[AKidsRight.Org] Murtari Arrested for Quietly Walking in Federal Plaza

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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Thu Sep 13 2007 - 14:01:56 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

John Murtari returned to the Syracuse Federal Building today at about
10 AM.  Instead of chalk, John carried a picture of he and his son,
along with those of other parents.  A written message said "Senator
Clinton Help Us".  To see the small placard go to:

John planned to be quiet and not bother anyone, by just walking in the
public Federal Plaza, but this simple action would put him in
violation of a broad stay-away order issued by US Magistrate DiBianco
(follow the link above to see a copy of the order).  It appears he was
taken into custody and jailed again.

TO HELP please contact Senator Clinton:

Make a polite call to her Washington and especially her Syracuse
Office (ask for/leave a message for Mr. Jay Biba).  You can also fax a
letter to both.

Syracuse Local rep, Jay Biba  tel: 315-448-0470,   fax: 315-448-0476
Lona Valmoro (Senior Advisor), tel: 202-224-4451, fax: 202-228-0121 
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