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From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri Nov 09 2007 - 10:55:27 EST

Good People & People of Faith,

1. Have a loving Dad - we need a loving Mom.
2. Clinton asked in Iowa - What's going on in Syracuse?
3. Help Mom jailed - for back child support!
4. Your FEEDBACK - chalk & jail effective?
5. Your FEEDBACK - Baskerville book.

1. Have a loving Dad - we need a loving Mom.
We may have the start of some real progress in focusing attention on
Sen. Clinton and reform.  Many of you know of the arrests and jail
time I have experienced, http://www.AKidsRight.Org/clinton .

Many of us also know it's easy to label one person as being a 'crank'
or a 'crazy' -- three people together are a 'movement'.  We are
hopefully close to that goal and a real acceleration in putting reform
on the National agenda.

I've had a Dad contact me who is ready to take chalk in hand at the
Syracuse Federal Building in January.  Ready to write "I LOVE YOU" to
his child and "SEN CLINTON HELP US" and accept the consequences
without anger. Loving self sacrifice, NonViolent Action.

We now need a Mom to join us and hopefully many more mothers & fathers
will also join.  Why Mom?  Because this is not a Father's Rights or
Mother's rights effort -- what we want is our basic human right to be
a parent recognized and protected,

We need mothers & fathers separated from their kids not just by
divorce -- but also the social workers of "child protective" services.
We are all in this together -- but we need to RECOGNIZE and SHOW that
we are EQUAL parents.

As more parents join our effort we will try to keep a balance in who
participates.  The greatest weapon opponents of reform have is to
portray this as a gender war and excite hatred between moms and dads
(which is all too easy to due after divorce/separation!).

Please, review the links above and contact me: John Murtari
jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org, (toll free) 1-877-635-1968,x-211

2. Clinton asked in Iowa - What's going on in Syracuse?
[ We are trying to make Sen. Clinton take a public position on 
Family Rights.  One BIG step was taken when John Miller stood up
and asked her about what was going on in Syracuse, NY, at one of
her 'town meetings' in Iowa. His report is below.

The Iowa election is still about 8 weeks away.  Hopefully more parents
will ask her a similar question at every opportunity.  Mr. Miller is
trying to get the audio/video from the event. He is a parent who saw
his rights ignored by the system.  He is also a former Navy Pilot,
flew for Pan Am, and is still a commercial pilot. We hope to have a
fuller bio in the future. ]

Submitted by John Miller <>:

Just launched this text to the reporter from Dubuque's Telegraph Herald 
who wrote the article about Hillary's visit:

Thank you for returning my call last week.

  I'm currently laying over in San Diego - where the fires have
  subsided and are reported to be under control - and have two more
  trips to fly before I return to Dubuque on Friday.

  I write to explain how that picture of the young man and Senator
  Clinton, which accompanied your Telegraph Herald article on the
  Maquoketa event, came to be. In short, the picture was snapped as a
  result of my traveling there in search of Justice in the realm of
  America's disastrous Family Law system. As you can learn from my
  pre-campaign website, I recently ran afoul with Dubuque's own rather
  Draconian system of Family Law, but I traveled to Maquoketa not to
  question the Senator about my own case, but rather about the case of
  a man, John Murtari, who resides in her home state of New York.

  For years, Mr. Murtari has been part of an organization that focuses
  on family rights, and although he has repeatedly attempted to engage
  in a discussion with Senator Clinton, although he and others have
  repeatedly engaged in peaceful protests - many of which have
  resulted in his arrest - that focus on the issues, and although he
  inferred from her staff that dialog would occur, to date there has
  been none. He was quite excited to learn that I was attending her
  Maquoketa rally, and when he asked if I might question her about
  that lack of dialog, I told him I'd combine the anger I felt about
  my own circumstances with the hope he has instilled in me by his
  courageous acts and thus driven by Anger and Hope, would make a most
  valiant effort to do so.

  If you were there, you know it was quite hot in the room, so the
  Senator sensibly spoke quickly about platform and planks, then moved
  right to the question and answer period. Apparently it was difficult
  for her not to notice me, the Man on a Mission, because I was the
  only one standing at the head of one of the aisles, right up against
  the airport-style post and tape barrier, waving my hand vigorously
  way high in the air, only ten feet from her, and although she
  probably considered me a Man who Might be a Nuisance, she
  nonetheless allowed my question.

