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From: John Murtari (
Date: Fri Dec 07 2007 - 12:05:20 EST

Good People & People of Faith,

1. Reform Myth - Kids have a right to be loved?
2. Canadian Super Heroes - still in action!
3. Hall of Shame - where is your story & picture?
4. My children were stolen too.. - let's get the facts!
5. Passports & Politics - summary & plans.

1. Reform Myth - Kids have a right to be loved?
Wow, can you believe people actually think that way?  That children
have a 'right' to be loved by their parents -- or even more bizarre,
that children have a 'right' to what's best in their lives.  Next
thing you know -- someone will say we all have a 'right' to be happy!

In all seriousness, I don't agree with any of those statements.  I
think I know what people 'really mean' when they use those kinds of
words -- that we all want kids to be happy, to be loved by their
parents, and to foster a society that promotes those goals....

But when I hear 'reformers' use those types of words I think we lose
track of our goals?  I wonder what they're thinking?  It's a common
legal idea that 'there is no right without a remedy.'  If you agree
with those first statements, then the present system's goal is to
protect those 'rights' for children....

Denying the truth of those statements is the 'bugaboo' (An object of
obsessive, usually exaggerated fear or anxiety) of our reform effort.
It is something common to all Civil Right's movements --

   "What do you mean by 'No King!?' -- the commoners are to stupid to
   rule themselves and us!  Free the slaves!?  You mean they could
   move in right next door?  End segregation!?  You mean that big
   BLACK teenager is going to date my lily-white daughter?"

The bugaboo also helps define who we really are and what we stand for.
We don't make it a campaign platform -- but we accept it's truth.

I believe our 'right' to be presumed FIT & EQUAL parents has a firm
moral basis founded in our duty as parents:

But a 'right' to be loved. No. I laughed when I read some remarks made
by a 'Court appointed custody evaluator' (we all love those people!).
This was in the case of Britney Spears. The evaluator said, "She
doesn't pay enough loving attention to her kids.  She treats them like
they're fashion accessories."  Does the government have a right to
intervene based on that (presently they sure do)....but she also ran a
red light!!!!!!

We have a clear standard at http://www.AKidsRight.Org/approach.htm --
and the test is being convicted by a unanimous criminal jury verdict
of actually causing serious harm to your kids while acting with
malintent toward them.

What do you think?

2.  Canadian Super Heroes - still in action!
[It's nice to see some parents are actually taking 'action' and
showing a willingness to sacrifice for what they say they believe in.
Canada leading the way? ]

Submitted by: Burnaby Batman <>

Dec. 3:

This morning at precisely 7:00 am the BC Hulk and the Sapperton
Spiderman scaled the Sapperton Sky train over pass in New Westminster
BC to highlight the struggles many parents face in custody issues.The
overpass is about 35 feet from the road (Brunette Ave.) below and is
adjacent to the Royal Columbia hospital. The heroes have been up there
now for over 2 hours with Fathers4Justice banners flying high. Traffic
has been very supportive below and people are congregating at the sky
train station to see the heroes. It is pouring rain in Vancouver with
100 ml of rain expected.

[ Pictures submitted: http://www.AKidsRight.Org/photoGallery ]

Dec. 3 (update):

F4J Canada superheroes the BC Hulk and the Saperton Spiderman are
still upon the structure. It has been 4 1/2 hours in the rain and
winds. BC Hulk is getting cold and I think is about ready to
fold. Spiderman wants to hang it out there as long as he is able. The
rains have begun to let off a bit and is now merely a drizzle. I was
informed that CTV and City TV were sending a camera crew. This was
about 20 minutes ago.

I just got off the phone with Spiderman. He has informed me that the
winds are picking up and they still have not seen anymore cameras. He
also informed me that the authorities informed them they would be
detained. We agreed that they would remain another half hour to wait
for any camera crews in route. After which they will negotiate their
dismounting the structures with authorities to expedite their release.

