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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Wed Jun 06 2007 - 12:13:03 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

1. DC Rally, Aug 18th - let's go!
2. Victoria Day Parade - Superhero Photos!
3. National Association of Non Custodial Moms
4. Bermuda - reform moving forward.
5. Happy Ending - united in Jamaica!
6. Your FEEDBACK - many topics.

Hopefully most of you have heard of the large Family Rights Rally
planned for Washington, D.C. on Saturday, August 18th. I plan on being
there and hopefully will see many of you there also!  Rev.  Smith is
coordinating this and he understands the issue is Civil Rights.  As it
says at their web site: http://www.dcrally2007.com/


They are generating a lot of excitement and I hope we'll all be able
to help in the effort as we are able.  The web site has a lot of good
detail.  You can make a difference!

1. DC Rally, Aug 18th - let's go!
Submitted by: Rev. Ronald Smith <childrenneedbothparents@msn.com>


For the past four decades, our government has continued to pass
legislation that has slowly taken away our power as people to maintain
our family relationships. Instead of assisting our families to address
the problems that we all face, governments answer has been to take our
families apart and destroy the relationships of Parents. Grandparents,
Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins and the entire family
structure as a whole.

They have taken away our ability to discipline our children by
medicating them with the net result of undisciplined children
committing violence in the streets of our major cities. They have
utilized a variety of methods to accomplish this goal with all methods
being profitable. The bottom line is that government has put our
children up for sale. This Peaceful Protest will address every
destructive method:

CPS Government has given the Child Protective Service Agency the
ability to come into the homes of our nation's families, take our
children and sell them on the adoption stage. Instead of using its
funding to assist and repair our nation's families, they are selling
our children to strangers and paying private agencies to do so.

Dissolved Marriages Government has given our courts the ability to
award our children as if they were prizes to one parent or the other
with total disregard for the relationships destroyed with the NON
CUSTODIAL PARENT or that biological side of the child's family. This
includes Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Nieces, Nephews, Cousins and
Siblings. With virtually no regard to Shared Parenting one parent in
most divorced cases becomes a visitor with their children...

Child Support Enforcement Government has given this agency the power
to incarcerate, suspend professional licenses, driving privileges,
destroy credit ratings, and criminalize non custodial parents. Instead
of assisting parents to reach their obligatory goals, they are
punishing parents who may lose a job or become ill or any reason other
than refusal to pay. All parents are not dead beat most of them are

Domestic Violence Government has given the courts the ability to
destroy relationships between parent and child when allegations are
made and prior to a sufficient investigation. While we stand in
support of fighting domestic violence, we believe that false
allegations should carry sanctions....

Paternity Fraud Government has allowed its state agencies to collect
child support from a parent even after DNA testing proves that this
particular person is not biologically connected to the child. Their
reason is that if you have a relationship with a child, you have an
obligation. That obligation concludes at financial responsibility. We
need government to find the responsible parent and have that parent
step up to the plate and stop robbing people to pay for children that
does not belong to them biologically. We encourage these people to
maintain a relationship but we protest government taking their money
wrongfully. And of course, to collect from a person even though that
person has been proven not to be the parent is profitable to the

These are the issues that we as a collective group who are peacefully
protesting change in the way government does business with this
nation’s families. We are protesting to put an end to the destruction
of family relationships for profit by this government's systems. We
ask you all to donate for mass transportation whether it be; $5.00,
$50.00 or $500 every contribution will help achieve our goal of
bringing 250,000 people together on August 18, 2007. After your
donation, pack your suitcase and board a bus at a location in your
hometown and join us all in Washington.  http://www.dcrally2007.com/

Just like a friend who comes to visit you and just won’t leave:

Minister Ronald E. Smith, CEO
Children Need Both Parents, Inc.