  I don't remember exactly what I said - and I'm hoping the Telegraph
  Herald has a video and/or audio recording of my asking the question
  - but I'd crafted that question from what John had emailed me:

     "Senator Clinton, you've said repeatedly you want to engage the
     country in dialog.  I wanted to bring your attention to someone I
     know in Syracuse, New York.  A coordinator for a Family Rights
     group of loving Moms and Dads.  They've written many letters, met
     with your aids in Syracuse and Washington, but never gotten a
     reply.  He's repeatedly called your local Syracuse office and
     never had a call returned.  It has progressed to the point where
     he is writing with kid's chalk "Sen Clinton Help Us" on the
     ground outside your office building.  This person is not a
     'crank' or a 'crazy', but a concerned parent.  Could you please
     follow up and find out why no dialog was been started?"

  She may have thought she was "off the hook", because she motioned to
  aides positioned by one of the exits and suggested I speak with them
  after the event, which I did, but not before keeping her on the hook
  with a second question about - speaking of colorful TH pictures -
  the murky Blackwater situation.

  After I spoke with two of Senator Clinton's aides, a woman came to
  me and asked more about the questions I'd posed, especially about
  that second one related to Blackwater, which I'd yelled out after an
  aide, supposing I was allowed only one question, had taken the mike
  away. I explained each to her, and as she thanked me, she looked
  over at the large crowd surrounding the Senator by the exit and
  said, "Oh, I wish I could have a picture taken of my son with her."

  Happily, the Energy derived from Anger and Hope had not subsided, so
  I said firmly, "Let's go!" and within seconds, we pushed through and
  stood right by the good Senator, who probably thought, "Oh no,
  here's that guy again." but was nevertheless quite gracious in
  allowing that picture of her and the woman's son to be taken.

  Thereby hangs the tale.

  More to follow, including why our fair city's name may become a
  household word in Eritrea, but more importantly, why there can be no
  healing in Iraq unless there is healing in Dubuque.

  Thanking you for all your journalistic efforts now and during the
  Wild Times ahead, I am

  Very sincerely yours,
  John Miller

3. Help Mom jailed - for back child support!

[Received the following message from Diane, don't know a lot of the
details?  Tried to contact her via email -- but just got a not
available auto reply.  She may be in jail now. ]

--- Diane Turner Tyler <>

> I am reporting to Montgomery County, PA sheriff's office this coming
> Monday for incarceration re: child support arrears and while caring
> for a mother with primary liver cancer....details are in the
> attached motion submitted today.  I don't know if this is something
> you would like to distribute, but you are certainly welcome to do
> so.

> BTW, I just finished a paper on The Constitution and Child Support
> Enforcement Laws for my second master's degree - this one a Law and
> Social Policy degree at Bryn Mawr grad school - and Baskerville has
> proved to be a consistent and reliable source...

> Diane Turner Tyler, 109 Iona Avenue Narberth, PA 19072

4.  Your FEEDBACK -- chalk & jail effective?
Original message: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/archive/archive2007/0043.html 

--- "C. Lanzisera" <>

> john,,you have to find a new technique!!!!!

--- "Tom Moore" <>

> Maybe you should obey the law and find a way to demonstrate your
> point that is not in DIRECT violation of an order.  I feel for your
> situation, however I don't think you do any non-custodial father or
> mother justice by doing these things.  As ridiculous as it is, it is
> still disobeying the law and in doing so you make us all look
> reckless!

I've had a few folks express some similar views but never gotten much
of a follow up from them when I have replied.  I'd appreciate your

The approach/methods we take to an issue like family law reform depend
on our goals.  What concrete legislative goal would achieve what you
desire?  If you look back at history with people with a similar goals,
what methods did they use that were successful and that you plan on

I think our goals are pretty clear at the web site and also the
methods and historical background:

(no reply from Tom - how about you?)

--- Joe Jurecki <>

> I have heard of your jail term in our fight for equal parenting and
> just wanted to say thanks for standing up for your beliefs and our
> constitutional rights. and
> are sites I am associated with. Once
> again thanks goes out from my family.

--- Paul Fisher <>

> Way to go man!  I love telling people you are our "ambassador" to
> Senator Clinton.  I'll eventually find a way to help from Ohio.
> BTW, We won the Ohio Supreme Court case!  It is now harder to strip
> the rights from a parent who shares custody and resident status in a
> shared parenting order.
> Now we just have to make shared parenting the norm.
> I just want to know why there is no video of what you are doing.  I
> got my drivers license back from child support.  If need be I'll
> drive to NY to tape you doing this again.  Just need someone to
> front the cash for gas, I'm certain someone out there could make
> that happen.

--- Granny Sally <>

> Glad to see that you are free from jail.  Interesting isn't it, that
> in an overcrowded facility that they would even entertain the
> prospect of jailing for such a minor crime.  Seems like community
> service (if there truly needed to be a punishment) would be a better
> alternative to jailing for this crime, which was no crime anyway!
> I guess it is really necessary for the system to make a statement
> against those that express their thoughts.  If a child had written
> on the sidewalk with chalk, no one would have done a thing.  But,
> going after help from those that govern does get one into trouble.
> Sad society we live in. Keep up the good work!  I will be using
> chalk soon myself!

