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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.org)
Date: Tue Sep 25 2007 - 09:04:51 EDT

Good People & People of Faith,

1. Passion for Reform - do we have it?
2. Baskerville Book - now at stores!
3. Equal Parent's week - a rally near you.
4. Syracuse Update - more pictures, more jail on Thursday?

1. Passion for Reform - do we have it?
[For those who do not know him Rev. Smith was the overall coordinator
& instrumental in making the DC Rally happen.  He is committed to the
reform effort not only for parents going through divorce/separation,
but also those hurt by Child 'protective' services.]

Submitted by: Minister Ronald Smith <childrenneedbothparents@msn.com>

It is unfortunate that while we continue to talk about and pass
communication to one another about this terrible system and the
injustice done to parents across America, we can see first hand and
hear very loudly the cries of each of us as we are systematically
taken away from those we love.  While this country gives all kinds of
reasons why they ostracize parents and "protect" the children to which
none of our legislators have a relationship or know on a personal
basis, the bottom line is that our children don't belong to us.
Neither of us....Mother or Father.  We are only allowed to maintain a
relationship with and raise our children if in fact our courts tell us
that we may.

What is the answer to our government and courts coming between parents
and their children? Before answering that question, I must tell you
what is not the answer....The answer is not allowing our fellow
parents to be arrested ALONE while they attempt to demonstrate to our
legislators and court systems that it is killing our family lines and
destroying our will to live.  The answer is not public demonstrations
where a few parents show up to echo private outrage.  The answer is
not pointing the fingers at one another. The answer is not analyzing
one case worker or another or one judge or another.

The answer is for us all to become consumed with an undying passion
that propels us all to drop what we are doing at all cost and show up
at one designated place at one predetermined time and bring this
country to its knees.  The answer is many parents sacrificing their
freedom collectively to demonstrate that we all are willing to go to
jail with one another in lockstep to bring an end to local policies
that allow our courts to destroy us one by one on an individual basis.

Until we all maintain the passion and understand that NOTHING is more
important in this life than the ability to raise our children without
governmental policy and procedure, we will remain isolated cases,
complaining while no one hears our complaints.


2. Baskerville Book - now at stores!
Submitted by: "Stephen Baskerville" <sbaskerville@cox.net>

Over the next few weeks, my book, Taken Into Custody, will be arriving
in bookstores.  For the first time, the world will learn the full
horror of what is taking place in family court.  This is the first
time an established publisher has confronted the crimes of the divorce
industry.  It offers an unprecedented opportunity to place these
abuses on the national agenda.

My hope is that each of you can use the book to highlight the abuses
which affect you directly, while connecting your own project to our
larger campaign.

Keep in mind too that publishers use sales to decide what to publish.
If this book sells well, publishers will publish more books.  Then you
will no longer have to resort to self-publishing to tell the world of
the injustices you and your children endure.  We will have a
proliferation of books, then of media, and then we win.

A publicity team is already being assembled.  It consists of some from
among our ranks with professional experience in communications and
book publicity, who will be working with Cumberland House Publishing
and with the publicity department at Patrick Henry College.  ACFC has
also graciously agreed to help publicize the book, and MensNewsDaily,
as always, has been a great source of support.  I will let you know
more about this campaign as it develops.

Professional publicists insist that the most effective way to sell
books is radio.  The single biggest initiative you can take now is to
contact producers and arrange radio or TV interviews in your locality
for me -- or for us -- to discuss the book.  If you can appear with me
(since radio hosts often like a local guest along with a national one)
this will help your group.
Below is information on the book and how to order it.  For those not
familiar with my writing style, my 80+ articles in mainstream
publications are on my website: www.stephenbaskerville.net.  You can
also sign up for my mailing list there.  Please forward this email to
as many people as possible and urge them to sign up and order my book
from the link below.)

My thanks, once again, for the warm outpouring of support I have
recently received.  May God bless you and your children.

STEPHEN BASKERVILLE, Ph.D., is assistant professor of government at
Patrick Henry College and president of the American Coalition for
Fathers of Children.  He holds a PhD from the London School of
Economics and is a Fellow at the Howard Center for Family, Religion,
and Society.  The author of more than eighty articles on fatherhood
and family issues, he has appeared widely on national radio and
television programs.

            ISBN-10: 1-58182-594-3
            ISBN-13: 978-1-58182-594-7
            $24.95, Hardcover
            Publication Date: July 2007 

3. Equal Parent's week - a rally near you.
Submitted by: Brian Holladay <bassist_guy@yahoo.com>
              Keith Owen <RedWriters@aol.com>

Parents across the country to demonstrate during Family Week.                                                   
Several Family Rights groups including; Children Need Both Parents,
Fathers 4 Justice, Fathers Supporting Fathers, and other organizations
composed of Fathers, Mothers, Grand Parents, and Step Parents will be
demonstrating across the country in support of Family Week, Sept 23 -
29, 2007.                                                    

"We are focusing on the subject of equal parenting for fit parents",
said one event organizer.  "The courts of this nation fail to
recognize that God created us so that it takes a mother and a father
to produce a child, and it also takes a balanced diet of both mother
and father for our children to be raised properly. Shared parenting is
morally and spiritually necessary for our children unless this state
believes that building more prisons will heal its problems" stated
Pastor Ron Smith of Children Need Both Parents, www.cnbpinc.org.

"This is an issue that needs to be addressed as a nation" said a
Fathers 4 Justice board member, www.f4j.us, "I don't care about
possessions or money. I would give up everything I own, and everything
I could make just to spend more time with my little girl. That's
what's really important"

Please see scheduled demonstrations in your area. For more information
please contact event coordinators Brian Holladay or Keith Owen.

-- web site with rally date/plans by State:

4. Syracuse Update - more pictures, more jail on Thursday?
John Murtari will be returning to the Syracuse Federal Building on

Thursday, Sep 27, at about 11 AM. Last week a good news story ran
which hopefully shows the kind of press we would like to see.

John has a TV reporter who will probably cover the event and also
expects some print coverage -- the only thing missing - loving
parents?  Right now he expects to be alone?

If you want to protest, yell, insult, or name call - PLEASE, choose
another day or another location.  If you wish to show the love you
have for your kids and the pain caused by the injustice of the system
-- join in a common effort with positive goals and methods: See the
group's Goal & Approach to reform at

This is especially targeted to those who have had their relationship
with their children 'gutted' by the system and have been living with a
lot of pain & grief -- but who want to 'try' and make things better.

Interested in mattending: Contact John (toll free) at 877-635-1968,

Full details and background at the web site:

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