
 television. Fun for the whole family.
For those who have not yet seen our footage that was aired on Check 6
in Victoria during last years parade please follow the link provided.
Last years event was a great success and we look forward to the same
this year. Many thanks go to all those who are either contributing and
or participating in this years event.
May 22/2007 also marks the 3rd anniversary of the launching of the
inaugural action of Fathers4Justice Canada in Burnaby BC.
Happy Birthday Fathers4Justice Canada.
In solidarity: Robert Robinson - National Action Director - F4J Canada - 
rob@fathers-4-justice-canada.ca   1-877-F4Justice Ext.915

2. Alec Baldwin and Parens Patriae - Stephen Baskerville
For a nice article by a reformer, parent, college professor and
author, please check out this link for an article published at a very
popular web site:

For those of you not up on your Latin, "Parens Patriae" captures the
concept of Government as Parent. Our recent discussions certainly help
make a distinction between many of us involved in reform.  Those of
you who think the "child's best interest" should be our goal or that
kid's interests come FIRST, may automatically inject the authority of
the state in making that distinction?  Is that what we want?

For others the real essence of reform is the strong presumption of two
FIT & EQUAL parents -- government has the strong burden to prove
parents criminally unfit before it can interject what it thinks is
best...  Children don't have a right to what's best in their lives or
to choose between parents, they get what BOTH their parents can
give..... that is what we have tried to capture in our Family Rights
Act, http://www.AKidsRIght.Org/act.htm

Your thoughts?

3. Syracuse Clinton Rally - July 31st?
We are getting ready to file the permit request for the Syracuse, NY,
Federal Building.  Tuesday, July 31st looks like the date -- does
anyone have any objections or better suggestions for a date?  Details
on what we have planned follow (you may want to try something similar
in your area with a Presidential candidate):

If you haven't seen it yet, please take a moment to see the Big Sister
You Tube video at http://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=6h3G-lMZxjo

She is actually saying the 'right things' and we are trying to
convince her to meet with parents. To hear their stories of love &
pain and how the 'system' came between them and their kids.  It has
been my personal focus for many of the NonViolent Actions I have been
involved in, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr

Please, let's not get angry at her or other politicians who don't seem
to care -- they haven't been through it!  Let's face it, most of us
only got involved when the system hurt us......we need to help
them feel what we are living ....

We may be seeing a 'perfect storm' in our opportunity to get a
Presidential Candidate to meet with parents on our issue.  We are
planning a quiet rally outside the Federal Building in Syracuse in an
attempt to get Senator Clinton to meet locally with parents hurt by
the system.  This is not a 'protest'.  Our goal is to get at least 20
Moms and Dads carrying just ONE thing, a nice picture of them/their
children with the words I LOVE YOU & on reverse SENATOR CLINTON PLEASE

That is a big 'crowd' for Syracuse and I don't have any doubt the
Newspaper and all three TV Network affiliates would cover it.  While
we are gathered people will be going into the Federal building 1 by 1
to personally deliver their 'petitions' for reform to the Senator's
local office, and also to personally ask she meet with parents about
abuses in the system, the need for a Congressional Investigation, and
the potential need for a Family Rights Act.

We don't want 'rabble rousers' or 'anti clinton' or 'father's rights'
or 'mother's rights' to even come up.  Just parents who love their
kids entreating the Sen. to look at the issue.  It might make some
good video and give her a chance to 'join a dialog' on family law --
as good as her campaign folks are, to ignore pleading parents could
turn into the 'Swift Boat' of her campaign.

How do we make make a compelling political statement to Sen. Clinton
and the other candidates?  How about a peaceful group of loving
parents, carrying pictures of their children.  A group whose common
sound 'bite' is:

    "I love my kids. Being separated from them was the most painful
    experience I have ever been through. I really believe our nation
    needs to recognize the rights of parents to be considered fit &
    equal in the lives of their children.... We hope to encourage
    Sen. Clinton to meet with parents hurt by the system.  To hear
    their stories first hand... and to call for Congressional Hearings
    into the need for reform....and potentially a Family Rights Act."

How is that going to look on the TV News.  How would a candidates
staff advice them regarding the wisdom of meeting with these parents?

4. 14% and you - your time as a parent?
If you have time, I encourage you to check out

written by Don Mathis <fourteenpercenter@yahoo.com>, who
thinks parents should be parents more than just 2 days out
of 14.  He writes from the Texas area.

5. Georgia Teenager for reform - in People magazine!
Submitted by: "Sam Sears" <searsmall@gmail.com>

I wanted to let you know that the cause is thriving.  Saturday
afternoon People Magazine did a 2.5 hour photo shoot with Bill and I,
followed by 2.5 hours of interview (Bill threw me out of the house for
about 30 or 40 minutes).  He was really on his game and both the
interviewer and the photographer thought that he was very engaging.
The interviewer indicated that it ranked as one of her favorite
interviews she had done.

The article will be coming out either this coming Friday or the
following week.  While either one is fine the following week is almost
better as that will mean even more feature space.  We will know for
sure by mid week.

... ts the May 14 issue with Rachel Ray on the cover.  It started
hitting the newsstands last Friday.  Check out page 131.

Bill's web site ->  http://www.billsarena.com/

6. Join the Awareness Quilt - Parental Alienation.
Submitted by Gail Head <ghead@wccs.net>

So many have asked if there is or was a website for the Awareness
Quilt. Here it is.  There are also new photos just taken of it.  As
you can see, it is getting large.  In fact, I had to tape it to my 6
ft x 6 ft china cabinet in order to photo it.  Take a look and if you
like what you see, you are welcome to leave your comments.  We will
continue to add more photos as the quilt gets even larger in the days

7. New group - the Family Justice League!
Submitted by: Judi Smith-Phelps FJL <judi@fjl-us.com>

On behalf of my fellow board members, I am pleased to introduce you to
the Family Justice League (FJL) FJL is dedicated to the fight for
family law reform so that every child may enjoy the love of both
parents and extended families following separation or divorce.

FJL was created as a result of your overwhelming cries for a family
rights organization that is truly representative of all victims of
family court - with its core focus on the children. The FJL Web site
is appropriate for people of all ages and offers activities that bring
families together and encourages citizens to get involved in their
communities via FJL sponsored events!

FJL offers a global Events Calendar that invites all family rights
organizations to come together as one by posting their events to our
site and getting people involved in the fight for our children.

FJL enjoyed an awesome debut yesterday at the Statehouse in Columbus,
Ohio where we gathered with thousands of parents, children and
legislators to rally for the right to preserve school choice in
Ohio. Special thanks to the Smith kids and Dan and Connie
Meyersburg and friends for their dedication to the cause!&nbsp; Check
out our Web site photo gallery for pictures.

Join Family Justice League...where the children always come first.


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