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From: John Murtari (jmurtari@AKidsRight.Org)
Date: Wed Feb 27 2008 - 16:39:24 EST

Good People & People of Faith,

This message has info on:

1. Showing support March 31st - Murtari Federal Trial
2. Email/Organizational Help - Welcome!

*1. Showing support March 31st - Murtari Federal Trial*

We'd like to give everyone early notice of plans to create a positive 
media event to support our Civil Right to be presumed EQUAL & FIT parents.

GOAL: Get as much media attention as we can to the Murtari Federal Trial 
scheduled for March 31st.  A loving & peaceful parent on trial for 
trying to convince Sen. Clinton to meet with parents by writing "I LOVE 
YOU" to his son and "SEN CLINTON HELP US" with kid's chalk.

WHEN/WHERE: The trial is scheduled to begin at 0930 on Monday, March 
31st, in front of Federal Magistrate Judge David Peebles.  It's open to 
the public and should last less than two hours.

The trial will be at the Federal Courthouse located in the Hanley 
Federal Building, 100 S. Clinton St., Syracuse, NY.  The same building 
also holds the local offices of Sen. Hillary Clinton.  There is 
convenient and reasonably priced parking behind the building.


* Mar 1st - In addition to the letters many of you have written, John 
Murtari will write another letter to Sen. Clinton asking her to meet 
with parents.

* Mar 7th - We will be asking anyone who has ever called/written Sen. 
Clinton to give us their contact info and what (if any) response they 
received from her.

* Mar 1-15 - Collect quotes from leaders in the EQUAL & FIT parenting 
movement that can be referenced from the News Release to be sent out on 
Tue, Mar 25.  Media will be given contact info for each person quoted.

* Mar 25 - Send out News Release to both local and national media. 
Wherever possible, make phone contact with reporters to discuss. Include 
contact info for leaders quoted in release.

* Mar 31 - 0930 - Everybody present in Court Room as the trial begins. 
In groups of 2 or 3 parents alternate, visiting the offices of Sen. 
Clinton, drop off your story and your letters for reform.  We will 
arrange for people to speak to the media as soon as they become available.

*NOTE: We will not be disruptive in any way.  We encourage people  to 
dress well (coat & tie or business suit) for the day's activities.*  

If we have a Mom & Dad ready to write "I LOVE YOU" & "SEN CLINTON HELP 
US" with chalk, we will try to arrange to have media there to record the 

*2. Email/Organizational Help - Welcome!*

As our group continues to grow we get even more email that needs 
answers.  If you have been a member for at least a year and share the 
goals and approach we have for EQUAL & FIT parenting, 
http://www.AKidsRight.Org/approach.htm -- please send a message to Teri 
Stoddard - teri@AKidsRight.Org.

There is obviously more planning that needs to be done for our event on 
March 31st.  If you can help please contact Teri Stoddard.  There are 
roles for both people who can/not make it to Syracuse on that day.

*3. Your FEEDBACK*

--- George Homer <>

 > I'm sorry but I disagree protest should ever be done
 > without permits in order to be leagally considered a non-violent
 > action!

--- Ipyramus <>

 > I'd be there in a second by I am a lawyer and I would lose my
 > license. I have no time to study the federal laws on this issue, but
 > I suspect that there is another way to "write on the sidewalk with
 > chalk" that is legal. I wish we could all go to help. Clinton is
 > losing her election because of this and other stances.

--- GAFamilyRights <>

 > Wonder what would happen if we all went to our FEDERAL

--- Andrea Brown <>

 > Maybe if you focused on your child instead of yourself, such as
 > paying your child support and being with him instead of being in
 > jail when you do have visitation things might be better for your
 > son. i would like you to stop sending me this crap. i hope they lock
 > you up forever.

--- Donald Tenn <>

 > I hope that you are doing as well as can be expected given your
 > situation. You do now, as you always have had, my full support. I
 > will write the requested letters if not this evening certainly by
 > this weekend. I am busier than usual as my case has again taken
 > another twist and I am again heading back to Illinois. This is part
 > of my campaign for my daughter Madison to have her EQUAL parenting
 > rights.


