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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Fri Aug 24 2007 - 15:53:09 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

1. Back to Jail - convincing Sen. Clinton?
2. Still in Jail from Lincoln Memorial - Robert Dickerson
3. DC Rally 2007 - speaker FEEDBACK.
4. DC Rally 2007 - your FEEDBACK.
5. NY Politics - Equal Parenting Party!

1. Back to Jail - convincing Sen. Clinton?
It was a pleasure meeting people in person that I only knew via email
at the Rally.  As I have said in previous list messages, I will soon
be returning to the Syracuse Federal Building and writing some
messages on the Plaza grounds: "I Love Dom" & "Sen. Clinton Help Us!"

In the past I had announced exact date/times,
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/actionc_syr, but I found that it only helped
officials take my chalk away before anything happened.  The Senator's
regional rep, Mr. Jay Biba, told Katherine a few weeks ago that we
need to "write more letters" to her about our issue.  Well, I'll be
writing more 'letters' on the Plaza.  What is missing in volume, I
hope will be compensated by enthusiasm and the sacrifice of my
freedom, on my terms. Adding an exclamation point to those letters.

How you can help/my rationale for this:
Review info/letters at: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton

Make a polite call to her Washington and especially her Syracuse
Office (ask for/leave a message for Mr. Jay Biba).  You can also fax a
letter to both. 

Syracuse Local rep, Jay Biba  tel: 315-448-0470,   fax: 315-448-0476
Lona Valmoro (Senior Advisor to the Senator), tel: 202-224-4451,
fax: 202-228-0121 

Pictures: It would be great if someone could be in the 'vicinity' and
get pictures of what happens. Please contact me.

Publicity/PR: Ms. Teri Stoddard from California was great in providing
help before. She now has a much busier job and may not be able to make
media contacts. If you can help, please contact me.

Writing Letters on the ground: Obviously, it would be great to have
another Mom & Dad with me either as an observer or participant.

2. Still in Jail from Lincoln Memorial - Robert Dickerson
Submitted by: Steve McDonough <daddyozz@verizon.net>

[I wanted to forward this message to everyone.  No one likes to be
forgotten.  I don't know many of the details on Robert, but he did
risk participation in the Lincoln Memorial event even though he had
pending 'support' problems in New Hampshire.  If someone can send me
an update/jail address we will send that out - John]

This is an update on Robert Dickerson [from his attorney]: Much to my
surprise the State of New Hampshire picked up Robert from the DC Jail
today. I learned of it this afternoon when I went to visit him. When I
saw that he was not on the daily census I asked the guards at the main
entrance where he was. I was told that he was picked up this morning
at 6:00 a.m. 

I have to say, given the resources that the State had to invest to do
this I did not think they would get him. Especially since I've seen
people with much more serious problems (i.e. serious criminal charges)
released after three days when they are not picked up by the demanding
state.By the time I learned that Robert has been picked up it was past
4:00 p.m. which is when the Rockingham County Sheriff warrant squad
stops answering its phones. I have sent them an e-mail and I will call
tomorrow.I have Robert's personal property and will safe keep it until
his release.  His court dates in D.C. are far enough out that I'm not
worried that he will miss them. And far enough out that I can deal
with it if, for some reason, New Hampshire gives him a date that
presents a conflict in D.C.  I can and will continue to work on his
criminal matters in D.C. in his absence.

3. DC Rally 2007 - speaker FEEDBACK.
The report on the DC rally, http://www.AKidsRIght.Org/dcrally2007 got
a lot of good feedback.  People enjoyed the pictures.  I did get some
comments from two of the speakers, below:

--- Dr. Shirley Moore <DrshirleyM@aol.com>

> Please remove the insult of myself and Dr. Mannix off of your
> website?  This is not right, if we are going to work together on a
> common cause their is no room for this.  Everyone talks about CPS
> labeling people, this is the very same thing that you are doing.
> Whether we work together or not, their is no room for this behavior.
> Everyone has their own opinions, however, I have gotten many invites
> to various states to speak on just this very issue...