2. Victoria Day Parade - Superhero Photos!
Submitted by: Burnaby Batman <bc_courts_suck@yahoo.ca> wrote:

Greetings fellow Liberators from Vancouver BC and a very tired Bat.
I would first like to take this opportunity to once more thank all
those who contributed and or participated in this years Island Farms,
Victoria May Day parade, May 21,2007 in Victoria BC Canada.
This was year two for us and once more another successful event under
our belt and once more we spread our message of peace and equality to
tens of thousands who were in attendance this beautiful sunny day and
to hundreds of thousands more who watched the event live across the
province on chek 6.
Together Vancouver and Victoria team members worked side by side to
make this event a memorable one. There were many stressful moments for
all of us in that process, with heavy rains for the 2 days previous
making our final preparations a monumental task. Bravo team for
pulling it together and seeing it through to completion.
I have included some of the pictures I have now received as well as
one I took from my sky high perch and encourage all those who have
more or who have captured the live footage to share it with us.
Together we will change the world - One Heart at A Time
Cheers: Rob R - Burnaby Batman - Fathers4Justice Canada -

[ NOTE: Pictures sent posted at our web site, check
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/photoGallery ]

3. National Association of Non Custodial Moms
Submitted by: no_reply@aol.com 

[This is a nice group.  Similar to F-4-J, Fathers can also be
members. - Ed.]
NANCM | The National  Association of Non Custodial Moms, Inc.

4. Bermuda - reform moving forward.
Submitted by: Stephen Baskerville <sbaskerville@cox.net>

During my recent trip to Bermuda, sponsored by Childwatch, the public
reception was tremendous.  Childwatch arranged for me to speak at the
Hamilton Rotary Club, which was carried by two television stations
(clips available soon).  They also organized a public forum at Bermuda
College, where I spoke alongside a cabinet minister, the Honorable
Dale Butler, Minister for Social Rehabilitation, and his shadow cabinet
counterpart, the Honorable Suzann Holshouser.  

Mr Butler also issued a Proclamation on Parental Alienation Awareness
Day.  Mr. Butler is expected to introduce shared parenting legislation
in the next parliamentary session, which Ms. Holsbouser will also
support.  Through Childwatch, I also met with another cabinet
minister, the Honorable Derrick Burgess, Minister for Immigration.  In
addition to the TV coverage, we had no less than 5 newspaper write-ups
(both the Royal Gazette and the Bermuda Sun, below), and 3 radio
interviews (recordings available soon).
ChildWatch is led by Edward Fisher (president), Edward Tavares
(co-founder and treasurer), Gerry Begeman, and others.  Bermuda being
a small country (pop. 65,000), the opportunity to effect change there
is without parallel, and ChildWatch has achieved influence others can
only envy.  People stopped me on the street and in my hotel and said
they had seen me on television.
Last Thursday, the Royal Gazette ran an op-ed column by Eddie Tavares
and me.  Links below.

Stephen Baskerville, President
American Coalition for Fathers & Children, 1718 M Street, NW, Suite 187
Washington, DC  20036            http://www.acfc.org/

Royal Gazette Op-Ed: "Bermuda Needs Shared Parenting"
Royal Gazette Write-Ups
Bermuda Sun Write-Ups

5. Happy Ending - united in Jamaica!
Submitted by: Lanny Davidson <single_father615@hotmail.com>

[ This is a great story. Lanny kept trying & trying, and it worked!
There is no guarantee of success, but it is only 'over' with our kids
when we give up. -Ed.]

> My story was in our local newspaper in Jamaica.
> http://www.jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20070521/news/news1.html
> Lanny Davidson, Kingston, Jamaica.

6. Your FEEDBACK - many topics.

--- xavier lane <fatheralienation@yahoo.com

> I have a question for you. Should a man pay child support for his
> children when every conceivable right he is entitled to is ignored.?
> When the mother is denying any access to the children and being led
> to believe that its best for the children.(PAS) I applaud your
> stance but I want to go deeper and expose the Systemic corruption
> that is taking place across the country and in the State of
> Tennessee. I see it and it's obvious. The more I research the more
> I see how every element of Government is involved. I value your
> opinion . Take care

You know I am getting beat up on support, I don't have the
money.  If I had it, I would pay it to them -- money is not worth
going to jail over.  If you are concerned about how bad the system
is then consider NonViolent Action as I explain below, check the
links.  [http://www.AKidsRight.Org/checklist.htm]

Do something 'positively' that will get you thrown in jail,
that demonstrates your love for your children.  If you have the
money, but don't pay it in 'support' of your kids -- it is too easy
too paint you as a bad guy -- "even if we agree with you that the
system is corrupt, why should your kids go without?"   That kind
of discussion is a distraction from the real issues you care about.