--- Jerry Mattiaccio <>

 > I don't mean to sound rude, but as a former federal agent, how are
 > you sending email communications to the masses if you are confined
 > in federal lockup? I am sorry for your situation, but something
 > doesn't ring correct here? You want money sent to a PO Box? Why not
 > name the correctional facility you are in along with your inmate
 > identification number. I have never heard of a simple PO box for a
 > federal prisoner and I have locked up many.

This is how the jail addresses stuff, it's a county jail, US Marshals
find it convenient to hold people there.  This is how the jail does
their addresses. URL of  the jail's web site:

--- Jeff  Ducken <>

 > Hi John, Great story and ideas Your suffering will end in a few
 > years when your son can make up his own mind. I certainly hope it
 > was worth it in your eyes. You will be fortunate to have a
 > relationship with your son > when he is 18 unlike so many other
 > fathers that have gone threw the same battles. Unfortunately, you
 > can never get the lost time back at least you can always stand proud
 > with your son > and let him know you were there.

 > I do wonder when your son is a teenager if he starts to rebel
 > because of this and comes to you refuses to go back what the courts
 > will do? Sure it will be interesting to say the least.
 > Currently I do have what is right 50/50 custody. I?m sharing with a
 > mother that wants nothing to do with me and has tried several times
 > to take my time away. Whenever we are in court > even though its?
 > never about something I did the courts will threaten me. Shared
 > custody does work but, it also needs to be enforced. When I talk
 > with our daughter she always tells me > how she enjoys being shared
 > between us. For that reason I do nothing and deal with the system
 > and my daughter?s mom. It?s been a very expensive road but worth it!
 > Hope you the best


 > I am compelled to reply to "D.M." from a recent Glenn Sacks newsletter
 > (below). D.M. takes some totally unjustified and misleading cheap
 > shots at John Murtari. In the process, D.M. shows the true merit of
 > the current family law/child support industry:

 > D.M. implies that John doesn't pay child support while living in the
 > lap of luxury. Anybody who knows John, knows that this couldn't be
 > further from the truth. John lives in his childhood home, hardly a
 > mansion. He drives an extremely old car. His one "luxury" is his
 > occasional trip to visit his son who lives in another state. Somehow
 > D.M. implies that when a father visits his son, this is an
 > inexcusable, frivolous extravagance. Heaven forbid a man visits his
 > son. Of course if he didn't visit his son, this would just prove
 > that men are heartless and incapable of a loving relationship with
 > their children. So either way, D.M. would find fault with
 > men/fathers.

 > D.M. also states (not implies) that John is "unwilling to make
 > sacrifices." Au contrair, my friend. John has made the ultimate
 > sacrifices. He has spent many days in jail and spent many of those
 > days on a hunger strike in the cause of parental rights. Unlike
 > D.M., John does not discriminate against one gender. John believes
 > that children deserve both parents.

 > In typical fashion, D.M. reveals the true goal of most child support
 > and family law advocates. That men are robbed of both their money
 > and their right to be equal parents. Well thank God for people like
 > John Murtari who advocate for the rights of both children and
 > parents. Those of us who know John, know the truth. He is a true
 > hero.

 > I am also a big fan of you, Glen. I hope you write a rebuttal to
 > D.M. He is truly anti-male and anti-father. (By the way, if "D.M."
 > is so proud of his views, why is he hiding his true identity behind
 > initials?)