> I am a firm believer in mutual respect, and this is not a sign of
> respect. .  Lastly, people did not come all that far to be
> disrespected, therefore, Mannix and I both deserve an apology.  In
> addition, many people have also been offended by these statements.
> I pray that you would correct that site, so that leadership won't be
> look upon in an unfavorable manner...

In many ways I agree with what you say, but I think we should extend
our unwillingness to 'label' people to the Judges, Lawyers, and Social
Workers who sometimes destroy our family lives?  For an event held on
a day to honor Martin Luther King I thought 'go after them' speeches
were out of line with his, "I have a dream".  He could have chosen to
say many, many bad things about the white man.  Many things that were
absolutely true -- but he did not.  That was his way to reform, that
is why I included his words at the end of my report...

Personally, I did not like your presentation.  I certainly don't
belittle your dignity or value as a fellow human.  I wanted to be
level-handed and that is why I also added that many people did like
your style.  This is America and our 'movement' is still finding our
way....  I will share your feedback with those in the group and you
are welcome to have the last word.

If you have time I'd like to share your thoughts with members of the
group on the goal for reform?  I feel we need to presume Fit & Equal
parents unless you are convicted in a criminal court of being a
demonstrated serious threat to the safety of your kids (with
malintent).  It is a 'tough' standard, but I hope it captures the
essence of our Civil Right.  That good, average, & poor parents are
all fit and equal parents.

One brief example that I welcome your comment on: A high-conflict
divorce: Dad has been the stay-at-home parent, involved at school,
active with kids, healthy life style, the kids LOVE him.  Mom never
goes to school activities, just watches TV at night, overweight &
smokes, yells at the kids.

When they walk into Court they are Fit & Equal, the default agreement
is an alternating week with each parent, and they are welcome to
attend mediation.  Your thoughts?

-- reply from Dr.Moore 

> Thank you so very much for responding and I do appreciate your
> honesty with regard to my speech.  I would first like to take this
> time to explain to you that I did not label anyone in my speech, in
> fact, everything that I said has been a proven fact.  Mr. Murtari,
> you see I don't say anything unless I can prove it, as a matter of
> fact, I have been doing this work for over twenty years, I was doing
> this work during the time that most people didn't even know that
> this was occurring.

> Secondly, the book that I was holding contained the checks, bank
> accounts, the phony non-profits, the check's coming into these
> phoney non-profits from the County Bar Assoc.  I have the judges
> spending the money on Country Clubs, jewelry and taking cash.
> Mr. Murtari, you see these non-profits were being operated by the
> judges. In addition, I have the letters from the IRS stating that
> these non-profits were non existence as well as the County
> Registrars stating non-filings.  Perhaps, this is why the crowd
> loved me because I had shown them the evidence.  Perhaps, in the
> future, you would take time to observe, grow and maybe you would
> have appreciated the speech.

> Third, I think that you missed a tremendous opportunity to see the
> bigger pictures as opposed to the one or two issue's such as family
> court and CPS.  Mr. Murtari, you see I have always said that this
> rally should have included the entire justice system as a whole, I
> am a firm believer that all captives should be set free, I don't
> believe that the court's improprieties should be limited to only two
> categories CPS and Family Court.  You understand that many times the
> Family Court and CPS are instrument's and /or courts utilized to
> bring you into the system to further destroy a family..  What about
> probate court, civil actions against government entities by which
> they don't allow you to prove your case, what about criminal cases
> whereby defendant's have been railroad and not allowed to be heard,
> what about code enforcement, whereby this is used to steal your
> property, what about workers comp etc.?  When we limit ourselves to
> our own personal stories, or predicaments, we limit our ability to
> grow and see the bigger picture.  We need court reform across the
> board.

---  Sheila Mannix <smannix88@sbcglobal.net>
[She was also presented with the example equal parenting scenario
above. The draft text of her speech is at the link above.]

> Thank you for responding to my email to you to which I simply
> attached the written draft of my speech.

> I look forward to providing you with a reply to your email but right
> now I have about seven motions I need to assist my co-members of
> IFCAA in writing as we continue to create the record here in
> Chicago, need to get out a Freedom of Information Act request as we
> continue to secure the evidence to prove the illegal acts of the
> corrupt public officials here ...