--- "Robert Pedersen" <robertpedersen@robertpedersen.net>

> Similar to the Roman civilization, the few hold power over the many
> by means of fear.  Fathers (usually) remain stagnant because of
> depression and obsession over their own cases, and the fear of
> consequences from the family court systems.  Even worse, our so
> called "leaders" and many organizations are failing to seize the
> perfect opportunity for change.

> Upon analysis of family law reform groups in the United States we
> have see them come and go with minor steps towards progress.  The
> Divorce Racket Busters, MEN International, Million Man March and the
> Promise Keepers have all tried different avenues towards change.
> Many remain to this day but are less prominent in scope than once
> before.

> There are more prominent groups today that are failing to seize the
> perfect opportunity for change.  Some are so caught up with their
> own self identity and their way of doing things that they refuse to
> openly support the August 18th 2007 Washington, D.C. Rally
> <http://www.dcrally2007.com/> .  The purpose of the Washington, D.C.
> Rally is to bring EVERYONE together both those who wear costumes and
> those who refuse to.  Even those who want only to educate and refuse
> to hold a rally sign for fear of not being politically correct.

> These groups fall under different chosen categories such as
> children's rights, father's rights, family law reform, non-custodial
> parent's rights, non-custodial mother's rights, men's issues, etc.
> We are far too fragmented to ever be seriously effective.  Many of
> these organizations, in which some of us pay membership fees, are
> failing us.  They are either failing to support the Washington,
> D.C. rally or they are giving verbal lip service with no serious
> form of action beyond that.  Should we continue supporting all of
> these numerous fragmented groups if they still do not know how to
> work with others for the sole purpose of change?  Is my money better
> spent in donating to the Washington, D.C. Rally directly, as opposed
> to sending my money to various organizations to become a member?

... read the entire message at his site:

--- "Pat McElligott" <mcelligott@ameritech.net>

> I know you have your followers but let me go on the record as saying
> that I am not one of them . I very much relate to your incarceration
> because I to was incarcerated for a 30 day period of a 6 month
> sentence and 2 years probation for the cardinal offense of :
> Malicious Use of the Phone ( in a 2 day time frame I tried to call
> my son and left non threatening but critical messages for his mother
> to hear) . Because I like you, perceived that I actually possessed
> the right in America to be my son's father I was and continue to be
> very critical of the judiciary and family court system which I found
> out later was the real reason I was incarcerated : TO SHUT ME UP. I
> did my 30 days , paid them their $900. incarceration fees ( which
> ironically they initially did not know how to receive, because most
> people that go to jail for extended periods never pay and the burden
> is just another tax bill to the taxpayers.) 

> I did not choose to go to jail and while there , I did everything I
> could to be released early BECAUSE I knew that I was no good to
> myself or my son or anyone else for that matter languishing in jail
> proving only that ultimate legal and judicial power will always
> prevail over one individual. I would like to think that in your
> heart of hearts that you exploited your particular situation for the
> right reason but somehow I get the feeling the focus was and still
> is on you being a martyr for a cause that I believe is hurt by
> individual attention , that by many friend and foe alike ,
> translates into exhibition and being a kook or loose cannon. 

