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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@akidsright.org)
Date: Sun Jul 29 2007 - 17:13:26 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

1. Syracuse Rally Update & Future Plans - July 31st.
2. Aug 5th - Canadian 'Pride' Parade in BC.
3. Your FEEDBACK - on Syracuse Rally & Reform.
4. Mailbag - YOUR messages.

1. Syracuse Rally Update & Future Plans - July 31st 
I'm happy to say I'll have company outside the Federal Building on
Tuesday.  Katherine Nevill, a local mother & grandmother will be
joining me there.  She saw contact with her grandchildren reduced
as the 'system' destroyed her children's relationship with their kids.
Parents are still welcome to join us and hand deliver your concerns to
the offices of three Members of Congress: Sen.  Hillary Clinton,
Sen. Charles Schumer, and Representative James Walsh.  With a few more
people, we can be sure to also have the media there!

For complete details please go to:

I'm hopeful we'll get enough folks to convince Presidential Candidate
Clinton that it's sound politics to meet with parents on Family
Rights.  If that isn't enough ...

After the Aug 18th DC Rally (http://www.dcrally2007.com), in late
August, I plan on returning to the Federal Building with chalk,
balloons, petitions, and more (and hopefully some of you?) and happily
accept arrest for the cause we believe in.  Why?

A six week summer vacation with my son, Dom (now 14), ended Thursday.
We simply had a great time and are very fortunate. For some photos see
http://www.murtari.org/photoGallery -- as Coordinator I hear from many
of you and your stories are my worst nightmare of what could have
happened to Dom & I.  What would many of you trade just to be able to
spend a 'normal' summer with your kid: picnics, and movies, and games,
and ice cream, and walks, and swimming, and big hugs of affection?

I ask myself that and what I owe in return for being so lucky.  Going
to the Federal building and risking arrest to help convince
Sen. Clinton Family Rights is the MOST important issue affecting our
nation -- a pretty easy decision!  Many of you have a much more
difficult question to ask: what am I willing to risk so that other
people may enjoy rights that I may never have?

On Tuesday, if you can't make it to Syracuse, pick up the phone and
call. No need to be rude, just tell the Senator's staff that Family
Rights is important, numbers at the web site:

2. Aug 5th - Canadian 'Pride' Parade in BC.
Submitted by: Robert Robinson (Burnaby Batman) <bc_courts_suck@yahoo.ca>

... On August 05/07, Sunday, F4J Canada BC teams will be participating
in one of Canada's most colourful parades, The Pride Parade in
Vancouver BC. Last years event saw more than 300,000 people in
attendance and this years parade is projected to be even bigger with
more entries added.
Once more the F4J mobile will be entered (27 foot stretched limo) and
more superheroes expected to participate.  This year in the line up we
will have BC Hulk, Spiderman, Superman, The Thing, Cat Woman,Burnaby
Batman,Flash, Wonder Woman and possibly Robin QC, depending on his
work schedule.
Also, Robin Junior - Chris Coderre - The Young man (21 year old) who
scaled the 200 foot tower crane in Vancouver with me September 05, has
returned to the nest and is back with us once more after having flown
the coup for over a year.

3. Your FEEDBACK - on Syracuse Rally & Reform

--- jack clark <kayakjackky@yahoo.com>

> People Before Lawyers

--- Joanna Wright <hope4kidz@houston.rr.com> http://www.hope4kidz.org/

> Since I do not live anywhere near NY, and the DCRally2007 is August
> 18th, this may be why you are not getting much response.

> I think I know you well enough to know you would not attempt to
> shame people into following your lead, but this email was received
> in a very "shame on me" manner.  As if what you have done is so
> extensive and is a reflection of your commitment, then why can't we
> get off our duffs and help you.

> It was a major league turn-off.

> No response is necessary but as advocates, we do a lot that no one
> knows about and honestly, most do not care.