Here is the original posting:

 > Private Child Support Industry Leader's Perspective for
 > Readers

 > A few years ago I retired after spending about over a decade in the
 > child support industry, being one of the founding fathers of the
 > private child support industry.  That of course makes me an instant
 > enemy of your contributors, and few, if any, would really care what
 > I think or believe.
 > At one point, we audited all of our active cases - something like
 > 475 at the time.  The "average" child support obligation was $250
 > per month for one child, $350 for two children.  Hardly excessive by
 > any means.
 > The average arrearage was in excess of $8,000 before interest was
 > added.
 > 63% of our clients had not remarried.  74% of the NCP's had
 > remarried.
 > 17% of the NCPs that we were able to contact, claimed that they were
 > not paying because they were being denied visitation.  In less than
 > 1% of the cases this was true.  With the remaining 16% we
 > facilitated visitation again.  The longest that the visitation
 > lasted was 4.7 months.  In every case, the NCP quit the visitation
 > because it was too much of a burden on him.
 > Overall, our successful collection rate was in the neighborhood of
 > 83%.  The unsuccessful collections were people that we couldn't find
 > or who simply would not pay no matter what.  All that we were able
 > to secure collections from - 83% - were able to pay at least the
 > minimum amount.  What precluded them paying more was other financial
 > obligations.  Of course, it should also be noted that 93% of these
 > people all had bad credit, primarily from defaulting on things like
 > telephones, rent, cars, trucks, etc.  From a credit standpoint, they
 > were simply irresponsible.  Their job histories also demonstrated
 > that.  Many would quit a job when the wage withholding orders were
 > being honored.  Certainly not "deadbroke" as some activists claim.
 > John Murtari, for example, claims to be broke - and that he can't
 > afford to pay child support.  Of course, his life style would
 > indicate otherwise - his frequent trips for visitation, one trip to
 > Italy, taking his mother for visitation, and paying himself as owner
 > of a company less than his employees.  His one minor redeeming
 > quality is that he does at least, pay $50 a month in child support.
 > Does he have an excuse for not paying child support?  Yes, a very
 > weak one.  What weakens his position is that he could make an effort
 > and pay both child support and visit his son.  What further weakens
 > his position is that he is once again in jail, because of his
 > frequent attempts to "force" Senator Clinton to meet with him and
 > his "group" which seemingly only exists on paper / Internet.
 > Murtari will be in jail until his trial on 31 March.  As is his
 > style, which does fall into what I consider "deadbeat mentality," he
 > wants the court to move up his trial date so he can see his son for
 > spring break.  Everyone should make sacrifices for him, and of
 > course the argument is that it would be in the best interests of his
 > son, but he is unwilling to make any sacrifices.
 > The statistics that we evaluated are by no means indicative of a
 > national picture.  We did not accept cases of welfare recipients,
 > unless the amount owed was very small.  The reason was two fold: (1)
 > economical - we could not charge for collections that went to the
 > state and (2) if the mother was on welfare, typically, though by no
 > means all cases, the father would be basically broke himself due to
 > socio-economic situations.  However, other private agencies that we
 > spoke to were reporting similar experiences and statistics.
 > No one knows if shared custody would have alleviated the problems.
 > It probably would not have due to the personalities of the parents.
 > But, there is no way to know that because we were looking at people
 > after the fact, and when a significant amount of money was at stake.

--- Brian Heaton <>

 > John, My prayers are with you!!!! I know you have been threw a lot &
 > someday it will pay off not only for yourself but others a well. I
 > have also been held in custody jail for con temp etc. all in the
 > fight to be a part of my children lives. While theses crooked
 > Judge's allow my X & everyone elses X's to continue to get away with
 > murder in the family court system which is truly a broken system
 > that's teaching our society that it OK to allow broken homes &
 > children to suffer for the price of pure greed. It lease for my self
 > as well has yours among others too that have losted there freedom
 > fighting for the right to be a Father,our very own children will
 > know what we went threw for them & they'll pick up the fight until
 > things are changed for the better of all fathers,mothers &
 > grandparents that have dealt with such a broken court system that
 > only cares about pure profit.  Child Support system will be held
 > accountable someday & has for Clinton just pray that she doesn't
 > make it to office cz. her husband is the one who made some of theses
 > laws that are hurting our families etc. Take-care John

A Kid's Right to Both Parents!
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