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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Fri Jun 29 2007 - 10:57:04 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:
1. DC Rally Update - Aug 18th, time to get involved.
2. Support? System Down - become a movie sponsor!
3. Canada's Superheroes - history/activity.
4. Equality Conference - July 13th, DC, w/Matt O'Connor,F4J
5. Bill's Arena - Interview on National TV.

1. DC Rally Update - Aug 18th, time to get involved.
Submitted by: Rev. Ron Smith <childrenneedbothparents@msn.com>

[If you have never done more than write or send email please try to
attend this rally and get others in your group to do so.  We have an
opportunity to make a real statement about reform. - John]

Good Morning To All:    (http://www.dcrally2007.com)

With less than 60 days before what should become one of the most
important dates in American History, I would first like to express my
extreme disappointment in the majority of those who have spent the
better part of the past few years begging for assistance and
information on how to stop the courts and our government from
violating us all and destroying our families.

I have seen and heard every reason imaginable as to why involvement is
minimal, yet there have been no change in those personal situations.
Some are afraid of retaliation, some are complaining that donations
are wrong to request, some are waiting to see if it will be
successful, some have decided that it won't work, and some have
decided that they just cannot afford to be there.

Whatever the reason, we have yet to get a full commitment from those
who are spending their time sending emails crying and complaining that
they are being railroaded by the very same system that they have
relied on for years to take care of them.  I have watched my child die
and have buried him in the last eight weeks and it has not wavered my
commitment to make change happen.

I do commend some of you for your participation but I am hard pressed
to understand why all of us have not totally committed to spread the
word and do everything possible to uncover the injustices of this
nation. In 1963, the African American population put aside all of
their differences and the prejudices that ran rampant in this country
and they came together like no group has been able to do so since and
they changed the face of the hatred and injustices that the courts and
legal system were doing simply because they were committed 100%. If
your level of commitment to this rally is not 100% then you really
have no reason to continue to complain and point fingers because when
a method of change has been proposed, you have not taken your part to
stop your own situation.

Everyone should have not only registered at
http://www.dcrally2007.com/ but they also should have downloaded the
flyers, passed them out educated everyone that they come in contact
with, asked everyone you know to support this and made this the single
most important thing that this nation is working toward bar none. We
are going to declare August 18, 2007 as Family Preservation day with
or without you.  Our success or failure depends on whether we are all
fed up enough or if we are content where we are. We should have people
begging to get involved and begging for information as to what he or
she could do.  The email groups should be bombarded with ideas as to
how we are going to all get there and what we need to do.

There are a select few who have literally stuck their necks out for
the majority and if the majority do not realize what is at stake then
I want you to understand just a few things.

1. If you are not involved 100% you have no right or reason to
continue to complain.

2. If you smoke cigarettes or drink beer and have not supported this
financially you have no right or reason to continue to complain.

3. If the fear of retaliation has kept you from getting involved, then
work with us behind the scenes and make it possible for others who are
not afraid to stand up and stop the courts from selling your children.

The bottom line is that they will continue to do what they are doing
with or without you if we don't all come together as a massive group.
For the next 54 days please make this rally the single most important
thing in your life.  If in fact you do, then the cases that you are
all complaining about can and will be changed.  Retaliation will not
be tolerated.  Poor court rulings will all be challenged. Alienation
will become a thing of the past.  But this is all dependent on us all
eliminating reasons why we don't or won't be involved and for us all
to become sisters and brothers united to demand change.

Minister Ronald E. Smith, CEO, Children Need Both Parents, Inc.

2. Support? System Down - become a movie sponsor.
Submitted by: Angelo Lobo  <info@aginelo.com>
 Producer of Support? System Down - http://www.supportthemovie.com/

[Some of us don't have a lot of time for reform and can't get involved
with demonstrations.  If you have some extra money, please consider
the appeal below and contact Mr. Lobo. This is an excellent
documentary, view the trailers at the link above. There is also a
Press Release at Yahoo Business/Finance:
http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/070529/latu003.html - John]

Do you have anyone that would like to come aboard and participate as a
"member" in company in Support?,LLC by purchasing units?

The film is COMPLETE ... we did cover many issues in the film and
custody is one of them. The film is laid out in a way that covers
everything from paternity fraud, divorce issues,custody issues, Parent
Alienation PAS, and of course child support issues.

It also covers our nations military and how custody issues affect them
when they are away and then return from war.