--- Todd <>

> I used to enjoy reading your emails.  However, this new tact of
> speaking condescendingly to others as if what they are doing is less
> important is quite disturbing.  People deal with their issues in the
> way they feel they need to.  And although some do nothing, many
> others are busy doing their thing in the way they feel they are most
> productive.  Others could ask the same thing - what has this
> accomplished?  I won't, but know that I have accomplished much for
> others by what I do, and I'm sure others feel the same way.

> Rather than putting down what others may or may not have done, why
> not open discussions to what others are doing, what is working, what
> is not working, for a greater understanding of what we should do
> more of, what we should do less of, so that everyone is improving
> their personal situation.  This all reminds me of an old rock song
> that I never quite understood or enjoyed - "Bang your head"

I don't really think the tone is in any way condescending, but it does
present a challenge and a difference of opinion.  Because people deal
with 'their issues int he way they feel they need to...' does not in
any way make it correct or in any way effective.  A discussion of what
'works' is useful and that is what the group/list is about.  I think
self-sacrifice is essential and effective to a real reform effort.
I've set a clear goal, getting Clinton to meet with parents hurt by
the system -- if we can get that to happen, then perhaps more people
will come forward.

Many blacks tolerated segregation 'in their own way'.  But when their
consciences were pricked by watching what others were doing and the
sacrifices being made, it inspired more of those people to join the
effort.  When we quietly tolerate a gross violation of a basic human
and civil right, we cooperate with injustice.  We are all in different
positions and backgrounds and sacrifice is easier for some than others
-- I don't look down on those who can't do it.  Every day I myself am
reminded of how I 'pull my punches' to reduce the impact in my life.
Right now I'm taking a break so 'reform' won't interfere with me
seeing my son during the holidays.  It humbles me and helps get rid of
any anger I might feel toward the system or others, I'm just as bad
myself in living up to 'ideals'.

-- Todd's follow-up reply

Let me give you an idea of how some of us have been working
differently, and getting a great job done.

Several of us in Washington that are missing our kids have focused on
gathering evidence about how the courts are corrupt, how they operate
with the Title IV-D organizations, etc.  While some are trying to get
the attention of the media and politicians that care little about
these issues, we have been gathering hard evidence of corruption.

As one example, we found a court in our state that was failing state
law by not recording family court hearings, and when they did, they
destroyed them after just 6 months, another violation of state law.
It is difficult to go back to court to get evidence of a corrupted
ruling, when the very courts that have been acting fraudulent destroys
evidence they are mandated to keep.

After 18 months of hard fighting, we have won our battle, and the
courts are not recording as they should, and storing these vital
records for 6 years, rather than 6 months.  It has had a positive
effect on hundreds of cases heard each month in one county alone.

Additionally, a small group has stopped a Child Support agency in its
tracks from suggesting to our legislature to raise child support by
almost 85%, changing the limit of garnishment from a paycheck from 50%
to 65% for child support, and we have successfully gotten our
legislature to make changes in our laws that say that judges can't
consider shared parenting unless both parents agree to it.  This was
causing over 90% of the cases in our state to leave one parent with
just every other weekend visits, and 85% of divorces were ending with
the mother having gained full custody.

We have exposed corruption in our state, and continue to do so on our
blogs at and We also run advertising campaigns
that attract new NCP parents each month, which we try to get involved
in our battles.  It's by telling them how important they are to the
future of their children and future grandchildren that we get them
involved.  It's by telling them that we need them as much as they need
us that they get involved.

Slowly, we are making a difference.  And this comes at a personal
sacrifice as well, as some of us have warrants out for our arrests,
which we continue to evade, and others have raised the eye of law
enforcement who follows the calling of dV industry maggots and try to
squelch our free speech.  But we fight on.

We encourage others to find their own way of fighting, and to fight.
There are many battles to be fought and many ways of doing it.  I
encourage them all.

--- "Gary Coy" <>

> There are a few points in this script that you should take note of;
> The bar associations of the world are at the root of all the worlds'
> problems.  They are the church are the money worshipers who have
> been our enemies for thousands of years.  If you want to know what
> the money worshipers have been doing for the past 150 yrs. just look
> at the history of the Bar Association. They took over our government
> & now are betraying "All that is right" {which is our God} for the
> money.  There is only one truth & there is only one one solution to
> the worlds problems "Expose the bar associations of the world & give
> them credit for the work they have been doing for the money & their
> master Satan" When you exclude any mention of the bar you make me
> feel like your working for them; After all "You can't serve two
> masters".  Give this some thought & see if you can get the job done
> using the ammunition I've given you "The truth destroys all the lies
> of the bar & can restore peace & serenity to the world."