> If I am wrong I apologize but I still feel your efforts would be
> better spent focusing on being a team member of peer group
> activities like the Washington Rally or something else that
> incorporates the problems of many instead of magnifying your own
> problem. I do not see any value for our cause in what you put
> yourself through in jail and to the masses that really do not
> understand what you and I and many others see clearly --The general
> population who's support we need if we are to be a success in the
> future as a rule will never embrace what you did as a positive way
> to promote a message. My opinion, and like asshos , everybody has
> one but for the good of the Equal Parenting cause , I hope that my
> constructive criticism is something you will consider. Failed
> efforts from our past are just that , in our past. History can
> either be learned from to avoid the same mistakes or repeated, which
> in my 15 years of being transformed unwillingly from a father to an
> activist , I find that we never seem to learn,thus we spin our
> wheels flinging mud. Respectfully Pat Mc Elligott Monroe, Mi.

Thanks for taking the time to write.  I believe it's the first
time you have emailed.  There are many who share your views and your
message is useful feedback.  As you know, by sitting in jail, you have
plenty of time to think.  Sometimes people write me about being a
"one man band" and it just doesn't stick.  I know and try to get other
people involved at every step of the way in the things I have done in
the past and will in the future.  I also support the efforts of other
groups and I plan on being at the Rally in DC and I've talked about it
on our list.  AKidsRight.Org is a group also.

You are talking about methods below, but I guess what I would like to
know from you is what is your goal for reform?  We are not united
right now because at a basic level, we have some very different goals?
Without going into why (which I have explained before on the list)
this is what members of this group have for a goal:

Two parent's decided to separate.  The child is 7.  The 'dad' has been
involved in school, reads to the child, takes them to events on
weekends, is physically fit, cooks for the child. The child really,
really loves dad.  The 'mom' has never visited the school, is obese,
comes home to watch TV, basically ignores the kids unless she is
yelling at him, and the evening meal is fast-food. She smokes in the
house. The child does not like her very much.  NEITHER parent is
trying to physically hurt their child with malintent.  BOTH parents
say they love their child and want to be a parent.

If they split, it is EQUAL time with both.  If they can't agree to a
time-split, it defaults to switching every week of the year.  That may
not be 'best' for the child, but it is not for a Court to intervene.
They are welcome to go to voluntarily mediation.

A Court only imposes its will only IF in a criminal proceeding they
win a conviction, a unanimous 12 person parent jury verdict, that the
parent is a demonstrated, serious threat to the safety of their child
and acting with malintent.  That is what we have in our Family RIghts
Act, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/act.htm

   QUESTION: If you disagree, what is your minimum threshold (give me
   an example(s), of when their is less than equal time?  Also, why?

   QUESTION: I agree with what you say below about learning from
   history. With the goal we have in mind, I then draw a historical
   comparison to the fight against segregation as being a good
   analogy.  Contrary to what you say below, acts of voluntary
   self-sacrifice is exactly what it took to change the hearts of
   'white' people. It made them rethink their biases about 'blacks.'
   What historical example do you think is a good analogy for your
   goals for reform?

   QUESTION: Perhaps comparing our jail times is like mixing apples &
   oranges?  What exactly did you say to your former spouse?  Tell her
   how bad a parent she was?  They threw you in jail for that, It
   appears you learned not to talk to her like that and won't do it
   again?  Loving self-sacrifice?

Please, I can use this dialog in feedback, I know you may have other
things you want to bring up, but please answer the questions above
first before moving into other directions.  You didn't mention how
much you are getting to see you son?  I hope you are able to have
regular contact and that things will improve!

[No reply yet on this from Pat -- your thoughts?]

--- Mike Little <mnlittle@prodigy.net>

> You are so inspiring and I'm so very proud of you!  I don't think
> that in my 114 days in jail (for only paying $300/month of the $500
> demanded) that I could have gone this route.  I did however always
> (well, except for once) remain respectful to the guards and they to
> me.  I basically became the #1 trustee in the jail and was going to
> many places within the building with no escort.  In fact many of the
> guards who I passed would often nod and speak respectfully to me.
> That is definitely an important part of any response to being
> unjustly jailed as we've been.  It will have been five years in just
> a few days since I was made a political prisoner of the State of
> Texas, United States of America.  Funny thing is they've left me
> alone every since.  Kinda like standing up to the bully.............