We are offering a Film Opportunity at the moment as we are working on
raising capital through contributions so we can market and distribute
the film in 5 major cities. The units are available at $1k per.

There is also Executive, Co-Producer, and Associate Producer credits
available on screen depending on the capital contribution. Major
corporations may have an advantage of this offer as well through the
AJCA Section 181 Tax deduction incentive.

Anyone interested or with questions may email directly to
info@aginelo.com or call 760-439-4633 for more information.

We are at the stage that we need help with getting this out there.

3. Canada's Superheroes - history/activity.
Submitted by: "Burnaby Batman" bc_courts_suck@yahoo.ca

[Real Action by Heroes in Canada - Read the whole story (with
pictures) at "The Now" Newspaper, BC, Canada.
http://www.thenownewspaper.com/issues07/063207/news/063207nn2.html ]

Masked fathers fight for justice by Tom Zytaruk.  Published 6/15/2007

  Kevin "The Hulk" Christiaens, Hal "Boy Wonder" Legere, Rob
  "Spider-man" Stone and Robert "Batman" Robinson don superhero
  costumes and undertake feats of derring-do in their fight to have
  equal access rights to their children.

  What would you do for your kid? Everything and anything? So we say.
  But how many of us regularly make a beeline for the couch when we
  get home from work, ignoring Little Johnny's pleas to play catch in
  the back yard as our heads land on that comfy cushion with a whack?

  Consider this, as Father's Day approaches: Would you climb a
  building for your kid? How about a bridge? A group of local fathers
  who've been systemically separated from their children have done
  these stunts, and more, to alert the general public to a principle
  they hold dear: that all children should have the benefit of both
  parents, on an equal basis. Donning superhero costumes - because
  every dad, they say, should be a superhero to his kid - these
  members of Fathers4Justice Canada led typically regular lives until
  their relationships fell apart and they found out, first-hand, how
  cold the courts really can be when it comes to custody challenges....
continue: http://www.thenownewspaper.com/issues07/063207/news/063207nn2.html
4. Equality Conference - July 13th, DC w/Matt O'Connor, F4J
Submitted by: "Jamil" jamil@fathers-4-justice.us

In case you donšt know about it already, I would like to make you
aware of a conference that is taking place in Washington DC next month
that you are all invited to: http://www.trueequality.com/ While the
conference has been an annual event for some time, Matt OšConnor (
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matt_O'Connor ) will be attending and
presenting there for the first time this year along with a stellar
cast of characters, including our good friends Stephen Baskerville of
the ACFC, Warren Farrell, and Glenn Sacks.

Most of the Fathers-4-Justice US board of directors will be arriving
on Thursday to meet with Matt to discuss affairs concerning the
organization.  It will be a chance for many of us to meet each other
in person for the first time.  Fathers-4-Justice Canada will also be
represented, with Kris Titus and some of her crew in attendance.  (We
have agreed to not discuss the Stanley Cup with them.)  Due to
scheduling issues, some of the US Board will not be able to stay very
long, but we all plan to be there starting Thursday, July 12.

For those of you who are interested in working to push forward with
family law reform advocacy and activism, please try to attend.  The
organizers of the conference make a great personal contribution to
this event and should be supported.  Your voices should be heard and
we want to meet you, and with you, too.

It is painfully obvious that the only way that change will be made is
when we start seeing ourselves as one.  This is a horrible business
that wešre in, but it is not of our making.  Unfortunately, it seems
to be our job to repair it.  While this certainly wonšt be the last
event of this nature to take place, it has the potential to make a
great impact on the future of our children and their good parents.

Please contact me with any questions that you might have about this.

5. Bill's Arena - Interview on National TV
Submitted by: "Sam Sears" <searsmall@gmail.com>

[If you haven't yet, please check out the video below.  A very nice
interview of a teenager and parent concerned about reform. - John]

You should take a look at Bill's latest video.  We were on The Morning
Show with Mike and Juliet (Fox Network).  They flew us up to NYC, did
the show and bummed around Times Square for a day.  It was really
great to have some main stream press pick up on the People Magazine
Article from the week before.
Bill is starting to get "out there" more for the cause of shared
parenting on a Nationwide Basis.  He is truly my hero (I understand
now why Bill Cosby talked about how his own son Ennis was his hero).
The video is on Google videos and there is a link on his website
http://www.billsarena.com/ to it also:

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