Dec. 3 (update):

Fathers4Justice Superheroes have just now dismounted from their lofty
perch above Brunette Ave. in New Westminster BC. Our heroes are
currently in route to the New Westminster BC police station to be

As a fellow activist and friend in the cause I would humbly ask for
all your help. It would mean a lot to our heroes who just risked their
lives and liberty for our cause if everyone would call the police
station on their behalf. Not only would it lift their spirits but also
show the world we are united in our cause. If those are not good
enough reasons to do so then I would ask that you do it for me.

Dec. 3 (final):

The BC Hulk and the Sapperton Spiderman have been released with
promises to appear. They are being charged with mischief. Thank you to
everyone who took the time to call the police station. The BC Hulk and
Spidey thank you also, it means allot to them. Your support aided in
their early release.

3. Hall of Shame - where is your story & picture?
What the system does to parents and children is a real 'Shame.'  Right
now we have about 175 detailed stories (non-anonymous) from parents
all over the United States and overseas.  If you have never visited,
check out http://www.AKidsRight.Org/shame.htm

It is a depressing 'read,' just tragedy after tragedy. Hopefully the
recognition and protection of our Civil Right to be presumed FIT &
EQUAL parents (unless convicted by a jury of a crime against our kids)
would have stopped many of these stories from happening!

If you think publicity will help you are welcome to submit your
non-anonymous story.  Also, we could really use a web editor to take
care of this area of the web site.  Please contact me if you are
interested: jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org

4. My children were stolen too... let's get the facts!
[ A story many of us have experienced below.  Greg is also trying to
get the state to reveal statistical numbers on custody.  Gregg has a
'milder' goal of 'clear & convincing' evidence in Family Court before
you lose your kids.  Many of us don't think that is enough or does
justice to what we call a 'Civil Right'.  Your thoughts? ]

Submitted by: Greg Fischer <>

I was running for public office; the mother of my children decided she
did not want me to run for public office.

It was Primary Election Day in New York, September 18 and she took the
children and left the state. Then next week she filed for custody
2,500 miles away in WYOMING. That was months ago and my children are
not back.

The maternal grandparents are very wealthy.  They have one of the four
judges in their town on their payroll, in their offices, in the
afternoons, and I am buried in litigation that I can not afford.  This
is modern day slavery in that my children are on the auction block as
we speak.

ONLY stronger Federal Legislation will help if we want to start to
correct any part of the problem of child snatching!

Step 1: Federal Legislation that supports the presumption of EQUAL
RIGHTS FOR BOTH PARENTS will help avert custody battles and be the
best preventive for parental kidnapping. We must presume all parents
are equal as parents no different than we assume they are equal as
employees, or as drivers, or as property owners, or as they are equal
in any other role.

Step 2: The government (especially the states) should not be able to

It is ironic that I lobby for families and children and even I am
powerless in this matter.

--- ALSO

I will argue in NYS Supreme Court versus Suffolk County Department of
Social Services on Friday, January 18th, 2008 @ 9:30 am before:

   Supreme Court
   One Court Street
   Riverhead, NY 11901

This has been over a year in the making with paperwork.  I am seeking
to get the lists of Non-Custodial Parents for scientific studies of
the effect of litigation, decisions, demographics, social problems,
and other issues on children of divorce...  Please mark your calendar
.  [All are welcome to attend the hearing!]

5. Passport & Politics - summary & plans
A lot of people shared info on the 'family' positions of the
Presidential Candidates -- and to summarize -- NONE of them have made
an issue of Family Law Reform.  It is not even a little 'blip' on
their political radar.

As has been demonstrated in the past, that is our job.  It is
hopefully a Labor of Love. http://www.AKidsRight.Org/civil.htm

Regarding filing a Federal law suit on Passport suspension.  Several
people volunteered to contribute, but I (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org) got
very little definite case law in this area?  I have limited time to
work on this, the best thing that helps is sending me an actual
reference to a law/case cite, or draft argument, that may be

What I plan on doing is preparing a draft within a few weeks and
letting folks on the list make comments.  I will then file a 'final'
with the court and folks who want to contribute can.

I will probably try to get the filing fee waived at the same time.  I
would hate to pay the $350 and see the case thrown out on a
technicality. I don't think they give satisfaction guaranteed REFUNDS
and I'd hate to see the money go to waste if it can be avoided.

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