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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Mon Sep 03 2007 - 16:18:42 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

Chalking "I Love Dom" & "Sen. Clinton Help Us!"
There's not much to add to the earlier list message, details
and chalk photo at:

I just wish I could get one other loving mom & dad to join me.  I have
local media contacts and three people could get some real coverage.  I
doubt the Senator would want to see the "Syracuse Three" go on trial
for just trying to call her attention to how much they love their kids
and how the system has hurt them?

I'm hoping the message of NonViolent Action and the power of voluntary
loving personal sacrifice is starting to resonate with just a few of
you.  That some parents are close to contacting me and saying, "John,
I'm with you. I'm ready to write "I LOVE YOU" to my child no matter
the consequences..."

Meanwhile, I have stocked up on more chalk and will go back to the
Federal building soon.  I have one 'offense' for 'defacing government
property'.  It's almost a traffic ticket. I mail it in and wait for a
Federal Court date --- by that time I could have over a dozen of
these.  I think the maximum penalty for each offense is 30 days --
with twelve I could get a year!

This year I'm eager along with you to see what NonViolent Action can
accomplish.  Can it really work in this situation?  Many of you are
skeptical (and I can't blame you), but I believe good things are going
to happen as a result of this. We'll all see what happens.

Educate & Advocate -- but don't Agitate!
Sometimes I hear this line and I think it's the most naive thing in
the world to say.  At the DC Rally I also began to realize I hear it
more from Whites than Blacks.

As Whites we've never experienced prejudice.  If we got a bad deal in
family court it was because they just didn't 'understand' our side or
got misled.  If they could have listened a little better (and not been
crooks), things would have been okay!  We just need to 'educate' them
and get the crooks out...

I remember a novel from back in the 60s called, "Black Like Me".  A
white man tinted his skin dark and went to Mississippi -- boy did he
get a wake up call.  Those whites didn't want to be 'educated' about
racial equality by no Ni$$er!

I believe reform is a multi-faceted effort.  We need legislative
action, court action, public education, and also public 'action'.  I
couldn't believe people wondered why we only had hundreds of people at
the DC Rally, instead of hundreds of thousands?  When the Blacks
rallied at the memorial in 1963 -- hundreds of them had been arrested,
others beaten, voluntarily and peacefully for what they believed in!
What about us?  We can't skip that step.

Let's all get on the same page.  I respect people who write letters,
lobby, and arrange well-permitted rallies.  That is all great and
needed.  But let's also respect those who make peaceful self-sacrifice
for the love of their kids.

Why?  Because watching Blacks get beat up and actually volunteer to
do peaceful things that would land them in jail 'educated' those
Whites more than any amount of talking would have done.

STILL - Agitating people doesn't help our cause!
It's so easy to 'spin' something into whatever you would like, but
that doesn't change reality. On Thursday the Building Manager came out
to talk to me for almost half an hour.  He told me he admired my
goals, "but that defacing government property would be a negative
thing ..."  I asked him about the Civil Rights Movement, and the Black
'freedom riders', who would get on at a bus stop, sit in the front,
and get peacefully arrested -- he seemed to admire that...
But, I asked him, what do you think the white passengers thought who
were just trying to get to work on time?  "You people are breaking the
law?  Why disturb our lives for 'your' cause?  This is 'negative'!"
When a GREAT Civil Right is not recognized by society, that is a grave
injustice.  It is source of 'friction'.  You know the old saying, 'If
you want peace, work for justice.'  The white people on that bus may
have had reasons to feel angry, but in reality they were wrong. The
denigration that was segregation was not just the Black's problem, but
also theirs to solve -- not just ignore.....

What does 'F' mean?
Right now the largest group involved in similar actions for reform is
F-4-J.  I really admired the two guys that climbed the Lincoln
Memorial -- but, how I wish the name of the 'group' could be
Families-4-Justice? I believe we are much more successful when we
identify ourselves as parents united in a common effort.

I'll also be honest about another opinion, the Super Hero idea is
great -- but if you are not going to dress up in that -- please, no
combat fatigues, military stances and appearance.  I noticed some
of that at the DC Rally and it just doesn't seem to project the proper
image.  What do you think?

I admire people ready to sacrifice, but it should certainly be
preceeded by some introspection and examining alternatives:

Best regards!
                                       John Murtari
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