I agree with what you say about 'standing up to the bully' -- that is
what it takes to change things.  They said I as $60,000 behind and
given six months, I'm shocked by people that have written on MUCH
smaller amounts, like a few hundred [like you], and were thrown in
jail for months!

--- Carl Street <carl_street@cjstreet.com>

> You have my admiration and respect; and I always enjoy being on your
> mailing list.
> That being said, I hasten to add that I believe you are missing the
> big picture.  Anti-Father/Anti-Family experiences such as yours
> (and worse) are paralleled throughout the world.  Interestingly, the
> premises, tactics, propaganda, etc. of the authorities are nearly
> identical and, I submit, this is no accident.
> The probability that all this simultaneous parallelism is an
> accident is roughly equal to the probability of being struck by a
> meteor -- in short, non-existent.  While many disdain "conspiracy
> theories:" the mathematical truth is that it is those who fail to
> detect conspiracy in these events who are the truly delusional and
> suffering from psychotic denial.
> The assault on fatherhood and the undermining the family structure
> is a top agenda item of those in power whose primary aim is to
> replace both with the paternalism of the state.  It therefore
> follows that those employed by the state whether in an elective or
> bureaucratic role CANNOT be the solution.
> While these people may yield an occasional crumb when faced with
> intractable pressure, this is merely the classic 2 steps forward,
> one step backward technique and not to be confused with REAL
> progress or any kind of change of motivation or objective on their
> part.
> There is NO intention of abandoning their agenda. You are at best,
> merely an inconvenience, a minor slow-down in their inevitable
> gravitational trek to the bottom.  If you become too much of an
> inconvenience they will simply destroy you.
> Their tactics are many -- "lone gunmen"; strange single car
> accidents; plane crashes, unexplained muggings; or you will be
> "suicided" either in prison or without; or, if they REALLY need to
> destroy your credibility they will involve you in some scandal of
> their own making -- you will be "discovered" to have drugs, be a
> pedophile, etc.
> Right now they are biding their time and letting you build a pattern
> of "unusual behavior" from which their propaganda machines can
> cherry pick incidents to demonize, discredit, and bury you when
> appropriate....

I do agree that the campaign to have gov't control family is part of a
'movement'.  I really don't think its as bad as what segregation was
and the bad attitudes there.  I think our greatest problem is that
instead of being 'parents' fighting the system, we become men/women,
fathers/mothers fighting each other -- we don't need an enemy, we
destroy ourselves.  But time will tell...

> I have often wondered how eternal happiness could be sustained
> without boredom.  Now, I believe I could entertain myself endlessly
> by drinking large glasses of ice water within view, but not within
> reach, of government minions who doubtlessly will be enjoying the
> warm hospitality of Satan....

> I hope and pray that government employees awake and repent their
> sins against humanity; but if they fail, they have chosen their own
> damnation.

Maybe we should steer the emphasis to "saving us" instead of worrying
about "them".  Let us demonstrate the love we have for our kids by
personal sacrifice -- I'm not really worried about what "they" think.
Before my divorce, I was probably one of "them" to....

> Sounds like you got it.  God is NOT stupid.  Your divorce is
> probably the key to your salvation (see Matthew 10:36) -- as a
> former military officer, no doubt thoroughly enmeshed in the system,
> it would take a major level of spiritual ordinance to extract you
> from that situation.

> Blessings are often disguised.  To our extreme consternation; some
> blessings are disguised beyond what I would have thought necessary;
> but I guess that is why HE has the job of creating/running the
> universe and I do not... :)

> BTW, I cannot know; nor should I care what "they" think.  Our task
> is salvation and it is NOT a matter of opinion polls.  We have no
> way of knowing our impacts.  Granted, it is personally emotionally
> satisfying to see our earthly goals achieved.  But, that is NOT the
> measure.

> Anyone who has studied chaos theory knows that small events can have
> major downstream effects.  The classic being the butterfly in Africa
> whose wing activity creates a VERY minor atmospheric disturbance
> that triggers a chain of cascading events resulting in a hurricane.

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