> I recently had a non-custodial parent tell me that they did not care
> about anyone else's child, as long as they could get their child
> returned.  I have worked with this person for many years, but the
> above statement, although honest, let me know exactly where they
> are; full of self.

> I would love to go to NY and would stand behind you, but I cannot
> because I have committed to being at the DCRally. Are you planning
> to be there?

Sorry for the delay and thanks for the message.  I had consciously
tried to avoid the 'whining' factor and acknowledged my own
pre-occupation with personal stuff myself.  Looks like I missed on
that!  I do plan on going to DC, look forward to meeting you in

--- "Paul C. Clark" <clark@global101.com>

> In my opinion Hilery clinton is basically a communist and could not
> possible care less about your concerns, they do not fit her personal
> agenda and never will. You apparently can not learn and refuse to
> try, Read her history of corruption and communist beliefs, wake
> up!!!!

You may be right about not fitting a 'personal agenda'.  But she also
wants to be President and is a good 'politician'.  In the past Civil
Rights movements have always enjoyed broad based support.  If she does
not see 'us' as a movement -- what does that say about our efforts?

> ... As I have repeatedly explained to you many times in the past,
> Read the laws on the books. We do not need new laws, we need the
> laws on the books enforced as they are written... There are very
> good laws on the books getting the corrupt courts to apply them
> correctly is the problem.

> ... the big problem is the judiciary and the lawyers that are
> benefiting from the current way ..., completely out side of the law
> and as they see fit rather than what the laws require.

> If you continue to waste your time and effort on Senator Clinton,
> all I can say is you deserve what you get, which will be absolutely
> nothing. She and her kind are the problem, You can not change them
> you may hang them but you will never change them. The simple fact is
> the laws are good, the people responsible for enforcing them are
> bad.

> Wake up to the reality and read the laws.

--- Bryant <bcsvirtual.msg@juno.com>

> Might want to check out: http://www.indianacrc.org/index2.html

Yes, I'm familiar with these arguments that we already have the
'right' and a lot of them make sense; however, it is also clear that
in practice we 'don't have it' or it is ill-defined.  Again, I think
we can go back to the women's rights movement regarding the vote --
for over 50 years they also thought they 'had the right' in the
Constitution, and tried Court challenges, etc..., but it didn't
work. Finally, the 'amendment' to the Constitution made the right
clear and well defined.  You can look at some history on that at

What we want as parents is not the 'first' time' this has been done,
but we may be using approaches that just aren't effective and there is
plenty of history to look at.

>> 3. This event is 'safe'.  No NonViolent action is planned, but if
>> additional public awareness is needed to convince Sen. Clinton to
>> meet with parents.  I hope other parents will join me in NonViolent
>> Action (http://www.AKidsRight.Org/checklist.htm) at a later date.
>> Your presence now will help those who may sacrifice for reform
>> later."

> ..................and here I was expecting something that would
> demand attention. I STRONGLY DOUBT that approaching Clinton will
> have any affect at all!
Yes, could your please give me some more details as to the type of
event that would 'demand attention'?  It may be worth considering.

--- Phil <pstanley@carolina.rr.com>

> You started this in 1999 but have failed to get in implemented
> anywhere.  Correct

> Have you sat down and thought about the brick walls that you have
> hit over the past 8 years?

> What have you learned that does not work? What have you learned that
> does work In bringing this closer to fruition?

You ask some good questions.  Not sure how long you have been on the 
list, but I have certainly learned that NonViolent Action does 'work' 
very effectively in changing how people think.  It is hard to get
people to join in embracing more pain & sacrifice when they already feel
abused by a system -- but as history shows, it can happen, and I believe
we are moving in that direction.

> I think that all the splinter organizations need to come together
> instead Of everyone doing their own thing.  That is the only way we
> can prevail.