> Further, I do hope that a formal apology is forthcoming pursuant to
> Dr. Moore's email to you.  When the rally leaders signaled to me
> that I had two minutes to finish what I felt God meant for me to
> share during my speech at the rally, I had to speed up my
> presentation from the "non-frenetic" pace I began with - if you
> might recall.

> Further, if I might please be so bold as to refresh your memory of
> how angry Christ became at the merchants in the temple.  Sir,
> healthy, appropriately channeled anger which gives us the strength
> to do God's work in the face of tremendous obstacles is a gift of
> God's Love.

> Lastly, speaking as a trained professional, there is a categorical
> difference between "blame" and an analysis of a problem which can
> direct an efficacious solution.

4. DC Rally 2007 - your FEEDBACK.

--- Sally <SalUDevil@aol.com>

> ...thanks so much for posting the site.  Good job!

---  Tammi <medtra@yahoo.com>

>   Great job on the web site!  Your reporting and pics are very good.
>   A Must Read...

--- Dan <PfcpacDanWilson@aol.com>

> Where's the Beef, please don't give me tourist photo's We don't need
> any more from Liars, the Damage would make Hillary Clinton Laugh

... Anyone could have tried to arrange a parents Rally in DC,
including you or me.  Rev.Smith did a nice job with the resources he
had available.  I'll share your thoughts with the group, you are
welcome to explain a bit more.

  [Dan sent an extensive reply, included at the end of this FEEDBACK

--- RITA STATON <rstat@sbcglobal.net>

> Thank you so much for sharing the photos of the Washington, DC,
> rally. I thank everyone that was able to go.

--- linda weston <lindacweston@yahoo.com>

> ... I think the pictures are great. How many people were there? The
> quilt looked really good and I am glad that it was there. I am
> hoping that next year if this rally happens again that there will be
> more people there.

> Those guys that climbed the monument were really stupid for doing
> that they could of just put their sign What was their reason for
> doing that?  Linda

There were a few hundred people there. A lot of chiefs -- but not many
indians!  I think it will grow, Rev. Smith has a good attitude about
reform and is a nice man.  I've heard the same opinion from others
regarding climbing the monument.  I think they did a great thing.  For
my explanation look toward the end of report where I talk about their
actions, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/dcrally2007

--- "Ghislain Duchateau" <ghislain.duchateau@telenet.be>

> Congratulations with your Rally report.  I put it on my website
> introduced by a short informative text in Dutch .  Enjoy yourself
> with the copy of your picture you together with the British climbing
> fathers.

> Link to my document in the section Actualiteit (Actuality) of Goudi
> http://www.goudi.be/\ 

> Parental problems in Belgium and in the Netherlands are indeed
> similar to  same problems in the U.S.

> I have been following your actions in the U.S. for a long time
> included your hunger strike in prison, your attempts to approach
> Hillary Clinton, your wonderful relation with your son ... I greatly
> appreciate what your are doing in your country in favour of fathers,
> parents with risks of loosing contact with their children.

--- "Bonnie B. Vallance" <valancejones21@aol.com>

> Sorry I could not make it..Unfortunately as the family courts would
> have it I am financially strapped and had to work in order to try
> to pay my mounting debts..

> It looks like? the rally was a success. Maybe if? you may an annual
> pilgrimage it will take on a higher level of exposure..

> I have noticed way too many men and women claiming this is a gender
> issue. It is not. Family court reform is a family court issue that
> needs total reform the basis for which they make decisions is
> faulty and inconclusive the impact on the families is indelible
> damage emotional scaring for life and the cost to society at large
> is beyond measure.

> It is time to take gender out of the cause and to unify the cases
> of erroneous family court fraud to make the system accountable
> and?to protect families everywhere from delusional alienation based
> on total fraud.  Much of the fraud is based on? who's pockets are
> deeper. To have class discrimination on children and choose the
> wealthier parent as the custodian is wrong. It is time to cherish
> our family ties. The cause needs to take gender out of the equation
> because the disparate impact is erroneous and will not succeed
> unless it it corrected to reflect reality.  One day all children
> will be afforded relations with their real parents and feel
> connected. It can happen.