Not sure if I would blame the 'bar' for everything?  Probably more
that good people are not willing to live up to the courage of their
convictions. We have taken many things for granted, but positive
change is still possible if we have good people of Faith

--- Jim  Pleace <>

> Glad to hear you survived it. My thoughts are with you. I am caught
> in a paradox. If I get arrested, I lose my job, if I lose my job I
> can't pay child support, and if I can't do that I end up in arrears
> or in jail. WTF am I supposed to do? I'm not self-employed? Any
> other suggestions? We know the damn legislators, ESP Clinton aren't
> listening and I know my EX sure as hell isn't listening, so what in
> the HELL do I do? I have a friend in a worse situation. Not only has
> he had a rough year-being served with divorce papers and false RO
> upon leaving the psych hospital (after his mother died, father
> committed suicide) and is now jobless and near suicidal. 

> What is HE going to do? I am hanging on by my teeth. Of COURSE I'm
> angry but should I run onto West End and jump under a bus? I was
> trying to appeal to my ex's emotional, mature side but she doesn't
> have one. The politicians, not a damn one of them CARE. WHAT DO YOU
> OF US GOING THROUGH IT. Vote John, vote. If you're in Clinton's
> district, VOTE AGAINST HER. Vote against everyone of the
> sonsofbitches that are against us. To my knowledge only one man is
> Pro-Father on the ballot and that is Dr. Mark Klein. He is not even
> on the radar-hell look at what they're doing to Ron Paul!! So my
> rant being over John, I approve of your civil disobedience and
> admire it but you're screwing with POWER there John-do what I do,
> grit your teeth and see Dom if you can. I can't endure any more
> anxiety or depression. I will help in any way I can but right now
> work is the only thing stable in my life.

I appreciate what you are saying and the trouble we are all in.  No
one is going to pay attention to 'our' cause until we do.  If we think
our great Civil Right to be a parent to our kids has been violated, we
have to do what folks in the past did and the 'right' way.  That is
why I really recommend you rent that Gandhi movie -- there are a LOT
of parallels to what we are going through now.

-- Jim's follow-up reply

> Thanks for the correspondence. No, we must not quit. This is not the
> America I came to, or at least saw on the surface. Having seen the
> dark undercurrent and being in the same boat as you and others makes
> me realize we truly are a sub-class. Am I going to tolerate it? Not
> as long as I am able to think rationally. Practicality is balanced
> with forging a better life for myself, and ensuring that Ben, Jake
> and Dom don't have to go through what we have. John, as an American
> you have power. Your vote. I really don't think Sen. Clinton is ever
> going to listen, much less be on our side. Right now I think Ron
> Paul is the only chance this country has. The founding fathers would
> not tolerate what''s going on. 

> I don't disagree with what you're doing as far as civil disobedience
> goes but I think you're wasting your time on Billary. Obama's giving
> her the jitters-she needs to have that smug grin wiped off her face
> by somebody. As for what to do, I don't know. Again, I have agreed
> with a fellow NCP that we should look at a peaceful sit-in, not
> violating any laws but not doing nothing. I think in your case you
> pushed boundaries until they made false ones. Just showing up with a
> picture of Dom? Gimme a break. You were made example of. That's what
> you can expect and more if she becomes President. Get out the vote
> NOW. I can't tell you how to vote but you're a smart guy-anyone who
> can graduate from the Academy and fly T-38's is. If you have to vote
> against, do so. We'll talk more.

5. Your FEEDBACK - Baskerville book.
Original message: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/archive/archive2007/0042.html

--- Neil Pollicino <>

> that Baskerville book nails it!  regards, Neil


> Anyway - I just wanted to thank you for the post on "Taken Into
> Custody."  I am in complete agreement with you. All of us in this
> boat absolutely must buy and support this book. It's popularity is
> directly related to our cause(s). If it goes out of print, it will
> be a significant indicator as to whether we have any chance in
> reform. Additionally, we need to attract the major retailers by it's
> perceived popularity - until they think there is money in it -
> nothing will happen.
> I've purchased 5 copies and caused another five to be
> purchased. Three of the 11 reviews are related to me (one my own and
> 2 from my family/friends who have also read the book).
> If you look at this clearly, 11 reviews is abysmal. Maureen Dowd's
> Book "Are men Really Neccessary" probably had 3 times that in the
> first week of publishing. It also had complete display stands in the
> major retailers.
> We can not overemphasize the importance of this book and our support
> through purchases and reviews.

                                       John Murtari
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