Yes, you make a good point, but right many of us differ on fundamental
goals and we still have not differentiated ourselves.  This happened
in other Civil Right's movements, and we are no different.  For
example, do you believe good, average, or poor parents are still FIT &
EQUAL parents to their children (only BAD parents found guilty of
criminal conduct are not)?  Do you feel a child has a 'right' to
express which parent they prefer to live with?  When does the 'state'
have the right to determine a division of time, or what is best for
your child?

These are fundamental questions.  We all know the system is need for
reform, that it is profoundly flawed -- but what is our goal?

> Hopefully, someone will put forth this same message at the DC Rally
> this year I suspect it may be Torn House or F4J with their drive to
> ride the UK Groups Success.  It's still debatable whether F4J can
> accomplish anything but, it's Going to be fun seeing how far they
> will go to get media attention.  Hope to see you and your group in
> DC on Aug 18th!

--- Dave Nevers <dave@nevers.us>

> As a single parent myself, I have to make lots of hard choices about
> where to spend the money I have available.  Sometimes I go the extra
> week or two before getting a haircut because there's something one
> of my kids needs more than I need good grooming.  The prospects of
> taking unpaid time off of work and traveling to Syracuse doesn't
> seem justified to me.

> I do work with several groups here in IL, mostly in the Chicago
> area, and I can honestly tell you it's tough to raise gas money to
> drive a group of parents 250 miles downstate to Springfield to meet
> with our own state legislators.

Yes, I quite understand and agree.  There are limits to what we can do
both in time & money.
> John, I don't think anyone questions your personal commitment.  What
> you need to understand, or at least accept, is that while all of us
> are committed to a goal, not all of us agree with the methods you've
> chosen.  And there are others who might agree with the method, but
> lack the means to stand beside you when you exercise that method.

> Personally, I think a demonstration/march/protest of the size you're
> talking about would be like a fly buzzing around the government's
> head.  A minor annoyance, but no real effect.  I don't say that to
> dull your passion, I just feel there are other things I did
> yesterday, today, and will do tomorrow that will have a bigger
> effect on our state's flawed system.

Well, you may be right.  But time will tell regarding effectiveness.
So far we haven't really excited a national discussion about Family

> There are initiatives going on all over the country, in almost every
> state.  We're down to county-wide initiatives when we find a single
> county court that is particularly egregious toward non-custodial
> parents.

I'm not sure how effective we are when focusing on individuals, or
even focusing on a state legislature?  This all gets back to what is
our goal?  What defines our right to be a parent to our children?  If
we feel it is a basic human/civil right, then perhaps we need a
Federal focus to our efforts?

> All of us are glad you're a part of our movement, but sometimes all
> we can offer each other is moral support, since the legal system
> seems bent on taking everything else away from us.

--- Neil Pollicino <spirgroup@yahoo.com>

> When a father cries alone, we all cry with him and that sound you
> hear is en masse advocating.  Thank you, John, you are a true hero.

4. Mailbag - YOUR messages.

--- Erica Sansbury <esansbury29@yahoo.com>

> Please write me and let me know how I can help, I am currently a NCP
> and I would like to help in getting this bill passed.

We are trying to get a Family Rights Act passed, details at

Your feedback is welcome and we could use people ready to visit the
local offices of Members of Congress, see
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/legislative.htm -- let me know after you
have had a chance to review.

--- Paul jakemedes <pjftw01@yahoo.com>

> Thank you for all that you do sir. My prayers are with all those
> alienated from their children . When I mentioned that it was fathers
> day my 4 year old daughter she was quick to correct me and mentioned
> that there is no such day " It is called Parents Day" she said to me
> . nice bit of brain washing Thank you Tara Keys I feel so sorry for
> you but I refuse to hate ! Our daughter will hear nothing but
> positive things about you from me and God will take care of the rest
> . It is sad that my own daughter can not be close to me it is sad
> that she is being brainwashed I do feel for all of you here who
> hurt. Please have faith in God ,for I have lost total faith in our
> corrupt system of so called justice. Take care.

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