Yes, I quite agree with you.  We need to become parents concerned for
reform and that needs to be reflected in the names of our groups.

--- dcary1469@aol.com

> We greatly appreciate what you are doing for all of us. Nothing you
> have written changes that. You may recognize us as one of your
> letter writers and contributors.

> However, I was a bit surprised to see that you are questioning
> whether parents should be equal in light of some people being fat,
> smoking, etc. My experience has been that on the whole, people make
> choices for themselves much better than any government can. If we
> assume equal physical custody, we allow and even encourage parents
> to make choices together. While some may make mistakes, most
> won't. I would even bet the error rate would go down significantly
> regarding the harm to children.

> I think the founders of this country would understand this
> perfectly.

I'm afraid I chose my words poorly in the article.  I very strongly
feel we should be presumed FIT & EQUAL parents -- I reworded the
article after getting your message.  I objected to 'best interest' in
the sense that the government has the right to make that decision the
way they do now.

--- Dan <PfcpacDanWilson@aol.com> continuation reply from above

> PFC has right on our banner, we don't want your money we want your
> Participation. Not that we don't need it like anyone else but
> fathers groups have ruin their credibility with their Panhandling.

> Their was no committee that put this together, but one person which
> left open for a lot of fraud!  No organization experience.  No
> political experience.  No legal experiences.  Fathers lose because
> they don't have a plan!

> The numbers are like this.

30% of women are divorced   30% of Men are divorced   40% are married  
How do you get over 51% to win election to change the system?  

20% of men    20% of women    20% of married people who don't want to see 
   the system get any worse = 60%  which is good anywhere and anyplace.  

> Divorce & custody cases combining with Child Protection cases make
> parents available to work together for children. This is not rocket
> science! If you move women to a leadership focus you can recruit
> more Indians not more Chiefs.  I can lead or follow! I just need to
> be able to share this technique to at least get people to listen and
> discuss.

> Michigan plan:

> Fall 2007, go to as many counties as possible to hold rallies, hand
> Brochures that can easily be conformed to local events and leaders
> in the communities. Best scenario the county court house as a
> backdrop (PIC's).

> If their are special event, try to attend to hand out flyers
> also. Lansing Rally maybe?  After the winter, plan for a spring
> summit and invite leaders from around Michigan, this will set plans
> for the August election and our need to get Parents to run for
> office, who families are more important then money.

> More County rallies and maybe another big event.  The most important
> part of this plan is to listen you learn twice as much by listening
> as you do by talking, listen to the people on the street and find
> out what they want.

> This is my business plan who else has got one, I will not beg for
> money, I will do this with what I have.

5. NY Politics - Equal Parenting Party!

--- Submitted by: Stuart Meltzer, Esq. <Stu9esq@aol.com>

We are running on the Equal Parenting (Independent) Party line for
Family Court Judge in Nassau County and for Riverhead Town Council in
Suffolk County. The Party name says it all. Let us continue to
organize and cooperate. Please voice your support;

Nassau Family Court Judge Candidate for Primary Republican and Equal
Parenting Party http://www.parentsjusticecenter.org)

--- Submitted by: "Greg Fischer" <perfect100@hotmail.com>

> I am still looking for additional candidates for the EQUAL PARENTING
> Party; there are hundreds of openings this cycle in New York State
> alone.

> 1.) Interested persons must be registered voters.
> 2.) Should confirm that the office is open for election with their local 
> board of elections.
> 3.) Should ask how many Independent Signatures are necessary with their 
> local board of elections.
> 4.) Should contact Greg Fischer by email at perfect100@hotmail.com
> 5.) Should provide Greg Fischer with their registered voter name and address 
> and the official name of the office they are running for.

> Candidates are now collecting signatures in the following counties:
> Nassau, Suffolk, Albany, Rensselaer, New York, and Kings.

> Lets send a message to legislators and tell them what we want by
> taking votes away from them.

Best regards!
                                       John Murtari
Coordinator                            AKidsRight.Org
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